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Thursday, June 20, 2013

for me?

When I went to bed last night-- Jason was in the house and it was time to go. The judge said - time to let this go. So why was I tortured all night? Not sure. Has this happened before? Yes. So why bore you this morning with the same thing?

Well the torture was a little worse than normal-- and one of the conversations this morning caught my attention. Someone said in my ear-- "if anything happens to her"... for some reason I did not think he was talking about me-- it should be very easy to pick up all of the government issued consoles that are vibrating me-- to death? No.. that's what really makes it torture.

They keep talking to me about Angus. do I ever ask questions? No. I am not interested in Angus.. Months ago-- he said "Die Regina". This after I told him-- he and his boys would not be running me nor would I be paying him. At the time he was going to be the new hidden president however had no say where I was concerned. I keep asking him to get off me.. I thought he looked smart-- and would not be a pussy where women are concerned. Bob Hale tends to think all CIA media women are hot. They look like whores and earpiece calls them whores. Earpiece got mad with this insertion. You call them whores try to pretend I should be jealous and then get mad when I call them what you call them? get off me. CIA vip relatives with aids that cannot do anything else. Most --- no education. He yearned Gillebrand [sp] and was mad she was with Obama for a minute. Angus is one of those claiming the reagan administration insisted they insure on a regular basis-- and I think this turns a smart man with a vibe into an idiot with excuses. He looks right.. he is not.. and believe me I keep looking for right.

The latest... His granddaughter gets to go to college and not sit in the pool of vip offspring-- insuring an important relative. She gets to do something different. I am told she does have Aids-- but excited. And no-- I did not take a photo of her-- so she knows I cannot id her.

So when the "if anything happens to her.. " statement was issued-- I thought he was talking about Angus' recent appointment. I asked that a secret service detail be given to her right away because I was not taking the blame if anything happened to the fake [rice a fake to] -- because Angus wanted to demoralize Susan Rice. And I am really not kidding. I am told the US delegation to the UN is competent in areas they need to be competent in --and we routinely send false fronts to the front lines... That said-- secret service should not need to be told to put an armed guard on her-- because Angus is an idiot.

I did not want her laughed at. You meant me? Those consoles can't kill me. they can only torture.. FBI, Lawyers, a lot of folks watching.. No need for an armed guard.

When I asked who said it-- the reply-- too close to angus not to be a threat. But not Angus. the problem-- I did not allow the person to finish.. idiot noise all morning.. just let me sleep.. one of those mornings. I told you-- do not threaten me.

After I posted-- someone said this means war. I have been tortured since 9/2012. Was that you angus? is that because your granddaughter embarrassed you and told the fbi and you -- she did not want to service you anymore? and the fbi told you to stop? War now? what have you been doing before now? Just trying to kill an innocent human being?

But if I just be quiet they have to do something? 18 years-- they have to do nothing but pretend that girl in the store the other day-- had no idea who I was. Maryland knows who I am.. Washington knows? Did your kid blog? ask them if they knew who I was.. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004. Ask your kid idiot and leave me alone.

I am not owed government sanctioned torture because they are perverts, greedy and losers.i

Am I trying to incite? DOJ-- do what you said you were going to do-- and let me go.. I want nothing to do with washington. I want to go. Me incite.. get the tapes.. everyone stupid but you? Me-- stand down. Get her a guard. Not one for tears. Not real.. treat like jesse.. I used to ask if Jesse was pissed at me -- because it appeared more people had tried to do me harm than him... stupid issue with pussy in washington that thinks his manhood is in question. not real issue. she is fake. I even asked this morning-- demoralize me or susan? Why would I care? Katie-- what is my pattern. why was I concerned in early 2007-- when wrc in washington wanted to interview the 3 new first ladies? I thought QT was here to clean up the crap. Ann Coulter won. You were second. In 2006-- when you all put your hat in the ring, I had no idea about deep throat. Everyone knew that. You had to teach. You have since had work done on that throat. So have a lot. Why would angus do this-- if she is not real? My first question--what are her qualifications? Look around for before and after.. I have some proof. The bigger problem-- I had no idea about Aids until Feb 2012. the real problem in washington. I wanted you protected. Washington the filth-- No one owes. check.. why was this my business? It wasn't. who is appointed. The problem-- several keep saying i am making washington look stupid. Mostly generals in the Pentagon? I told Mike Mullen to appoint missy's son to the naval academy? I thought it was babs... all because a child I did not know existed was killed? I am tired of your crap.. get off me.

Okay, lets try this. Folks I own QiSoftware and responsible for all of the work? Checking my bank records I have 40.00 a week deposited for over ten years. No other income. Most of my known family members are millionaires. Why? what did I do that keeps me poor and screwed? DOj owes that answer. Not whether I am trying to incite.. why is she poor and screwed?

I went to school and worked. I learned to do things. I was always above average in intelligence. I did not know about washington. I am screwed because I learned to do things other than insure washington filth? I did not have rock's kid? I did not allow relatives to touch me? get off me-- doj owes that explaination. not whehter I am trying to incite crap I am not trying to incite.

Why do they need the bag? The blogger calendar. suggest I did not develop it? who is that stupid? Washington? Girl-- at the store-- why even bother with me.. do you know how many of you do? Lots. I do not go out anymore-- mainly because I have too much stuff-- but things like you happened all the time. they wanted me angry.. I never argue with the clown in the store.. I scream when I leave. But why even notice me.. why bother?

suggest the blogger calendar is someone else's work? But it is assocated with QiSoftware -- known to be my business. what are you going to prove? Some smart guy from washington-- comes over every day to write code for me? How is that FBI? Dave Boyd-- why do I know how to open up a CPU and install memoray, drives, overdrive chips? Because you told me -- after ordering memory for my PC -- good look installing that. Ever since--not only have programmed computers-- I can now also build one. I learned by trial and error. I was happy rockwell allowed me to open up one of their computers. I did not break it. Because I learned things. I worked.

Given my ties-- why would you believe this is my work? They did not tell me I had ties. I worked. I showed the photo of my mother and Richard Nixon.. after rights violations like you would not believe-- I saw that photo of nixon and then looked through old photos here-- and said-- oh my god. Link coming.

Your question: why would you be the developer for such an innovative tool that gets attention.. Me: I have skills and should have been gainfully employed rather than asking why me. A Robert Reischauer is on live on CSPAN. Earpiece said he is important. I always thought he was a Rockefeller. Earpiece saying-- no, he is kin to Angus King. I always liked Robert.. did not know he was kin to angus.. why is he important? Earpiece just said-- "if I say one more word he is going to fire my ass". I assumed Robert said that-- but maybe not.

The other reason I am not quiet? I woke up saying how dare you. You beat me up all night. Many can see. When I was at BWMC-- many said they kept journals to keep them from reverting to behavior that would set them back. I said I blogged to stay sane. I have no other recourse.. they are torturing me.. Those are government issued consoles. I blog to stay sane.

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