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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jas, you need to listen to the tapes.. by the way-- did you ask about the holes?

About a month ago-- crews started doing all sorts of work on the street in front of the house. I live on the corner of Harmans and Ridge Chapel. It looks like I live on Harmans-- but the legal address is Ridge Chapel -- the street the drive/garage is accessed from.

About .7 miles from the house on Harmans--- south, is a peach orchard. Slowly the peach trees have been replaced with first melons and now a swimming pond is being put in. I am not sure what a swimming pond is-- but a lot of crews are on that area of Harmans too.

I believe they have had sewer cleaners, street sweepers and what appears to be cable installers. the thing is-- years ago.. Verizon and Comcast put in their line. In the older areas of Hanover-- there are still power line poles.. but none on my block. The house I am in-- brand new in 1984 when my parents purchased it. There are transformers all over the place-- but no electrical poles in the general area. Could they be putting everything underground-- power too? Well I would think that were possible if our power lines were not already under ground-- but Post RD about .25 miles over with no side walks and there since well before 1984 with old cottage style homes-- does have the power poles. They are sticking those lines underground? I know the transformer is in between Ridge Chapel and Post RD-- on harmans because when the lights go out I see the power crews over near post road... So why not dig holes over there? Here are photos of three holes on the corner of my yard, the corner across Ridge Chapel and the house diagonal from us on Gesna. I am told this was a Maryland surveillance house but now a Federal surveillance house for us...

Ditch in our yard

Ditches on other side of the road and diagonal house

What's on those spools--- electrical power lines?

Jason-- someone claiming to be one of your attorneys' last night said --- "fk whore" as if calling me that? I asked what she meant.. Told since Friday of last week.. today was the day. I am told these ditches are there to help prevent large vehicles from hitting the house.. Did you listen to the tapes from Friday through last night? DOJ and FBI do not owe me this crap.. Get this crap out of my ear.. and the crazies off those knobs.. Thanks Jas.. by the way-- she does not need to come back and explain.. just get her out of my ear.

The complaint i keep hearing? You are dead we pay one cent of your settlement? Is that why we keep playing Silence of the Lambs? I am not in a prison next to Anthony Hopkins. I have been watching my ass for so long-- I have my own security plans. right down to how to get a new car that does not have historic tags which the local police would love to stop-- to search my bags.

I cannot have justice to protect me? Yet, my heart is being scratched day in and day out.. Jason-- why all the holes in the area... Our power lines are already underground and so is the Fiber optic cables for cable and phone. Gas put in about 10 years ago too.. I saw gutter cleaners a week ago.. What appeared to be prisoners early yesterday morning-- who left because it was raining.. looked like they were going to clean the streets [again]. I am screwed out of justice? This according to someone this morning... I asked so why do you stay in my ear? The wanted to let me know DOJ did not start payments as promised... the reason this time? My security? Half of washington has a console that can pound my heart? i need a lawyer and a doctor to get the thing out.. did you listen to the tapes.. Get this idiot crap off me.. I have my own security plans-- and Amazon, Google and others owe me.. Federal tab not paid-- I will sue you.. and I will sue loud.. tired of your idiot crap.. get it out of my ear.

Earpiece torture starts right after this..

Photo taken at temporary residence last summer.

Photo taken the other day.

Why did you activate the earpiece? Why torture me-- starting 9/2012? Photos show torture.. Physical torture. Before that-- June 2012 incident, problem with family which I documented. Judy got her trust settlement-- that september.. check the records.. DOJ-- I faxed Baltimore FBI about all of this.. you did not get a copy? I said get off me. I can learn to be a fk whore? I can program using C.. I do not need to do that. I own QiSoftware... Amazon, Google, Skype, apple... affiliates owe me. I said get off me.. washington.

The other day--- someone asked that I fax doj a copy of the material I sent to the Baltimore FBI over the summer of 2012 when I was staying in Linthicum, MD. they explained this might hem me up for awhile in that an investigation of my family may be in order... Jason-- I thought you wanted me to write about the late 2012 arrest of a big name at the cia? For what? Having Guy warn larry Gray an FBI agent in New York in Septemeber 2001? Why am I even in that? So you can look important? so that you can say what you did with all of the tapes you've obtained since Feb 2012? Supremes consoles went in March 2012. A lot of folks got consoles over the year. Jas-- feeling like you earned your paycheck? Problem is jas-- I am owed and DOJ said they would handle this after the investigation... I send you the baltimore fax and its another year.. with perhaps my family in trouble? Jas-- I am not insured... when do you get in trouble? Get tapes to find out what Jason-- arrested in late 2012.. and how he is still trying to build that case.. why 9/11... he is using my investigation for this... why-- VIPs seem to think they should open their idiot mouths at me.... Jason... so does your staff female attorney.. not kidding get your bitch off me.

FBI why the 20th something floor-- is what I should not know? Guy-- anyone aafter you? mattis how high on the totem pole were you in September 2001? Why did they go to guy? Or was it Doug? Jason-- other than washington idiots talk too much on consoles--what does this have to do with me? Jason-- FBI owe you an arrest warrant? listen to the tapes since Friday. do you want to explain? Build your case on someone else's time-- big boy.. and tell lick whore-- to make sure you are happy and any potential clients she felt I should find.

Big mouth Sunday, I am told the judge said-- your brag to me-- "I had all of the nigger janitors out early that morning".. did not help Jas' case that much in that -- idiots like you tend to taunt me all the time like that. Told they needed Guy to say again in front of you on your console-- "he told me to call me find". Larry's mistake-- he called his fbi office and told them to leave their office on the 20 something floor after calling in sick. Jas a jewish attorney with DOJ. Me-- wishing he could simply ask the idiot big mouths to open their mouths without me... get the tapes.

Judy got her trust settlement-- because Gov. New Jersey issue looks bad. Those involved too angry Judy protected the bag for the first week in June 2012 incident--- and then a judge... That's what took so long to get me out.. they told my family-- I would be gone for 6 months. They thought they had more time and then other family members angry they did not have the bag. Christie's dad-- really mad.. NJ gov... His attorney looks bad-- the reason Judy got settlement in Sept 2012-- not because she allowed them access to the bag in late June early July 2012.. Judge did the rest. Judge why this crap now? I do not owe doj.. DOJ owed me.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

I am not insured.. Guy see Larry Gray.. and get out of my ear.

Jason, I hear you can do nothing until they kill me. When I first arrived in Hanover, MD in 1996 I would often awake and the room would be spinning. I had never experienced this. this may surprise you because my eyes are a bit offset and I do not travel well. See the recent photo of me as a child-- two posts back. Look hard. Yes, the reason for this had already happened and Ben-- explained to me what he knew. His mother told him. I also cannot use a Microfiche that spools horizontally. I am left with a headache.

The reason the room used to spin-- was an electrical grounding problem. Ions charged incorrectly can deplete an area of oxygen. Look it up. I looked it up when I was doing research on an ion flat iron. the new ion blow dryer seemed to make my hair fuller and I use blow dryers to straighten my hair. Long before I did this research, i had started opening windows to insure I was not left feeling depleted of oxygen. When i quit smoking it was because of this. and I went cold turkey. My coworkers and any surveillance people between 1980-1998 will tell you I loved smoking. The house I am in helped me to quit.

I tell you this not to gain sympathy but to record the facts. Last night the room was spinning and it was not because of the air in the room. It was because they are massaging my heart.. push/pull with the vibrate feature of at least two different consoles.

So what do they want? I am screwed, I cannot even use a phone to get an outside line to get a lawyer.. not that I owe a contingency fee for a deal that has already been set and paid for by japan-- this in May 2012.

What do they want? Last night-- it was Guy Allen needs a job. Guy the relative of james Mattis that supposedly got aids from either Doug or larry Gray. Earpiece data.

I could not stand Guy when i knew him and wondered why I would owe him today. Last night a voice claiming to be his said "I own his ass" and he was referring to General mattis. What have I been told about these two.. Earpiece claims Guy is Mattis' nephew on Guy's mother's side. I met Guy's sister in 1986 or so at his hindi wedding and reception to Swati. She [the sister] had an ouch bottom just like his. Earpiece is saying Guy-- did to his too close in age sister, what mattis did to him. Insurance. Earpiece also saying at first Mattis did not have to do anything for the boy.. What i am told-- if you are analed then you get sucked. Guy initially was not sucked. Larry Gray came to our office in 1989 or so. It was after Chris hartman left. Chris according to earpiece Confirmation is the father to Erik on Bloomberg. Earpiece saying -- Pete's general kin-- gave it to him-- Reagan gave it to the general. Pete Read gave it to Chris. Doug-- James Jones. James Jones is Doug's father but he did not know.. Earpiece telling me Doug was a foster child. when james Jones put doug back in his life for military insurance-- he did not tell him he was his son. james jones either got aids from Reagan or GC according to earpiece.

Two different stories as to how Guy got aids. Either Larry Gray after he came on board in 1989 or so-- or Doug. I am told that both Doug and Pete had aids when I first met them in 1985 when I hired on with Rockwell.

Anyway-- Mattis was told to insure properly with Guy. He got aids-- he did not know Guy had aids. What does all this mean to me? Nothing. I am not insured and do not want to work for the CIA. Guy says he has tapes of me in the shower at Rockwell. I keep saying to DOJ but why don't you get I am not insured and Guy does not own me. I do not have to give Guy a paycheck because he got aids.

Is this crap serious? I am not sure. I keep thinking the FBI that is listening to all of this is going to tell me something and explain to me why I am being tortured... yes, I have been short of breath lately.. but the room has not spun in a while...

Guy-- I am not insured and if you have not already given the tapes to the FBI please do so..

Back lash? Yesterday an overweight blonde in a mini cooper came rolling by. Never noticed her before. why is this bad.. Japan issues... For a long time the leaching idiot bunch in washington has wanted to say Japan did not do the right thing. FBI-- earlier this year said they did.. and Richard Corduary in the fall of 2012 also indicated they did the right thing. Keep in mind-- the trash in this area will do anything... Why japan would owe for the abuse i have suffered in the first place, is the question.. not whether they put a billion into play to do so.. Washington wants me to ask them for more. The problem is not that.. others have volunteered to donate. they [doj] have the money.. they/treasury have 6 billion.. I am not sure if this includes the Sept. 2012 deposit of a billion or not. They were trying to do a business handshake with Rock and the SBA. CIA and Rock took the money and were trying to figure out how to use it legally when the "Regina is owed came along". That's why so many think if i discuss them-- they can claim a libel issue and use money. they [greedy filth in washington] want me to take the whole billion so they can sue me in John G. Roberts insured court. the problem is-- I am not insured... They have to go to real court. Why is this hard for them.

another check-- how would I know? Angus King has been in my ear a lot lately. I thought his big head looked smart. Tony cordesman is said to have had a lot of power.. He was upset over Susan Collins and Bob his son seems to think the pool of cia reporters used by most networks should be uneducated bimbos of washington.. they are. Bob nor Tony savvy where women are concerned. I said as much and also why would Tony have so much power if he is being whipped by Susan Collins and the Hot pink clad female in the Fox broadcast I noted once was Cal Dodd's wife. Earpiece said he wanted to marry susan.. Earpiece said [not sure who] You do not marry Hot pink.. Hot pink was married to Cal dodd, so why not. I asked what susan did before getting her job in congress and earpiece said she was a washington girl.. I am being nice. So why is cal's different?

Anyway-- before i heard Angus King talk i thought he might be more savvy and since his head was big a better Peck type. He is a stupid idiot. I did not know he was actually CIA. The check-- his granddaughter a petite strawberry blonde-- pretty but her face is long just like his was on cspan in a congressional hearing.. someone asked what I thought... I always assume they are asking about the Washington style project and i said no.. I said she looks like she wants to be a princess and tell me who her kin is.. I need real people with real skills. She is going to piss off the office and the television staff. I need pretty and useful.. This morning I asked why Angus was CIA. Lamar is not CIA.. not enough insurance. Angus I am told-- screwed everyone in his house including the grandchild.. the check does he have a strawberry blonde granddaughter that was on CSPAN recnetly..

I am not insured and want to leave washington. I can do nothing but be tortured.. I do not owe washington insured, i do not owe aids..

DOJ-- the room spun last night.. I know you know this.

Jason you owe before I am dead. Why did doj say they woudl if they were not.. japan owes nothing more. DOJ owes.. FBI has tapes on all of this.. I said no. Guy Allen does not own my ass... See if his sister owns his.. Her ass looked just like his.. that hurt.. Earpiece said it was not mattis.. His is guy's. Too piss me off? What does that get anyone.. Is mattis Guy Allen's uncle.. Not guy's name but I am told I have his social.. why would I owe that lazy bore? I also heard he tried to claim the Access HR Database system.. Guy, I have copies.. do you want to poly.. General you look stupid because Guy lied about whose work it was? I am told he claimed an EE undergrad and masters he does not own. Apparently you wanted to look stupid. I do not owe that lying lazy asshole. FBI-- John G. Roberts an insured judge. See Burr- of the senate.. His dad/brother. I am not insured.. I owe real courts.

And Yes, again payments to start this friday. They are saying the DOJ lawyer did send the first payment last night-- but he did not notify the bank and they rejected. Is this possible Federal Reserve-- my bank? Apparently if you do not notify the bank early on-- you can do it interactively which the lawyer knew. He simply did not do it.. Why do they continue to do this.. I made short bread cookies yesterday.. I worried that those with access to the outside cameras do not know how conniving the trash is.. japan does not have a problem-- huh richard. DOJ and washington have the problem.. I asked you to stop torturing me.. it is easy to see with the xray.. stop.

if you work for the cia its like the dirty dozen.. not all.. just the loud.. Angus is cia, lamar is not.. I like neither.. I am reporting... You are either a product of an incestuous relationship, have aids or insured to much.. Angus you look like a gregory peck type to me.. I think you should shut up.. you sound like an idiot.

By the way, the new head at the cia [John Brennan] looks like Ralston Read, Pete. The reagan general that is said to be related to Ralston Read-- looks to be james Conway.. Why is pete important? Family tied to the Fords.. England Aids problem said to be connected to the fords and not reagan. I asked why MI5/6 would not have flagged reagan.. an actor.. earpiece said it was probably the Ford General that NBC 4 in washington showed with camille and charles once. FBi-- are you listening.. I am not insured.. you owe why are my lines blocked?

General I asked if militarily speaking are you keeping up... korea has some pretty neat weapons. Battleship--- I am trying to tell you-- you are not keeping up.. we are trying to help.. I was reluctant to say japan because of the tidal waave and big business involved. They did the right thing. How did they know was was this dirty? They did not.. They had worked with NY.. they lost money.. China and strong ally. Weapons in the area-- neat... General-- I am told asia is a contractor at the Federal reserver insofar as software.. Have you aids party somewhere else.. that was not a threat.. you left yourself wide open.. then you keep insuring .. why? General, Tony I was a defense contractor for 14 years.. I get what I saw in korea.. I also get your aids problem.. go watch battleship agai.. what do they have to gain... they want you to own your own home.. Generals often tell me they hate I can talk Pentagon issues.. I really was a defense contractor that did not have an uncle hurting my ass. I worked. get off me.

I heard they are fed up.. do not keep sending that idiot in the mini cooper to my house... you look like stupid trash.. they are trying to help. General said he saw Battleship as a threat. No.. see it as Richard Gere in Pretty Woman after he decides to help the old guy.. you are ripe for a takeover.... they probably have other worries.. I get this.. You keep asking why I do not want to own Washington Style that looks like a money maker. I have too much to worry about now.... Are you prepared militarily speaking.. I am business, techology. I can help. A lot of you seem to be in my ear with aids, sex and other stupid crap.. where are the cia analysts and military other than general. today, too many have aids. fBI/DOJ I am not military. I said no.. you need to use that one.. Stop. From my vantage point and if I am talking to who they claim to be-- you are in trouble.. stop wasting my time..

Oh yeah, an important factor. The reason Angus said he showed me his granddaughter and explained their insurance was to show everyone does insurance. This, this morning. I have told him for the last two weeks I think he is a stupid idiot and to leave me alone. why on earth would he explain what he is doing to his granddaughter as if I would follow suit? the other problem with this admission this morning-- someone said her dad told him to make his day.. do not touch his daughter. That said-- I saw harkin's daughter sitting in the senate chamber once and before I knew who she was -- told her to leave with her equally pretty friend. nothing but aids, and idiots there that want a whore. Earpiece said too late. Apparently, it is par for the course for vip kids to be washington whores. I am told after the state of the union speech that I talked through mentioning Liz Weil for some reason-- Judy Woodruff asked why I went to college and corporate america and not liz... we are both nixon granddaughters. The point i did. I also paid my dues-- and not by sucking dick... It is too late to change this.. I am not a washington daughter nor whore. get off me. I discussed how lize got aids.. Steve Perry her son.. he has aids.. Perry Kings kids with Wendy Reiger channel 4 do not have aids... Jeff Napshin her half brother.. Trish and Bruce Leshan I am told.. her insurance... Quinn her half sister does not insure.. Housewives of orange county. Judy compare the sisters. Quinn, Julie's with cox and Liz Trish's with cox. Why does the non bastard insure and not quinn.. Tired of washington filth. I said no. Get off me.. .Judy Woodruff by the way-- is your head big enough to make stupid observations?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what do you think?

Nothing works. Post-- no post. Again seem to think I will break if we go through tease about payments starting. I am never upset about this.

Every night banging on my head and heart. Most mornings I awake with a splitting headache. The FBI can mute the console vibration feature that is causing this. The gain feature had been rendered dead. It seems I moved the earpiece which is being blamed for the deactivation of those using their gain buttons.

No, I am not a national security threat. Told what was given me... Discussions about Japan tragedy and possible reasons for why, insurance-- military and civilian, Aids, New York buildings and why.. etc. The consensus, no I am not a national security issue. There was a long discussion about PePe and William that I cut short yesterday evening.. and again Richard Corduray's story. He is really a US attorney with DOJ. For some reason when they work a big case they pretend not to work for DOJ. They are saying Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein really working the criminal side of all of this at DOJ. Someone claiming to be him came on and said he wanted to "kill my ass".. I thought it was a joke.

Why go on about William and Richard? I am not sure... both personal stories detailing sex issues they have told before and I see no reason to discuss here. Not sure why they discuss things like this-- but if I have not told something-- it is the details of things like this.

Yesterday, they also said a reason for the pounding and push/pull we really want the bag. Go to the hospital. I am told Andre, my brother is on stand by in case I should faint or become unconscious... Andre why are they telling me this? Black ops [lets call them this]-- said Andre cannot get there before them.. and because he has threatened me too many times in the past-- they can arrest him if he is on the property... [yes, fbi honest when they say they want the bag too]. Besides that-- ask Judy what it is like to hold the bag and go no where... I get this problem because it is mine. Where are you going with the code? India, Asia? Why am I telling you this... I am not sure if you were on yesterday, but I heard threat. For Andre. this is why I think it is more greed than making someone look stupid.. where can you go with my Blogger calendar without me, idiot?

What they are saying is the problem.. It looks bad that this is all my work and they did this to me.. If they had the bag it would not look so bad? I do not think washington understands bloggers.. I developed the Blogger Calendar in September 2004 and used forums, blog explosion, Yahoo Groups, chat room [aol and Yahoo] and other online resources to promote both the Calendar and WiredPages. I have had a great many requests for link inclusion on Wiredpages and Know the Blogger Calendar was seen because I understand bloggers. the problem-- my communications were blocked.

You get the bag- how is this going to help you now? Proof I did not develop what I say I developed? they are torturing me.. I am told the source of the funds is mad because they are also fronting for the large corporations that wanted the books cleared where I was concerned.

They thought washington was upset because I had more secrets. For some reason the nasty filth likes telling me details of someone's bedroom. I often say get off me.. I read Harlequin romances. I am not sure why they continue to do this. No national security issue. Getting my bag at this time going to help washington.. Also keep in mInd FBi has been watching the whole time.. I do not owe the bag and want washington to stop... I am told pressure is being exerted however the problem-- I am short winded these days and I am concerned the constant pounding on my head could cause a stroke.. For the bag? Why risk this.. what am I not getting? Money not an issue.. I am told others wanted to donate to this.. what is the problem?

One General said he wished he did not look like such a stupid idiot? DOJ/FBI I am a civilian-- why do I keep asking you why I think this is your problem and the Pentagon can walk away?

why do they need the bag? Wiredpages and blogger calendar have been around too long. I have been blogging too long.. what do they get... An excuse to kill me by accident? Vibrations too much.. why is this allowed?

Also yesterday, FBI/DOJ -- you are aware that the amp and vibrate features are torturing her? and when i asked you to turn them off and you do not-- you are aware that you are torturing her? threatened to arrest Mattis kin and his daughter yesterday. Saying, BWMC flower lady-- Rock's daughter when she left the CIA in fall of 2012 gave her pass card to Mattis kin. They questioned him when they noted on surveillance his comings and goings from the console areawhere flower lady used to talk to me on her console. Muller son also worked in the same area. Knew it was not him. He [Mattis kin] leaves the vibrate feature on. he also has a console at home. I am told there is surveillance of me from Rockwell which I am not worried about. Shower, etc. Nothing illegal. What surprises me-- he did not think anyone saw him. Why might he think it is okay? Everyone else is doing it? FBI-- what don't I get. You interview and do nothing? Why? Hey, General this can be my stupid move. They interview and do nothing.. everyone join in-- even after they ask you to stop.

check with prison guards. they can compress gases in your stomach and cause pain, and the gain and vibrate features can cause death. It was explained to me that a prison guard told someone how to compress gases via the earpiece to cause a lot of pain... these are easy checks. I know they happen because its like they let washington mad loose on me. They are happening to me. Prison guard am I lying? I can do nothing. Why are they mad? Someone told them i was paying aids victims. I did not even know aids was a problem.. the news people stopped reporting this issue. I know why, now.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Almost 50 Years...

Yesterday, I was worried about us. I looked into tourism numbers and found we are doing okay. International visits spend a lot of money here. I was worried about how this played out...

This morning while spreading fertilizer-- a guy [Jones] came by and asked if I was speaking to people today. He stops by-- and I think he is trying to make my mother mad. I am not interested and was not feeling that well so I was really short... Awhile later another guy noticed my car [sitting outside of the garage]-- told me he liked it and wanted to know if I wanted to sell it. I was nice to him. Earpiece told me the Jones guy is really an FBI agent or something-- and I resent him dropping by. I have been begging the FBI to call me for 17 years. No, I do not want a retired FBI guy to drop by. He seems to wait till my mother leaves. This irritates me.

Recently, I asked the earpiece to sample the tags coming by-- and they confirmed the many cars that come through are not locals-- nor appear to be visiting others in the area. I get a lot of curiosity. Always did- well since 1996 or so.

Maybe that's why I never gave up that a solution for this surreal situation would be found. Again this weekend-- vibrations and statements to the affect-- over soon... Today-- rather than worrying about us-- I decided to have a "I am frustrated party" with myself. I did get things done-- just I am angry. Sometimes I stare at my preschool photo and wonder how i got here. I am just to conservative and work to hard to have the issues i have. The lower photo-- taken today.

DOJ/FBI-- I have told what I was told. I am tired. this never looked good. I was always too seen. You need to start either correcting or providing answers. I am tired of the crap in my ear-- and worried how this is playing both here and elsewhere. This is bad.. let's end-- sooner rather than later. Promised again this weekend. I always say-- I'm ready.. You need to end this. I said no to government recruitment. I mean no.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am going someplace with this-- bear with me.

I tend to watch Charlie's Angles [the original], Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan movies [white movies] and listen to Gospel and R&B Music. Not rap... Greg, Jan's husband once made a big deal out of the movie-- Boyz in the Hood. I never saw it. I tell you this so you understand what influences me.

Who influences what I have watched over the years? Mostly the Jewish Community. Let me explain. I was listening to WHUR the other night-- and a song came on that was not up to the arrangement levels of days gone bye. Earpiece said-- WHUR has to play new music-- and that Jewish guy is no longer arranging.

Movies, television productions, etc.. the Jewish factor is no longer present. Why? It's complicated. the Jewish factor in America has long been the standard... Jews came over with style, education, technology. Entertainment, PR, Style, education [lawyers, use of english, doctors]-- areas the jewish community has excelled in. I once heard a quote by Lena Horne-- her Jewish lover/husband gave her more entre...

Germany-- liked jazz and a big factor in moving pictures. A lot of the US jewish community arrived from Germany or came over because of religious persecution. This even before either of the World Wars.

Yesterday, I wrote a post [q's wire] about Senator Tammy Baldwin-- trying to show the abnormal issues of washington. Most agree now-- let her [me] go. It now appears that DOJ the hold out. Tammy Baldwin-- a non-jewish white woman. According to she is a lesbian with an undergrad degree in math and a JD. Earpiece saying neither. the other problem-- her throat. photo shows current deep throat. Why if she is gay? also what I noticed on CSPAN broadcast-- Thursday, April 18th, 2013.

Last night-- Angus King [the claim it was him] and others said "die, Regina" and turned up the volume on my vibrations. I looked up Angus King this morning. He is a non-jewish guy. His name sounds Jewish. I have a theory. It is said-- Jewish lawyers at DOJ the hold up and not the Pentagon, CIA nor the source of the funding. The problem-- the source long ago noticed what i noticed about the very smart Jewish community. They like owning everything and "everyone is stupid but me". This has angered many. We want to do business with you-- but you tend to take me for stupid and then get loud. The first time I really noticed this was a reality show with an italian chef and a jewish lawyer/investor. I need to get a hold on you so I can own and control.. is what i have noticed insofar as a jewish lawyer, promoter, manager. The mistake they make with me? They want to make me a celebrity they own-- and I am not.. I am a private business owner with big name relations.. too big.

once while waiting to check out at Costco-- a well dressed Jewish woman-- said-- "I think I will go in front of you because I have more". I laughed-- hearing well and said no, I do not think so... I have noticed the behavior of high strung folks.. both black and white. they may have started yelling at the woman. Me, I smiled and told her I did not think so... this is what I mean by--" everyone is stupid but me" as related to smart jewish people. I keep hearing i am too calm.. Stop doing this-- it only disappoints me.. I watched your documents over the years. I am disappointed with your crap and I look at it today.

Earpiece dc whites are mad about Tammy. Said-- CSPAN knew she was the wrong female for Regina to notice that day.. told everyone knows about her stalking problems. DOJ-- doing their own cleaning using me? Jewish community.. smart peop0le do not like your flim flam crap... I am smart... Asia is smart.. I like your style. I like your english... I do not like the fact you did not keep up with new innovations... you screwed yourself with junk bonds, mortgages, etc. Please stop thinking everyone is stupid but you... I am not stupid. Asia is not stupid. Angus torturing me? I keep waiting on him to be more Peck in Big country. He sounds stupid in my ear... I checked to see if he was trying to be white but really jewish-- his name. Not sure.. I do not like scams... DOJ-- I should not be doing your job.. You said you were going to do it.. do it.. You clean up washington.. Not me.

  • Like a Jewish lawyer on an Asian girl. When I heard this line delivered as part of a sitcom's dialogue I wondered if anyone was offended.
  • An Asian associate asked for the contract I put together for some work I did for a Jewish associate.
  • To big to fail-- Wall street wanted the Asian bankers to accept the bad mortgage debt. I heard a white General complain recently--- Asian banks own everything. I asked the general if he watched to big to fail.. They did not want to. They want you to own your own houses.. who did that? New York... No, General I do not want you helping me to run my business.
  • In the spring of 2012 around April or so-- I went to my bank like I do everyone week since 2004. When i returned, someone in my ear claiming to be kagan said-- I handled myself well at the bank. She was listening. Jewish people like doing this. I said a lot of things to her--- including i have been doing that since 2004 at the same bank every week-- why wouldn't i handle myself? It is an attempt to own.. Others claiming to be supremes had been on before. Not her.. she had something to say.. I told her right then not to come back.. she has --over and over... I am trying to show behavior of this type of person.. I told her day one-- to get off me.. she signed my psych review.. get her tapes. at the time I knew nothing about her legal issues as a child.. But the tapes will show a problem.. please get them and get her off me.

I am getting my thoughts together.. this is an interactive outline.. bear with me. I was hit hard last night... DOJ-- you are making a mistake.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

MVA Renewal Receipt

Yesterday, I called the MVA and without much hassle the second representative I spoke with explained a computer glitch and promised the error would be corrected in the system that night at 12:00 midnight. When I tried to pay online before making the call I was unable to.

This morning without mishap-- I was able to access my records and pay the renewal registration fee. I have the receipt and screen grabs of the windows that came up during the process. The following screengrab shows the payment window with my car title number blanked out.

Earlier in the week someone said I only get one good thing a week. Yesterday-- on and on about over. A lot of pounding. Not over. this morning-- the reason for the lie -- Thursday to start payments-- revenge for Danielle? You are kidding right? I saw her on CSPAN. I heard her that night or someone claiming to be her that night-- she asked why she had to do this and this for a government job-- and I was owed a large settlement-- I explained she did not have to take the job--- and then you lie about my settlement payments because I reported it in Q's Wire?

DOJ-- you were given the funds to pay. Guy Allen's daughter has nothing to do with me. I am told she left the vibrate on her console? Was not her? get the cia idiots off me. She asked why-- I explained why. You owe Danielle? Not on my time. Further if that is her raping my ear-- you have her stop. She asked why she had to get a government position. I am not seeking a government position. Guy is she really your daughter? get your idiot off me.

GotBaum [doj]-- I am told her mother is mattis' sister. Dad-- catholic I believe. DOJ should not be playing I like pushy jewish girls with aids that think regina owes them. She is irresponsible [a question] with her console and my ear-- you do something about it.. Not lie to me about settlement payments to start... You have a JD. I am told she has a large salary, no education and an important uncle. I do not owe pushy little girls with aids from the cia. And when I waste my time to explain why-- tell her to use the high IQ test scores the cia said it is paying for-- to understand why she should not ask a question if she does not want the answer. CIA-- now have her go get an education. She wants to play word games. I did not like guy when I knew him.. do not like Danielle who is said to be his daughter. I said no.. She wants to play word games, really? get off me.

Danielle-- I was not born with a broken arm. You were born with aids.. continue to rape my ear-- and I do not care who your uncle is-- I am going to have you thrown in jail.. get off me.

Gotbaum they are saying you want to make this a jewish issue. Jewish money not in play. I am owed. Stop the crap. I have been here 18 years asking doj/fbi to do something. Mattis' niece not my problem. I met guy's mother and father. Father does not look like mattis. Guy does. Danielle looks like Guy. I asked Jean Tara mother. Danielle blue eyes like Jean. Confirmed Mattis niece. I am not sure about Tara. Biden's wife linked to Mattis. Guy, Danille, Mattis all have big heads. I like smart. When I knew guy--- he was lazy. Danielle takes her high IQ scores and explains why the CIA pays her so much? not my problem. My problem when-- she thinks i want to play word games and I asked her to get out of my ear. Get her out of my ear. Danielle-- I test well on IQ tests too. I do not want a CIA job-- nor will I get a mullet to say no thanks. I own a business, do not have aids and do have an education. Guy told yours is not real either. Master's EE Johns Hopkins-- no. Saying not even Maryland EE real.. get off me. Take your cow with you. Biden's wife-- is this one of those family plan things.. I do not cross breed unless unknown to me... get off me and take your filth with you. If it is not this government bitch-- its that one. Guy-- I dealt with men. I dealt with you.. I am being screwed by the government so your mullet head can feel smart? get off me.

Your question? Regina, why would danielle claim it was her in your ear? My response-- you would not believe the arrogance of some of these idiots. What I always say-- you are that high on the totem pole-- why would a peon lie on you. But a lot of these people-- especially the women-- think this is a who is smarter pissing contest. My rights are being violated and I am being tortured... these people are crazy.. have danielle's daughter give you her data sheet. also get the tapes. get that stupid bitch off me. I am told a general can cover the camera with a black clothe. Danielle is not a general. she is a highly tested cia niece with a mullet throat.. and I said no.

Had I made the call before they said "one good thing per week?" No. That said-- last week I said I was going to call this week. They kept bugging me to call. Yes, the FBI is saying if I had not faxed both DOJ and the FBI-- as well as posted about it -- it probably would not have been as smooth... I waited a week before calling-- and in the meantime i got another MVA notice. Before opening it -- It thought it was the correction. What was it-- a notice 3 months in advance that my driver's license was up for renewal too. Earpiece said the notice a little to soon. My birth certificate shows 07/20/59. All levels of government playing mind fk.. Told cia asked MD to do this crap... DOJ-- I said no.

photo of the envelop the notice was sent in-- showing date, part of the notice and the return envelope for the driver's license renewal. For some reason-- an earpiece voice wanted to me to post the notice.

After I posted this-- earpiece now saying -- "i did not know you kept the envelop it came in". Are you kidding? It shows harassment... I am looking for everything. I said get off me. You did not want me to post? what are you doing?

by the way-- when i noticed Biden's wife years ago-- it was not the woman I see now. Told awhile back, [the one you see] she also linked to Mattis. The thing is-- I like mattis. Never liked biden's wife.. do not like most hard headed women from the government. I said no. who is Jill biden? Not sure.. but she should also get her nose out of my business... Mattis-- cia general.

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