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Sunday, August 04, 2013

things amassed

This morning we had to have the plumber look at issues with the recent Kohler install in the guest bathroom-- so I was actually upstairs in my office working. I took inventory of my cramped surroundings and thought about some of the style bloggers I have been reading and their furnishings. Two or three-- have recently moved into new homes.

Some of the things in the small bedroom where I have two desktop computers, two printers, and other electronics [known as my office]-- also holds some of the things I amassed when I moved away from home.

For example-- this brass lamp was found on sale at the Tyson's Corner [McLean, VA] Woodward and Lothrop [Woodies] and used in my bedroom for a number of years. For those of you familiar with the department store Woodies, you know how long ago that was.

When I left home, I was into an eclectic assortment of brass, rattan/wicker, bamboo {shades} and Asian accents. I loved Pier One.

In the mid 90s just before I left Rockwell [or just after], I purchased the leather valise on the right from Pier One, with something like the table on the left in mind.


What did I really do with the valise? Used it as a stand for my larger jewelry case. Shown sitting on my bed-- so that I could photograph the valise for illustrations in this post..


I was thinking recently, I want to "age" the leather on that suitcase and put it in the guest bedroom with towels, soaps and other toiletries. I saw a guest bedroom in a model home once, with a similar look- however books instead of towels were used.

Other things in my "office"? Some of my father's old cameras [and one or two of mine], cell phones-- and a really old typewriter.


That Polaroid was one of my Christmas gifts one year, when I lived in England. It was my first, camera ever. Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of things we have merged into this house. It's just my mother and I now-- and we tend to like the same things. An eclectic mix...

Plumber is gone-- moved back to the kitchen dinette and the beautiful view of the backyard.

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