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Saturday, April 18, 2015

it's beautiful here, except...

All week I have been watching the ATP Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament, finals are tomorrow.

In between matches [Fed Cup also on this morning], I went outside to take photos of the trees in bloom.

I also noticed my Peonies have not started growing. Looks like the whole bush is gone. Not sure what happened. About, 14 years ago, my Mother, Niece and I started that bush from roots. I suspect this is the work of vandals. If this is my mistake, I will let you know. Not happy about this.

Made a hamburger and french fries for lunch after spreading a little fertilizer to get rid of Dandelions.

My hair is getting longer. You can see the difference from the photos I took before I started rolling my hair every night [about 2 months ago] and today.

Other things I have been up to:

  • Updating Amazon Computer and Electronics Store
  • Watching movies I have never seen before. Did you see Clearskin? Just saw this last night. I tend to like spy and black ops type movies and novels [big fan of Ludlum].
  • Marking my calendar for upcoming tennis tournaments, including; Madrid, Paris, Wimbledon. See here for a complete list.

Latest Philodendron plant from clippings is doing well. When I find the photo I took when I first planted it, I will provide the link.

Other issues? Nothing to report here.

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