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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

looking for camera pretty, creative, educated....

Sunday, I was researching for the Washington Style project I think about a lot when not being inundated with noise from the earpiece. I come up with ideas and discuss them. I am told there is a lot of interest. Unfortunately, government and CIA more interested than I want.

Anyway, I took an extended look at the author of this blog. I provide info like this-- because I get a lot of feed back whenever I do anything. I knew this before the earpiece was activated via-- abstract noise-- and so when I take an extended look at an individual-- I like noting it. Same thing happened with a house I fell in love with.

Also, I thought about the photos I took Friday-- as related to my outing and wondered if some might make a mistake as to my style awareness-- and my interest in this type of project. I feel the last year has aged me-- and my love of sweets with no treadmill is showing up.

As related to style-- many may note I am more conservative as related to my own personal style. I am more Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada"-- rather than the models and assistants' faddish styles in that movie.

I have some good ideas and really think I can launch a good business model, web site and hopefully a reality show. Do I want to be on television? No I am not camera pretty. That said-- I am creative. So is the author of that blog-- something I am looking for. I am looking for people with real credentials. Can I do anything right now? No, right now I am just looking.

Back to my style. Sunday, early in the day-- I was a bit concerned that my eyes in the Friday photos were too strained so I took the top photo to see if the strain was still there. Then I thought I should do something different with my hair.

I held it with a tight clasp-- and then curled the ends with a curling iron. This style looks better in person from the front-- but I have an oddly shaped head-- and I do not like my nape- line so I rarely wear it in this style.

The boys-- [earpiece] often tell me "they wish I would dress more often". I think it is an attempt to belittle. Control.. I like me.. I know my faults. I do not want you--- do not wish to have you desire me-- and am a little tired of you trying this crap on me.. I know who I am. stop.

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stop telling me your secrets..

There is constant noise via the earpiece about doings in Washington. A lot of folks were issued consoles-- so part of the effort is to get those folks to stop accessing my frequency. I think many really did not understand the FBI/DOJ has been on since initial activation in Feb. 2012. A lot of folks want to blame me for issues they have experienced. I keep saying you told on yourself-- and many of you-- I requested over and over -- that you leave me alone. Many are angry.

That said-- back and forth as to when settlement to start-- if ever. I never get emotional about this. I get emotional about the jarring vibrations that many have used to tell me they are angry. I am sorry, tapes will show I asked you to leave me alone. I repeat, you told on yourself. I repeated here as evidentiary material-- and I provided it was via the earpiece. The fact it was said is not the question.. The question? Is it fact? One young lady-- said she lied when she said she was ten-- however I never mentioned an age. This would have allowed her to go to court on libel? I provided her dialogue to show the crap I was hearing. Tapes and FBI confirm-- albeit via earpiece. Go ahead and sue.

Did many feel the FBI knew exactly who they were-- and they were simply telling me to acclimate me to the process? Yes, I do feel this is what happened. I said no. I am not part of Washington and do not owe. Many feel that I can make money-- and that because of my ties-- and their honest admissions-- I am somehow part of the community. I am not. Further-- what is owed me is not community property. You stole from me. You violated my rights. I do not owe you. I owe a country. Not washington filth... stop telling me your secrets.

I am not sure why the FBI/DOJ allowed many of you to do this for so long. I repeat-- I am not part of the washington community. I owe jail. Not community property.

I also continue to hear about those who want to file law suits. I repeat-- I go to real courts and not the courts for criminals and idiots of washington. My education and credentials are real. Your tapes will show--- why you thought you could tell me anything. to get a law suit in the secret court. I am not insured. I can go to real court.. The first thing i am going to do in a real court? Show your education is not what you claim it is showing you to be a liar. The next--- the FBI tapes... get off me.

Some claim-- the threat of law suits the reason for the hold up. If the US government has a tab in the total deal-- why would its employees be allowed to sue?

The public would be shocked by this. I am shocked by this. You are telling JANE Q. Public. Stop telling me your secrets.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paying Rent..

Yesterday, I had to go to Columbia. Trip uneventful and I was in a terrible mood. Photos.

I am not sure if it is the darker pencil I used-- the headache or strain-- but I hate the last photo.... I am not sad. I am mad. I thought the make up looked better in person.

These days, it's rare that I go further than the bank or the gas station. That said-- I am happy I took care of that errand yesterday, and not next week.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

but, this is over tomorrow?

Earpiece voice: Regina, Tony is smart--- that was my mistake. Said to me [blog author] this morning. An old friendship may be damaged [paraphrasing]. Why?

Earpiece voice: Tony said, don't leave that lie in to long-- I don't want to be related to Bob.

Me: I thought this was over-- how much longer? You have tortured me all weekend on the pretext this is over tomorrow. I am going to write about this. You keep telling me government types want to tell me how they feel-- before I go. I keep saying you are torturing me and I ask you to stop.

What lie?

Last week sometime--- Robert Hale-- and the entirely bald headed army general that was supposed to have retired were in live CSPAN hearings. Earpiece claim he is not an army general. Years ago, I told thin air-- I would not deal with his personality type. Last summer I asked if he was related to Bob R. from Rockwell. The response, yes. His son. Bob-- the father of the child I did not know existed that died.

Anyway-- in the hearing I noticed that Bob and the bald fake army general had the same hang dog look to their cheeks. This enabled earpiece personnel to suggest they were related. Same mother. [This lie].

One of my relatives has the same look. I know that because of problems with AZT-- the relative's blood is cleansed rather than prescription AZT. This via earpiece-- and not directly. No one has told me directly they have aids. I am told both Hale-- [who was id'd as Tony Cordesman's son] and the bald army guy-- are supposed to have aids. But Regina, filters can do a lot today. You just noticed this last week? Yes. hale does have the look. Army guy did not look different but I did just notice it.

So, this morning-- we discussed what could cause it-- given a relative of mine also had the look. Another factor? Another relative who also cannot use AZT does not have the look-- but does not get his blood cleansed. So we decided it was something to do with the blood cleansing process.

But why did earpiece lie in the first place? Earpiece said-- Tony ordered the child killed and it was a request by someone else. If true-- I have no idea-- but that is why the lie was told. To let me know all of these people knew the child and it had upset them?

FBI/DOJ-- I do not owe this crap. I am told two agents have lost jobs and any number of other things going on. Tony in trouble last week. I keep waiting to hear about a mission that is worth this. I am not hearing it. Was the child ordered dead? Not sure. Told the child in New York only 15 or so. bob's died 1992. Four years old. Told Max's son very upset by the whole thing. Ask him why he did it. Earpiece suggested last week Tony ordered-- via England. Discussin also about-- why kill a bastard that could not be claimed. Callous? Oh you should hear the crap they say to me. Maybe to many VIPs knew about the child? So, why is Robert Hale so mad I have no emotions over the child? He knew her. I did not. Say this stuff to Robert-- boys. I owe all of you crazy no class idiots.

Me-- tired of the lies.. too long? but this is over Monday.. and though i asked and asked Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning-- you did not stop. FBI agents have an axe to grind? Why?

What is the truth? Get tapes... Don't leave that lie in too long-- I stopped the speaker and asked-- too long? This is over tomorrow?

Other topics this morning while lying in bed-- not sure what the earpiece guy was doing. Downey Jr and Sherlock Holmes-- caught some of it last night. Me: Don't you envy their relationship and issues? Earpiece voice-- someone said something similar to what you just said. He is an intellectual. The earpiece voice said he is not-- speaking about himself. Am I? Regina? No. I just find idiot debate to be just that. It looked like fun being Jude Law and Downey in that movie. I am above average... IQ tests told me.

What was I thinking about yesterday-- when not asking for a cessation with the vibrations? Wondering where I could get White House, Capitol and Monument cookie cutters. Still working on details for a site and reality show-- Style Biz. then i decided I could probably get 3D medallions from a gift shop and imprint that on the dough and cut out ovals. What do you think? Entrepreneurs get why this is important.

Earpiece-- just now-- 8:28 am Tony in trouble for the hit. Is that you Rock? I thought someone said-- it was because the routing number for my bank was changed at the Federal reserve? He said he was not in the mood to have me paid yet? The child the real problem? Okay- well tapes show they want to kill me. Do i take them seriously? heart pinch not good. Who gets the blame for this? The FBI? you already fired 2 guys?

For those of you who get ACH payments- they had to hard wire my account and routing number because too many like sending the money to other accounts. Without, it searches for socials and known accounts. I have never had a settlement-- and though lawyers know this stuff-- most like me do not. How do I know? Rock's lawyers-- via earpiece. Go ahead ask them. Told many of my family members get ACH payments. Why? Check.

Earpiece often uses Dick Thornburgh and Tony Cordesman interchangeably. Not sure why.. but did again just now. What is the truth? In the past, I have asked what each of these men think about all of this. I do not ask for many opinions of those in washington. Never have.

Dead-- sometimes means Aids. Big deal now-- they want the definition in. Saying, yes-- child really died-- but order was for aids.

I used to fast. I could lose weight quickly. I am told -- many thought I had aids. Sam Brownback supposed to be my aunt Judy's with Reagan. 56 or so-- earpiece offering correction-- 58. Born with Aids... all her kids after also. Rudy Matthews aka-- howie johnson? Told yes. Amaury said to have had aids, rudy, plus my fasting.. many thought I had aids. No. Amaury--no sex. Rudy oraled me.

Food contamination-- caused one family member the aids condition. Why not me? They thought I had it. Government, black ops? No they knew I did not. Surveillance.-- family and friends? yes. I am told few I knew socially and family-- are free of aids-- including Rockwell employees. In the spring 2012-- big deal over insuring with Aids. I asked how my father and I started the aids problem in Odenton if you want me to insure -- Aids now to get my settlement. I said no. Further I am not insuring. All of this earpiece. Also keep in mind I worked a lot-- and lived alone. I passed on a lot of family reunions even before I noticed there was a problem in 1996 or so.

The one I don't like-- FBI/DOJ are using me to bring down big names in washington. Too my knowledge I never talk to Tony. If he was brought down Thursday--- how did i do that-- and why stop payments based on that? Told my bank is really mad. Reminder-- when my earpiece was first activated-- when I asked where someone might be-- Robert Mueller most often-- someone would say--- over interviewing another federal witness. the one i do not like-- either rogue agents or local police are allowing or vibrating my earpiece. Head and heart a problem..No cannot kill but can cause distress.

Why am I not mad about payments? No one is saying I am not owed. The problems I heard about money being sprayed all over Washington starting in May 2012-- convinced me I could wait until the source and proper doj authorities were satisfied. That is why it is really stupid to tell me payments to start-- when I am not asking. I always say-- you know my plans and I have not changed them since early June 2012.

now-- earpiece is saying they cannot even be nice too me. Vibrations continuing. Mad about this post. Be nice to me... get off me. Amazon, Paypal, etc.. ask them. New threat- i am going to make you a national security issue. Me: Because your idiots will not get out of my ear? DOJ/FBI-- is he kidding-- time 11:23 am Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013? get the tapes.

Amazon, Paypal, earpiece claiming you said go ahead and sue? Really?

For some reason-- too many still think I am the welfare case they should pretend I am. Look through the fashion category on Q's Wire. I was trying to show my business wardrobe. I have been through things the US government probably does not want to admit to. One of the last business meetings i went to-- was at BusBoys and Poets-- see this post. I am the owner at QiSoftware. WiredPages and the Blogger Clanedar--- my innovations. I am owed a lot of money.. Too much money for you to keep sending your government idiot to me that thinks I am its game. Take a look at the pictures. No I am not pretty. What i am is not your stupid idiot. I have $40.00 a week in loans. the Jones of NY [not anne taylor] top in the photo I purchased with xmas money one year. The difference between my corporate days and now? I cannot afford dry cleaning.... US government--- I am not kidding. Get off me. Further-- one more silly little girl from the US government and you are going to wish you could back her idiot shit up. Get your idiots off me. Gov personnel running me? I would hate to think what they would do with my rights violations and $40 a week in loans... I repeat-- get your filth off me.

Do not let my recent photos in my pj's fool you. I said get your idiots off me. Did you see?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

melt the butter...

I recently posted about a cookie idea I had for a project I am working on. I provided my original idea would not work because the dough was too flakey to achieve the results I wanted.

I made more cookies today-- and decided to try again. This time I melted the butter almost entirely. This worked. [View photo separately for more detail.]

I also found I had to dust the entire cutter with flour and wiggle it on the mat to insure the details were sharper. When I lifted the cutter the dough stayed on the mat.

These are the almond shortbread tea cookies with almond icing I made-- today. I did not ice Minnie and Goofy for the photos-- however feel if the idea were used-- brush on color could be used-- like that used by cake decorators.

My coworkers [from Boeing and Rockwell]-- wonder what I did before I started MarylandWired in 1998 and then QiSoftware [2002]-- [WiredPages 2004]? When not being hemmed up for one reason or another-- gardened, baked and watched a lot of HGTV and FoodTV. My gardens used to be beautiful and I have collected some of the best recipes.

I am still looking at the Washington Style project and waiting on more news from Washington. more positive signs than not.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

'til Feb. 1st...

Lately I have been cooking and thinking about a project-- something I call Washington Style. This project has evolved a lot over the years. Several years ago-- I wanted to get a bunch of fashion bloggers from Washington-- and create a group fashion blog.

Then in the Spring of 2012- I thought about the Plum TV site with Kelly Benisom I used to visit-- and evolved the project into another direction. Plum TV as I knew it no longer exists.

I did this mostly because so many in Washington seemed to think WiredPages should be a gift. At the time I thought settlement was right around the corner-- and those listening seemed to really like the idea. Then more recently, Feb. 1st was set as the date. Yes, of course this has been done a lot in the last 7 months-- but for some reason, maybe because of the advance date-- I may have thought it held more promise. Not to say that by the time Jan 31, 2013 rolled around- I was hopeful, I was not-- but over the course of the 2 weeks I put more ideas out there for Washington Style.

  • Real People doing a show about the website
  • Sexy because Style, Technology & Business are sexy
  • Ideas about shoots, etc.
  • Unknown, college grads [washington], with no ties to government
  • See if Discovery, Disney, Current TV might be interested. I talk to some well known folks.

Anyway-- I put a lot of thought into some of the ideas and types of things I wanted to do. For instance, the web site one christmas could have a banner with my favorite shortbread recipe using cookie cutters for the White House, Capitol and Washington monument. Washington Style. I thought plastic cutters to get the details. Someone asked to see an example of a plastic cookie cutter. I showed the different cookie cutters my niece and I had collected over the first 5 years of her life.

I then thought a show segment should show how the cookies were made for the shoot and the audience could also click on the web site. the web site of course not a network site- but real. I also had lots of ideas about who could be interviewed. Stars who I know have "condos or homes in DC. And other ideas for the site. But real and educated were key. No limos, no fakes-- no never ending arguments. Real business does not have time for never ending debate.

The more I thought about the site and show detailing real business, style and technology issues the more I thought it would be a hit. Both the site and the reality show. And earpiece listeners seemed to agree. So that is what I was doing for the 2 weeks up until the first of FEb.

I was also cooking and eating a lot. For example:

These blueberry pancakes:

Walnut Fudge Brownies:


Apple Turnovers with/Icing

Feb. 1st was meant to make me cry. I did not. I have been blogging on Q's Wire -- detailing some of the issues. George I hear you own the site domain I want to use? I have been very productive over the last weeks and excited about the Washington Style project. Why tell you now. For some reason earpiece wanted me unhappy. FBI--how is that? Keep in mind-- earpiece continues to say-- settlement starting Feb. 1st and what will i donate to the effort-- washington style. This in lew of paying the boys. Time, free software, ideas, etc. why keep pretending. i never assumed it would start. I simply offered more ideas... to my original. Actually, I was told--- 10 million was taken out of the pot by the miltary-- and the source sued and asked that all of the money be returned. this about a week ago. Said other plans being worked-- because of this. i am not sure about the truth. I never ask about the money nor set dates. I only listen. So much fraud associated with this-- I let others be my eyes and ears. I assume there is a good reason-- because I do get-- those business partners need the books cleared... My relatives and dc vips-- too greedy and demanding the reason it was set in the first place... Huge fraud issues associated with all of this. Washington-- did not get no and for some reason thought i was one of them. They never read q's wire apparently.

Earpiece just offered how does that pay the boys? Gives to the area.. helps to shed another light on washington. Realtiy show and web site... could bring in a lot more to the area.. fresher look. I am john Q. Public. Aids and insurance not a could good mix. Washington-- needs to remember laws and that it is the nation's capital.

Update Feb 5th, 2013-- tested my shortbread cookie recipe with the plastic cookie cutters shown in the first illustration. The dough was so flakey I could not get it out of the cutter. 2 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, 3/4 cup of butter, and almond extract to taste. No egg. I tried flour and baking spray with flour in the cutter and it simply would not work. Use of the cutters may work with an egg recipe- but then it would not be my favorite shortbread recipe so I will have to think of another idea.

This post originally posted Friday, Feb. 1st 2013. Post date now reflects the 5th of Feb. My mistake when updating the post today.

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