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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Staying Busy--

Yesterday, I was going to post the photos from this post, however I was so angry about the constant crap and pounding I wrote blog posts for all of the active blogs on this site []-- about the crap going on.

Yesterday morning, after writing the posts for this blog and Remix-- I went to the gas station and put $52.05 of premium unleaded gas in my car. I drive the car so infrequently that the 16 gallon tank was last filled I believe in September 2012.

I came home, edged up more of the front lawn areas with the new Black and Decker tool, watched a bit of the French Open [Tennis Channel] and wrote the post for Q's Wire.

Today, I am in a better mood though the crap continues. That said, I decided to do the post I was going to do yesterday-- before I decided to scream at my blogs all day long.

Sunday, I was weed whacking in the back and this baby bunny scurried from beneath the deck.

The next photo shows one of potted hosta plants I love.

Hosta are perennial and come back year after year-- and do really well in pots. Here is another of my potted Hosta. Its kind of hidden from the street view, because of the huge Hydrangea and Shasta Daisies that are planted nearby, however can be seen clearly from the back of the house.

The Irises have finally started to bloom in mass and look gorgeous. Here is a view from the front to the side of the house.. In the foreground, potted Coral Bells that are also perennial [come back year after year]-- which also do well in pots. I have no idea why this plant is called a Coral Bell-- it seems an odd name for that plant.

I did more weed whacking in the back this morning.. I just love that portable tool-- and have already gone through one reel of line. I had a long night-- and Washington is noisy these days-- but I am working different projects.

I also looked at the Mashery Metro API as something that might work for the Washington Style project.

What else.. developing more plans for WiredPages-- and hoping i can get resolution in washington-- soon.. I am in a good mood today.. and tennis session is in full swing... I am finding things to do.. I am in a good mood most of the time-- however, I have to admit-- the constant pounding and teasing had me screaming at my blogs a lot yesterday... I want DOJ to have a good reason for allowing this-- and as of right now-- have not given it to me.. This makes me concerned for washington. I have the side of right--- and dOJ should listen.. I am sorry they are allowing some of the things they are allowing, but I am mostly busy.

Checking my Facebook account and found an interesting request... Richard [DOJ] you asked about an issue as related to this:

I document everything.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazon Stats 01.01.12 through 05.28.13

As reported in the most recent Business Blog Post, I am going to start updating the Amazon Affiliates Stats [upper right corner] for this blog and remix.

The recent Weed Whacker ad placed on this blog-- I am told did well. 300+ units sold. A taunt-- which is not reflected in my Amazon stats. That said-- Alexa has been dropping indicating I have more traffic now. In 2007, my Alexa ranking was in the 600,000 area. This was reported by Alexa. Via earpiece I am told it is now in the 300,000 range if not better. the stat today is 3,477,000. Amazon owns alexa. Is this their fault? My information says--- DOJ the hold up insofar as settlement and they [alexa] started updating the traffic stats because of the recent success of the ad. told the affiliates with deals are trying to force doj to start the settlement process. What is DOJ doing? Apparently, thinking I am insured washington filth that wants to play a game. I do not,. Amazon had a good deal. Why tell me this? This is fraud. Too many in washington want to own me.. they tell me this. I said no.. I have business things I want to do.. they cannot even do their jobs.. I have asked they stop this crap at once... they want me insured and part of the filth.. I have said no over and over... I asked about Anna Nicole recently.. Told she is alive, has no aids and has babies for men who want pretty kids.. Her mistake.. her son.. they hounded her to insure and when she did-- screwed her... Someone said last night when I asked about her case--You are right regina, damned if you do and damned if you don't. Jason-- did you like her lawyer? I said no.

The problem for washington-- i am owed and its loud.. ask PayPal, Skye, Amazon, Adense? The federal government even admits I am owed.. they hope to hound me to death or into insuring. I said no.

I have used our weed wacker quite a bit and told those who noticed-- went into stores to purchase. I even get notice in real life.

Jason my deal was set May 2012. DOJ said they would handle it.. Why is a lt. from the Pentagon in my ear this morning.. I said no.

Further, look at this stat-- I have only had 13 clicks for all sites with Amazon Ads since the summer of 2012. I have clicked more than that. Did you?

DOJ-- still testing? My heart is not a test-- I said stop pounding. Further-- Jason is ready, Jason is ready.. also not funny. Jason is supposed to be inserting my social security number correctly into my Federal Reserve account so that the funds will start to deposit in my bank.. this taunt daily. When not my social security number, the routing or bank account number. Is the Fed Reserve account set up? It was. Not sure now. You do not believe me? Ask the FBI for the tapes... Even they are mad.

did you purchase anything from my site [] including Wiredpages or It's Personal since Jan. 01 2012 [twelve] through May 28, 2013 [thirteen]? Not one order-- according to the stats. If you did-- contact the FBI or DOJ...

DOJ fraud is fraud... Pentagon-- leave me alone.

Pentagon-- I have asked repeatedly that your personnel stay out of my ear.. DOJ/FBI-- I am a civilian and do not wish to be engaged my Pentagon personnel. National Security? They keep asking to own and the hosting. I said no.. This to make me mad? Why? get the tapes.. I do not owe the Pentagon my business. I said get off me.

Do you know what's really crappy about this whole thing? the success of the ad made the washington idiot bunch again think it should own What I do not get-- how they are going to get Amazon to pay them and how to explain away the site's blogs? Do you get it?

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

who is frum?

Several months ago-- I was watching CSPAN and I saw a guy in a session that reminded me of a reporter whose name I did not know. Earpiece said the guy was an important official with DOJ.

On Wednesday, the voice claiming he was Jason-- said he went to lunch. He said something about watch. Yesterday, I did a CSPAN search on Jason Weinstein-- because someone suggested I do something of that nature. I found this video.

While watching the video [in pieces several times]-- today, I noticed someone by the name of David Lieber. I said-- he reminds me of Guy Allen and Swati.

I did meet a baby in 1993 or so-- Robert Allen-- who was supposed to be their child. Swati-- brought him by the office. I was on my way out the door for some reason-- but i remember the incident-- because she tried to hand me the child. I am not a baby holder-- and indicated I was on my way out..

I ran a Google search on David Lieber to learn more about what the internet ahad on him-- and finally came across a photo of the reporter who reminded me of the DOJ official I saw in the CSPAN session. [Do you think it odd earpiece wanted me to note the official?] The reporter-- David Frum. Odder that a photo of him would show up in a Google search for David Lieber? See address bar in screengrab.

Here are images of David Frum.. when I first looked at these I said-- my god he reminds me of my Uncle Howard. So does Jim Web. Who do I think he might be? My aunt Judy's. He also reminds me of Natalie merchant. Earpiece confirming all are my Aunt Judy's kids.. Webb, Uncle Howard, merchant and Frum. Wiki says Frum born-- 1960. Also says born no aids. He looks older. Sam born 1956 or so. If frum is my aunt Judy's he was born before Sam.

Not sure why Frum is important to all of this-- but the DOJ official is referenced as Gotbaum wavy in earpiece discussions. Why did Jason want me to see this video.. not sure.. It is dated April 3, 2013-- but Jason says just made this week.

Not sure what this has to do with anything... Saying they just wanted me to know the players. Not sure why I keep hearing about Guy Allen and his people. Earpiece saying mattis his uncle.. but that does not keep Guy allen in my world. I said no. not interested..

Earpiece also confirmed-- David Lieber the son of Guy and Swati. Told they really never married-- however did have a child together.. I call this the cross breeding project-- and have found many do it in VIP Washington circles. Saying Frum--- might be Nixon's. Why the question... He seems too dark-- to be my Aunt Judy's and Richard Nixon's. My aunt Judy-- fair with blonde hair. I asked about Louis Farrakan. Not sure the answer...

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Friday, May 24, 2013

gardens-- 052413

Everyday-- new promises, every morning nothing.. this is not really wearing me down mentally-- more I am concerned about the constant pounding on my heart...I think they want me to pass out.. hospital visit? Earlier in the week I said I might get my eyes checked. When pinged about it on Wednesday-- I wondered why they wanted to control when i did things... Every day-- I am out-- why do you need to know when I decide to do things-- I asked. I wish this did not look like the FEderal government trying to take more from me... The deal was set in May 2012. I do not owe the feds a damn thing other than jail cells.

I said no.

This year-- it took forever for the first blooms on my Irises.

Also shown the Marigolds, Peonies, DayLilys, and Hosta. I am still waiting on the Shasta Daisies and Black Eyed Susans.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

where's the fbi tape.

Now I know why they told me the story about Sheila and the other black girl. see the Q's Wire Post for the date of this post.

Aparently, Sheila remembered Neil asking me if I wanted a one hundred thousand dollar job last spring. I am told-- a lot of congress, pentagon, fbi, doj personnel were on line that night. recently, Sheila's name came up as someone claiming neil started it.

Me-- at the time [March/April 2012] I was told this session was a big deal and the first time I knew Neil was even aware I still existed. [DOj he's heard of the blogger calendar or he just knew I was still alive?].

Where is the fbi tape? I do not need Sheila-- but thanks if you were not going to lie.. That's what I don't like about washington insured.. they have to lie sometimes... FBI your tape shouldn't. I said no.. He wants to sue-- I love to have him do that. You told me about how live was back then in the states.. Is the son older than me? I have photos of me visiting Germany when My Aunt Judy lived there. We were in france. Put them up later. I knew nothing about how women did things and why they needed sons that looked just alike. Pentagon tell him to sue. Doug-- you should have told him. I had no idea.

Neil you do not owe me job offers.

by the way fbi-- I was told that that was you who transfered my call to Liquid Web to Neil... I do not owe him... This will embarass both cia insurance people who put him in my life and you [fbi].. never threaten me.. I said sue.

What I don't get-- why tell me he wants to sue-- when Jason just told me-- the source said send the money back-- DOJ took to long? Did they Jason? Why let this filth in my ear if not true? I said stop jason.. this is criminal investatin -- not see how many leeches I can pay. I do not owe washington filth.

Why did you tell me that crap about his mother if it wasn't true? so he could sue.. the thing is-- I explain why people were put into my life. I also tell that is what the earpiece said.. I am trying to show this is bad and washington will not get off me.. it is evidentary that i ask if it can be checked. Neil looks just like an ESPN reporter. Most people in my life look like they had a secret. you sue me because you got aids? and I sat here with a broken arm working and not getting paid? Sheila your insurance worth slavery and an idiot I do not owe? tell him I said sue. I SAID NO TO ENGLAND LAST SPRING. Important england. Why would I pay a navsea guy who thought he should do my coworker to be important? get off me washington.

still pounding my heart? Yes. will not stop. I said no. flim flam so I pay for someone else's aids? I said get off me.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 renewed...

I became an enom reseller for domains when I briefly hosted with HostGator awhile back., is the site for the web hosting service of QiSoftware, a domain that I originally registered through enom. My renewal rates are pretty good-- and yesterday I renewed for another two years [since June 18, 2006] through my enom reseller account. Here is a screen grab of the email confirmation.

I am told via the earpiece, there is a bit of interest to own and a few were aware of its June 2013 expiration under the current registration. I have no plans to relinquish the domain. Sorry.

Been doing a little gardening. My mother got a Black & Decker battery operated weed whacker for Mother's day-- and it works great. I have also been watching my banana plant grow and have some time elapsed photos that I will provide later.

Still waiting to hear from Washington-- in a more official capacity. Told DOJ-- on a lot and working to get me out of here. I am hopeful.

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