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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Real Estate Pocket Card & Profile Photo

Yesterday, my brokerage office sent over a copy of the PDF file, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) issued to my broker, providing a copy of my license and pocket card.

Below some of the photos I took Sunday morning for my real estate profiles.

I have been busy working on the new site, updating online resumes, and researching. Listed below some of my recent reads.

In addition, I decided to install the new Zillow Zestimate API Demonstration app and update the Freddie Mac interface on the WiredPages Real Estate page.

Why do I merge my professional worlds? For example why have this personal blog on my business site? Or why not separate my software consultancy from my new real estate career- insofar as profiles, etc.? At this juncture, I like transparency in everything I do.

That said, my online real estate efforts include new social media accounts with the exception of my Linkedin account. I have noticed that most with dual careers tend to separate the careers using different Linkedin accounts. I purposely chose not to, however always include my personal online resume along with the summaries I provide via the one Linkedin account.

The biggest problem, as I explained in a recent job interview, too many attempt to take credit for my work (of course never my mistakes- Saturday I made a big mistake on my new Zillow profile, however corrected it by Sunday evening), even with the legal authorities somewhere on the sidelines. I have had an account on Zillow since 2011. Why? Because I developed tools and apps using their APIs when they first became available. I need my worlds to intersect insofar as what I do, how, and when.

WiredShops, another of my recent business ventures, has lots of visitors. Never a sale, except for that of a relative. Yes, the PayPal cart works. Why, no sales? Abstract noise suggests there were sales, however legal authorities had to shut down activity. I am told, in particular a summer top, pair of jeans, and pen were sought after items. Another shop simply handled the business? How was it done? Not sure. Did, I install Opencart, tweak my installation (twigs, php, etc.), sign-up with a drop shipper, learn the drop shipper's API to maintain my shop inventory and create orders, and personally select each item? Yes. In the Fall of 2021, I worked day and night to setup this ecommerce platform.

Another, how does this happen? Google Adsense reported last week I made 5 cents. My balance before the date of the report was $63.87. The balance after the claim of an additional estimated 5 cents, $63.87. I briefly, researched to see if I had missed something in terms of service. I know how a cum report works. I created screen shots to prove the oddness of this.

Since, March 25, 2004 I have made a total of $63.87 in Adsense revenue. It used to be $78.00 about 5 years ago. I never understood how my Adsense balance could go down. In the U.S. the balance must reach $100 before a payout. Yes, I did send a support ticket. Never received a response.

Yes. I need transparency in all of my efforts.

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