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Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning to End

The photo on the left was taken this morning-- New Years Eve 2012. The photo on the right on Feb. 22, 2012.

The photo on the left-- get up and go hair [did nothing to it but finger comb it]. The one on the right-- I spent about 30-35 minutes with a curling iron. the contrast in photos should take this into consideration. another note: I have winter hair and summer hair. Winter hair-- my hair is much tamer, finer. Summer hair-- it soaks up a lot of humidity. I always say-- I am a black red head.

The earpiece in my left ear was activated in Feb. 2012. Prior to that it had been a long six months. I had several projects going with wiredPages [new events widget, new..., etc. See Q's Wire for posts dated from summer of 2011 to the end of the year]. Then the display on my macbook started having problems and my elliptical died. In Dec. 2011-- I thought at last Robert Mueller and the FBI were on my case.

Here is another photo from Feb 2012. I am not sure if these photos were before or after the earpiece activation.

I look younger than I am-- given the earpiece also confirms my birth certificate is off by 2 years. I am two years younger than most of my high school and college graduating classmates. Just last night-- They told me that another mistake was made with my sister's passport and mine upon leaving England in 1971. Hers indicates 1971 and mine 1970. I am pretty sure we only lived in Tucson for just over a year-- July 1971-- [I just turned 10] through Oct 1972.

It has been a long year-- 2012. I learned of horrible things I never suspected via the earpiece starting in Feb 2012. I also had more rights violations this year-- on top of the fraud and washington interference with my business. I think blogging has helped me to stay grounded. I used to say what kept me sane-- when not working on a new software project or business area for QiSoftware-- I was asking why me? My early speculation seems so innocent as compared with the information I have been given over the last 10 months. I am sad and wish no part of Washington. If I could turn back the hands of time-- I would erase from Feb. 2012 on. No washington.. get your crap off me. DOJ and the FBI owe me...

The constant jarring-- FBI-- you need to have it stopped at once. I said no. I mean no. I always say, I get the luxury of denial as related to some of the things told me over the last 10 months. I wish they had not decided to torture me these last months. That denial would have been easier. They are concerned I have their secrets? I told everything important. All they have to do is disavow-- so I am not holding their secrets. Plus I added earpiece provided and there is a fiction question. Those claiming degrees they cannot prove? Sorry. Earpiece also confirming. Latest attempts at new news-- Ginsburg or Mike Wallace related to Edwards Mrs. Wallace Simpson. Camille Cosby daughter of Miles Davis.. Nancy Reagan confirmed via earpiece mother... Look up Sickle Cell Anemia. prelant in those from an area of India and Africa. Trying to say-- Davis.. That said-- earpiece not touching Bonzo and bedtime.

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Who is Robert Hale?

Had a nice Christmas. My gifts included money and a new outfit. The gifts I gave-- seemed to be appreciated. Around mid day-- Christmas as I sat down to eat-- earpiece issues started again and have mostly continued without abatement ever since. Today, again a big deal insofar as payments to start. Awakened early this morning with more crap. One guy claimed to be Obama. Did sound like him. He seemed angry. I have asked over and over that he stay out of my ear. Jan-- are they giving your boy enough to do? Told he is no longer with Heidi.. So Robert Hale should be happy. He looks more like a power broker in Washington. Jan, tell your son to prep for his speech-- and get out of my ear. I am tired of his ignorant crap. Obama claims he wants respect. Cousin-- I do not owe you respect. I owe you-- leave me alone. See your daughter. Why tell me?

Speaking of ignorant crap-- last week Robert Hale-- claimed he was the wrong trash to be involved in this. He just did not like me. Was it really him? The voice claimed it was him. Who is he supposed to be? Reports vary. Said he took the place of Tony cordsman's son as the non- war time Chet. James Mattis supposed to be Chet in a war situation. Both appeared to have input to my situation. The fact that Robert Hale-- nor most washington types do not like me does not really bother me. Most of those guys seem to make whether or not I would do them an issue. I am not sure if this is an attempt to make me angry or pure stupidity. Robert Hale has a big head. I keep thinking there is a plan-- I just do not get. That said-- these guys are supposed to be CIA types-- and why I am involved when I have said no-- is not clear to me.

What else have I been up to? Well the hammering from the earpiece was continual over the last several days-- but I did manage to test out my mother's new Belgian Waffle maker and make Sweet and Sour Pork with the remains of the Pork Tenderloin I made for Christmas.

I also watched the Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I have often seen the Knightly movie and caught it again throughout these holiday days-- in between segments of the Firth series. Another watch this holiday season? Flame and Citron on the Sundance Channel. It is a Danish film with sub titles.

This morning earpiece hammering is harder. I am irritated and pissed off. It started long before I checked my bank account-- this morning. Of course payments have not started.. but I have always checked my account online on a daily basis and continue to do so.

My plan was to wait until after the holidays and then start asking DOJ and the FBI why they were allowing the torture I am experiencing. I am not sure what is going on-- but I am ashamed of what Washington has done here.

Cleaning up its own filth? I was checking my account with a big online name a moment ago-- and a washington idiot [think it was an fbi agent-- may have been rock] said they blame you... I asked the idiot-- you mean they know who I am. Please explain to me why Washington can pretend I do not exist except via this earpiece-- and then attempt to blame me when something goes wrong with a major internet play? Statements like this from the idiot bunch in Washington always get my biting sarcasim-- which probably does not help with my desire to get away from their crap immediately.

DOJ-- it is said the FBI is hammering my ear? ACLU-- why is this okay.... Every night we are done -- you are owed- every morning why so and so can't stand me. Because I am in the house minding my own business? Get these idiots off me.. I am not owed more torture. Cousin-- Jan told me you do not have enough to do.. Look good for America boy. I keep telling the real washington power brokers-- the misunderstanding must be-- they did not get the part I am not a government employee. I am not.. Bama-- stay out of my ear.. Other blacks that want to get mad? Don't. He is my bama cousin and I told him no thanks Jan. 2009. I am still no thanks.. Boy get out of my ear. See your daughter's throat and leave me alone. You are a shun to me. Black people- I am not part of washington and not in competition with my cousin Obama. I do not mind if you like him. I mind his idiot crap is in my ear.... Find out if he is a lawyer and accept your symbol as just that. I wish him the best however do not have time for his idiot crap nor his excuses for why he had to do this or that... Tell David Rockefeller. Not me.

FBI/DOJ-- torture needs to stop.. Now.

Did I call Robert Hale trash? No. He called himself that. The plan? Not sure. I told him I wished he were more like me. How so? He seems to think his private parts should interest me. I never assumed a guy should think me sexy-- but many did. I let them tell me. He is not good looking enough nor cool enough to assume I want to know his private parts. I do not like disgusting filth. I told you-- ask the engineers at Boeing and Rockwell. Did they treat me like a whore? then other than to anger me-- ugly old man who is not part of my chain of command-- I work for me-- why would you? STOP. I said no.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

gaining weight...

I have been eating a lot lately. I find the more I am irritated by those providing updates via the earpiece-- the more I eat. Same type of updates.. still working the issues surrounding payments and getting you out. Are they? There appear to be issues with government personnel that for some reason-- affect me. FBI-- lately muting a lot of the gain and vibrate issues-- however still a problem.

I used to go out a lot to eat. Being a single professional that worried about diet-- I would eat whatever I wanted for lunch and skip other meals. This type of dieting worked because I used to drink a lot of coffee and smoked. I quit smoking in Dec. 1998. Today, I make my old lunch favorites at home. Here are several.

Burrito w/Montery Jack Cheese

Steak Sandwich with Fries

Kung Pao Chicken

I made these cookies last week.

Convection Oven Baking..

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

I went out yesterday. Here are photos. Look how fat my face looks. I decided time to go on a diet.

I am in good spirits- except the never ending earpiece chatter. The gift I expected today arrived Saturday-- so I am done with gifts and wrapping. Recent weight gain-- not affecting me. I know how to lose it.

Last Friday was supposed to have been a big deal-- and though I remained calm too many others were upset. Excuse after excuse. Told even my bank was upset. Told they ran tests [again]. Not sure what's going on-- but wish they would not air their frustrations with me. I am the one that can do nothing but wait.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sophisticated Sounds..

I am listening to Chris Botti on Youtube via Verizon FiOS and Wii. If you access the Youtube application for Wii- you can search the application and basically play all the songs that are returned. Piping through an amp and connected stereo speakers is like having your own concert right there.

The artists he has worked with are impressive. Some of his Youtube available duets include-

  • Steve Tyler
  • Yo Yo Ma
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Michael Buble
  • Sting
  • Katharine Mcphee
  • Josh Groban
  • Sy Smith

I love light jazz.

It is a week before Christmas and I ordered my last gift last night. I cut it rather close in that it is supposed to arrive on the 24th.

Other news-- not happy about issues with the earpiece. Also getting updates on things going on in Washington. Am I happy about these updates? Not really. Arrests, people leaving. Me? Back and forth, yes you are leaving-- and the day never arrives. Hoping that I will crack? I am in good spirits so I am not sure if this is the desire... I keep hearing-- yes we have to let go-- calls are coming in... looks bad. Yes, we are letting go. They never let go.... DOJ-- claim they are working the issues. What I do not get-- why the earpiece never dies... Why do they need the earpiece rattle if they are letting go? Barbaric... yes. Health issues as related to the constant nerve tapping? Yes, I do believe there could be a problem- but I believe I have disabled a lot of the problem. That said-- lining up a lot of consoles and using gain and vibrate can affect me and they do this on occasion. That many consoles-- means a concerted effort-- and this is bad. You do not hurt someone in this manner unless they deserve it.. all agree-- I did nothing but work hard. they want to claim my work? Stupid is stupid... They need to let go.

What angered me this morning? We are letting go and putting the deals in place-- we really think you are letting go of the site and business... You are really not thinking... and how many times do I have to explain this?

fBI-- why are some on Federal consoles with you listening still thinking this is about problems I should have had while holiday shopping? I shopped on line this year. Why are discussions like this okay? When did the FBI allow thugs to do this with government equipment... I do not like threats.

Intelligence community-- why do they keep telling me I need to report things like Kennedy's daughter is Michelle Flourady or try to find a court action for Kagan for when she was 14. The claim another reason she was selected. These checks not the reason I show them.. more-- who wants us to look this bad and why?

another discussion recently? I watch House Hunters-- HGTV all the time. Why did earpiece personnel want me to question the career option of the girl who purchased in Falls church-- from a recent episode. They gave me an option. It almost sounds like someone wants us to look so bad-- its okay for bad things to happen. Add to that-- the issues surrounding me... CIA-- are you looking at this.. stop your people from playing with my frequency and ask the right questions. I am like a public that did not know. The problem-- I have too many ties to washington... John Q. Public should be worried. But who wants to use me to have us look worse and why?

Maybe its not deliberate. That said-- what if others can use this. I once asked someone that is white who has a mixed grandparent if they were trying to overcome the relative. I also asked Rock once --- if he was trying to make it okay that his mother may have had a black child. Someone once told me they were trying to make the norm-- something that would be bad for most.... And it was a deliberate effort... Its okay to abuse children? No... but what if those with these problems keep trying to have me ask others to check those in washington-- so they do not seem so bad... FBI-- CIA-- you need to get these people out of my ear. They are also torturing me.. this looks bad.. stop. Further-- get the fbi cowboys off me... yesterday--- one claiming to be the bald headed guy I took a photo of--- to me he had just arrested a white woman for me-- and he was pissed I diid not appreciate that. He claimed it was Michelle. He called me the n word. I told him-- he was cleaning up washington for him and not me... Then he instructed his subordinates to leave the gain and vibrate on... after I told him to get off me.. Last night I asked how many black guys were in his chain of command. I am told more than one... FBI-- get your cowboys off me.

I am listening to Botti and wondering where my sophisticated world -- went. I feel like I am dealing with idiots... with no plans. I have lots of plans.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I had not realized it was December 12th, 2012 [121212] until I was at the bank's drive up window this morning and checking my cell phone for the date [deposit slip].

Had I remembered that yesterday, I would have said to the many that came out [via earpiece] to say-- tomorrow is the day [once again]-- that 121212 was way too obvious and to get a life.

Wednesday is always a day they want me hyped about ACH payments starting. Probably because I go to the bank every Wednesday. Bank records from 2004 can be checked. Was Friday in the early years but has been Wednesday for at the least the last 5 years. I am never hyped about their statements and this has been true since they started this in May 2012. They also very plainly tell me they want to sue for something. The reason I am not hyped? I have a lot of work to do if and when this part is over. Still assessing mental sanity? FBI and DOJ personnel should be in little doubt. Couple that with the review done in June 2012-- many should be asking that of Washington.

Here are photos I took as I was changing to go to the bank this morning.

Earlier in the morning [before I went to the bank], my mother told me my sister would be over to do something on her computer and because she asked my mother to go with her for a doctor's appointment. I asked my mother what she needed done on the computer and she said I never help her when she asks. I explained to her again I do not like other people accessing our network and I also said this to Judy when she came in. Long ago-- I rarely go to my sister's these days-- my sister also said this to me.. No, I do not want you on my wifi. I am not sure why this flagged today but it did. I then watched her the entire time she was on the computer. I watched as she looked at an email the doctor sent my mother. I asked my mother if she was trying to tell me bad news about her health and she said no. I could not figure out what my mother needed my sister to do. As they sat in the car-- earpiece claimed she was supposed to try to log on to my Q's Wire blog and change something in a post. FBI/DOJ-- what am I missing. I know you have cameras all over the place--why would my sister who is a government employee do this? My mother knows how to read her emails without help. I left most of this unsaid-- and only requested as they were sitting in the driveway that if they went by Costco to pick up cream [for expressos] and cheese danish. I can count on my sister to buy me anything in the fattening category.

I think I was supposed to be really upset this morning. I was and am in a great mood.

I made Kung Pao Chicken for lunch today.

Washington keeps telling me they know this looks bad--yet they continue with the same crap. I am not sure why. I assumed that with the hustle and bustle of the holidays--- "payment starting chatter" would cease at least until after Christmas. I need "big" lawyers-- and the private source appears to want to insure they are in place. They have a say in when payments start as well. Nope-- they continue... Forgot today was 121212... Sometimes this is so obvious it makes me think washington has lost all sense of reality. I am not crying about anything.

I got my Christmas shopping done-- packages arrived and under the tree. My sister said her tree is still in the garage. Rock--[earpiece] they are telling me you sent her over to access the blog [Q's Wire]. They also explained that this blog is a thingamablog and she [me] can republish the entire blog from her computer at anytime. Let me remind everyone-- I keep the master copies of all posts in several places. No matter Thingamablog, MovableType, Wordpress, or Blogger. Which lawyer has not read the posts yet? I am not saying you did.. I am saying that is what earpiece personnel is claiming. What am i missing?

Another test? stop calling here... Scene from pretty woman. i am in good spirits. I have a little money left over from shopping and I am safe. I know I am owed. I have been owed for so long--- I want to remind others that the movie with Goldie Hawn running track against high school kids to win a bet and then she tells them she ran the NY or Boston Marathon a few times-- should mean something. I left Rockwell in 1995. I had no idea what happened. I have learned a lot. I learned way too much starting in Feb. 2012. I divested from your secrets by offering them as earpiece noise. STOP. The other one this morning-- "what child". That is one of the first stories told me in Feb 2012. For whatever reason-- I did not believe it then. Not until later in September or so when it was offered again... I tell what earpiece offers. If not a child-- then what? I am too sane, too skilled and too screwed... I am still asking why? The child I never knew existed-- fits.. Ask Erik of Blomberg tv.

Update 12.12.12 after 7:00 pm. boys are mad--

Stop testing me.. I am sane. pounding heart.. said i should not have written this post. almost out. That the excuse now? Kennedy-- blaming you... you have become an excutioner? Get off me old man and send a US attorney. Told me you left weeks ago after the purple nails. I repeat-- Get off me. How do you like the update? When I asked them to stop nicely-- talked about this post. said Rock sent judy-- but were not going to violate my rights again. My job-- do not write about it to pass the test... But i did.. Now your job-- stop pounding my heart.. said get off me. The really good part-- said mommy and sister had their asses chewed out because they played network today... Get Kennedy off me. Told mommy not to worry-- i am not blaming her. DOJ/FBI i do not care who kennedy is. He has no say in a private deal. Get that old man off me. Twice now earpiece claims he has gone for my heart.

I am not sure who Robert Hale is in all of this. Volker is said to be an x attorney for Rock. i am not sure if this is true. Let me tell you how these people think. I am talking about a song "Christmas In Washington" and thinking about the lighted trees in Georgetown this time of year. I used to live in Northern VA and Georgetown a favorite area of mine to visit, shop or party in.

I had no idea washington was what it was nor my ties. Suzanne maulvex [claim Laura Bush's with Robert Anderson has a sister-- Susette maulvex that everyone wanted when she came on the scene. I think it was Robert hale that explained this to me this morning. after she ran into health issues they decided they liked me again.. think it is my top. All tell me i can look better. What I said this morning.. but she is young and gorgeous. You all are old men. Why can't she go out with a son and not be labeled desired by some old man in washington-- to be used like a whore. Told she passed on the old men in washington. These old men treat their women like whores-- to be had by one and all. I am not of washington. I like Christmas in Washington.. a song. Clean, special. The seat of power. I read harliquin romances. I have said no to a lot of men over my lifetime. I had a cute little figure. Today-- I get old man after old man-- telling me i am ugly--about what they want and i am not sure why. Then tonight-- get f-- in my bottom. i said no. I am not getting f-- anywhere-- not even in my private shower-- because in 1996 abstract noise provided I had surveillance all over. In feb 2012-- it was comfirmed via earpiece. Not only that x-ray cameras.

Robert Hale yearned Heidi of the Senate.. He was upset she was with O'bama according to the earpiece. Who is Heide. The senator that took Hillary's place when Obama took office.

I was told to get my bottom hurt if I wanted to get out of this --- just now... Amazon.. you forgot to pay me.. have your lawyers explain this to the old hard up men of washinton... Suzanne-- why didn't you tell your daughter [sister] the truth. Boys I said no... Old men-- my grandfather did not tell me I had to be a whore in washington. I know C, X-windows and own a business.. QiSoftware. Get your asses off me.

When Hale told me he yearned Heidi-- I told him and Chet [Mattis] that they needed to start explaining to the women-- they were actually the power. Did they indicate he is high on the totem pole? yes. That said-- I reminded both-- I do not work for the us government nor them. I will not charge for the counseling. I am told Pentagon owes 1.5 billion. I am not asking for that amount... Let go.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Wrapping, Tree Trimming.

Busy day gift wrapping and tree trimming...

We have new lighted trees for the front door this year.

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Gift Wrapping Photos Coming

Mostly a quiet weekend. Yes, earpiece chatters still claiming deal is on the table. Again gave a time-- however not concrete. Why would I think it is still viable? My affiliates-- and this looks bad. Told twice now-- one of my business affiliates subject to a lawsuit concerning me and my business. Too many have engaged me over the years. Bet BWMC gets the problem. Told FBI has also been doing other things. You are telling on yourselves. Why don't you get this? What I did not get--- why the FBI threatened someone? Maybe they [FBI] are trying to say --shut up.

I want to remind others-- in Feb. 2012 when the earpiece was first activated-- someone would often say-- "he is interviewing another federal witness". I was also told I had several interviews with a US attorney and G [John G. roberts]. Another check--- earpiece claims--- G's degree not real.. Is it possible to check? Why do I keep asking for these checks? Anything checks out-- how would I know if not provided via the earpiece?

I never go anywhere and when I do-- it is noted. Always. Told Bill and Hillary's degrees do not pan out either. Why do I keep telling on Washington? They will not let go-- and I have had too many rights violations. I need everyone to start looking... I am not insured and I said no. FBI said to be working it. The other problem? Always threats. They tell me what they are planning. Bag-- shopping. Going to start payments tomorrow. I never ask and never cry when they do not. Often ask why they keep doing this. Too many calls-- and I want you upset and crazy. me-- But you have been doing this since May. Another one-- draw a lawsuit based on abuse in my ear from someone telling me who they are in my ear.

Told Ann was on again over the weekend. Why fbi? Do I think it was a lie? No-- cussing too much from her and the general who told me does not like her.

FBI is muting activity to my earpiece frequencey and I am still trying to destroy it. Over the summer when I first noticed negative issues with the earpiece [more than just get out of my ear and take the vibrate off]-- I was told the FBI could mute and deny access to a lot of users that wanted access to the frequency. The house cameras no.. but my earpiece, yes. This weekend the FBI started muting again. It was mostly a nice weekend.

Last week my first online purchase for the holidays arrived and I wrapped it this morning. to be continued...

What i like about Rock? He told me his father said he did not need school. When I checked his Wiki page-- I noticed it did not claim a college degree. Told there are lots in washington--- claiming too much education. Earpiece claims-- Hillary no degrees. Check.

Another problem I noticed this weekend? More and more tools going into disrepair on WiredPages. the latest-- lat, long tool and Congressional reps query. Failing-- using my api key within the program but works when I use it stand alone. Not going to worry about Wiredpages right now. Need to move the site. Site, too at the mercy of Fed. Government personnel. err. Should not be. Again, i said no.. FBI/DOJ-- I mean no.

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Pear Tart.

Yes, supposed to be ending soon. How? I am not sure. Still a lot of testing. No, I am not pleased about that.

That said-- I completed most of my Christmas shopping last night and very pleased about that.

This morning- I made a pear tart using a pie crust left over from Thanksgiving.

The recipe I used was sort of from a Costco Holiday Food issue-- however I did not use apples nor was it puff pastry. It is pretty good. Better if I had a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

I used two meduim pears, about a third of a cup of brown sugar, quarter of a stick of butter, a bit of cinnamon. I sauteed to release some of the juices and should have added a bit of corn starch to thicken the filling. After about 10 minutes in the oven I noticed the filling was too juicy so I poured off some of it. This in no way lessened the flavor. Great way to insure you do not waste an extra [boxed-- already made but in rolls] pie crust.

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Wii & the Internet

Last night I hooked up a wireless connection from my Verizon FiOS router to the new television monitor in the den-- via the wii playstation. If you want to do the same -- you need the ID and WEP password from the router.

I also downloaded the YouTube interface and have been playing videos using the stereo speakers I hooked up when the television was first installed. It sounds really cool with some of the more official videos-- and not too bad with those users upload.

I also tested my sites with the Opera browser that is downloaded and used when the Internet Channel is activated.

When I linked to Q's Wire with the photo of my hand, it worried me a little-- in that the resolution on the television is much greater than that on my MacBook and I did not see the discoloration as clearly. yes i could see a purple tint around the cuticles but I did not see how bad it looked with the lens of the camera until I saw it on the television screen. It shocked me so much-- I wondered if the photo had been tampered with somehow-- even though it still looks the same on the mac browsers as when i first saw it.

I took another photo of the hand today [I cannot today see the discoloration around the cuticles with the naked eye]-- to see if I could see the same discoloration and hooked my camera directly to the television. I did not see the discoloration in that mode so I am uploading the photo with this post to see what happens.

These days, I play a lot of wii tennis. Because I used to play a lot of tennis on real courts-- I am told I move more than I have to for the wii version-- so I probably am not destroying my real game. The SportsFitness version of the tennis game is sharp enough to know when I bend my knees and follow through. I got the wii in July for my birthday-- and have slowly built up my skill level. Today I reached 2008.

Told something happening this week-- said payments to start [again]. I have told them to stop doing this-- espcially when it is not real. Earpiece claiming threatening law suits. I keep saying go ahead. I have been telling washington people to get out of my ear since March 2012- and they are threatening me? Hope those degrees are real--number one, two-- make my day.

Told navy personnel [and supreme judge] in trouble for hands [gain earpiece tie]... Why? They told me the judge and navy key offered up today-- left the process a month ago. Not sure if this is true... Also told DOJ in and working the problem. Reviewing tapes. Told the main problem-- I will not pay people i do not owe. Estimated 300 million scammed from me, my company, us taxpayer, and affiliates of my business-- over the years. I do not owe. Supremes i had this discussion in March 2012 and on. Get the tapes. Why continue with this one? I said no. Torture? You are making a mistake-- further stop testing me. Aids party too the problem.

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