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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Car tags again?

Today, I received a letter from the Maryland MVA stating I can not renew my car tags because of a tags suspension notice I received in September 2011. Because of continuing issues with the car I rarely drove, in 2011 I chose to go with historic tags. Every time renewal came around before that--- had to pay huge auto repairs because Maryland said I was not passing emissions tests. VA who is more strict insofar as emissions standards-- said I was. Anyway-- I chose to go with historic tags in 2011-- negating the need for emissions testing. Another factor, my car gets driven about once a week-- and garaged. Check Q's Wire for emissions problems.

I have the September 2011 notice and it clearly shows the old tags. This should be a simple call to the MVA to have the computer update-- however it has been my experience-- I can call a local maryland authority and further have my rights violated. Therefore I sent faxes to the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and the Baltimore office of the FBI-- showing the notice I received today and the following suspension notice for the old tags.

Showing redacted copies and originals underneath. Image can be seen larger in separate window.

Earpiece is saying he should not have done that. I was not sure who he was. Now they are saying Pentagon/CIA interfered. DOJ/FBI you owe. I have the original emissions tests, I have everything. The bag was not cleaned. As I was typing this-- they are now saying again-- Maryland crap-- that should not have been done.

I am tired of being harassed. I go nowhere. I have too much stuff that I need to carry and cannot leave anywhere. Earpiece claims-- they want the bag-- another reason I stay secure-- only going out if I really need to. Further... today- pounding, pounding, pounding. Mark they are saying you and Navsea. What is your problem?

Earpiece also saying some sort of court case just [last week] ordered my way-- and this should be over in a matter of days. That said-- I have heard crap like this before so I am not sure what the truth is. I should not have problems with that car. I owe criminals jail.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

DOJ-- told you get a high volume of calls on this, why haven't you called me?

Auto payment of my Skype Subscription was made on 3.22.13. This is an annual fee and my subscription allows me to call anywhere in the US and Canada for no additional charge.

I also have a Skype phone and number. I use software on both my Macbook and Netbook to receive and make calls. I seldom get calls directly. Earpiece claims both my cell phone and Skype line ring off the hook. Often telling those who pick up to get off my line and to go get Regina. This is what earpiece is claiming.

DOJ as I was editing this-- I heard a debate wherein you suggested you called. Verizon cell and Skype log calls. Neither should be claiming calls from you to my lines. Land lines -- verizon. FBI/CIA all over them. you sure you want to try that?

My question DOJ/FBI? Many tell me that both of you are also receiving a huge amount of calls concerning all of this. Why haven't you called me? Cannot reach me on my cell, skype or one of the two land lines at my residence I have provided?

I should have a call from you DOJ. Everyone says too many calls. Yesterday-- a photographer was out taking photos of the street signs on the corner. Noting on my side of the street-- it says Ridge Chapel and harmans. On the other side of the same street it says Gesna. How is that pronounced? Guess NA. or Guest[silent t]. Too many see this problem. It is the same street. When i figured out most in my life were insured-- I decided this meant-- on this side of the street-- most of my family and associates could not visit-- and on the other side-- they could. Why? An elementary school.

Give me a call doj.. I am owed.

Skype one of the tabs in the overall deal set up in June 2012. I am told the businesses involved want the settlement paid. Every morning-- these days someone asks-- why aren't you screaming? DOJ-- you need to do what you promised the payment source you were going to do when Rock and his lawyer did not-- and you need to get gov. personnel out of my ear. I am owed a phone call. start.

too much idiot crap. listen to it. Too much torture. Every night-- starting. Every morning-- a new excuse. But I thought you would be demoralized by now, someone asked of me? Too many see. What are you looking at?

I am not sad. I am not depressed. Sometimes i feel ill from the pounding on my head or the push/pull thing. I have never mentioned mark Feugureson. He is supposed to be a high ranking officer with the Navy. i am told he is related to Pete Read of my Rockwell days. He likes determining where each turn of the gain, vibrate and volume dials affect my body. they can pulse anything. I am told if I had not submerged my head in water in Sept. 2012 I would probably be dead. now it takes many machines to make it hurt. Only one to irritate. Pounding on my head and heart bother. Both can hurt. Sexual play also insulting. I owe jail mark. Ask pete-- if he knows what you are doing. Told you are really with Navsea as a civilian? Look up a CSPAN hearing with Robert Hale, mark, BreedLove, Dunford. One in Sept. 2012. One earlier. Check real credentials. Mark they tell me you like the sexual stuff. I am surprised Pete is your connection to me. stop.

Clay Jones Rockwell CEO on live CSPAN yesterday morning. I knew him when he was in charge of our offices in Crystal City, VA. Told-- there is a connection. My niece, doug of rockwell-- others said they could not watch anymore. I cannot listen clay. Too yuked out by what washington really is. Good to see you again.

DOJ-- trying to claim doing internal cleaning. FBI passes out consoles that torture then FBI needs a judge to turn them off or pick them up? Washington to government screwing me... i have asked that you stop. Allison mad because coworkers told her she said she played with the knobs too. Then she goes over to her father's to play with them again. he has the powerful console.-- and tells me about her coworkers. Okay-- allison-- stop telling them you are playing with the knobs. and stop. May have misidentified Allison's sister. Look up Kristin Fisher on WUSA 9 in Washington. Thought it said Stewart the first time i noticed her when the earpiece said Allison's sister. Allison upset-- she [sister] was not dad's insurance. Aids issues... Too aids, perversion, promoted whore, and incest in Washington. they will not stop. No rules. No let up. I said no.

Not all bad as related to earpiece conversations. I was watching a movie called jade Wednesday night. In it a room that was very stylish. We talked about it yesterday. here is the movie. The Gavin lib two story area.

Ben does not like Allison's frills. Allison says our den looks to man-ish. She liked the room I wanted her to see. He said he saw it when he went to the "i hate Regina, party" in Oct. 2011 when Rock was first tapped to put the deal in place. Rock-- you should have told them why you were picked. Washington aids people should be mad with you, not me. I had no idea you were a factor before May 2012. I am told, you indicated long before you were. FBI can prove I am not the liar. I am here, alone. My business was never yours. I knew Mrs. Anderson [Joyce Anderson] and her black family. Joyce Anderson-- ben and Brian's mother. She is also Rock's sister and aunt [rockefeller side]. I never met Rock. new jersey gov Judy's son with rock. Mr. Anderson-- father to Suzanne malvuex cnn. mother Laura bush. They have kids with each other to insure. I had no idea. I said no. Rock selling property in VA. Why?

Also, I often ask what everyone had for lunch and what they are doing when they are not bothering me. Rock likes Wendys. I discussed Cheryl once after I figured out she was Zeta-Jones mother. I said, cheryl seemed to be okay as an adult. She had her when she was 10 so I thought it should have been an abuse issue. Allison-- was also young. she got aids. She cusses a lot. I am not sure she is okay. She talks about herself. I really do not want her to tell me things-- because I have already said I cannot remember what i can and cannot write about. I asked her to tell me about her day once then stopped her. I am not mad with allison, more concerned. Hard time at work. Work-- I am not mad. I hear something you may not hear. Not helping-- CIA too crazy and not helping. Not okay cia. By the way-- she has never said I could not discuss something. it's just if she did-- I would not remember. Too many people tell me things.

They are no longer saying recruitment. They continue to suggest law suits can get what i am owed. Sorry FBI-- you owe tapes. I asked over and over-- please stop.

Why keep talking? I am never alone. Everyday now-- they say settlement to start. Then they wake me up torturing me. Nope-- DOJ did not put the right routing number in. Why do this. They say they want me to scream. I don't. What is the point? Too many people see. That said-- do not ring the doorbell. i expect calls from DOJ or FBI. Strangers should not come to the door without a call. No solicting on the door. Normally FBI tells me when they don't like someone on the corner. Recent females--they did not say who they were. They want crazy me. I do not owe my bag to washington filth. Also do not owe my settlement.

Back to the vibrations. Sometimes when I am watching television the pulse will move to my lower body area. Are you sure you don't like girls regina. No-- I do not like girls and that is your heartbeat i respond. The other one-- the idits don't seem to realize that when I have to urinate i control this with the same muscles that move during sex. why is that moving. I respond because I have to go to the bathroom. These people are desparate and nasty. Bob hale a big problem.. Mark says he does the body stuff. FBI why? The other one-- too many of these idiots ask why my clit does not move for them. most of these idiots don't even know their wives have one. Why worry about mine. Tired of Bob and his filth. I like grown men that ask me out. Bob hard up. I would never go near him. Further he has threatened me too much. FBI he should not be in my ear.

I do not like stupid cowards that want to steal from me and I like girls. I had a life style poly and passed. General-- can you. Get your filth of me. They try things when kids are on too. Nothing. Why try? the said one of the admirals when asked about his nephew on his lap bounced up. He said it was involuntary. FBI do you have the tape. Someone else had a problem when reading Dooce's site over my shoulder. the little girl. Me--never. they x-ray trying to make me a dirty old man. Idiot go get my surviellence from days gone by. If I did not have a man I liked-- that shower thing worked. I do not need a pussy coward that is also an idiot. DOJ/FBI get this filth off me. Perry how did I learn? Surveillence do you have anything that suggests-- I touch me? Why do these idiots think I am their hard up asses? Told the admiral is screaming. He said the FBI does have the tape. Why do I owe a pervert admiral? Pete--i am told he knows you. And the thing is-- they were only talking about something they noticed when the boy was over. The consoles have to anchored to the floor and cameras mounted. It jumped again when they were just talking about what happened. they are torturing me so they can claim QiSoftware and my settlement? I do not owe these idiots. And do you know what really pisses me off? When they ask why my mucsles are moving they can see when I have to pee. x-ray. They want me to be a insured pervert like them. When the pulse is placed in that area-- the muscles are not moving. They can put that pulse anywhere. I am not worried. they should be. I am also told that when you have to pee you are do not want sex. They can see the pee if they can see the muscle. I hate these filthy idiots. I do not owe these idiots.

the other one? They will talk to me in my sleep. Insert dreams. Most of the time it is of non-sexual nature. Last week they woke me up with a sex dream. I stopped but knew my muscles had moved. The dream said I touched me. I awoke and I was not. No-- it only felt like I wanted to. I stopped. They asked. I am very frank about this stuff. Sound boards for some reason facilate insertion of dreams in a sleeping person. Check with an engineer. Often a board found in a garage that you can hook things on. It has little holes in it. Not sure why this works.

It is said that Christin Applegates husband's mother FF and Sam brownback oralled me while I was sleeping. Sam Brownback-- ChippingNorton, England-- Sonia, Ysida's sister at my JR high on Fort Meade when I passed out at lunch. Nurses office they are saying. I did not wake up. That means I was not even thinking about enjoying it. This looks like cruel intentions insofar as i was a minor. 1973-- I am nixon's granddaughter. I know about enjoying sex-- Odenton. Perry toaguht me-- 1975/76 or so. A hard male. I am also persnickety about who touched me. If they did this-- i know nothing about it. Waking hours-- Bill York after June 1982-- in my apartment Falls church. Anyone wants to call me a liar-- show me. Trying to say I knew about oral before that. Faith, Sam did you? Did I wake up?

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Friday, March 22, 2013

For the cool in you..

My father's birthday is Monday. He would have been 78. Here are some really old photos taken late 50's I think.

Mom England Polaroid

Mrs. Hopson England

I was looking through old photos and found some from england and France. The last two are of my mother and Mrs. Hopson in England. A lot of folks from my high school days will know Mrs. Hopson.

Me and Judy with Babysitter

I am often amazed at photos I look through. For instance the above photo is of Judy and I in France with a babysitter. Judy looks a lot younger. Other photos of us taken in france show us about the same age. Also, why is the level of detail-- better for the sitter and i and not judy? my guess-- black ops folks have been through our photos.

Having a rough time with vibrations. Not sure what's going on. Supposed to have ended today.. Q's Wire more details. Lindy [BWMC]-- if you are my aunt Judy's-- I believe you had aids when you were born. Sam Brownback key. Why are they saying the child did not have aids? Why did Bob [hale] say-- Tony said, give her aids? this note should be on the q's wire post for this date. My Sept. 93 accident-- Boonetown just outside of Ft meade maryland-- that Bob? Bob Hale-- your dad I am told is too high on the US totem pole. Someone claiming to be you has tried to libel any number of folks so that i will do the same here? I am simply repeating what someone claiming to be you is saying. Tony-- you can't stop the imposter or is that your son? get him off me.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

This week, this week.. ?

It was a hard weekend. Supposedly, this will be ending soon. I am being used as bait. Last week, someone said May. Over the weekend things happened. Pulled in one or two they wanted out of the way..

The odd thing about all of this-- every other question-- "should this one or that one sue". Why ask me? Its more a threat to see if I will become upset. I would love to be able to hire attorneys to help those that think torturing me-- while the world watches is okay. it is not. You tell me a lot of things. I tend to listen for things I can get confirmed. One to show-- credibility and two-- to show what's going on. This is bad-- and I want it over. I do not mind a legimate lawsuit. I mind threats. I am trying to show why this is bad out of the normal. Not to libel you.. you tell me the issues.. I report them. I did not give you aids. I did not try to hurt you. You are torturing me... a little twist of that gain or vibrate knob affects me.... torture to get payment using government equipment? I owe jail.. .stop.

This morning, a little less on the vibrations however, with the number of government consoles [they are the only ones that have the gain, vibrate and volume knobs] picked up over the last two weeks-- and still others with their frequency keys deleted from the system-- I am surprised I still have problems in this area.

They are saying this week. They always say that. Signs? Not really. Key player not in my ear as much.

I have been working on more ideas for the Washington Style project. Some believe that discussing here-- will hurt it. I don't. I also do it to show how i keep busy.

I use PayPal as my current payment platform-- and gave some thought as to how the new business project would work. Paypal allows me to invoice, take credit card payments, etc. I wanted the new business group to look at other options-- so I was doing research. I have an older copy of MS Money so I installed it on my netbook over the weekend to get a feel for how it works. I use GNUCASH for off line financial bookkeeping.

Starting a new business project has a lot of details. I think many in government do not understand the complexities. I discuss these things-- because I actually feel I should be leaving any day-- and I really feel this project can work. It also gives me something to do. Government folks wanted WiredPages. Now they want WashingtonSTyle. I need non-government types.

I am keeping busy [tending to my house plants, too]--and hoping they are not lying. I will keep you updated.

I am hurting the process with this direct discussion. You would be surprised at the things said to both me, the fbi and others around the world. Everyone can hear and most can see. A relative told bob--he did say that. Others heard him. In the spring of 2012-- as I was discussing a huge settlement-- someone from Navsea offered me a hundred thousand dollar job. I was shocked and asked him to leave me alone. He never did. He was heard by many. He wanted to demoralize me? CIA-- what have you folks been up too and does he ever look around at the others on? Then he wants to sue.. tell him to go ahead. Not, I saw your blog and read are you doing?. I have a 100,000 job for you? Did I know you had aids? nO. I am sorry.. I did not do it.. get off me. oh and please sue. G, cannot give you my money.. he can ask someone in congress to misappropriate monies. Many got into trouble for this. One, I did not know anything about it. Two, they changed the posts and three-- most of the supremes are not even lawyers. Circuit courts really handle their functions. Rock told me he hired Kagan after careful research.. you research. Recently, an fbi guy said-- sh--, I wish I had checked her.

I would love to see you in court. Right now the US government blocks my calls and emails so I cannot even get in touch with lawyers. Never threaten me.

Yes, when law suits are threatened-- this suggests either those that want something for screaming in my ear -- do not understand --- my affiliates owe me and not them-- therefore the money cannot be disburse to them directly. They have to sue me. G and the Supremes cannot enforce black ops court issues. I am not insured.. Stop telling me. STop offending me. get off me. I do not owe you. navsea guy... I talk to a lot of generals. Why do i need you to offer me a 100,000 dollar job. I am told you and your people are illegally logging into Maybe not now -- but back then. Did anyone else hear you? I am told many did... stop.

At the time [Spring 2012], as the May deal was about to start with negations-- when I heard the navsea guy's job offer-- I asked "so I can help to defraud me, xxx?" Pentagon.. did you ever ask him why he was mad with me. I never mentioned him in Q's Wire-- or not that I remember. I barely knew him. Reasons given? I never spoke to his secretary wife, I gave him aids, etc. None true. I barely knew him. The other one-- told EE degree a fake. You were offering me a job? I am not offering you one. My credentials are not fake. Why did you come into my life. most in my life are insured. You weren't? then you lied-- or you do have an EE? Just before I sat down to write this post-- someone asked me if the Navsea guy was going to sue me. I thought i would address the question. When I finished-- someone said-- no he does not want to sue you.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

March 13th 2013, Noon?

Every morning, to stay in shape-- I play Wii Tennis until I reach pro status as a guest. I stopped using one of my saved identities because they are about 2300 and 2100 and I only lose status when I lose even one point. So I play as a guest and start at zero each morning. It takes about 5 matches [20 minutes] to get to 1000-- which is pro status for the Wii Tennis game I play.

March 15th 2013 stats as of 9:30 am

When I play-- whoever is monitoring the vibrations from the earpiece-- will often mute it or make sure it is off. this morning? no. Why is this a little maddening? Because on march 13th, 2013 at noon-- all government units issued to individuals-- were supposed to be muted insofar as gain and vibrations. These two console features the primary cause of torture issues with the units.

The consoles at Military locations, CIA, NSA, FBI, Courts, and Congress were also supposed to be affected by this order.

Again, last night-- payments starting this morning. Consoles on this morning with vibrate and gain on-- and the same silly crap-- while I am playing tennis? I can work up a glow so why are you doing this?

Stop pounding me. Why continue with we are paying, we are arresting, we are picking up consoles when you allow this?

This morning-- reason given for not starting payments so I can get lawyers and find a doctor to remove the earpiece? Batting down law suits and getting ready to go see the CIA [fbi types-- legal issues]. I told you -- CIA and FBI issues are not my issues. I asked the FBI/DOJ to find out why my rights are being violated.

I am trying to provide evidence that abnormal things happen and I have already said no. I mean no. You [fbi] want to take out the CIA on this? You will have to do it on your time. 18 years.. is long enough. The law suits this morning? Someone's relative who has aids because of insurance can claim I owe-- for repeating what the earpiece told me? I do not owe these law suits. The government has more to lose than I do as related to government vips and their relatives on this issue. Why do these people tell me their secrets using government equipment-- any way? Looks like one of those pretend law degrees spread the wrong rumor. DOJ/FBI-- I do not owe idiots-- who torture me, beg for a post and have no idea what a real law suit needs. Do you have aids? If so-- the earpiece was right and i am simply trying to show why I am being tortured by idiots i do not owe.

Let go.. stop telling me.

This is an idiot game and I am not impressed. I do not owe washington insurance Aids victims. I do not owe those who want me to tell their secrets so they can get a paycheck. I provide statements given to me via the earpiece to show the problem and why i do not seem to be able to leave. I said get off me...

I said no.

Earpiece says provide details of game options. Best of 5, quashing auto replay with A remote button, I have mastered the ACE and it maybe 6 games-- in about 20 minutes. Apparently, someone without access to my video feeds that [fbi/doj i did not okay] said this was impossible. Sorry-- it is possible. I have too much surveillance to lie-- and i am not a habitual liar. Sorry. I told Pete Read my father was a military officer and Max R. a boyfriend hit me when he actually only threatened to push me down a narrow staircase. I am not sure why i told pete that lie. maybe because my father was a member of the fort meade officer's club. NSA employment probably key after military retirement. I told max--- because I am frightened of heights and I did not understand why he said that. It bothered me. I never thought they would meet. These are the only lies I told Rockwell coworkers over the 10 years or so i worked there that i can think of... I once told john Winston-- "I never have to lie to you." He said I lied when we both started using Nicorettes for smoking cessation. He asked how I did over the weekend. I said-- nothing. He said I lied. I had not. I do not lie as a rule. My degree is real. My work experience is real. WiredPages is my work [most knew the site area before it went into disrepair starting in March 2012]. Earpiece in Feb. 2012-- confirmed most of the speculation I provided in Q's Wire-- up to that point--- including the 2 year age difference on my birth certificate versus my real age. Birth Certificate states July 20, 1959. Earpiece claims Sept. 8th 61. I skipped the third grade in England and either the 8th or 9th grade on Ft Meade. I am like Doogie houser. My SAT [combined math and other 1100+ of 1600] good enough to pass a GED. Good for no college prep courses in high school. Advanced math and english through jr. high. I did 10th, 11th and 12th grades at Arundel Sr. High in Gambrills, MD. I did four years at Bowie [A Maryland University-- mostly black] graduating in May 1981 with a BS in Math. I am not lying. I am not a liar as a rule.

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Friday, March 08, 2013


Silence, no silence nothing works.

Twice this week-- big productions, this is over and we are starting. Wednesday and today, Friday. They tried, a national security issue earlier in the week-- but again I refrained from offering an opinion on military issues-- other than to suggest Douglas Fraiser should stop wasting his staff's time with why I might delete photos from my Macbook Photo albums-- and accept the fact-- I am worried about space, the number of photos I currently have on my Macbook, and the photos deleted were not offered online.

Also this week, a key player was taken out of the environment that gives him daily access to me. He would not stop the vibrations-- and a problem with someone else-- led to a new request for another evaluation. Me, I often wonder why he is the only one being evaluated.

I was talking with a lawyer from DOJ last night-- and I noted how much he knew about me. He indicated he had a database. So does Douglas Fraiser. So did, Joseph. the latter two-- both Generals. I noted this. Douglas noted I was a pacifist earlier in the week. I told him I was not concerned this term was allowed in my dictionary. Believe it or not-- they tried to make the national security issue over this conversation.

Cosby, and the Lt. gov. of Maryland also mentioned this week. Why? Not sure. They keep saying I am alone. Both supposed to be related to me. I have told relatives-- I have been here alone for 18 years-- I will remain alone. Say hello if it ever ends. Not before. Not kidding.

Yesterday, I noted that one of the key players has promised money all over town-- he has lawyers and no one is ever threatening him. And by all accounts-- many should be angry with him. Why not pay me-- allow me to put in my lawyers and see if the threats subside? You are concerned I am alone? This looks a little suspect. Oh yes, you agree-- I am owed. We are concerned you are too alone? Really?

Also, local maryland law enforcement does not like me. They keep telling me this. I explained that Maryland's State's attorney is not going to like bankrupt-- because local maryland law enforcement does not like me. This achieved the desired silence on that score.

the hold up this morning? Not sure. I am not upset about this. I am upset that the noise in my ear [from government] sounds idiot, petty and not fit to lead. I said as much. I cannot believe this is my government. Douglas, was that you-- with "tears, Regina"?

In case you did not hear my response? I never felt we were competing. I asked you to remain aloof.. general, aloof and to save the Pentagon. That sounded like real men don't cry. I am no real man, general. I cry for us-- Douglas.

FBI/DOJ-- get the pounding off me. I told you last night. I can survive another weekend without the pounding. You said, last night--- we have to start, Regina. You did not start.. DOJ. The pounding did.... You owe arrest warrants. I am being tortured. Not kidding.

Check who's who? Allyson Stewart on WABC Washington, Kristin Steward -- Twlight, female Stewart reporter on WUSA all related. Said to be Dan Quayle daughters, granddaughter. Why am I asking you to check? How would I know? Problem-- Family Aids-- to be important... I cannot get out-- they are too busy blaming and having a pity party. I am sorry... rest of Washington and I need to move on. I am not trying to be mean. I am trying to show the problem-- and ask someone with a moral system I get- to let me out of here. I said no. I do not wish to be important... you screwed me --and that's why you owe.. get off me.

Doug they are hinting they want you--for Neil. I am not interested in this blame party. My question-- who gets in trouble for the vice president's daughter?

American History lesson. Women who had kids without benefit of marriage often oraled young kids to show a family. Women said to look like prosititutes, otherwise. earpiece data.

no one knew they had aids. In one case-- grown men insurancing to get places. In another case-- young daughter used to keep vip daddy in line. Vip daddy in trouble. Doug-- they are saying your black status at fault.. I do not like a moral system that does not work the same way all the time. You are taking out a general's son-- for a prositutes son-- who she oraled and not the person that gave aids to his daugher? I do not get the moral system here nor do I wish to get it... get off me--turn off the vibrations and leave me alone.

I also need to divest of information like this. Dan-- do not get back in my ear. I did not know she was your daughter when i asked why her voice gave her an anchor job. Otherwise liked her. Ben said your daughter. Recent-- news-- who is Kristan Stewart. I am showing why I can't leave. I said a moral system I cannot join. get off me. I am showing the moral system according to earpiece. check.

General Fraser said he wanted aide to look in my trash-- to try to intimadate. General-- you are one of the few generals I talk too. After the Yuk post on Q's Wire-- you made me laugh when you told me your kids and others at the pentagon called you "yuk". I want you to save the pentagon. told Aids to high. Why would you try to intimadate me with that? Those x-ray cameras know when i have to use the bathroom? Your eyes are on me? Goodness-- you would be amazed at some of the things my surveillance teams tell me. I am not the enemy general. Move on.

Allyson, I am not trying to hurt you if any of this is true. Ben told me you had Brian, him and others over for a I hate Regina party around the time of my Q's Wire Post. This was updated after I posted to the oct 2011 time frame when Rock was first approached with the deal. This Saturday, Mar. 9th, 2013. Late Friday, earpiece claimed I had wrong time for the party. Keep in mind-- Ben and Brian related to Rock.

I did not know you were Quayle's daughter at the time of the Q's Wire Post. Ben has told me some things about you. I wanted to know if you played doubles. I want ben to get ut with his own crowd more. I am told based on a conversation we had-- he had to buy you flowers. i need washington to get off me. You got a promotion after my post. Told rock had something to do with it. I am told many do not like your voice-- my complaint. My best allyson. Ben once asked me if he should take you home to meet his mom. I know his mom. I thought she would like the way you dressed. I am sorry.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lunch, Dinner, Lunch...

Yesterday, I made pork chops, cabbage, candied yams and cornbread muffins for lunch.

  • Pork Chops-- Pam cooking spray, sea salt, ground pepper.
  • Cabbage-- fried 2 slices of bacon-- added cabbage, green & red pepper, onion, sea salt, pepper. Garnished with pickled pepper juice.
  • Candied Yams-- Bruce's Yams, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Dark Brown Sugar, White Sugar 2.5 T butter.
  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix according to package with 2 T. of melted butter and a heaping T. of white sugar.

This made 5 meals. It was really good. News from Washington continues.. things happening... nothing to report at this time.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

haven't played with animated gifs in awhile...

Sometimes, I use ImageComposer on a Windows platform to edit graphics and photos. Not as much in recent years-- because I mainly use a Mac platform. That said-- ImageComposer came with an animated gif builder-- so I have been playing around with it.

I wanted to create an animated gif to simulate a splash banner of Washington photos I have taken over the years. Here is the animated gif-- I built.

Still talking about the Washington Style project. I have already determined that a professional web site design firm should be used-- however I have been playing around with concepts and demo's to help the designer get some ideas. Okay, I need a life? Hoping things are happening in Washington...

PS-- because the animated gif is low on the page-- you may not be able to see. Later on today-- I will provide a stand alone page so you can see it. See this link.

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