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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving.. 2014.

By Monday before Thanksgiving, I was mostly happy. Jury duty ended without too much fanfare and I could then look forward to Thanksgiving. I hurt my finger the Friday before I was due to start Jury duty-- so that was an issue, however Thanksgiving went off mostly without problems. I explain my finger below-- and why it is important. The finger is feeling a lot better-- however I get those that want to test the nerves with the consoles. They should not.

Anyway-- scenes from Thanksgiving 2014.

  • Started cooking Monday, for Thanksgiving... the cornbread for the stuffing.
  • Started my Christmas shopping Wednesday, November 26, 2014. One gift has already arrived.
  • My brother stopped by on short notice yesterday. I am not a fan of things like this. See tapes from the week of June 18th, 2012, July 24th 2012, etc. An incident I reported in March 2006. Said no thanks.. not kidding.
  • Movie: A Promise

Friday evening, November 14, 2014 I hurt the pinky finger on my right hand. The reason i mention this-- is because for most of the prior month I had tried to get out of jury duty. I did not do this on purpose-- however most with access to my house know the finger was maimed. They also know what happened. I note events like this for legal as well as timestamps. I am not a danger to myself nor others-- however this accident hurt me. It has been a long month and many who have seen the finger are upset-- as am I. I am really not in the mood for continuing issues with those on the consoles-- and I am told many have been picked up. Initially, because of swelling many have stated they did not know it was that bad. It is disfigured slightly. Yet, many continue to try to demoralize and anger. I have asked repeatedly requested that this cease.

How this happened... the lights in my mother's bedroom went out when she plugged in her ceramic heater. She ran to the basement to the power box to flip the switch and requested I look upstairs to see if the lights were on. She left a flashlight on and not a lamp or ceiling light-- so I had to run up stairs to check. In doing so, I grabbed for the door jamb and bent my finger. I was a little irritated she had not left a light on that I could see from the bottom of the stairs-- as i had requested her to do. This was not my mother's fault-- nevertheless, i do not think she understood initially understand how bad I hurt the finger. In my haste to get up stairs because she was screaming from the basement for me to check-- I grabbed the door jamb at the top of the stairs the wrong way.. it hurt. many on the consoles initially thought it funny. There are a lot of VIP kids with access. Also many, just curious. This was not done to get out of jury duty-- and keep in mind i do not have medical insurance. The fact these mostly young females continue to think this is a game amazes me. Judges-- I am not sure why I am continuing to ask that they get off me-- but I am..

Please check the surveillance tapes and get these clowns off me. If I did not know better-- the jury duty, and events like my brother showing up yesterday-- feel like attempts to bug me at the holidays. Attempts to demoralize. He was concerned about my finger? No. My mother seems more concerned that I want to blame her. I do not. I simply want all of this over. I jambed the finger. I wish she had left the light on in her bedroom so I did not have to run upstairs to check if she had flipped the right switch. My finger is hurt-- it was my fault. I simply want them to give me a break. I am working on different projects-- and for the past month-- mainly concerned with getting out of jury duty.. It did not work-- however, as i provided earlier-- went off without a hitch so I am just happy it is over. It was a hard month... I am happy to get my Christmas shopping underway.

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