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Monday, October 30, 2023

New Ecommerce Play (Experiment)

I have a new ecommerce shop, WiredShops WED2C.

The reasons for this are discussed later in this post, however, I want to say this was so easy and cost nothing, that I think it is a good way to experiment with drop shipping if you are interested in setting up an ecommerce shop.

Things you will need:

  • If you do not already have an account with CJDropShipping, you will need to register/setup an account.
  • Setup a free WED2C site. Clicking on WED2C on the CJDropShipping Store Authorization menu, shown on the right, will provide the steps.

Once you have everything registered, your CJDropShipping WED2C store screen should resemble the top illustration in the image below.

Why I set up the new store. I am one of those people, that finds ten more things to do after coming up with a new idea.

In this case, my original idea was to offer customized Microsoft templates, e.g., MS Publisher check templates (discussed here), via my ecommerce shop, WiredShops.

A number of issues presented themselves..

  • I want to provide the custom templates via flash drives which are shipped (no downloads) -- with the explanation, for some reason those with access sometimes feel my hard work is their hard work.
  • Legal documents need to be agreed to.
  • Creating the templates (easy part).
  • Changing how my ecommerce site is sourced.

WiredShops is mostly sourced through CJDropShipping.

Most of the shop's inventory is dropped shipped, however, I do stock some of the inventory. It is easy to add the digital offerings (flash drives with the customized templates) in the same manner as the inventory I maintain.

Where to purchase the flash drives in bulk? Still researching, however, CJDropShipping offers a good deal on lower storage space drives and will etch my logo on each drive. Still waiting to see my options on the customization of the drives.

So while I was researching this on CJDropShipping I noticed I could sign up for a free ecommerce shop with WED2C- WiredShops WED2C.

Other reasons as to why I did this when I already have WiredShops. It was an easy experiment to set up. In addition, the time required to maintain the private domain ( using the CJDropShipping API Store Authorization resource is quite a lot. I am always looking to make more efficient use of my time.

That said, I love owning WiredShops and have no plans to take it down. I may change how some of the products are sourced.

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