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Monday, September 05, 2022

So how did I justify this?

Let me say first of all, I owe a post about why my Instagram demos are no longer working (non-operational as of 11:00pm August 31, 2022 or when I noticed), however I am not happy about this situation, so I am going to put it off for now. A recent Youtube video demonstrates the demos were operational and I hope to correct the issue in the near future.

So, this post is about something that made me very happy, and how I justified everything.

What did I get?

I have been looking for espresso suede pumps for about 4 years. I like suede pumps and buy them often for comfort. Searching Sarah Flint I found the following two pair illustrated in Exhibit One, however could not justify the cost.

Exhibit Two below, shows a pair of espresso-like sling-backs that can be paired with some of my brown pieces.

Exhibit Three provides the wonderful details of the four pairs of shoes I purchased on sale.

I took photos to show how the shoes look on my feet and sitting on the fireplace.

Though categorized as 'end of season' (summer) heels, I can use most of them as holiday or evening shoes anytime of the year. I am very pleased with this purchase. I do not even ask where I think I am going. From the moment they arrived (Saturday, September 3, 2022) I was happy to own these shoes and have no regrets.

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