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Friday, November 09, 2012


I have not posted photos of me in awhile. My hair these days- goes into a ponytail or as is the case today-- held back with a comb-- so it is kind of messy most days. I wish I could say it is because I am working on business projects and do not have the time to primp.

Recruitment seems to be the mission of the time- and I have said no. Other threats in the offering? See if we can go with crazy, have her post about all the crap she was told to have others say-- why did she tell and to turn a simple legal issue into a why did you hurt so many. This one this morning. I said, I thought I covered that one when I first heard about the insuring with others' secrets, last spring.

I have explained the information, with the caveat-- earpiece provided, to show evidentiary data. I have left out a lot. Why? It is not needed and shows neither credit for the information provided nor provides anything other than credible gossip that would disappoint an american public.

No, I did not know a lot before the earpiece was activated in Feb. 2012. I had speculated on who was who a great deal in Q's Wire. I was right about a lot. That said I thought they wanted it told. The things I was told starting earlier this year both shocked and concerned me. I am told my reaction to a lot of things is one of silence. Yes, I listened to hour after hour of scripts provided by Washington types. Congressional and CIA. I am told DOJ is just now going through the tapes.

Waiting on me to tell Washington secrets-- beyond what I have told to show why they want to use me? Do not wait. I want Washington to move forward. Pity party that I do not think the American public wants to know about. That said DOJ-- you owe the out. You are allowing harassment from non- investigative nor legal types unabated.

Blackmail washington? Why? I can show fraud and harassment. I am owed a lot from this. In addition, I made the right guesses as to who was who when I posted to Q's Wire-- so why would I blackmail washington-- now. It is Washington that wants me to insure. I want washington to keep its filth out of my ear-- and let me run my business and hope they are cleaning up their act.

I am owed a lot. This from all quarters. There is a deal in place from a private interest-- which clears a lot of big names including the US government. The CIA wants me to bring the money, me and my business to their house. I am not government. I do not like their idiot talk [review tapes] and not interested in government work. I am owed in broad daylight and I do not want the American public to know the secrets I have been told. STOP. DOJ and the FBI owe. Insured to be important in Washington? Okay. Thugs that steal from me? FBI/DOJ not okay. And I do not want to work for the US government.. Get this same old crap off me.

Today, another deadline. But I am not asking that settlement payments start. You tell me they are... STOP. Yes, I believe a deal is in place.. too many details starting in Feb 2012 and too many in government that want me to pay them-- even today. I said no. The source decided to back out? Yes, I would understand. That said-- too many idiots that say that is a lie in their many attempts to irritate me.


After initial post. Boy, are the folks in earpiece land mad. Very. The general cussed me out-- and he [well the one I talk to a lot] is normally very well mannered. Since my post mostly-- says what I have been saying-- it most be the new photos I took today. Why would photos piss off so many? I am sure I did not turn into an exotic beauty-- though I can say-- the hammering with the earpiece gain issues has caused me a lot of unrest. Yes, I think I look better than expected today-- and my makeup went on better than I had hoped. They see me a lot without makeup... not my imagination the anger. General said I caught him with his draws down. Said someone lied... What lie?

I asked for more money? No. The deal I knew about in May 2012 is the deal I understand. That said-- I am willing to take the compensatory parts of the deal and sue for the rest. this clears big business and allows me to move my sites.

who do I believe the general is? His name is said to be Marine General Joseph F. Dunford. That said-- he has a father who was a col. in the marines who also uses the alias online. The one i talk to is rather young, just received his 3 stars and i cannot find the original cspan briefing where i saw a younger version... Told he is a blackops general. Why tell you this? In case you look up Gen. Dunford. I have seen at least two versions in tapes. One looks older. TV camera filters powerful these days. Told justice Kennedy thinks the one i talk to is too young and arrogant. he is very straight forward and I appreciate that. Not sure what the truth is. Why do I believe he is younger. Ben does not like him, and women swoon. Me.. no.. want him to have the Pentagon let go and move on. I am told the other problem-- overseas threats another big reason he is here.

I know a lot now about the Rockwell guys i worked with and who their military connections are. At first [right after earpiece activated, not before], only Doug's and info about a child that died. I did not know it was connected to a Rockwell employee. Now, I know more. General made known to me only recently. Why? Too un-insure our military? General just asked me-- "why would he tell--- walter winchell"? Yes, I do have a habit of telling things. The black ops general.. why?

Never ending jarring from the earpiece. Why should I see a doctor about having it removed before I get a lawyer? Told, just a moment ago when I requested it stop-- that I should go to the hospital to have it removed. Is that why you reminded me about the relative's epileptic issues? Need my own lawyer to certify. Stop... The bag, really? No.

I had no idea Mattis maybe related to Guy nor Roughhead-- Newcomb. Why tell me now? Mark Ferguson-- Pete?

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