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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mom's Birthday... 2014

Today, is my Mother's Birthday. I think she was happy with her gifts. Later today, She has plans with the rest of the family.

This year, I decided to make her a card using Microsoft Publisher and the color printer she got for Christmas last year. Keep in mind, if you have a Macbook, you can use iPhoto [software that comes with Mac computers] to make cards and calendars, however I went this route because my Netbook is lighter and easier to hookup to the color laser printer located in her bedroom. Microsoft Publisher is a separate software purchase.

Also been tending to a new plant:

It's rainy here today. Normally, the weather never bothers me. Today, I am in a bad mood, but really don't think the weather is the issue. More, upcoming jury duty [which I have yet to see a just kidding notice for], jammed my finger Friday night-- and it is still black and blue, lot of abstract noise.

That said, happy my Mother liked her card and gifts. My Mother makes me laugh. She has all of the latest innovations, i.e., iPhone, desktop and notebook computers, two tablets-- yet when I gave her, her new flashdrive [one of her gifts] she asked what she should do with it. I am not sure if the Ellipsis Tablet can read it-- but everything else can. Me or someone else in the family, insures she is up to date-- insofar as digital technology and computers.

Did you know Amazon allows you to subscribe to books and videos for mobile devices? I wanted to give her a year of free reading for her new Ellipsis tablet. What I did not know was you cannot give the subscription as a gift unless you do it with a gift card. That said, I have been updating my Amazon Stores. Check out the Brass Section and Gift Ideas.

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