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Saturday, June 01, 2024

Multipurpose Home Office

Over the last several weeks I have ordered more inventory and supplies for my online e-commerce shop WiredShops.

The problem? Though I have most of the tools I need to run my online shop, the organization of the office space is not what I would hope for. The following is a short video without audio explanation of my home office.

I currently use the office for the following tasks:

  • Zoom meetings
  • Online Virtual Courses
  • All Printing & Faxing
  • Some Photography
  • Content Creation (Dubbing & Editing)
  • Setting My Hair

I actually do most of the daily work on my sites, software development/updates, and all other business and social media tasks from my bedroom on one of two mini PCs, a Samsung Android, and an iPad Mini. Shown one of the mini PCs setup on a breakfast tray sitting on my bed. The other mini PC (software development/update) sits on a bedside table in my bedroom- not shown.

Also not shown the shipping equipment (scales, thermal printers), labels, and packing material I began amassing when I first started my shop (November 2021).

Because I want to go after online sales in the form of digital products and shop inventory I really love (shown below), I have been preparing my e-commerce site and home office.

I purchased an inexpensive mirror from Lowes two weeks ago to help with inventory and affiliate marketing promotion.

Now, I want to install shelves and baskets to hold printers, packing material, and inventory. I have been researching several options, however feel the re-utilization of my home office could become more costly than I originally intended.

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