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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Blog Dilemma With My New Real Estate Site

I built my new real estate site using WordPress, incorporating several plugins to further one of the goals of the business plan, sourced marketing.

My business plan involves setting up attractive promotion packages for real estate marketing. Additional fields added to the underlying WordPress database include agent related information and descriptions of their property listings.

The plugin, Essential Real Estate, is pretty robust adding features like property comparisons, extensive maintenance of property information, package marketing descriptions, invoicing, etc.

I have not done much insofar as the business plan, however have done quite a bit with the setup of the site.

One of my dilemmas involved the actual blog for the site. I setup the WordPress installation on a subdomain ( of my new domain (, because I wanted to test different software packages. I have Open Real Estate installed on the subdomain.

So one of the problems, what to do with the main area of the site ( I ended up installing a Thingamablog blog with my résumé information as a filler.

What happened next? Google Adsense rejected my new site, explaining the content was duplicated elsewhere. The subdomain was part of the submission. I had four other online domains (plus my Tumblr site ', all registered with Google Adsense, and never had any problems. Since the subdomain was original content, I reworked the blog.
Domains Registered W/Google Adsense


So, now I had two blogs associated with my new site as illustrated in the following graphics.


When, I originally installed the résumé via Thingamablog, I really did not count the area as a blog. I simply used a blogging platform to maintain that part of the site's content. When the site's menu 'Blog' link was clicked, originally the WordPress blog was selected.

After resubmission to Google with the new post and a different header graphic, the site was accepted within two days (it originally took two weeks to reject the site).

I like working with Thingamablog as a blogging platform, so decided to switch the 'Blog' link on the site's menu to that of the blog on the main area of the site ( This even though I spent hours, installing a plugin (CPT UI), searching for bugs, updating permalinks, taxonomies, categories, and adding a code snippet to the site theme, functions.php file.

What do you think? You can leave a comment about which blog you prefer and why.

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