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Friday, November 30, 2012

V For Vendetta

I watched V For Vendetta last evening. Interesting movie.

Same things continue... yes deal is still on the table. Any law suits generated from posts.. I continue to say-- have go to court and serve me. Love to entertain any law suits. Why tell me so and so is thinking about it? File. FBI-- you owe tapes. Tapes show earpiece noise and who is making it.

Funny thing- Today supposedly a family member claimed -- but you told? I thought this odd-- since most idiots in my ear-- have litterly begged me to post the conversations we have when we have them... they want a defamation suit. FBI how can they file a defamation suit if they tell me their secrets and you have the tapes? I asked them to get out of my ear. Most seem to think if they lie then I owe. I always say-- according to the earpiece. Others seem to think-- not a real court... No-- a real court and I will ask you to pay my attorney's fees. I am told lawyers ask if this is true. In one case-- the girl said but she did not say exactly what i said to her.. The attorney asking said-- but did he do you-- and why tell her... similar response as told me via earpiece-- because if she said the lie I told I could get money....

Payments to start any day now-- they say. same things... Continue to work on destroying the earpiece in my left ear.

This is interesting after this first part of this post-- Lester Holt- was that a subsitution for someone else-- listen to his name-- Lester Halt.. earpiece funny? When I heard the story-- I thought it was the guy. And I would believe-- he would also be father to my nieces. No one has confirmed he is my father's son except the earpiece folks. I speculated in Q's Wire as to his identity. i heard several stories and I am sure there are tapes. Was it someone else? England wants a lawsuit? FBI -- you do not have the tapes from BWMC nor Feb 2012- May 2012. I reported what was said via earpiece and also asked that communications be blocked.-- i owe lawsuit for harrassment. And FBI-- you can block this crap and I want you to start. Get tapes.. I know of no lawsuits... A lot of folks called my affiliates to get payments. How if they own are they filing lawsuits.. I owe jail. And FBI-- someone is on with gain right now...

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

no, I am not walking around with your secrets...

Last night-- earpiece gang woke me to tell me jan was in trouble again-- arrested last night. Not sure if this is true but wonder why they continue to tell me things like this?

Yesterday, in a blog post I again confirmed what both she and who I thought was Robert Mueller told me about why I experienced a horrific night after eating enchiladas and having a drink from a local establishment. This in recent Q's Wire posts. Robert Mueller told me early in March, I think and then Jan-- later when my family began talking with me [via earpiece]. They said what happened-- somehow my mother was given some ground beef laced with arsenic or cyanide. Then I went to a local establishment for a drink that Friday. Think I made the dish that Thursday or Wednesday. I could not hold anything in--nowhere all night. It felt like my diaphragm was inflamed. I am told this is a common ailment for one of these poisons.

I always thought the incident was military related-- but I thought it more because I ignored a lot of old white retired military types in the area. Yes, I did know some wanted the contents of the bag-- but I did not think it was the old guys I routinely ignored-- until the earpiece was activated in Feb. 2012. Told the double dosing was mostly a mistake and they had no idea I had so much of the Mexican dish I made using the hamburger meat. That said-- i should have gone to the hospital which was the goal. Robert Mueller first confirmed and then Jan-- claiming she knew the old military guy I saw at the establishment and that he told her. This is the same time-- that I reported in this blog-- I was told jan had died in Dec. 2011. She had not.

US Military-- I do not owe you. Why would you continue to do this? Here are photos of the two houses right across the street from me.

The house with the detached garage was said to have maryland police types but earlier this year-- began to be manned by US military types. The reason-- too many problems with things breaking and being stolen from our house. My question, so you let the military man the post? How do I know this? Well it always looked like either police or military and earpiece confirmed in Feb. 2012.

It looks like a black guy and white woman live at the house with the detached garage. But the white guy across the street always talks to the woman. I think they are really together. The following photo shows [white car] the cleaning service that comes every Saturday without fail. For a split-level house with only two people? The detached garage added after i moved to the area.

The latest mindfk-- when they are not paying me the next day-- is either the bag will be taken while i am out holiday shopping or they are going for crazy again. do you know how many people try to engage me on a daily basis when i go out? Did the FBI give you the number on calls? No, I am not crazy-- did you want to investigate the two houses I am showing? Get off me.

The one I like? They are still investigating. That is the FBI and DOJ. Robert Mueller your tapes of that night are several years old. What are you investigating? They tell me everyone is saying the same thing? What are you doing-- we thought it was an investigation too. yes, what are you doing.. am i walking around with too many secrets of the filth in washington? well if you read my latest Q's Wire posts you will find I did a major earpiece secrets dump yesterday. Nope-- I am not trying to blackmail the filth.

Jan they are telling me-- if you are where you should not be-- go back to where you belong. Your son is too weak.

By the way-- ask Mike Mullin why he decided to go loud. Too many people over the years have tried to engage me. i was always too clean so it became more-- why am i trying to find something, loudly. Oh, lets say she drank? 17 years of hell because I drank? Get off me. I had no idea what was going on... Most not of Washington probably see what I see.. what is going on and why me? I am tired of you pretending this did not happen. It did.

I am told that most of the homes on my street and the adjacent street-- I live on the corner-- are really empty. Check. The homes in the court behind my house.. also manned by US gov. types. Why if I am crazy? Dr. Beyer-- said no not really. Did he check you? How about the filth in Washington?

Something odd going on with my web hosting payment-- which I discussed here and in Q's Wire.

Earpiece just said and I quote-- "LiquidWeb" cannot handle you without real money but I have some suggestions". Washington filth always trying to steal my site. FBI-- I said no. I am owed so I can pay for web hosting with the real money i am owed. Get the idiots out of my ear.. I have paid the hosting for this period however paypal is holding for a moment. Not sure why-- however my bank has already put the money in the paypal account and I have proof. The whole point of moving the site is to get it out of government control. I heard that was a female idiot with the Joint Chiefs of staff-- that took the site down-- Wednesday. told a lot of calls generated just from that. Idiot female in red-- told you i do not like you. Who the hell do you think you are? This is a private business and should not have government personnel all over it. Get off me. Gov boys pooled their money and have a suggestion for new web hosting? You did not get the bag-- how are you going to get my code. I have it on good authority if it is not my social-- my affiliates are not paying. Too worried they are in a lot of trouble-- right now. Government idiot when do you start listening? And did you ask for English and Mossad permission? Earpiece said-- one of those royals threatened LiquidWeb, too? All of you, get off me.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Got up about 7:30 this morning ready to cook and get busy. Had my coffee and a slice of apple pie [cooked yesterday evening], then showered and dressed. After which my mother [I am kind of squeamish about getting the insides out] and I prepped the turkey and put it in the oven. Here are some scenes thus far from this Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving cooking garb. Did not bother with the hair.. and opted for comfort for the outfit. I will do hair after I finish cooking. Later, I plan on going out for a bit. Wish I could say I was worried that I am getting too fat. Body shots made me cringe a bit-- but I will get it back on track.

I am in a great mood and things are on schedule. Blogging a great way for me to relax and release my frustrations. Today music, food, smells.. all making me happy. Hope your Thanksgiving is going well too.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

cooking bare..

Yesterday, was a hard day-- and I blogged and blogged about the issues. Was I upset that the promise ach payments were to start that day- really did not happen? No. Was this promise made again last night? Yes. Why, I am not sure... that said paypal and others should be concerned.

I was upset they were playing with the gain and volumes on consoles while using the frequency for the earpiece in the left ear. Apparently, the frequency was never set-- so it is an odd number. I am told that is why they forgot about it. They could not find the frequency. Then they did not want me to be able to prove the early rights violations. I also had jury duty in march 2004, which I tried to get out of by showing I was ineligible-- however they said nope nothing. I believe they really wanted access to the software I had developed at the time-- and to make the many complaints I had already filed with DOJ and the FBI seem unwarranted.

The frequency for the earpiece in the left ear--- was given out to many and I am told even Bob [security BWMC]-- noted it. The government should not have given that frequency out to the many who now have it. I am told the FBI and CIA control who has access-- and for whatever reason-- too many were angry last night and they left the network open. It felt like I had double heartbeats. The pulsating is rugged because I damaged this feature with the submerging-- however it is loud on consoles so all request that it not be used. Last night, volume, gains and pulsate were on. The FBI normally keeps that silent for all-- but can do nothing about gain if a console user is granted access. I am told NAVSEA and the CIA use several dedicated consoles to keep me aware they are there. They said-- last night Lester's console was active. I asked the FBI why they were not controlling who had access. They are saying-- the FBI wants to lock up a lot of folks but seem to think I should be used to help in this. I am sorry-- if you do not have the right warrants by now-- you should have without using me further. I am told-- in particular, Pentagon personnel a problem and they want to go after them. I do not care if you go after them- I care that you continue to allow the violation of my rights.

The other thing, Richard [DOJ]? I started hearing last spring you gave Hillary a deal. The tapes suggest she should not have been given a deal-- and I had to keep telling her [or someone claiming to be her] to get out of my ear-- too long. You gave her a deal-- and I have to wait until you can arrest Washington criminals? No thanks... especially when they are doing things like they did last night. STOP.

In other news, I have been preparing to start holiday cooking since Sunday. We have a tiny turkey so I took that out Monday. I took off the burgundy red nail polish and decided to go bare while cooking. Yes, I need a manicure.

I am really confused about what is going on in Washington. Yes, the FBI and DOJ are on with me. What are they waiting on? I am not sure. FBI-- you do not get to get mad with me over the course of a day and leave that network unprotected. You gave out the frequency and consoles to too many crazy people and I should not be subjected to that kind of harassment. I do not work for the Federal government nor will I ever. The deal is on the table? You need to move forward. I know my affiliates want this over... Government to wrong here.. stop. This is harass me into defaming criminals? In a court of law they are going to look really bad. Why are you allowing this?

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Staying Positive.

Friday, when I tested for the possible reasons several of my interfaces now appear to be inoperable-- I went in search of workarounds. The World Weather Tool and the AP New Feeds should be working, since they both work in local mode but not online.

The CIA interface is also in disrepair because it appears the IP where the servlet is hosted, cannot access the resource url. I did find a workaround for this problem in the form of a database, here.

When I move the sites-- I will use this resource. Do you want one now? I will use Java Servlet and JDBC technology for the new interface-- however it will work similar, insofar as user interaction-- as the old one. You will need JSP hosting for my new interface-- but you needed that for the old one too.

It was mostly a quiet weekend with more of the same insofar as where the settlement process is. Supposed to start this morning... no something went wrong-- again. I am not sure why they keep doing this. I never cry about this-- only wonder why they keep doing this...

Unnecessary gain over the weekend? Yes, but it is a lot less today.. so I am a bit happier. This could be considered torture and I am not sure why DOJ is allowing it.. Prolonged heart pinch. How do they do it? Not sure--but it can only be done with the earpiece in the left ear-- with all of the bells and whistles. Frequency, pusle, etc. Affects different parts of the body. Check with the maker of the early versions. Who did they claim did it? FBI/DOJ-- check tapes from Friday, night. They owe explanations.

On Friday, there was excitement when I was telling someone about the CIA database I found-- until I explained again -- I am not developing the new interface now. I need to move the sites. Too government personnel on my sites and I said no. I am not sure why they seem to have a hard head about this.

Last evening, I watched Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I liked this movie a lot. Wondered if the mind control scenes inspired some of the idiot crap in my ear from the earpiece idiots this morning. CIA/Pentagon-- stop, please... Listen to the tapes. Really, stop. I am too straight forward and too disgusted by the idiots-- to be impressed. The names involved? Oh please stop. I am embarrassed they sound like idiots. DOJ/FBI-- sorry you owe, I asked nicely. Have them stop-- by any means necessary... Arrest warrants? Okay. You go after the big name and not these idiots? Nope.. said get them out of my ear. Big name-- see about another lawyer... DOJ hammering you and not the others. Why? Then DOJ explains they are listening? Sorry DOJ you are going to be locking up those idiots.

I am a project in government circles. I am told it was called the Regina project. The project was supposed to die. Settlement payments were supposed to be the reason... they continue with this, however they now use "die dead" a lot. How do you kill someone with all the surveillance cameras the FBI gave out? I used to do 6.6 miles a day on the treadmill and later when I broke the 3 I owned, 9.6 on the elliptical. Check exercise category on Q's Wire. I am in pretty good shape. Check with BWMC. Die dead? What does that mean? Over and over this morning from two claiming to be Volker and Pickering. later said it was Ben and Joseph. What does die dead mean, guys? The one claiming to be Pickering upset over Mullen? I thought it was Babs who appointed missy's boy to the academy. Earpiece claim-- Mullen... tell him to get mad with him.. I do not owe him and the navy. Made fools of yourself... Missy told everyone her boy there. Not me. Wanted nothing to do with her nor her mother... DOJ really pickering-- "die dead"... mullen--- see your boy pick. I do not owe idiots. I thought babs did it... By the way doj-- they continue to threaten me-- i continue to go loud... Idiots do not threaten me. Claim it was mullen with the heartpinch. This morning it was the FBI doing it.. I have no eyes.. Not sure-- but do know there were witnesses. I am only going with who they said it was that a tape should confirm. Threaten yourself idiot.

FBI-- the guy below? Why do I want to ask if he accesses my surveillance equipment with a console... I do not like threats... Day one.. I am not owed threats because you let this go on too long.. My tag? no thanks... what would his coworkers say? Careful-- I am not the idiot boys...

Years ago told Volker not interested at least twice. Not sure who he is. Why would someone claiming to be him this morning tell me he is my only door? Told him a lot-- no thanks when I thought he was a lawyer. Thin air-- live broadcast. Have no idea what he is. Just know-- at least 3 times in the past including last week when he was with Greenspan on Cspan. I always tell thin air no thanks. Can they hear me? Long ago indication was they could. CSPan gov tv. earpiece confirmed in Feb. 2012. Told Volker again last week--no. Get tapes. Why is he my only choice this morning? Not him and CIA, FBI or DOj like having fun in my ear? tell them that is a mistake.. I said no thanks.

The other interesting thing about last Friday? Told too many embarrassed about the World Weather images I showed from my tests. Look at the times and locations. Showed clearly in standalone mode my code. But who doubted that? I wrote the original tool in 2003. Unless you had x-windows experience you should not claim that tool. origianl code stolen from safe when I had jury duty in march 2004, I beleive. Heart pinch because I embarrassed liars? Judge protected the bag in June 2012. I have all of my code and I keep old versions... why upset about that on friday? I have been all over forums, chat rooms, big groups like linkedin with my signature links. Of course it is my code... Do not own that applet in 2003 unless you have x-windows experience... Yes, I have my code. Who did they claim those tests embarrassed? For some reason, one was Prince William. I have no idea why. Passed on those claiming to be from England in march 2012. Get Friday tapes.

The other idiot thing I had for the idiots this morning? I am dead-- why are they talking to me? FBI get your thugs off me. Pentagon Cia? said no.

Credibility for the movie Safe House. They have-- I am told low powered x-ray cameras now. They are all over my residence. they like for me to like the men on more than i do. Told them all of this is like a cold shower. Do not see men.. see criminals. Can they see? yes. that is why chest x-ray important at Bwmc. They asked me the first night. I asked the guy to get one of my head for the earpieces. Told he saw them but did not take the image. xray surveillence should have shown that pill thing he injected at the safe house. equipment cannot see through bones. Can see almost everything else. Idiots like tellimg me when I have to use the bathroom. funny, funny.. US gov-- 1.5 billion pentagon alone.. keep allowing that heart pinch.

Pete Read, they tell me Pickering is your kin? He bragged he had no aids. Why? I am not a washington whore and would not do him. White girls say that in my ear all the time. Did I pete? Pete why is your kin all over me.. I will make him wish he had left me alone... I said no. You told me your brother was overweight and self consioius.. I am not the hard up boys' whore. i thought you got that. If he is too self conscious to insure with men-- why would he think I would do him? Most men tell me I am intimidating? Surely you told him that. Screw me for 17 years so I will do anything? pentagon--- that person is the idiot in my ear? Get that joke off me. I x-windowed... remember.-- People that use do him in my ear? Claim Anne Romney- she liked Joseph. Several liked Joseph. maybe I was supposed to notice him. A Sunlight Labs girl that liked one of my white cousins. me and several in my ear watched "cooly high" the other night. We did not do you. We slow danced.

While on the subject of Ann Romney and insurance lets tell you about a session I had with Anne about 2 weeks before the election. I told her I was going to tell it after the election because I did not want to affect it. those in washington want a part of the settlement they know about. I do not owe washington. They scammed 300 million over the years. Originally, I was told Anne was Lester Holt's wife. I am not sure. Earpiece claims Romney [the guy] is lester's-- the reason he had to start wearing glasses. Starting in the spring Ann would chat in my ear. Really her? I have no reason to doubt that. In the fall- I was told she is really with chet. Who is chet? Chet is the name I use for the real power. There are two chets. A cilivian and a military. Military is almost always a marine general. I am not sure who the cilivan chet is. Might be a Tony Cordsman son. Military-- looks like james Mattis. Anyway she is supposed to really be with him. I do not like the person claiming to be her.. She thinks a lot of herself. Anyway I was told [via earpiece] hillary wanted to be like the boys insofar as insurance. The boys-- if you get ouch bottom-- then the guy who did it has to oral you. So I am told hillary wanted to be like them. They made it kind of a joke. She strapped on a ---- and then she had to oral someone.. Cannot remember now if it was a girl or a guy. Anne decided 2 weeks before the election I should be hillary. She did not know I already knew about that story. maybe it was not anne. Why would they lie? Not sure... I do not need insurance. I am not part of washington. I would not go near hillary nor ann. Get the tapes. I do not owe the washinton orgy. Get that filth off me. By the way I told ann to get off me a lot before that story... I did not care if she was my sister in law. The person that said she was ann-- sounds like a pompous bitch. That said--- they said Obama would win long ago. Recently-- could not afford to switch at this time the reason given. When I threatened to tell this story-- caused me more problems? I cannot even walk away. Too many want me to defame them. but how if I am repeating earpiece stories?

Just now-- 1:55 pm Monday.. Me-- why are you on my heart? [vibrations affecting my heart directly]. Response from earpiece-- ACLU said go ahead and kill her. DOJ-- still funny? Yes, confirming concern I did not tell the Ann story. Calls bad. My goal is not phone calls to the fBi. doj owes me a call. Told deal still in place... I do not owe harrassment until I defame someone. How many times do i tell ann to get out of my ear without recourse. she would not. Yes, I did threaten her after that disgusting issue. I do not owe because washington would not get out of my ear. My speculation in Q's wire is tame compared to the crap I was forced to listen to.. I owe-- get off me.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mom's Birthday...

Today, is my mother's birthday. After working on some things earlier in the day [yesterday]-- I went out to pick up the cake.

The cake is a Baskin Robbins-- Double Chocolate Chip ice cream cake. It has a mousse outer coating with a hard chocolate candy center on top, chocolate ganache around the base, layer of chocolate cake and a layer of chocolate chip ice cream. I have to say it it pretty good.

I had a headache for most of the afternoon [yesterday]-- so by the time I showered and did my hair the Advil I had taken-- kicked in and I felt a little better.

I seldom go out these days-- except to the bank once a week-- so I like noting when I do-- and how I looked. With the holidays approaching I will probably be out a bit more.

My mother liked her cake-- too.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beg Bitch?

How the gain works? First of all you need a government issued console. Either the CIA, Pentagon or FBI can issue the units. In May 2012, users of the console that wanted to talk with me could use a pulsate feature that pulsed when they talked. Many used it to show the importance of the person talking. Those with units must have a camera overhead of the unit so that all can see who is talking and what they are using on the consoles. I am told FBI has been monitoring from the start.

It was explained to me that the following have had consoles issued for use at their private residences or offices.

  • John D. Rockefeller IV- used early [March 2012 and on] at his senate office by many that wanted to provide details of who watching was. He also has several at his many homes in the area.
  • The Clintons Home Use fBI issue all claiming to have been in my ear at one time or another. Does Rick Santorium remind you of Bill Clinton? See his daughter's head.
  • Susan Collins-- console picked up
  • Kagan Home
  • Ginsburg Home
  • Supreme Offices
  • Ben Affleck-- Rockefeller issued machine through CIA also known in the Hanover area.
  • Inouye-- told he turned his in without request fBI issue
  • My brother's family FBI issue
  • Mike Mullen Home use [daughter likes using too] Pentagon issue
  • Pickering Home use [Pentagon]
  • Bruce Leshan Home use [through his father, told that is Don Evans]
  • Brian Williams Condo in Washington [Ben his brother sometimes uses his] Ben and Brian sons of Joyce Anderson-- Rockefeller tie.
  • James Mattis-- Home-- Anne Romney had access. Told she has close ties to him.
  • Sister had an illegal unit origninaly given to Bruce Leshan.. and not registered properly
  • Julie Nixon
  • sen john cornyn-- claimed he [person in my ear claiming to be him] was really from West VA. Note head -- looks like a relative on the channel 7 weatherman who appears to be Brian Williams father. Joyce Anderson maybe key.
  • Various DOJ attorneys
  • Mike Bowdoski
  • kelly ayotte-- using mueller consoles. Early on Feb 2012- May 2012. No longer a factor.
  • martin O'malley
  • FBI-- agents in the field and in Washington
  • George and Jenna Bush
  • Lester Holt
  • Obama
  • barbara mikulski early on-- march 2012- May 2012. They asked the person claiming to be her to discontinue using her console with my frequency. No problems with her since.
  • Local police
  • CIA personnel-- see Air Force General photo from CSPAN breifing.
  • England personalities.

Most of the consoles issued after my earpiece activated in late Feb. 2012. Rockefeller always had one. part of the investigation? Okay-- I get some family interaction. Rockefeller family ties too. Collins, Clintons-- no ties and have requested over and over they not engage. Many on the list-- in same category.. why are you in my ear? Supremes.. no appellate reason for interaction with the supremes. DOJ and law firm survey should have been used for Federal settlement tab. Most of the supremes are not lawyers nor real judges. Fraud abuse because blog posts were changed on Q's wire wherein a federal descretionary budget was used to scam. Supreme court and Roberts i am told. not legal nor binding and I had no idea. Check their financial records. Check mine. Why would I lie.

Legal problems? The claim is Rockefeller, hillary [google adsense] and Chelsea Clinton, Ayotte [unrelated to my issues-- credit card fraud], England personalities--- credit card issues, Jenna or laura Bush [google adsense], Lester Holt [itunes], Liz Wiel [post fraud], Ben Affleck, Babs, Julie [Template Monster]. Console abuse-- those claiming to be Pickering, Mullen-- his daughter, Affleck, Kagan, Hillary, Chelsea, Susan Collins, Inoyu, BWMc flower lady. Told Bob security has has limited monitoring now and tapes from my stay at BWMC.

Why these folks other than DOJ and FBI officials would need access to my frequency is unclear to me, in that the consoles are meant for investigative purposes. But these folks claim they are on with me often.

The problem? I believe sometime in 1995 a high tech earpiece was implanted in my left inner ear. At the time-- it would have been the latest and best technology with lots of bells and whistles. it was probably determined shortly after that the many bells and whistles where dangerous to the person it was implanted in and the model no longer used. I am not sure when a relative had her unit installed but I believe this cause her epileptic issues which she was treated for at BWMC.

I started complaining early on when console users engaged the pulsate feature. OBama a notable user. Then they started twirling the knob up and down... my unit also allows for volume control, and gain. This is what can kill. When the idiots figured out how powerful the unit was they started playing around. That said-- the fBi could block anyone they wanted to block-- and a question the General kept asking was why they were allowing this.

They claim that every time they believe the settlement payments are to start-- those in Washington that are mad who did not get part of the deal [why you may want to ask] they log on as many machines as possible with the gain on and affect my life horribly. i am told that I have degraded the earpiece to a degree that it now requires at least 20 machines with a 20 db gain to irratate me. its like this constant nerve tingle. It is horrible. Can it affect my heart? Yes.

Last night after an entire day of never ending gain issues-- I asked again and and again the FBI -- drop the network. I have a frequency so rare it is felt that it was never set and that is why it took so long to find it. That an they did not want to admit that my rights had been violated early in this process.

Mistake FBI--- "Beg Bitch"... FBI-- get Washington filth off me now. I do not beg for anything... You told me and them payments were starting... Collins mad. Really.. never met her, never plan to--- why did you pick up her unit? Too sadistic? Was that really her? If it is not investigation there better be a good reason. I am not from maine and do not like Susan Collins. Why on earth would that politician claim to be in my ear. "Beg Bitch" was issued by a male voice... he has me confused with his no class bitch. FBI you owe.. get that filth off me.

Beg Bitch-- washington is making a mistake. I have no console so cannot see i am told everyone else sees and FBI has the tapes. I do not beg filth.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Too Loud, why?

A retired police officer just gave my mother $3100 for the burgandy sudan in the driveway. I know this because my mother and the guy were having a loud discussion about it with the door open. He and his son will be returning sometime today to pick up the car. The reason this is a bit odd... My brother yelled throuh the door- over the weekend-- he said he would be back with $2100 on Monday. Here are the keys and title. The buyer did not know the bank would be closed on Monday, so he came back today. Son had an accident or he would have been here sooner. Why all of this for my hearing? Conversations outside with the front door open.

What's interesting? When the guy left-- a moment ago, my mother called my brother and told him where he could find the money. Too my knowledge my brother does not have keys to this house-- and why she would be telling him where the money is-- in case she is not here-- amazed me. Not once but twice. Loudly. My mother, says she goes to my brother's house every Sunday. When she offered to drive over he must have told her no. I counted the money to insure it was the amount I heard today-- it was.

Would my family member lie on me? Yes. Why? She has been behaving oddly all morning. Me? A little tired from the never ending gain issues-- and the "today is the day". Not according to my bank. Why continue to do this? Looks like they want to try crazy. But I am not yelling. Only wondering why they insist I check every morning. I don't. This seems to anger them more. Mind fk bunch at CIA looks a little retarded FBI.. how long do they get?

Told the source still in-- however angry at washington crap. They go back and forth on this. Said i understood if the source wanted out-- however my affiliates still owe me.. DOJ owes explanation. Oh no, source happy to see the deal through. General not happy. General- sorry you need national security. Not greed. Not sure what they are doing.. but all of this looks bad... too loud... why? Told they are still looking at the crazy option. The BWMC doctor did not forget to give me more than the 3mg of Invega for 15 days. I even told him about the earpiece in my ear. Had too. Pointed to my blog posts and explained. Also asked him to check whether or not I had a record. I do not have a record. How did the earpiece get there without my knowledge? I discussed this with him and his staff. I am crazy-- he should have asked me to take more drugs-- longer. He did not. I would love for him to talk with most of the idiots in my ear. DOJ/FBI-- are you listening? Who are the idiots in my ear? Making a mistake with that gain.. stop.

I am knee jerking? No. Tired of the crap that DOJ/FBI can hear... Sorry-- you have to get the sadistic bunch out of my ear-- submerging not working. Also if deal is viable-- stop the crap and move on.

By the way-- if this is a secret message insofar as the money difference where my settlement is concerned.. stop-- I will have you thrown in jail. I do not owe the boys. It is estimated-- that over the years 300 million dollars has been scammed under the QiSoftware umbrella. I do not owe the boys. What's interesting? Either the earlier criminals [you would be surprised at the list] had to pay it back and/or go to jail. I know about one or two. Why they would think they can scam this deal is beyond me-- but FBI-- I do not like it was a retired police officer at the door, especially when I am begging you to tell me why I am having gain issues with that earpiece. I do not owe dirty cops.. CIA/Black ops-- since when did cops become you? They do not play with me. I went to the FBI/DOJ day one..

Another surprising thing? The other day, the BWMC flower lady tried to tell me that no one got a deal except me and this was causing the problem. I asked her if she had talked to her father and whether she and others that wanted part of this deal wanted to go to jail... Bonnie-- did she tell you who her dad was? I did not know until she told me via earpiece long after I left bwmc. Earpiece claiming i told Bonnie via blog post. This maybe true.. I will look into it later. For some reason-- the powerful guy's dad did not want him educated and therefore none of his kids nor known associates have an education... I often say-- "blank" were the servants impressed? I am told he gets really mad when i do this. RJ-- not impressed with flower lady... I do not owe your kids and she needs to stay out of my ear. Send her to school on your dime. not mine. Powerful guy-- she is older than me-- behaves like trash and threatens me too much.. I am not kidding.. get her out of my ear.

Washington-- I do not owe the boys. I do not pay dirty people. you did not get part of the 300 million over the years? Count yourself lucky.. you did not have to go to jail and pay it back. Get off me.

Threat now-- if you be quiet you can get out? I do not owe back doors and dirty cops... Screamed loudly day one. Never threaten me.

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Friday, November 09, 2012


I have not posted photos of me in awhile. My hair these days- goes into a ponytail or as is the case today-- held back with a comb-- so it is kind of messy most days. I wish I could say it is because I am working on business projects and do not have the time to primp.

Recruitment seems to be the mission of the time- and I have said no. Other threats in the offering? See if we can go with crazy, have her post about all the crap she was told to have others say-- why did she tell and to turn a simple legal issue into a why did you hurt so many. This one this morning. I said, I thought I covered that one when I first heard about the insuring with others' secrets, last spring.

I have explained the information, with the caveat-- earpiece provided, to show evidentiary data. I have left out a lot. Why? It is not needed and shows neither credit for the information provided nor provides anything other than credible gossip that would disappoint an american public.

No, I did not know a lot before the earpiece was activated in Feb. 2012. I had speculated on who was who a great deal in Q's Wire. I was right about a lot. That said I thought they wanted it told. The things I was told starting earlier this year both shocked and concerned me. I am told my reaction to a lot of things is one of silence. Yes, I listened to hour after hour of scripts provided by Washington types. Congressional and CIA. I am told DOJ is just now going through the tapes.

Waiting on me to tell Washington secrets-- beyond what I have told to show why they want to use me? Do not wait. I want Washington to move forward. Pity party that I do not think the American public wants to know about. That said DOJ-- you owe the out. You are allowing harassment from non- investigative nor legal types unabated.

Blackmail washington? Why? I can show fraud and harassment. I am owed a lot from this. In addition, I made the right guesses as to who was who when I posted to Q's Wire-- so why would I blackmail washington-- now. It is Washington that wants me to insure. I want washington to keep its filth out of my ear-- and let me run my business and hope they are cleaning up their act.

I am owed a lot. This from all quarters. There is a deal in place from a private interest-- which clears a lot of big names including the US government. The CIA wants me to bring the money, me and my business to their house. I am not government. I do not like their idiot talk [review tapes] and not interested in government work. I am owed in broad daylight and I do not want the American public to know the secrets I have been told. STOP. DOJ and the FBI owe. Insured to be important in Washington? Okay. Thugs that steal from me? FBI/DOJ not okay. And I do not want to work for the US government.. Get this same old crap off me.

Today, another deadline. But I am not asking that settlement payments start. You tell me they are... STOP. Yes, I believe a deal is in place.. too many details starting in Feb 2012 and too many in government that want me to pay them-- even today. I said no. The source decided to back out? Yes, I would understand. That said-- too many idiots that say that is a lie in their many attempts to irritate me.


After initial post. Boy, are the folks in earpiece land mad. Very. The general cussed me out-- and he [well the one I talk to a lot] is normally very well mannered. Since my post mostly-- says what I have been saying-- it most be the new photos I took today. Why would photos piss off so many? I am sure I did not turn into an exotic beauty-- though I can say-- the hammering with the earpiece gain issues has caused me a lot of unrest. Yes, I think I look better than expected today-- and my makeup went on better than I had hoped. They see me a lot without makeup... not my imagination the anger. General said I caught him with his draws down. Said someone lied... What lie?

I asked for more money? No. The deal I knew about in May 2012 is the deal I understand. That said-- I am willing to take the compensatory parts of the deal and sue for the rest. this clears big business and allows me to move my sites.

who do I believe the general is? His name is said to be Marine General Joseph F. Dunford. That said-- he has a father who was a col. in the marines who also uses the alias online. The one i talk to is rather young, just received his 3 stars and i cannot find the original cspan briefing where i saw a younger version... Told he is a blackops general. Why tell you this? In case you look up Gen. Dunford. I have seen at least two versions in tapes. One looks older. TV camera filters powerful these days. Told justice Kennedy thinks the one i talk to is too young and arrogant. he is very straight forward and I appreciate that. Not sure what the truth is. Why do I believe he is younger. Ben does not like him, and women swoon. Me.. no.. want him to have the Pentagon let go and move on. I am told the other problem-- overseas threats another big reason he is here.

I know a lot now about the Rockwell guys i worked with and who their military connections are. At first [right after earpiece activated, not before], only Doug's and info about a child that died. I did not know it was connected to a Rockwell employee. Now, I know more. General made known to me only recently. Why? Too un-insure our military? General just asked me-- "why would he tell--- walter winchell"? Yes, I do have a habit of telling things. The black ops general.. why?

Never ending jarring from the earpiece. Why should I see a doctor about having it removed before I get a lawyer? Told, just a moment ago when I requested it stop-- that I should go to the hospital to have it removed. Is that why you reminded me about the relative's epileptic issues? Need my own lawyer to certify. Stop... The bag, really? No.

I had no idea Mattis maybe related to Guy nor Roughhead-- Newcomb. Why tell me now? Mark Ferguson-- Pete?

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

said no...

Sunday, I painted my nails for the first time in years. They were pretty much at a standard length and because I have not been coding nor working on projects-- the concern of scratching my Macbook's white keyboard, less so. I like this burgundy red [it looks more burgundy with the naked eye] for fall and winter months.

Last night, I was going through one of my jewelry boxes [the one Jan and Greg gave to me one Christmas], and found my 5 year Rockwell bracelet. I think the guys had a choice of a tie tack or cuff links while I was simply given my bracelet. If you view the photo in a separate window you can see a more enhanced view of the Rockwell trinket.

I am not a political junky, so got the return results for the national election, Wednesday while watching news programs. The only things I look at these days insofar as Washington-- DOJ and the FBI. I do not pay attention to who is in elected office.

What else have I been up too? Recently, watching a lot of HGTV and home redesign shows. This has resulted in my own interest in renovating my residence. Here is a screen-grab of my attempts to add space to the left side with software, ImageComposer.

Earpiece still going with settlement payments to start any day. For some reason-- the fact they do this daily bothers me more than the fact they have not started.

No, I do not want a CIA position nor will government types be helping to run my business. QiSoftware is a sole proprietorship and will always remain so. I wish this continual- going to do this today-- this problem came up-- sure you do not want to sign up with us-- did not like an attempt to demoralize. I am not demoralized-- is the FBI and DOJ? I said no.

That said--- there is the suggestion the investigation is still going strong-- however they [DOJ/FBI] are running into problems with [the washington criminal bunch and their lawyers]- in that they keep pointing at me-- and saying-- FBI/DOJ you have a lot of nerve. I concur. Hope resolution coming soon... Government [other than DOJ/FBI addressing the legal issues related to me] is not an option for me.

I repeat-- I said no... How is my house redecoration going? I have lots of ideas but no money-- but it gives me something to do.. Why not fix WiredPages? When not promising to start the settlement process-- they tell me they will try to pick me up while I am holiday shopping. Why? They want the bag. I am not fixing code so idiots can steal it. FBI-- What are you doing? Do you hear the threats?

The other thing bothering me lately? For some reason-- someone is deactivating the Blogger Calendar I maintain on for this blog. I noticed a problem over the summer [which I corrected] and again the other day. Accessing my domain[s]-- by anyone other than me-- is unauthorized and FBI I have too much surveillance. Get the clowns off my site[s].

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Monday, November 05, 2012

mostly pleasant weekend

I had a mostly pleasant weekend. On Sunday, I started a fire in the fireplace with the one I setup Monday, because of hurricane Sandy. On Friday [Nov, 1st], they again went through a lot saying Monday [today], settlement payments would start-- and for whatever reason, I took these series of notifications more seriously than others in the recent past. Why? Explanations for what may have happened and the number of different folks-- confirming. Did it happen? Not according to my online bank data-- but oddly enough-- I am not the least bit upset.

I have been owed for so long-- I cannot get upset when it does not happen. That said--- maybe because the announcements were made so early on Friday morning-- when they normally save it for Sunday, afternoon--- I had a relaxing weekend going over the things I have to do if settlement payments do start.

They went through a long drawn out explanation on Friday about someone important being arrested or threatened with dismissal at DOJ-- so this added to the new excuses.

Also over the weekend I noticed the flower lady from BWMC was back. I am sorry this is true. That said-- I am told she was arrested and lost her job for calling Google about Adsense ads for my site. I am not sure why this person has a hard head. Ben, someone I have talked to a lot over the last 6 months [via earpiece] said he got a new place in Washington. He seemed excited. We discussed his plans, etc for the place.

The thing I do not get about the flower lady? If I publicly ask my relatives to stop calling my business affiliates why this person would? Bonnie-- did she tell you who she was. Yes, said she got into heaps of trouble for that stunt. I also changed one of my site passwords on Friday and I am told she hit the ceilling. FBI/DOJ what am I not getting? Yes, she was in my ear this weekend. This person should not be in my ear.

Don't know why I am in a pretty good mood but I am. No explanation for why the settlement payments did not start. I was in a good mood most of the weekend until last night when I was told NAVSEA passed out the password again? Claim Ferguson or Pickering. I am not sure why they would give out the password. IP looging to easy to check. FBI what am I not getting? I do not have to lie about this.. get the tapes. By the way--- gain issues all morning? Why? Technically the site is on a commerical server and military no jursidiction? You lied on them? Sorry-- I heard the password repeated over the network.. Told Ben had sequester on.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Spoke too soon

Okay, so what happens when an Asian electrical engineer with the CIA, named Doug, puts his mind on it. He deploys 6 powerful consoles-- I am told the average government issued console goes only to 20 db. The 6 used last night 30 db. I am also told he used another device. Maybe a booster or repeater. Unclear what it was. Why would he do this? To make sure I stay awake most of the night feeling different gain pulses? Yes, powerful-- and enough to keep me awake. Long term heart issues? Not sure. FBI, DOJ intervention? None. Why? Have no idea.

Sometimes when my left ear is submerged in water-- I can hear the pulse-- not mine but the device's as triggered by gain from consoles. I am going to use my camera to see if I can record it. I am told those with consoles monitoring can also hear the noise. FBI-- do you care to explain why you would allow this?

Me, crazy? I tried to explain to my mother- that if I were- I would have had a prescription for something other than 3 mg of Invega for 15 days. Can I prove the earpiece exists? Yes. Several years ago-- a relative went to the hospital with epileptic like seizures. I actually saw her whole body move as if in a seizure. I never knew her to have this problem. Recently [last couple of days], it was explained she probably had the same model earpiece and hers was removed when she stayed in the hospital. Rita Tiller, someone I knew from Odenton was at the hospital during the time of my relative's stay.

Washington claiming, yes recently they tried the same things the powerful individual and his lawyer tried back in May/June 2012 where the settlement funds were concerned and they were unable to deposit anywhere but my account. Why would washington think they are smarter than a well paid lawyer and powerful millionaire? So they have decided that if they cannot have the money-- to try for the bag again. I am told a Federal Reserve account expires after 13 years.

Is anyone with a law degree listening? I am sorry Amazon, Skype, PayPal, etc.. you owe me.

Insult to injury? Someone claiming to be a US Attorney from Baltimore [via earpiece] yesterday said they had several complaints about not being able to reach me via my SKype line to request the cabinet and television. Surely, you are kidding, right? Verizon-- earpiece claiming this is your redirect? Any validity to this?

Joseph, I asked you to save my country.. not play mind fk games. I said no. Why the questions about our timeline, last night? I felt you were saying to an unseen audience- does she get too much? I un-insured? Why feed me pieces then ask me not to know? I kept thinking someone wanted me to tell. That is until the earpiece was activated in Feb. 2012. I am not trying to blackmail anyone. they are trying to extort money from me. Money I do not actually have. Yes, there is at least one federal reserve account... I was told in May-- the funds could only go to me. Why, is this hard for Washington? Send it back? Part of it is Amazon's settlement. They do owe. who the hell are you? Washington gets to say-- they do not want someone else paying their tab. Problem is-- tape after tape is going to show, no class greed and filth out of washington.

Another interesting note? Why would the county chop up the pine and put half in our yard and half in the neighbor's yard? Someone claiming to be the neighbor came over... not sure what was discussed... Earpiece claimed the tree was pulled down. Way too much surveillance for crap like this, so why does it go on?

One or two requests per day about the sedan in the driveway. Brother's number in windshield yet they ring the doorbell anyway... That car should have been sold. i am told [via earpiece]-- they needed to get it running. Also insure gasoline is in the tank-- the reason it left for a week or so. fBI/DOJ you owe explainations. why do i need a car with gasoline in the tank sitting in the driveway? Lots of interest.

Earpiece-- two minutes ago-- DOJ out. Why- so I will knee jerk and discuss the timeline me and the general discussed? I asked him-- about rank in 1985 for those that appear to be tied to Doug masterson and Guy Allen [Rockwell]? I also asked why it looked like Don knew in 1977. If Don is behind trade deal with China/Hong Kong-- why would he insist on that insurance in 1977? I wanted to know why it appeared Don wanted to own generals in 1985? General i was talking too said they were two star generals at the time. They were not. I did not ask about Roughhead. I kind of discussed this in the Don, why post. I already said I looked at this. i own a business. I do not need to blackmail. i am owed. They keep trying to blackmail or threaten me. Last night-- our discussion again for an audience.. I do not like the military national security clause. weak. I am the one who does not like Hillary [via earpiece] nor don screwing the Pentagon. I am a military brat. Yes, I am mad with the pentagon. I left. I was a defense contractor and had no idea what happened. Now they want something? I do not owe. I do not want them compromised. Since first seeing don in January 2001-- I knew he was important. He was.. I believe he was also important in 1977 and 1985 when I signed on with Rockwell. Look up Mary Buffalow. She looks very much like a girl i went to school with, Cindy Rose. mary a support staff person with Rockwell when i signed on. I believe she is Cindy's mom.

Who would want one of my aunts insured in 1977 and why? Why does she interfere in my business? I said no.. Please listen.. i am not your problem. Stay out of my business.

Hoping I will turn into a racist so that you can use--- too much money for a black person? most black people think i am "too white". I am constructive and I can make the case washington will try anything. I do not owe thieves and criminals of washington... you let aids screw you. I said no.. I want ot help. I do not owe your pity party. See don and his boys. Auntie isn't that what Rock told you? I am a loner. I have sat here for 17 years working and trying to figure it all out. I am not a racist. I like good business. I do not need friends. I do not owe your weak idiots. I said no.

Boys-- you keep telling me you have a hard time having your girl do that-- these days. I did not as a rule. I had to be in love. FBI-- Why am i listening to hard up trash thinking i want to be their "old" hard up lover? Read my data sheet. You are mad? I have been screwed for 17 years so your weak ass can tell me your whore now wants it here and not there-- and I maybe able to buy you a nice one. FBI what are you listening too. Said get that filth off me. Then I can? make my day--loser. further I do not owe your loser kids.

Do I need a phone call to FBI baltimore to get the idiots out of my ear? Too hurt my heart.. stop! Get it out? With what? did you stop amazon from paying me? FBI I am not kidding--- get these sadistic idiots off me. I cannot even call a lawyer without a glibe government idiot picking up the call. Who the hell do you think you are?

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