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Friday, May 24, 2013

gardens-- 052413

Everyday-- new promises, every morning nothing.. this is not really wearing me down mentally-- more I am concerned about the constant pounding on my heart...I think they want me to pass out.. hospital visit? Earlier in the week I said I might get my eyes checked. When pinged about it on Wednesday-- I wondered why they wanted to control when i did things... Every day-- I am out-- why do you need to know when I decide to do things-- I asked. I wish this did not look like the FEderal government trying to take more from me... The deal was set in May 2012. I do not owe the feds a damn thing other than jail cells.

I said no.

This year-- it took forever for the first blooms on my Irises.

Also shown the Marigolds, Peonies, DayLilys, and Hosta. I am still waiting on the Shasta Daisies and Black Eyed Susans.

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