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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

The next door neighbors often have the dogs of family and friends over. One dog in particular, is rather elegant in his stance. I do not know much about dogs nor breeding of dogs-- but this dog seems to hold himself as if he has been well trained to do so.

That said, until today whenever I went outside to the backyard and he and another dog were also out-- they would come to the fence that separates our yards and bark at me... Not fiercely, but enough to make me walk inside in case they were able to jump the fence.

I never teased them-- so today when I took the dog's photo I think is particularly elegant while he was lying on the jacuzzi deck, I thought he finally decided not to race to the fence and bark at me. Then as I was writing this I decided it may have been because he was alone. I am not sure. In any case-- the top photos show the neighbor's yard, the dog, and the hammock I once saw him trying to get on. I assumed the owner had put him on it once and he wanted to do it again. He was unable to figure it out, and it was kind of cute....

My birthday was Sunday. Had a nice day. News from washington... they are still talking.. that's about all I can say.

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