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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Labor Day Research

Yesterday, while researching for the WiredCreators project I noticed two videos I thought interesting so I decided to share.

The first video, an Instagram reel- demonstrates a useful PowerPoint trick that I think is handy for content creators.

I tested this trick and found I had to make a small adjustment to handle irregular spacing with the original proportional font I used, instead using a fixed width font. The results of my test...

The second video, is about a DoorDash delivery guy who is using an electric e-bike for the first time to make his deliveries.

The guy is funny, however what I really liked was his e-bike. So much so, that I researched and found a lighter, folding version by the same brand and added it to my Just Want store. The e-bike was rated so well- that I also added it to the Gift Ideas store.

Items discussed in this post (showing the entire Microsoft Professional Suite of Office Tools which includes PowerPoint):

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