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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why-- do they want this?

Since earlier this week-- an earpiece guy has been discussing the social security numbers for employees of rockwell. I said-- yes, I have several copies of the MS Access HR system i developed which has the socials. Earpiece explained the socials were not cleaned-- and though the names given to me were not real in some cases-- the social security numbers were.

Why is this important? I am not sure-- but today the same guy wanted a sample of the names and socials [partially blanked out]. Recently, I have been talking to DOJ concerning other details-- but I am not sure that the guy on and on about the social security information is DOJ.

This is not my threat insofar as to the data I have.. simply a request I accommodated. Quite honestly, it may be that they want to insure the data was "cleaned". I did not see Bob's data in this version.. will check out versions later. Why would I provide this? To divest in Washington/CIA crap. I said no.

By the way-- in 1997 or so I provided copies of this database and other material to DOJ/FBI and Charles Olgetree-- begging them to investigate. Olgetree's came back unopened.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Dissection of Idiot Point Umpty ump..

So, I was awakened early this morning by someone who wanted a discussion on who in my office used the term johan [yo-han]. I am told it is a German pronunciation of the name John.

That said- I remember falling asleep to someone trying to have the same discussion. Let me remind of you of the players in my Rockwell office.

  • John W. Newcomb-- looks to be related to a navy general by the name of Roughhead.
  • John A. Winston
  • Douglas Masterson-- part black son to a marine general James Jones. Doug is also said to be related to Bob Dole. think Jones and Dole are half brothers or something.
  • Guy R. Allen-- is said to be related to the marine general James Mattis-- I also call him Chet. For some reason-- you should not Mattis is Jewish. Believe is saying Guy's mother's brother. I met Guy's father-- and I believe he was a non-jew... Guy had two ceremonies; Hindu and catholic. I only went to the Hindo service later in the evening.
  • Dave Boyd -- looks like a bastard son of George H W Bush
  • Pete Read-- Looks like several of hi relatives are in congress and then it is said what appears to be a Navy officer a Mark Fegurson-- his son/brother.
  • Mike Gregory-- not sure if he has a known relative
  • Vasco Martins-- Looks like a Westmoreland relative. Earpiece confirmed.

At least midway through my tenure with Rockwell [1985-1995] one John starts calling the other John-- yohan. This seemed to be important to the analyst gathering data last night-- and this morning. Have I mentioned this before in Q's Wire? I will check later. So I asked-- what did Doug say. Doug said Newcomb called Winston that. I am told the man I knew as John Winston died in 2010. I then asked the analyst-- what Guy Allen, Mike Gregory and Dave Boyd said. They said it was Winston who called Newcomb that with the exception of Boyd. This morning I was told he died. I did not add my voice as to who called who yohan. Why? Thought it was going to be one of the pointless points I think government personnel like making.

Das Boot a german movie that came out in 1981 was also a topic in my office late in my tenure. It resonates now. the theory? I watched the "Iron Lady" with Meryl STreep the other night and was reminded of the close ties she and Reagan had. I also remembered the Berlin Wall event under their adminstrations. Part of my post last night questioned why that happened then-- given the Aids and Bonzo questions I now understand. Were military types blackmailed at the time?

My interest in this only relates to the "why me" question and what I may have been told over my lifetime that explains why I seem to be in the middle of the issues I am now in. My theory... too many in the military and washington/london had aids and Germany said-- get a life.

Me-- I was a bit surprised Germany added their opinion when I first started discussions about money deals in March 2012 or so via the earpiece. I was more than surprised. I was pissed off. I did not ask.

then the other night-- like with the case of Michele Flounary [sp] someone who appears to be Justice Kennedy's daughter-- according to the earpiece-- I will need this bit of information. There is a military general sitting on Boeing board that is blocking your exit. I keep telling everyone-- military should not be holding me up-- doj/fbi owe me... There is also a reference to germany in this discussion. What brothers me about this? the funding source for my deals-- is in part a solvent country-- of which germany is not. But the other country is involved-- because my well placed relatives kept calling several of my affiliate with headquarters in the country to threaten or ask for money.. It looked bad.

Military types are not business men and mostly waste my time with their crap. That said-- why tell me about a general on the Boeing board and a german connection? I walk away alone. I do not pay generals. they keep trying to say-- that somehow I caused the aids problems. I am HIV negative. Your insurance caused the aids issue.

why am I pissed? my affiliates do not owe greedy generals. Nor german interests. Why are government people even trying to get money out of this?

Told another issue-- who was hammering me each night-- Navsea was corrected last night with the last post. I had heard it was Navsea-- but did not know it was Neal Barron. Why? He agrees I did not give him aids. Does he have it? Ask him. He said because when I stopped in to Navsea offices I did not stop to chat with his secretary wife. You are rubbing my heart-- because I came in said hi-- politely and then asked for my poc? If you do have aids-- is it eating away at your brain. A lot of the vibrations went away last night... That cannot be a reason Kennedy allows you this torture with government equipment.

Doug not sure why you lied. CIA analyst this morning said-- Roughhead a new military officer-- while John's dad -- Old Navy... His intel better.

CIA Hale is said to be yours. Why isn't this his job and not the crap he keeps giving me? I said no to government employment. that means cia too.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013


About 3 months ago-- while playing Wii Tennis I cracked the nail on my middle finger on the left hand. I think I hit the fireplace mantle in my zeal to return a ball. What's odd about this? It was not the fingernail tip but the nail surface over the finger. Remote right hand-- but I use my whole upper body. There was a semi-circle like crack on the nail. Within a week of my noticing this crack-- it healed. I was so surprised.

Here is a photo of my left hand taken just a moment ago. The longest finger or middle finger is where the nail cracked.

Yesterday, in a quest to learn more about fingernails I searched online for a term similar to "self-healing nail cracks" and found nothing that supported what I noticed with my own nail. I found information as to how to fix a cracked nail [assuming the tip]-- and how to cut away the nail and suffer with pain when not the tip portion. Earpiece provided that the nail was going to hurt when it came off. It never did. It healed. I could see the crack without reading glasses-- however it was not raised. I also have very hard nails-- a trait my father also had.

My right hand taken a today. I am allergic to acid. Citric acid, strawberries, vinegar, etc. I have a rash on my right index finger. It is a bit swollen--- because I could not stop digging the nails from my left hand to alleviate the itching. The ring tends to act as a magnet. I know this because if I move it-- the rash will move to the new finger. The answer-- less cokes, ketup, and things I love. I have always had this problem-- but noticed it when we first moved to Fort Mead in 1972. I believe water treatment in the area [now live just outside of Fort Meade] uses citric acid. I stopped drinking tap water a long time ago, but do wash my hands often. I also eat more now. All mitigating factors.

The nails on my left hand are now beginning to get caught in my hair when I run my fingers through it. The nail on my index finger [left hand] appeared to be cracked just below the tip. It did not self heal. It may have been because I have been typing on a keyboard-- too much--- and my high school QWERTY training has me using E, R and T too often. These letters keyed in with the left index finger. My nails also too curved.. Another reason I keep my nails a bit shorter. That said-- software development can be done without QWERTY knowledge-- but documentation and other writing is not. So in this period of uncertainty and hoping I can move my sites soon [and correct the many problems with WiredPages]-- I have done very little in the way of software development. I also do not post as much-- in that it is the same news.. Washington types have a hard time with no.. and I said no. they keep promising its almost over-- and it never is. Therefore I post only when the torture is too much. last night too much-- FBI. Stop it.

Cracks because of sporadic post typing? Super Glue seems to work. Has anyone else had a self-healing naiL?

What am I made of? Nails that crack and then self heal. Jennifer Rd, Annapois, 1997-- what else am i made of. Washington cowards should not be asking me what I am made of. I am decent and want them to let go. Dr. Beyer-- find anything yet? Me neither... Washington is desperate-- and I have been tortured because of it. DOJ/fBI you owe. I bleed and I am tired of the sadistic idiots you allow to hurt me. I said no.

This is supposed to be over soon. I am in a bad mood this morning because of last night... I tend to babble on and on. Hence this post about what I have been up to and why I am mad. My nails? No. Torture? I said stop. DOJ/FBI-- get the tapes and stop this crap now.

PS-- over the weekend-- I dug down to the bottom of my book-bag [shown in the header]-- to get the servlet portion of the blogger calendar code for Q's Wire? Why? I keep two disks with the Blogger Calendar code. For various reasons and a judge-- in June 2012 when I was separated from my bag-- the bag was left untouched. My sister did not have a chance to make copies of anything and the bag was not cleaned-- because a judge sent it to aberdeen under Federal marshall protection.. Details at the time and after I arrived home-- support this. Why I note this? many in my ear-- scream they want me to fix some of the problems with Wiredpages. I have heard old bosses [Boeing and Rockwell] say--- my beautiful site [past tense] when referring to Wiredpages. This pleases me. Anyway-- I do not update code-- because I do not want to write code for a server I will be leaving and two-- in the spring of 2012-- they told xray and cameras could see my code. I always worked tented so they could not see a lot. Sunday when I was looking around a diskette for the code I wanted-- someone claiming to be Rock claimed he knew which directory I put that in-- even though I was tented. I need the code-- to write a Jdbc servlet to clear the Q's Wire Stats table. Password. My web host disabled my cpanel access to myphpadmin-- and I am concerned the table is getting too large. Why not write a php script? I seldom write open php source for installation on my server... too government personnel just will not let go. When rock told me he could see over my shoulder-- I was mad and stopped. I find it odd he is the very one-- mostly screaming that I should fix somethings on wiredpagesthen bragging he can see. He is mad he did not get the bag. On some days he claims I am not going to get the deals we worked out in May 2012 so come work for him and others he is not. I believe Lester is Sharon's son. Lester my father's son. Romney-- Lester's son with Sharon. Twin died mid 60s. Lester born 60 or so. Romney born 65 or so. Rock/Sharon married 69. Why? Sons already born. If any of this is true-- why is rock-- in my ear Us Government? I always say-- I get why rock mightbe mad with me and my father. he needs to check with his father as to why my father may have been sent in. that said= Darryl anderson-- born 47 to Joyce Anderson. Dharon not a rockefeller. Joyce Anderson-- Rock's sister/aunt it is said. I do not get why DOJ is allowing this. Find out who lester and Romney are. FBI-- why are there xray cameras here? Why am i being subjected to this by government personnel? I said no.

Look at this possibility-- Jan is Rock's niece through his mother Blanchette. Paul Owens. Obama-- Jan's son. Rock always tries to make me jealous of Jan. Dennis Edwards from Bowie-- why? Why doesn't he hear how often Jan says she wanted to be Madeline's daughter? Though I thought what I know now were my pretend aunts [Jan, Cheryl, Roni] were pretty and always looked nice when we went out --here-- I thought Mrs. Hopson-- more profound. I have known pretty woman all mylife. I once made a mistake and told Greg I thought my mother was the prettiest sister. I am not jealous of Jan. She knows that. Trading places? I went to france== his neice had no toilet.. Rock I said no. Check to see if any of this is true... earpiece claiming yes.... Look up Adolf Atwood-- Wilmington, NC. If he is Paul owens he looks too much like Darryl anderson.. Check to see if brothers-- Paul and darryl. Mrs. Anderson-- Darryl's mother. Blanchett-- Paul's. IF true why would Rockefeller iii [or someone like him] send my father [looks like a cia tie] to deal with Mrs. Anderson and Rock? Darryl already born. I said no rock.... Someone claiming to be Ben always says-- insure Regina. Find out who Paula Zahn, Casey Afflect and Ben Affleck are. Insure for what Ben? I said I do not pay crooks in washington.

Earpiece idiot confused about who I am. I am the biological daughter of Madeline D. Thomas and James W. Thomas-- link see several photos down. Jan-- Virginia johnson's daughter. Someone claiming to be Rock once said my father insured him. The Rock voice said he wanted me to thank him for my father. FBI-- get the tapes.

DOJ-- stop the vibrations. Just broke the nail on the left index finger. I am not even upset. I just told thin air-- now I can type a lot more. Last night too rough.. ACLU, FBI, DOJ-- you all need to explain... no national security.. I am being tortured. Why? Still going on now... DOJ is that Rock? Really?

The Rock voice once said to my niece.. we are not going to have another Regina. Listen to the tapes... listen to Hillary... rock likes non-educated. I am not sure if he finished high school. Rock voice said his parents fought. Rock likes uneducated people. Check washington-- education.. DOJ get the tapes and stop. Also check incomes for my brother and sister and jan. Why my income--- if I own QiSoftware? What are you not getting?

Rock just told me he gave Jan 5 million over 20 years, BWMC Flower lady 5 million all at once, Judy 14 million over 14 years, andre 60 million over 60 years, and Ben 22 million over 22 years. I told the Rock voice he breaks people that's why he owes them. Does he owe me? I am told Pentagon owes aobut 1.5 billion. Rock-- yes he claims he owes. A tab in the deal. He wanted to manage it for me last spring. I said no... he will not let go. That said-- nor will the filth in washington... mostly idiots with no education... That does not explain DOJ and FBI.. what's wrong? Most in washington are insured... DoJ and FBI get that. What to do with me? They should not have left me at the mercy of the Pentagon and Rock.... He told me about Jan because he wanted me to be jealous. He once offered me 120 mil for my bag-- not understanding copyright. recently 1 million. aand come work for him... Rock I never thanked you for my father... The rock voice has said more than once-- he oralled my father. I am paraphasing. I never said I believed him. He likes contol. Get the tapes. I said no. I am not jan... get off me. Pentagon--- go find Bob Rosikee and determine if the child was mine? I did not know. Add Aids to the mix--- and I am being pursicuted. Military Generals insure. James Jones said to be Doug Masterson's father... Said, He knew Gene... Rockwell office-- many aids. Generals-- aids.. they want me to pay--no aids.. cover up dead 4 year old. Check.

Rock once said-- my father was cool looking. Did he mean himself or his future wife? My father was cool looking when he was young.. He dressed really nice.

When the earpiece was first activated--- the mueller's told me and I quote-- "Aids is every where". I am told all of jan's kids except the first two -- Eric? [news to me that he was her son] and Andre had Aids... Bama is like the 5th. I am HIV negative. I do not owe the AIDS pity party. I am told Mrs. Anderson-- Joyce anderson does not have aids either. Does Rock? Ask him. The rock voice said he knew Gene too. Gene-- passed on me. He went to the Boeing christmas arty with me. Bonzo lines up... I owe because I am hiv negative... my mother-- nothing. me-- nothing. Why? How did so many survive with Aids? Not smoking, speed, no cocaine. no unprotected sex. Skin cancer-- continuing anal, oral sex. drugs like cocaine. Probably why crack became popular late 80s. Told same affect--- pleasure zone. Never tried either.. Speed key. Opens up airways. How do I know if I do not have aids.. Answer: Earpiece. I had no ideea. Where is aids in the news these days? Also no health insurance... I am healthy.. nother check-- you can smell azt.. Also hair spray on those who use AZT shows the problem... AZT I am told is wood pellets. It bursts the sickle like cell and when an aids victim urinates it comes out red. It cleans.. Side affect it smells like wood. How would i know? no health insurance.

National security-- when the earpiece was first activated 3 countries were represented. Germany, Japan and England. I was not sure why in those early days. Germany said-- let England handle the case for me... I said no-- but wanted to know why they offered an opinion. Japan-- was listening. England-- let me handle it for you. I was unsure what they wanted to handle but most seemed to think I should give them my site. What if Bonzo-- told on him. What if other intel communities knew. Why would Germany offer me unsolicated advice? Pentagon/Cia these should have been your concerns... not my business or settllement. get off me.

By the way Neil Baron, et. al. I am told Doug masterson is part black. that was not me... never get in my ear again. Aids a problem at navsea? Told this is true. Why am I too blame.. Pickering kept saying his men, his men. His men were not doing me-- else they would not have it... they were doing another bloack guy or each other. And Pickering your ugly voice -- not in my ear... you do not have it. mullen does not have it.. he bragged family.. yours-- no one wanted to do it with you.. get out of ear and take your men with you. Hale-- I am goign to let DOJ look into you. In case it sounds like I am jealous of Doug and the navsea boys-- do not misunderstand. I am kind of standoffish. I would not have dated any of them. I used to think Neil was kind of cool. He said I was too high and mighty for his secretary wife. I thought I was pleasant to every one when I stopped in... I am being screwed because I had meetings with you and nom not your wife? My secretaries were at my office... your lover too. get off me. I am being screwed by Navsea-- because of bob rositie-- check for a child and aids.. I do not owe. Pickering get off me. Hale you tool

Germany-- we are a mixed bagged... perhaps you can pay the white boys doing each other that want to steal from me. I said no. How many of you idiots could they blackmail? I thought there was a mission.. Hale you are too hard up.. go yearn hillary's senate replacement. yOU make my skin crawl. You did not know I knew she was only 4 when she died. the hale voice said-- in an attempt to anger me this weekend-- he put his dick down her n..... throat and killed her. Then the reason he shocks is because he has aids-- and I never have any emotions? Doj=- you do not have to find the tapes.. I said get off me. Go yearn bama's white whore. Joseph-- earpiece saying the same marine general that raped you. Hale's donor.. Hale asked him if he wanted to insure. Mullen-- looks like it should be some asshole raped me and not I insured with family. Hear you are a shun..

Hale supposed to be very important. He talked to me about a rhode island estate. About the fact I could have made a lot of people rich. I thought there was a mission. i thought he wanted to use me to pull england off sides.. for new york. N0-- he just wwants to be rich because he asked the wrong marine to have sex with him. I do not owe you. Find a rich old man that thinks you look like a blonde bimbo-- and have him give you a rhode island estate. Or go see if your kin in Germany want to pay you. He put his dick down that .... throat? And you want me to respect your rule of law? They tell me you are smart. You sound like an idiot. Women make you nervous? Please do not let our enemies be women. tht said-- get off me. Idiot I do not owe you.

Also told Justice Kennedy's daugther was 20 when he used to have sex with her. He is only a shun-- and okayed the kill for me. By the way -- Pam is still in my ear... I asked you to get her out. Also told she does not play tennis... get your trash off me. DOJ-- Hale or Pickering threatening me? why don't they do each other. I take men seriously. Not idiots that screw each other and then blame me. Then you kill kids... bob's boy--heard that was you? Hale said he needed me to respect his school of law. I said no washington. I do not deal with perverts and hidden gays. get off me.. and doj-- I am not owed threats by those clowns.

Boeing-- someone claiming to be rock over earpiece also claimed a us military general on your board really my problem. Pentagon should not be my problem doj. Do not care who is on Boeing's board. Why does rock do things like this? not sure... wants control of everything. He often gives me unsolicated advice too. I often tell him-- I am not one of his idiots. I asked for DOJ. Not the pentagon. get off me. and i never wanted to be used as a stepping stone for conflict with someone else. All pointers point to someone else instigating. Just like rock.. I am not in conflict. I want washington off me and doj the reason I am leaving. Goodbye pentagon.. fight your own wars.. I do not owe your crap. I am not the national security issue. You are.. stop screwing each other and blaming me. How dare you?

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Doings this past week...

I am told things are happening in Washington. Me? I am being harassed with both vibrations and chatter from the earpiece. Unsure where DOJ is in the process.

To keep busy, I successfully installed my French CDs to my netbook. I am starting from the beginning. I told earpiece listeners last evening that I would require a French conversationalist from here on out. Chet never thinks I am funny.

I am hopeful this may be ending soon so I started to come up to speed on the use of a Palm Treo I was given several years ago--- but never activated. Wondered if I could access my Skype account. Told-- I will need an iPhone.

I am not sure if this is ending anytime soon--- but investigating what I can and can not do-- and what phones can do the things I will need for business has been interesting. In the past, I never bothered with what was going on with hardware unless-- I owned it. Earpiece provides that if I get an iPhone for both Skype and mobile use-- I will probably not keep the Palm Treo. I explained I wanted to evolve the mobile technology in that I did not get to -- when these devices first came out. I think my Palm is pretty nice-- so I look forward to testing new things-- if this ever ends.

The nails on my left hand are getting longer while those on my right are breaking. I am right handed. I have also been caring for my nails a lot.

I am not sure if what's going on now are more tests-- but whatever it is-- it's very irritating. I have found the French lessons a great distraction.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

another lie-- starts this morning.. why?

This morning, went to the bank sporting a new jacket I got for christmas.

Here is a close up of the fleece lined jacket.

Also went by a local auto parts dealer to pick up a new radiator cap for my car. When I arrived home-- I had this {Yakisoba-- Stir Fried Noodle dish you can get in bulk from Costco} for lunch.

It's only 250 calories and pretty good. I love noodles.

Earpiece still active-- yes it irritates and sometimes hurts too much-- FBI-- this should cease at once. Told someone got into a lot of trouble last night. TV personality? why am I surprised.

Everyday-- something new. Right now-- claiming the threat of law suits being quashed? Me-- what law suits? I would love to see someone counter what they have said in my ear-- especially when the FBI and DOJ are online constantly. I repeat what law suits? Also claiming any day now for payments to start. Why not get a lawyer and sue-- communications are a problem-- and two-- I and everyone else knows the FBI [at the very least already investigating]. They really need to do something about those with government consoles who are abusing the earpiece in my left ear.

Why are they constantly trying to upset me- with lies? I am not sure. Not direct confirmation-- but told psychiatrists are running tests. You have insured personnel with the Federal Government either abused by a high ranking government VIP or insured Military personnel abusing me for this length of time and you are asking me if I am crazy [again]?

Someone said Kagan was on again. I asked her what her sealed issue was when she was 14 and why it looked like she could not deal with her own issues so needed others to provide more respect than they should. The federal government was asked to approve a specific amount as their part of the private settlement-- not allow an appellant judge they are claiming was selected because she had problems and issues with a case when she was 14-- {told you can find something under her original name. } to hound me over and over again. Get Kagan out of my ear. Listen to her tapes and have those doctors examine her. Dr. Beyer observed me for 2.5 days at BWMC in June 2012. I was given a prescription of 3 mg of Invega for 15 days. I am told in medical speak that means I am okay. Should have been given more for longer if there was a problem. What really amazes me? Told Kagan one of the judges that okayed this rights violation and she is still in my ear?

Washington -- too pity party [aids], too insured. Criminals with sexual insurance issues. What if Michele is her father's insurance. If Michele checks out as Kennedy's daughter-- how would I know if not the earpiece? Told this was confirmed. See recent posts-- q's wire. Do you know the mind issues she might have? For too long she would not get out of my ear. I do not have these issues and they have abused me long enough. Get Kagan out of my ear. Not her? FBI needs to explain why someone claiming to be her-- is doing just that. Kennedy is allowing Michele and Kagan to harass me after he claimed he okayed the abuse with the earpiece that may have caused a heart attack weeks earlier? FBI-- what are you listening too? If any of these issues are real-- these idiots are crazy and should be allowed no where near my earpiece frequency.. what the hell are you doing? Its really a CIA mind fk campaign? FBI-- what are you watching and listening too? I said enough.

I was nice yesterday-- but told any doctors observing I was in a good mood. Watching Aerial America a series produced by the Smithsonian which airs on their cable channel. Made me think of all the neat projects I could be doing.

This morning irritated someone claiming to be Hale told me I had to learn to pronounce his name- before.... When he is not telling me I owe him a sexual favor I need to learn to say his name? EEOC-- this clown ought to have a lot of complaints. Me? I am not a government employee and tired of those idiots.

I do not mind doctors checking me out. I am sane. I mind idiots in my ear that need doctors. FBI what are you listening too? Another tidbit about consoles. If you get one-- it must be anchored to the floor. Also a camera must be installed overhead so government observers know exactly who is on. No, I do not have a console. Earpiece provides this data. I am told even the pentagon and CIa personnel must allow the cameras access. That said-- I am a civilian and DOJ needs to explain that to the CIA and Pentagon again... Kennedy and his people? get them off me. That is why I keep asking the FBI-- what are you doing?

If it is not a DOJ or FBI employee-- they should get out of my ear. Do you all listen to yourselves? You sound like idiots.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Belgian Waffles

One of the gifts I gave my mother this year for Christmas-- was a Belgian Waffle Maker. In its price range, I am told it is one of the best-- and I have found it makes great waffles. Here are photos of the waffles I made for us this morning.

I am told a relative is ill and so this morning my mother and sister are at the hospital visting. Me? I went to the bank and listened to a lot of discussions via the earpiece I did not ask to hear. Lot of anger.

Last night I was given more information. The information provides that 4 kids were produced with my eggs. I have been pregnant once. I have never given birth to a child but did miscarry in Nov. 1999. I am told all girls. I have been told someone from my office had one [BWMC told Lindy the surrogate], a marty bryant from Navsea [earlier it was said to be a black guy from Rockwell]-- he was black-- told that is not his name now, someone from New York and another child to an x-president. The x-president's child is new information to me-- and I do believe the information may be correct. That said-- I am a bit worried in that many have tried a lot of things and I heard threats last night as the information was provided. This the reason I am providing these details here. I am told I was the only one who did not know though the girl was mentioned before-- and I thought she was a princess... just not mine. The x-president's child is also aware-- however the bryant child may not have been. My discussion with earpiece personnel this morning-- do you hear this? They said Secret Service.. two x-presidents in her lineage. The problem-- government tags [I call my surveillance people when out tags]-- are kind of invasive and I do not trust them. The threats were from a non government source--- because they want to own QiSoftware or me to payout part of the settlement. [This also backs up deal still in play.] I have said no. fBi is aware of the problems.. and I do not expect to hear about problems about the girl. The other two girls are with parents and safe. one I am told kind of alone and I am worried.

I think the information was new to some of the listeners-- and made them kind of mad. I never minded being the ugly one-- and she is too cute to be my biological child. Are they serious? Unfortuntly it has been my experience-- yes. I am told Bob's was too. Washington people are in a constant competition. I used to say-- why would you think I would compete with you. Did Doug {masterson from Rockwell think that}? Have you ever seen my mother or Mrs. Hopson. Why on earth would I compete with you.. this note should not be underestimated. It surprises me often how much these people worry about things. For example-- someone hates that i know how to use makeup to shadow my nose making it look more like my mother's. Another, I hate those are your real nails. People actually tell me things like this... Lot of pissiness as I was listening to the details last night.

I am told the private deals are still in play-- however I should watch what I write. I hate torture and threats. Currently, I am being threatened and my heart tweeked with the vibrations of the earpiece. I can easily prove this.

It is said-- Pentagon and CIA very upset. Not sure why. They should have the same tapes with the information provided to me since Feb. 2012 and nothing should be a surprise to them.

Also had an issue with a web hosting problem which I will detail later if the need arises. Me-- I am angry-- the vibration never stops and the amount of hate messages from government employees I cannot see nor never met is amazing. FBI-- are you listening? I do not like threats.

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