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Sunday, August 13, 2023


Over the past week, I have been able to get back to some of the business related issues I put off while adjusting to a new project.

One of my business related issues- involved Amazon's retirement of their Native Ads resource. Though I have not completed the work, I have updated several areas, including:

Another area, promotion and other services related to online content creation. I continue to practice creating my own video content- focusing on technical issues rather than the content itself.

What do I mean? I look at issues- like how to insert video into a round shape which is then overlaid on a larger video. The video editing software I use, Active Presenter is pretty sophisticated.

I want to partner with professionals on a new site to offer both promotional and a wide range of technical services for content creators.

Is this market oversaturated? I have audience though my numbers appear to suggest otherwise. Who do you call for help with content creation? Or did someone call you?

What I think I have noticed- content creators are relying on a limited number of technical service providers. Does everyone do their own editing? My information is no and when the brand has a problem- the face on the brand cannot do much about it- because the technical know-how is really someone else's.

How do I know? I have been asked to give up my brand and allow others to keep my face, however promote their products through me. I routinely decline offers of this type. This more to do with the products I chose to promote and not my software development efforts.

Why continue calling or asking about my business if I have no audience?

As related to software development efforts, I get a lot of calls from overseas software developers/businesses to outsource my software development efforts. I also decline these requests, however it is more a legal question. If my brand is on the software, I write the software.

I cannot afford someone else writing software under my brand. I have noticed that on one or two of the applications I have developed for WiredPages- my program has been substituted with someone else's. I have asked DOJ to look into my complaints. Most often the program malfunctions and I can show my code does not.

Okay, you say a Java program is not an edited video from a software package like Active Presenter. Yes, but have you used the many features of a program like Active Presenter? I have tested a lot and know how powerful the software is. That said I understand software. I program.

The other thing I have noticed? Sometimes the videos I upload lose the original resolution. Why?

A lot of folks stopped blogging when they were unable to earn money. What makes you think other content creators can make money? Audience. I can provide audience.

Why continue asking when I have already said no. I have no audience? This post was originally about something else. My new financial efforts, healthier meals, and my new Youtube short video. I have inserted the video. Not because it is great content, but more because it shows I am a legitimate business owner.

DOJ I said no. I used to upload all of my videos to my own site, however cannot afford the bandwidth. I have to use other resources. I have audience- I cannot afford the bandwidth for that audience. What gives? Fraud?

Now I feel less annoyed. Maybe I will remove this post next week.

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