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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

square one...

The other day when I posted about the Eddie Bauer Cords I have purchased in recent years- someone asked [abstractly], if I still had the Black Suede Baseball Jacket and if so, why I had not paired it with the Black Cords.

Yes, that would have been a better pairing, however I no longer wear the jacket without the skirt and because I had been studying current college fashion trends-- I wanted to use an oversized sweater.

I purchased a Black Suede Jacket and Skirt set before receiving the one shown from my mother-- however the one I purchased was more formal. I could wear it to the office. It has a longer pencil type skirt with a shorter fitted suede jacket.

My mother's I felt a little too causal for office-ware, so it was odd that the source of the question-- was someone from my Rockwell office. I rarely wore that outfit-- let alone to the office.

The Clark Shoes I highlighted in a prior post, something I would not have considered when I was in college-- and I was trying to show options [pairing with cords] that I would not have thought of back then. I thought the shoes a great find and for those living on campus- maybe a comfort asset. I am trying to find a wide audience and it just so happens I was looking at college fashions and trends over the weekend.

Another college trend these days-- leggings of course, but the new color? Deep copper like these by- American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings

I liked these and the price so much, I added them to the Things I Heart Amazon aStore.

One college fashion blogger wore a similar pair in the deep copper, out clubbing.

What am I looking at this week? Fabric. When I first left Rockwell and found myself in Hanover, MD-- I was a little shell shocked. So much so that I could not bring myself to look at anything related to programming, and the business life I had just left.

I gardened, tested recipes, had a couple of home projects-- [chair rail molding, crown molding, etc], and sewed some. I made a Paisley Pencil Skirt [fine corduroy material, yeah I like cord and suede] I still wear today and a dress.

I planned on making this dress with the caramel moleskin material shown, that I picked up from JoAnns. I have had this material and pattern for almost 16 years.

Instead, I decided to get back to business-- and never made the dress. That said, today because I am waiting on resolution to several issues-- I do very little programming, so I am once again looking at sewing projects.

I wanted a black wool jersey material to replace a dress I really liked-- that was lost. Hancock Fabrics - Fashion Fabric Up to 50% off is having a sale- but I have yet to find what I am looking for.

FBI where are we? The latest as of last night-- Me: "You cannot get Christian Dior Lipstick at CVS-- sheer beryl, number 365. I had to go to the mall". Did I know about malls back then? No.. A business suit, heels, stockings and a don't waste my time look apparently kept a lot of crap at bay. Today-- I get to hear a lot of nonsense. Given what I know now, if there had been an issue it would be in a record somewhere... and not raised just last night because of a blog post.

Today, many are offended when I say I would not go anywhere near you.. and many have hinted these last 18 years. I have passed and come home to yell at thin air. Given that, why would I have been in that company-- 20 years ago? I had no idea about malls back then.

Yes, someone last night actually wanted to make an issue of my sitting at the Nordstroms cafe [20 years ago] having a coffee, [smoke] and cookie. when is enough -- enough?

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