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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I continue to get daily news as to what's going on with DOJ and Washington. I am not going to bother with the details-- however I am told they continue to investigate and settlement is still pending. Complaints as they read over my shoulder. I asked them to review their tapes. Quite frankly-- before the key player left-- I had more details. I have asked DOJ to review his tapes so they do not waste my time with crap. Key player well versed in Washington and what was going on. I believe DOJ underestimates what I know and what i get. Waste someone else's time with lies.

Mondy night was scary. The wind howled until I fell asleep. The pine tree I was worried about did not fall-- instead one in our yard.

The tree fell in the middle of the road-- so the county chopped it up and put the logs in the yard.

Woke up this morning feeling great. Went to the bank. When I returned the American Veterans picked up the entertainment unit and 2 televisions so I am happy that's over. The driver and his helper good about everything. Earpiece provided-- one of the guys said-- I looked younger than he knows me to be. That earpiece always gives me a lot of info like this.

Yes, I am known. People know of me. Have not been given numbers as to the number of calls to DOJ and FBI, lately-- key player provided a lot of this info-- but I am told they are still getting calls. Worried that they kept saying payment today? No. Yes, they claim I am owed. Unclear as to the problem this morning-- however they know I go to the bank every Wednesday and I was not surprised they appeared to lie again. I rarely get upset about this.

Earpiece in left ear is either waterlogged or severely damaged. They [today-- FBI personnel] claim for communications they now use mostly the one in the right ear. I think that one will be easier to render inoperable. Does not have the pulsate nor gain features so not as dangerous.

When I moved the grates on the fireplace mantel to the wall behind the new entertainment area-- I had to find new things for the mantel. I am still tweaking it-- however the brass vase on the end is now going to be a plant holder.

Also planning the holiday menu and thinking about what else to throw out or donate. Sort of in a holding pattern-- but I think I have the earpiece problem mostly under control-- so I am in a great mood. This was really bothering me.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is raining here..

Since Saturday, we have been preparing for the affects of Sandy. Water, batteries, staples. Last night it began raining. I awoke feeling pretty good-- and had my morning coffee and two rounds of wii tennis.

I thought about putting a roast in the slow cooker, did put wood and kindling in the fireplace and set up my mobile office in the den so I could track the storm with the news folks. News reports here are suggesting widespread power outages-- however other than non-stop rain we have had very little in the way of other issues due to the storm. Photos-- of my mobile office today.

What am I working on? I wish I could say-- repairing some of the inoperable interfaces on WiredPages. More I am hoping a dead pine tree in a neighboring yard does not fall and do damage to the house. Confirming DOJs actions for the last 30 days as explained to me over the last 30 days. I am not sure why DOJ did not get the tapes from sessions with the powerful individual, his lawyer and issues with the first Federal Reserve account so a lot of this could have been avoided. A US Attorney [female-- doj] also claimed to be online with me yesterday, before the post. I keep asking what these personal issues offered by people like this have to do with an interview or investigation. I am not part of the Washington scene. You owe explanations. Not your personal opinions. Does the US owe? Do you approve the tab amount? Is there anything I have not answered?

You personally do not like me? I am told my business associates want to pay me and their funds are included in the overall deal. Why- probably to explain why they thought I was being paid and to have washington look at their crap in more detail. I am too connected to powerful people that took it upon themselves to call my business associates. DOJ-- they took the money from the individual and his lawyer in June just before I left. I am told because the money kept going to the wrong account. go get the tapes. I am told 30 days ago they gave it to you {DOJ}.

Earpiece chatter? Feedback from yesterday's post-- which I am not really interested in. Soon after the post went online- issues with gain stopped. It was a hard night -- on Saturday, which in part prompted the post along with the US attorney who asked me what appeared to be a rhetorical question-- "why don't we like you?". No, I do not wish to work with government types. Why is one of your females in my ear threatening me? I used to date lawyers. I probably will never be impressed with female lawyers.. They seem to think this is personal when it should be "oh my god-- what have we done". That said-- it has been a hard 3 weeks or so. I am not liking the power of the earpiece in the left ear-- and this respite has been a welcome relief.

I need judges to look at the behavior of washington types via the tapes and explain. If they did not agree why take the money? The powerful guy tried some things back in April, May and June of 2012 [as the deal was being set]. Why didn't they review those tapes. It is my understanding my business associates were tired of paying well connected family and others. Why would DOJ try the same things? The claim now? There is a court order to pay the settlements however US attorney said she wanted the source to take it back? Which one? Multiple settlements. She's mad because I told her I don't care? God-- too many in washington- get your bitches off me. Too screwed and not in the mood for anymore.. Not business? Keep them out of my ear.

The deal[s] fell through? Why stay in my ear? Why continue too tell me tomorrow. I stopped checking in June. Why continue to ask me to defame someone? Amazon, Paypal, etc.. sorry you owe me and DOJ owes me an explanation and not a pompous witch.

Earpiece claimed some wanted to see the full layout of the den. I seldom use it preferring the small eating area off the kitchen to setup my office. There is a small flat screen tv in the kitchen which does not have HD features. I am impressed with the new tv's screen.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why don't we like you?

I watched television almost all day yesterday. The Art of War... a notable re-watch. Colombiana. I liked this movie way too much. That said-- if I cannot do it with words and via a legal means--- I cannot resort to this. Note the console in her apartment. When not watching tv - I was playing wii Tennis.

Though I am constantly trying to destroy the earpiece in my left ear-- I have not succeeded. I am a bit concerned I will break something in my ear, but have had success with submerging my head in water.

The thing I do not understand? Why government personnel [FBI/DOJ] are allowing all of the gain issues. I am told the FBI is always listening. Congressional, judges, DOJ personnel should be concerned-- if this is the case.

They keep telling me where we are in the settlement process. Yes, I do believe the funds are still in play. Why? Too many big businesses are involved. What federal government personnel does not seem to get? I do not owe respect. I owe- this does not sound like an investigation. This sounds like your ego.

They want the Federal Reserve account [told there are two]-- the first set up by the powerful individual and his lawyer [to disappear, but not really]-- but when they took too long they asked DOJ to handle it. DOJ wants to give me a paycheck that would go on for years. This about 30 days ago. DOJ agreed-- to the first settlement. What I do not understand-- why they have an idiot claiming to be with that department-- continue to ask me why they don't like me. What does that have to do with you agreeing to oversee the payment process? And you agreed without changes to how it should be executed.

They [DOJ] are saying on the hush-- Generals don't like it-- but would if I provided millions to their "pool fund". I do not owe generals a pool fund.

The federal reserve account is setup so that tabs show what settled. Included-- Maryland, Federal Government, Powerful individual. Also-- about 10 big name business affiliates. DOJ-- told business wants those tags to execute.. Why don't you get this? I have said over and over-- get the big business out of it-- and I will sue governments later. They keep saying-- well we owe more than the amount you agreed too-- so we don't like that option.

So they have been torturing me with the vibration capabilities of the earpiece in the left ear-- and never ending idiot talk and threats. I believe at full strength this inner ear device can kill-- believe it or not. I had already started with the destruction process before they started with gain and pulsate features. Too many idiots talking. FBI and ACLU watching and listening.

Told, DOJ to accommodate generals and their latitude request-- setup the second Federal Reserve account so that it was hidden-- and when pinged it is the first-- that is no longer funded. How is this possible? I am not sure-- but do know that the defamation / punitive parts of the settlement will execute before the compensatory tags. This was setup for both federal reserve accounts. The payment process is supposed to start any day however they have been told to stop telling me everyday. Looks too sadistic. What about the constant vibration-- that the FBI tells me they have done things about? Generals held. Equipment picked up.

Are we investigating or just watching me swing in the wind? Drama when I do nothing but watch tv all day? Really it is worse than it looks. Promise.

The other thing? Why not just pay me and have me go to a doctor to have the earpiece removed? Told they want a government doctor to remove it. I want a lawyer to certify. So why leave it on-- especially if only government equipment can access the dangerous features? DOJ - latitude for what. Every time someone claiming to be Pickering gets on I ask him to leave me alone. He control a lot of consoles on the military side and likes telling me. Get that gain out of sync-- and I am really irritated. FBI/DOJ-- I do not owe Pickering latitude. His men? I did nothing to his men. Legal types need to ask why he keeps going on with this. I said no.

Told that they answered many requests for the free cabinet and Sony TV. I did not get a call. I told them to stop answering my business line again.. Skype one of the business affiliates that has a settlement amongst the deals. Sometimes I am really amazed at government. Why did you agree if you wanted to play god? You are not.. this looks bad and too many tell me... ARe you blind? You are hurting us... end this and move on... looks bad. and keep your idiots out of my ear.

I am told my business affiliates and a major source of the funding do not want this to go on for years. I am owed the private settlement that was agreed too in May 2012. Why would you agree to setup the Fed account if you were not going to do that? Courts- told there is a court order and DOJ playing around with the first account and saying we did-- it simply did deposit the funds... told they think they are clever... Does anyone else? Told the source does not. Told I do not. Just DOJ who agrees I am owed. General not owed latitude if it is not a national security issue. They agree it is not.

The other thing I want to caution on? I have asked many-- if they understand the FBI is listening. Did you ask your lawyer? ben, Gene, rock what are your security clearances? None, none, I have one. Several weeks ago someone told me a military officer wanted to give a relative with too much insurance a yearly paycheck-- via me-- and he would use her as a mistress. I told the relative this was illegal and the FBI was listening. FBI-- really-- you are thinking i am going to let crap like this "insure me"? You owe idiot-- how many times does she have to tell you-- she does not pay for your "gals"? Get out your hand. Why isn't officer in trouble for proposing crap like this? C

DOJ-- it would be easy for "real" investigators to see the "clean" job Mullen started in 92 is probably to messy. Are you black mailing the Pentagon. I did not know about a child. Why are you blaming generals for not releasing teh funds-- when everyone agrees they have no jursidiction unless national security. No national security issue. Washington big mouths on an unsecure microwave technology key... DOJ-- why can't the FBI arrest generals. Told the reason why the source got mad with powerful individual-- he kept sending the money to his account. then a generals... Source said I am not an ididot-- stop. Why do you keep asking if they want to pay [someone in washington]. They said no in May before I even left the first time. DOJ--- what are you doing? check with business lawyer. I am owed settlement-- quick because of business ties. Not over years... Stop. Taxpayer not paying-- what are you doing? Richard--they are saying your female lawyer boss the problem. Yes, I have said I am disappointed with jewish women in all of this. I watched civil rights documentaries. Told Richard's boss is female jewish lady who does not like me. This does not further mar my country idiot. Read those law books. And it is I who is disappointed with your crap. I thought you were what you claimed. No an idiot with an ego.

DOJ/FBI-- get tapes Kagan, Ginsburg. Soon after earpiece activated in Feb. 2012-- claim several supremes and english interest began interviews with me. I have no video. I am told video all over my residence. At that time the one claiming to be Ginsburg started calling me the n word. I was offended and called her a csw. I will let you come up with the definition. Since then we smoothed over our differences -- I thought. There should be tapes. I am told this is important. Someone from the government is always claiming they want to see something. How angry i will get. She later claimed that. Are they doctors? I am relatively calm in situations like this-- preferring to ignore a clown. I cannot ignore constant chatter in my ear I cannot turn off. In late April-- G, Ginsburg, Ben and I designed a room for my residence. We have talked a lot over the months. I am not mad ginsburg does not like me... I need justice. I do not cater to bitches. Not now, not ever. I never liked Kagan in my ear. Get tapes. I bet her past will prove me out...

My tapes? Since 1996 I have known I had some sort of survellience. I saw macolm x and JFK. I used to call it talking to thin air. When I want someone to leave me alone-- I try to burn the bridge. No matter race, ethic background, gender. I do not want to know you-- leave me alone. I will go for the jugular with words. And I have picked up bad words. In person.. I tend to walk away.. Thin air-- I say what I want but I am talking to a specific person. It used to be a lot easier for me to walk away from someone i did not wish to know... I assume that you call me a "n" you do not want to know me. I do not mind that. I mind you never stop talking in my ear. I cannot walk away... Ginsburg-- I thought we were okay... I have mentioned our early conversations saying we had some differences of opinion when we first started talking- so I am sure she knew where I stood. Kagan-- always leave me alone.

by the way--when they started with the Jewish woman that was Richard's boss at DOJ about 2 weeks ago-- I looked at this suspiciously. I want an expensive law firm from New York. Male lawyers. I worked with men for most of my career. I get them better. Exact quote-- bad ass lawyer that gets-- he could make a lot of money off me but would rather me pay him a retainer and he do what I ask. Females-- mostly want to see something. Go see your kids. I am not paying you to see something. Is this over.. I have no idea.. Pentagon-- white who knew me may not like I want a New York Law firm... I need laws to be laws. I am not a cover up.. sorry.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Happened?

My brother was supposed to be over at 5:00 pm. I left around 6:00 pm in search of dinner and he still had not arrived-- I thought he was going to pass. Earpiece claimed he was not coming. My mother claimed he was. She needed help getting a new entertainment cabinet out of her car. It was in the box. The box too heavy for me to left. A Regency. The way I left it-- my sister was coming over to help. Earlier in the day--- she claimed my sister would be over Saturday to help move the stand if she purchased it. After she had lunch with the girls-- she went to Costco to get it. She had been looking at it all week. She called from costco. I thought we were simply going to leave it in the garage until we got the other unit out. New tv was still in the box. With my broken arm-- I am basically useless with heavy things-- and the current unit needed to be removed. Heavy oak stand that my father purchased years ago. Really nice. We have old huge tvs all over the place so I wanted to have someone come pick up a lot of things and my mother wanted the stand moved to the formal living room. I told her this was the hoarding look and lets hire someone. She tricked me. When she returned from Costco she told me Andre was coming over to put it in the garage. Recently, Andre has been over 3 times in as many weeks and before July 24, 2012 I had not seen him in years. He threatened me on that date-- in front of several. Recent visits, he did not come in- only doing something with the car that is now back in the driveway. too be continued.

While out rather than dinner-- I did go by the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Glen Burnie right off of Dorsey Rd. Giant shopping center. I decided not to stop because I had no cash on me- and earpiece has been cautioning that I should not be using the bank card for the account where ACH payments are to be made all over the place. I road around the parking lot then started the return path however went down 170 toward BWI international airport. I went by the place I stayed at in july 2012. I felt sad-- compounded by female issues that always leave me more emotional. I never feel sad-- and these days because I am not active rarely see my female issues. That said-- i do go through some changes every month and recently believe my food has been spiked with hormones. No-- I am not interested in seeing anyone... all of this is like a cold shower to me.

I caught the Parkway to Arundel Mills blvd and stopped at the exxon. I have a reciept stamped at 6:38 pm for the water and gum I purchased. It took me less then 5 minutes to arrive home. When I did-- Andre and judy had their cars parked on the street and the garage and doors open. I blew to indicate I was home. This meant Andre leave. When I parked-- the huge unit was in the garage and the Regency unit-- about $400 at costco-- was out of the box and assembled. I provide details so you can check. All within less than an hour. Earpiece claimed a like unit was put together and ready to transport if I did leave. Timing indicates that is what happened. Andre was pretending to install the stereo equipment and I insisted he leave. He did with little argument. so did Judy. I stayed up until 11:30 or so.. hooking up the new tv, stereo equipment, game equimpment and hooking up the 4 speakers scattered around the den. I also had to hook the cd playern [amp] and dvd player to the tv. Had a little bit of a problem getting the tv to work with amp but figured it out. I like the stereo effect of tv with the huge speakers. AV should be used rather than compenent if you have wii or external cd player for the visio brand we got- another problem I had to fix.

Why am I telling you this? Moving that huge cabinet, taking everyhing out and disconnecting it-- separate stereo pieces [not an ipod] to the gargage and then assembling the new one should have taken more than an hour. I was gone less than an hour-- and they were not there when I left. I have photos that I will post in a moment. The huge stand in the garage, the new one and the receipt from the Exxon. I only made one stop and you can time my travels. Earpiece right. Said Judy and Andre did not do it... helpers. Just there for credibilty. so why tell me the truth via earpiece?

The oak cabinet in the garage is a giveaway along with the Sony tv. Why-- heavy. It is a nice cabinet-- just did not work with a flat screen tv. Call me-- 443-393-6650 if you want to pick it up. Yes, my mother agreed.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today, while out sawing ofF the limb on this tree-- a guy stopped and asked if I wanted to sell my RX7 which was in the garage. He said every time he saw me he was going to ask, when I indicated no-- not willing to sell. The car shown in the header photo.

The tree after I finished.

Last two posts have been rather intense about issues I have been going through. Told -- ACLU wants order enforced where earpiece is concerned. Yes-- still active but not as much. Pacemaker effect.. dangerous.

Still heavy on the settlement talk... Hoping I will become demoralized I think. Told FBI and DOJ receiving calls. Still discussed:

  • The bag
  • Fix the site- my response no-- not writing code if I am moving the sites. I have no employees-- amazing to me idiots try this. Amazon did you decide to pay one?
  • Key Player unavailable for twenty days.
  • Why Kagan needs a requisition For hospital bill. BWMC-- explained involuntary when I was there and in later phone calls. Earpiece claimed surpremes night of 19th June 2012 and again in this time period. Specifically Kagan.
  • Gen. Joseph F. Dunford-- claim I talk to him a lot. Looks like military evaluation. Why would I talk to him-- then? Searching timelines.. Rachel Ray, who was related to who in my office, wrong reason for Oct 93 accident. Claim-- child's death. Not aware child existed. Lot about-- Hong Kong 1997 events and Don's roll. I know too much about who's who from Rockwell office-- latest claim. Let's un-insure on this. CIA employment-- no.
  • Why I did not mention Adm. Roughhead as reminding me of John W. Newcomb from Rockwell when I mentioned James Jones and Mattis.
  • People who have lost [home] surveillance consoles-- Mike M. [Mike was that you a moment ago-- with the dear shit?]-- fbi, really?, Susan C., Brother's family, Bill and family, sister, Flower lady hospital. Worried- about a remaining home console for someone without government employment. Why? General too hard on him.. not sure why. Yes, degrade of earpiece not enough. Let them do it... ACLU-- why can't it be turned off.. It can be.. priorities key. Do not like pacemaker. Want Kagan's. She is fond of "lick my t..." and I just want to see something. She is a judge-- find her records as a judge and her tapes... No where near me. Bodouski and Katie of Maryland-- hear you like playing around with gain on my frequency... FBI-- I don't like it.
  • MILLIONs FOR AIDS VICTIMS. BUT I DO NOT HAVE AIDS. That said, why tell me deal is gone if I can afford millions for Aids victims? Paypal-- what am I missing? The other issue-- white males the Aids victims. I never had a white male lover oral me. Rumor-- white girl oraled me while I was at Macauthor jr high. Known person. See Applegate's husband. Looks just like Bill Foster-- anyone remember. I dated him in 1973. I was too young. cheerleader [cougars] with mole dated him after me.. she stole him... told her-- because she stole him... I was 12 and asleep if it happened. Had no idea he was Bill's son. Earpiece confirmed their son. Both at sr. high in 1973. See Ted Stevens-- relations. Once I remeber not feeling well while at lunch, standing up but not remembering what happened next. Should be at least a witness to the cafetiera scene. If this event happened must have been while I was at school. My mother never allowed me to have friends over for sleep overs. Nor could I go to them. How did white male get aids because of me- even if I had it.. which I never did? Black male has. Sorry I do not owe this.

I know too much. But I had no idea my coworkers were related to people that would become generals. Not until earpiece activation in Feb. 2012. Also keep in mind-- Richard Nixon [I believe my mother's father] was the sitting president in 1973.

Andre-- mother said you were coming over at 5:00 pm today. No thanks. FBI check 2006 assault. I did not press charges. Mom a busy body. went to lunch-- costco and alive and happy. Me--- she seems to be catering to something again. I did tell her recently I faxed a copy of the FBI report for July 2012. She did nto seem happy. She threatened to have me sent back to the hospital. Because I do not want my 6'4" brother to assualt me again? Lunch girls-- mom ever say I threaten her? Hospital released. A lot should see you.. me? already did. By the way--- read this to her. Check her card transations. All over the place. Andre-- no where near me. Cameras all over the place in my residence. How they got away with i tried to choke her is still amazing to me-- but that is what happened in June 2012. She later admitted that never happened but I have the court papers that show that is exactly what my sister wrote-- which i provided a copy of to the FBI and DOJ. Told the key was responisble for the July 2012 event and court issue. Dismissed. Andre at the time, on the scene then threatening me.. Looks like the bag. Plan on calling the Baltimore officr of the FBI to have them check his records... I said no.

By the way-- if Andre is operating blind-- told his console was picked up recetly, only earpiece now-- he may think he is getting instructions from the missing player. Everyone has missing player's filter. I am pretty sure he is away being evaluated. Listen carefully. FBI why do I have to tell you what you can hear for yourself? I am told my mother has an earpiece [internal too]. Sister, Jan and my niece have external receivers. Told mother and brother a little concerned about having them removed. me I cannot afford it. I have two. Ben you are getting a lot of blame.. reason I am concerned with general. You using his filther? stop. why the sorry-- I should not have done that. I said no to the bag ben... cars lined up down the street.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Don, Why?

I have been dealing with issues and searching for why this would continue. One appears to be that I should go to work for the CIA. I have continued to say -- no thanks.

Another major issue-- the earpiece in the left ear. Told it is so large and powerful that they would love to have it back.. that said-- I want it destroyed.Gain issues.

Constantly, being told--- DOJ has control of the payment start-- however enlisted others to override-- which has caused the problem. It is explained to me that at first circuit court judges were in on the approval process. Why would a private deal need a Federal approval? Because -- the US Government tab settlement-- though being picked up by the outside source, needs approval. There is no one saying they do not owe. As a matter of fact-- a lawyer claimed-- right after I arrived back from BWMC in July 2012-- that the Pentagon owed 1.5 billion. the fact that the FBI/DOJ ignored my requests for relief since the mid 90s also a factor.

The other issue-- too many want me to promise something in return for release of the funds. Told the funds can only be released to my social. Made no promises other than a trust I want to set up for my mother. the other-- when I die if rich-- the money will be returned to the outside source. I get threats all the time. This a public record. I want to pay pricey law firms to protect me after the fact... I do not owe pricey law firms before the settlement.. all agreed in May 2012.

That said-- I am told there is a wide ranging investigation going on both at the Military and DOJ/FBI levels. Bob, security BWMC told you have tapes that may help with the night of June 19th, 2012. Things I had forgotten-- discussed at length yesterday [sunday]. That said-- James Jones signed the order? How? This explained yesterday? This is news to me. I thought it was the surpremes. Ben do you remember? I was supposed to be released immediately. That is what that 3mg invega without a doctor indicates. Told in situations like this-- that is known by the people involved. Told my 2.5 week stay was to run a couple of tests.. yes I am HIV negative and to get the bag... A circuit judge stepped in and made a lot of people mad.

what I do not like? On a number of occasions I have been told I am speaking with people like Kagan or Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I am not a fan of Kagan. The problem--- not all of the supremes are judges or even lawyers. Lawyers and judges include Kennedy, Kagan, Thomas... Most of the others are not. The person claiming to be Kagan-- keeps suggesting she is owed respect. My claim-- she only gets to analyze whether the Federal government owes the tab amount for both DOJ/FBI inaction and Pentagon -- actions over the last 17 years. No one says they do not... as a matter of fact most say that the 120 million for the Federal roll in this over the last 17 years is under what I am owed. The tab amount was arrived at by a well respected DC Law Firm. Why? An individual involved in the settlement uses the law firm.

Other large law firms were surveyed and all come back with the same response. Good deal for the US Government and they believe what happened to me. Just too much evidence that supports my claims. So why is it not moving forward?

The claim is now-- 3 supremes and 3 generals need to sign off. I am told all have. So why is DOJ holding off? Not sure. Yes, I believe the money is set to roll from the Federal Reserver payment system-- ACH. This morning too. Did it? My bank balance is current as of last Friday.. so I see no change.

They really want me to take a CIA position and let me get a paycheck from them. I have said no over and over. Kagan.. someone needs to get her tapes and ask if she is still an issue-- whether she should be. Three supremes agree the US owes at least that amount? Where is the problem?

Doug-- James Jones said to be key to you. Guy--- James mattis? Why do I want to ask-- if the Blogger Calendar is compromising anything... Don-- those guys 2 stars in 1985... Don---- I do not owe the blogger calendar. Matties -- big deal. That said -- told he signed off. Why is this still happening? Too many still on and on about the bag. Can I fix problems with WiredPages? Yes. Not making corrections for a server I will not be using in the long term future. I have already explained this.

Don-- why am I confused?

Also told-- that because of too many threats -- shoot to kill is a problem. Waht does this mean? A lot involved in this got AIDS-- whether intentionally or by mistake. Too many. Many angry I did not know there was an AIDS problem and mad I do not have it. Threats causing a "shoot to kill" environment. AA Co police-- told they are serious... July 24th guy-- keeps coming around. why? Some close to me-- A, B... also told there is a problem with you guys... stop. Blind Trust Iron clad-- who sent you? Told it reverts to the person who set it up... who sends you out... even kidding-- you have to stop.... Iron clad.. get a life and stop.

As recently as this weekend-- told the boys wanted hundred million to sign off. The money left... idiot in my ear yours doj? Big affiliates... let go. Did he review tapes or just wants to see if he can steal in broad daylight... I do not owe government filth. already told you. Give back to the fed boys 100 million when they did not pay in the first place. Let's see I get 20 million and they get 100 million? DOJ/FBI you owe the boys extortion charges. The liar today-- shut up idiot.. i just had this discussion. I repeat-- Pentagon alone 1.5 billion... get the idiots out of my ear.

Another problem earpiece is talking about-- Veronica Jones. Nicole Ritchie looks like her. Sam has gray eyes. Told Veronica died in the early 80s. Bad scene. Now under investigation...

FBI-- I was told the consoles were used to investigate or interview federal witnesses. Widespread abuse. Please correct.

Pentagon-- you went into clean mode because it looked like I was from Odenton too? Yes. that said-- I never had an intimate relationship with any of the boys... rumor says-- one visited in England when I was 7 or so... Says while i was sleeping.. I have at least two other rumors that suggest similar through fort Mead. Oraled all while I was sleeping [they did me]. I know nothing about any of these rumors. I believe i can put S.H. in the Rockwell office place as a janitor before she had some work done-- earpiece asking about an incident-- me that was her? She had some work done. This around 93 or so. mary looks like she has ties to the boys and don too. The new Author-- Dudly moore original star-- looks like he could be the son of Doug and S.H. I knew nothing about the child if true. I did not cause the problem insofar as the Pentagon.. Don-- did you want to own generals? Did it get out of hand. D-- too good looking and insurance.. all earpiece supplied speculation. I said stop. Please do not ask about the calendar again.. said no. Why while I was sleeping.. I am nixon granddaughter. Trying to insure me early. if it happened-- I think it was supposed to be an accident waiting to happen. Never knew. Perry king taught me while I was awake. Fall 1975. this is what I know about... everything else rumor...

Julie-- earpiece saying don-- RR. He knew. Get court cause transcripts-- L. Benita... Why my fault.. I did not know.. Pentagon.. cleaned wrong thing.. Yes, I am still trying to un-insurance because of the secrets of others. In 1996 or so-- someone kept talking to me about the Rockwell trading company. Known for imports and exports.. Hong Kong-- again... Don? I said no CIA. No more. FBI-- pulsate function gone. Reduced the risk. That said-- gain bad... Need you to get congress and supremes with no need for access out of my ear... too pissy. I said no. CIA letting idiots take credit for what could be serious health issues. I have rendered it mostly useless but still could cause problems.. Not kdding fbi.. I do not have a massive heart attack because you gave out consoles to washington idiots.. get them off me. Bonnie-- the woman you had a talk with. Flowers to the nurses. Should she control gain in my ear? Idiots they discontinued using this model -- too dangerous.. Earpiece telling me about part of the cnversation Bonnie and the woman had. FBI--- you are causing me health issues. Should I go to the doctor to get it out? I need a lawyer to certify first. No money... Then my calls are blocked. Ask Facebook lawyer friend... STOP. Torture why? What else do I know?

FBI-- I am told the maker of the earpiece warned it was too powerful. That is why later models less equipped, smaller. Pickering, Collins-- congressionals members apparently do not know how powerful... you need to pick up their equipment and reread the specs. Susan does not kill me because I will not let her run WiredPages I do not care whose girl she is. Now-- they cannot claim they did not know. And FBI-- I am told only government issued consoles can use the features of that older earpiece.. They should not have them. Last night-- "are we in test mode again". Get those crazy no class idiots off me. Ben-- why did you tell? And yes-- I found a pressure point just behind the earlobe that prevents most of the reverbration throughout the body. They like walking me up with it-- however it takes a lot of machines-- degraded. Need relief doj.. You are watching as i am tortured? Most people get-- I do have lots of surveillence. I said no CIA. National Security your problem not mine. I keep asking if you are doing the best thing for my country? No-- I want to help. I do not owe. I said no. DOJ-- Why did you agree to take the settlement payments if you did not want to give them to me.. Too many large corporations. Stop., Too many see. Most thought BWMC over the summer was to make sure I am sane. I am. too many in washington are not. STOP.

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Monday, October 08, 2012


Since 3:00 pm or so yesterday-- the pulsating has never stopped. I awoke a couple of times over night and it was pulsating harder than normal-- and whoever was on duty-- said they did it on purpose.

Once the marine General said it was him. I know a lot more about him. He has a daughter who is with a black guy and a gay son with a beautiful mulatto daughter. The mother will not let him [grandfather] watch the child and this pisses him off. Do you know who I am talking about? I am not making this up.

Why are they running this drill? I am not sure. I told them I am not going to harm me and I do not understand what they hope to gain from me. Everyone is claiming this is almost over.

Yesterday, I watched "Margin Call" on FiOS' "on demand". My goodness-- what a Three Days of the Condor movie... If you have not seen it-- watch it. Also search Q's Wire for Hong Kong-- a post I did awhile back. I have not read it recently-- but earpiece claims it resonates. Earpiece and I discuss Spacey's character. Too tame for who it appears to be. Gene says he is a loveable bear? Yes, there is something innocent about him... Best fit for me-- Eric Dale. The name key..

Several nights ago, last week sometime-- one of the guys told me to use one of the round shot glasses in the bar area in the basement to cut the interaction with the earpiece and microwaves. There is a wet bar down there. My surveillance people always tell me they know everything about my surroundings. When I misplace something these days-- I will often say-- make yourself useful and tell me what I did with it.

I never made it to the basement. Instead I used the round globe vase sitting on the speaker in this photo. I washed it first.

Here is a close up. It does seem to work. I cannot hear the voices and the pulsating is cut.

All morning I have been asking that they cut the pulsating. I am vibrating. Just a moment ago I arose to go to the kitchen after sitting for awhile with the vase on my ear--- and noticed I had a slight balance problem. I asked thin air if they had investigated whether this could happen. The vase kind of creates a vacuum but I do no think that is what caused the balance problem. I believe it is the constant pulsating. They told me this morning that court orders had been issued and people like Pickering and a Navy Admiral had received them. i am not sure what the truth is. Too many have the government issued consoles. The problem? They have been talking about the court order since early this morning and who just had their console taken but the pulsating continues. They are saying it is the generals.

I believe this can cause balance issues if deployed too long. Research and stop.. You are asking for law suits. RESEARCH...

The sedan that has been sitting in the driveway for almost a year is no longer there. My brother was over Saturday doing something with the car. Other than telling him he was blocking me in-- and to move his car I said nothing to him. the car was picked up this morning. Not really sure what's going on. Police little more active lately.. Not sure why pulsating day and night.. FBI--- horrific violation of my rights.

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Friday, October 05, 2012

Hard To Believe?

If someone told me one could hear voices with an inner ear device before Feb. 2012-- I am not sure I would have believed them and would have wondered why they wanted me to know this. Sometimes I see what appear to be crazy people talking to themselves and I believe they have a disorder.

In a relatively recent documentary I watched I saw where they implanted this device within the hair next to the ear to help those with hearing problems.

In my case, before Feb. 2012 when my inner ear devices were activated-- I did feel i had some sort of devices either in phones, watches or clothing-- like "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith-- however I felt it was more for my tags hearing devices. Yes, I believe I am Richard Nixon's granddaughter and I was supposed to explain some things after I figured them out.

Too many people have always wanted to engage me when i was out-- and this started in 1995 when I left Rockwell. For several years after-- I thought it was because i had won the EEOC case of the year that had a related Qui Tam issue. This of course before I realized my ties to Washington. After I got Richard Nixon in 1998--- i thought Secret Service types. I would say to thin air [thinking some sort of hidden transmitter could tell them the problems]. So i really did not talk to myself like a crazy person and quite frankly-- too many tags talk back when I am out.

I used to talk to things like Abstract noise in Q's Wire Blog posts. I defined this in that blog but want to define it again here... When I was at BWMC there was a woman-- Francis that stared at me often. It took me awhile to figure out who she reminded of-- but it later turned out to be the Queen of England. I call this abstract noise.. I watched her to see if there were any messages I coudl glean from her actions. TV--the same thing. Movies... ala Three Days of the Condor-- the same thing.. Abstract noise. Never voices I heard with an inner ear device. Now-- I do not like trying to read abstract things. I like direct confirmation with the earpiece. I used to be quite good at reading abstract noise but now explain-- I used to be a good speller until MS Word came out.. I rarely try to spell correctly now. I let my text editors do it.

Another example of abstract noise? The half human/half ape person I saw in 1995. At the time I did not get the meaning. Today, I do. Chris at BWMC also reminded me of someone. Mel Kauffman. I am not sure if he was really Mel's son with a white woman-- Mel Kauffman x-Redskin-- but he looked like him. I know a lot about him [Chris] and I never saw his charts-- nor talked to him. One earpiece person said yes. I normally need at least 2 confirmations before I even consider suggesting it maybe true. He was dark--- however told did nto really like black people. how do I know this? The staff? No-- earpiece gave me the info.

Actually, the inner hearing device technology should not be hard to believe in that hearing aids have been around forever. These devices are designed for implant and have the ability to recieve radio frequencies. Here is an interesting article I found.

Based on this article, I get why the frequency on the large older earpiece in my left ear is so odd.

They stopped the pulsating in my ear. they have x-ray cameras in my room and can see my heart. Told FBI/DOJ not happy that my heart races. me neither and made it almost impossible for me to fall asleep. I am told the newer devices do not allow for pulstating. Yes, I do believe that is dangerous. FBI/DOJ you owe me explainations. This was always too loud. Too loud walking out the door. i went with MindBank [Tysons Corner business] me at the Pentagon on a daily basis for about a month. I should not have problems with the Pentagon.. Looks like a Mullen took too many liberties. Tried to use my family has issues.. and because i was always who I was-- my friends too insured and not really trusting of me since they could never really tell me... the problem for Mullen.. 14 years as a cleared defense contractor with fortune 100 corporations.. Boeing, GE, Rockwell. He made too many mistakes.. get him off me. I am told in recent weeks that he went loud as I was leaving Rockwell because I was just to clean. This coorelates-- however I thought it was the EEOC. Told [via earpiece] it was Mullen and his clean team that had been in place since 1992 or 93.

DOJ/FBI-- even those providing information via the earpiece get the network is now too large. many get these devices. Please do not continue with everyone is stupid but me [US government]. I was known leaving Rockwell in 1995. i thought the EEOC thing. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004 and started Wiredpages the same year. I used forums, chat rooms and signatures all over the place. Blogging is key here... stop.. I am too known... The network too large. Police, private homes, etc.... Too everyone sees-- why are you not responding.. What are the calls to the FBI saying?

An internal investigation? That will correct soon? Not what the generals are saying. And i do not owe the generals.

the other one i don't like.. I do not owe my bag and I am told the deal that was put in place in May 2012.. is funded. I do not owe the greed of washington nor the pentagon.. I said no.

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Not Silence of the Lambs...

Okay it is about midnight here--- and I had one too many diet cokes after 4:00 pm this evening. The caffeine tends to keep me awake.

I have been pulsating since 3:00 pm and Ben kept saying when I told them to stop pulsating in my ear-- that I needed to become acclimated. I have been in bed since about 9:00 pm and listening to two guys talk on and on. I thought one was Ben and the other the marine general. On and off they tell me they have to kill my ass-- but I am thinking hurt like sex. I am normally offended by this crap. Tonight its different.

At first they told me it would be off by 10:52pm for some reason. That time passed but it did not go off. Then they started telling me I was going to die tonight. This really did not spook me-- because I feel great. I then became aggitated by something and they took the pulsate off. The general explained he had to do this if I became agitated.

Then I raised my left arm [right one is the broken one] and again they stopped the pulsating feature. When I wouldn't put my arm down-- he said he could not start it until I did. When i put it down I noticed a slight shortness of breath and this bugged him.

Again we are playing we have to do something [do we pay tonight]-- too many calls-- people are mad, want to know what's going on. But he also said-- put your arm down I cannot afford to have you die tonight.

Said Kennedy made an error Wednesday... you will not lie down. 17 years and I am sitting in my home --- and you want me to lie down... Why did I mention Mullen again-- the general asked.... I said because I mention who I want to mention. But the real reason was because they explained kennedy had overruled on the national security issue-- and i felt Mullen was a big national security issue because he made too many mistakes. Everyone knows I do not drink. karen's son, why? The money.. and loud? And then he was mostly pissed about Faith? Did he see Karen Eldrigde and Bill's son. I had no idea. Earpiece made the claim.. not me.. I was 12 and sleeping. Mullen is upset about that? I felt he was the national security issue...

He said he was going to erase this post... I want to know why they keep telling me things. Stop getting mad.. put your hand down...

CIA-- said if I had to be maimed more-- I want a clean shot.. not this pussy crap.. That said-- stop. I do not like this pussy crap and I do not owe. Run the deal [compensatory and I sue-- or the whole thing] and let go.. those are the options.... get this crap off me..

What am I made of? Is mullen running that investigation too?

Me lie down.. should have told Mullen to be smarter.. he wasn't. Not my fault. let go. fBI you owe warrants that pulsating.. Only government equipment can do that. said stop. And silence your people-- they tell me too much.

Me-- take the pulsate out of my ear I cannot sleep. Guy: I can't Regina-- High command. Three Generals. Three Aidsy Generals. But why is the pentagon even in this? ----- FBI-- said get the pulsate out of my ear... He said he is only trying to worry me.. I look to fresh. The pulsate does affect my heartbeat but I do not look shakey. Says I am not being paid-- but will get arrested during holiday season shopping. They want the bag. Is this to make me worry or the truth.. FBI-- DOJ-- I do not owe aidsy generals. Not my fault they choose each other and not their kids...

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

DOJ Fax 10.04.12

Spoke with DOJ about an hour ago. Went in through the Civil Rights Division however transfered to the Criminal Division. As far as I know-- my complaints were all filed with the Civil Rights Division. Explained the Faxes I sent to the Baltimore office of the FBI over the last 6 months and told I could send them copies-- the fax number: 202-5148336. Just sent the FAX. Told the FBI has received many inquiries. They are reporting "under investigation" however the people I spoke with at DOJ seem to have no idea about any of this. Do you? People tell me all the time they know me, my blog or my software tools... DOJ doesn't? Or is that D. for middle name? Oh, yes I see something-- send me the fax. DOj-- dangerous game.

Wednesday, was supposed to be the new date to start the settlement payments. Told held up again for one reason or another. No the general, no chet, no Kennedy of the supremes [I asked why an appellate judge would have a say too-- told circuit judge overruled national security pentagon but kennedy asked to uphold], no etc... Big problem now-- pulsating day and night. I keep asking-- if there is no deal [PayPal, Amazon I find this hard to believe] why keep hammering me. I said no thanks.

I have blogged about the things I am going to blog about as related to this case. The Mike Mullen information I think is very important and only recently made clear how important he was to all of this. The rest of it appears to hope i want to risk a defamation law suit. Get the tapes and sue the people offering the information. Private lives and their insurance crap does not interest me.

DOJ/FBI-- check my known siblings-- and get their incomes and bank balances. Should you take me seriously? Because I owe them? Check sealed documents and settlements. I have nothing to do with their incomes. Judy-- Homeland/DOJ secretary. Andre-- not sure. They have trusts... source-- earpiece claim-- John D. Rockefeller IV/Cosby. I am not insured.. LunarPages-- I knew nothing about 60,000,000 usd settlement. Flim-Flam scam. I do not like con games. I am QiSoftware and I have no partners. Told this is the one that started the ball rolling....

Told via earpiece, Karen Kendrick and her boy [+mother] told to disappear with 5,000,000. This may have been to piss me off. This pisses off the academy more than me. That said-- recently told he could easily reappear. Not my embarrassment. Go ahead -- make his day. Told those black people a little too loud disapearring... wink, wink. Mullen-- earpiece unclear as to whether you handed Julie 5,000,000 however claim is that is what she got. That said-- earpiece claim you handed out 25,000,000 [tax payer money] to clean me up... I did not know I had a child that died. Am I clean yet?

DOJ/ACLU-- Told this is the Pentagon that will not release the pulsate on my frequencies master control. Why isn't the FBI or DOJ handling this... I was never Pentagon.. Did Mullen overstep his jursidiction? Pentagon should not be doing this in my ear. Please have marshalls go in and stop it.

Information I have been given about the older earpiece. It is very large and easily scene with the naked eye. Told most of the newer ones allow the frequency to be changed. I cannot change the frequency on the older one. The older one in my left ear-- put in around 1995 or so has a lot of bells and whistles. Just starting out... Told the newer ones cannot pulsate. The pulsate function so powerful it can make my whole body shake. Look up the older larger models of the inner hearing aid... Too powerful and I am being abused. Pentagon-- pulsating-- why am I a national security issue? That said-- marine general this morning said-- no I just don't like you... he wants to kill my ass, likes my top and thinks I should do him... DOJ--- if you lock him up again-- make sure you take his console and do not let him tell Kennedy I am a national security issue again... If any of the Mullen crap is true--he is that marines problem. Not me.

Keep in mind-- my earpiece lies to me a lot... I am told they tell me the truth but then lie or lie and then tell the truth.... They are backing away from Kennedy now. Why would I believe there is a deal... The big affiliates involved and the pieces I was given that at first did not make any sense... The other one-- Marine General asked me if I would pay $250,000 to someone so they could give him 2 minutes per day... Most who have read Q's Wire-- know I do not pay for your whores. In this case it was rather personal [extended family member]-- and I thought he may have been trying to offend me.. Even he believes I am going to get money... why if I am a national security issue... I can get paid if his whore is? No thanks. DOJ/FBI-- GET THE TAPES... Oct 2, 2012 or Oct 3, 2012. I asked Obama to look into it. He might say he was mind fking... why if I am a national security issue.... Voice pattern search on "2 minutes". That's all he needs a day... His quote? His dumpy wife he married 5 years ago-- stopped providing the service... Why would I owe his whore?

National Security issue looks like how many people I should pay to get away. Some of these people were in on the 300,000,000 USD paid out because of me and my business through scams, misappropiations and affiliate pay me and not her-- I will pay her because she is my relative-- they did not. the general said he did not get anything but does make 1,000,000 a year. He cannot afford his own "girl"? She will like him better.. she may confuse me with him-- and I would not like that.

I live in Anne Arundel co. The same county as my high school where i am owner of the Facebook Alumni group. The naval Academy is also in Anne Arundel Co-- Annapolis. I am told that when i told Missy I did not want to be her friend on facebook-- a lot of mutual acquaintances were mad. Mostly people that came out after me that I did not know well. But they saw her photos with the boy too. Today-- that Mullen would make the appointment when a lot are still in the area-- and this close simply looks plain stupid.. national security or plain stupid? Is that a double head? Earpiece says double head means person probably has parents' too closely related.. Can you think of any.. they have pointed out one or two... It provides insurance for some.

Lie down or pay you? Did you check with BWMC? I am tired of getting blamed for the idiot moves of Washington and the Pentagon.. I have been working for 17 years. Then I thought the FBI is finally here and the earpiece activation.. You should have told me a deal was put on the table last October that no class filth in washington wanted to steal... get off me.

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Monday, October 01, 2012

Saved My Banana Plant

I had a long day today. The post I meant to write-- first thing this morning was about my banana plant. Here is a photo taken in October 2010.

I trimmed the plant back in the early summer of 2010 and put it on the deck. Sunday, September 30, 2012-- I took this photo.

I am trying out old metal travel cups as a way to cut some of the noise from the hearing device. It seems to be working better than expected. Yes, it seems odd that the waves can travel through most elements of a building and drastically be cut by a metal travel mug covering my ear-- but it is true.

Let go.

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I don't drink... next

FBI those with government issued consoles are leaving the pulsate function on overnight. This is inhumane and I think you should pick up the consoles in that you have warned and warned this should not be done.

I am not sure what jurisdiction you have with the Pentagon but I am told this is the main problem area. In particular a marine general/with aids who thinks I should know him. Id'd via CSPAN for my edification. Not sure why he is fixated on me.

Told Mullen given the "clean" job in 1993 or so. This correlates in that a Roger Fox associated with the Harmans Community, reminds me a great deal of Mullen. I moved to Hanover, MD and the Harmans community in 1996. Soon after Fox stopped by. I used to get emails about community events. He is now associated with this blog. I did not know Mullen existed until he became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in June 2007.

The earpiece has gone on and on about Mullen. It did not resonate until recently when I was told he was given the "clean up" job for me in 1992 associated with a child. Also told he hates the Naval Academy and resented he had to clean up their crap. But I did not know. When he left office last fall [2011] I was a little surprised and made no correlation to the Naval Academy and Karen's son. I thought Babs put him in place. Earpiece now saying it was Mullen and his people.

But why would I know Karen? I told her sister, Sharon goodbye in December 1992. Tony they are also saying-- hoped I would stop by to see you on Sundays and never did. But why?

On and on about Mullen? Told Julie and David no longer together and Mullen and Julie had a relationship. Then recently explained-- in 2004 Julie received money because she knew about the child. Not sure how much of this is true. I misunderstood the relationship when they told me about it in the earpiece in the spring of this year. Let me explain. In April or May 2012 I was told about Mike had Julie-- but he could only do this and not that because his wife said she was too attractive. In the earpiece world everyone is a whore. Julie was supposed to be Mike's.. I thought him kind of dorky [Roger Fox tends to lend to this]- but whatever. So I became acclimated to this "whore" thing over the last 6 months or so. No-- I do not wish to be a washington whore.

But this is what I misunderstood. I thought their relationship was more recent. Now earpiece is saying it was in 2004 when she was supposed to have received money to keep her quiet about the child. But I did not know- why did you have to keep her quiet? Anyway-- the other night -- I said something about this and I am told Julie was listening and became upset. That's when I said-- but I thought you were having an affair with him and the both of you wanted to run my business. She said no. I said no-- to them running my company. It was later explained to me that Mullen had paid her a disrespect. You see I dated black. Back then [not sure now] suck was not asked for. Lot of black teens were early parents. He went with the ass.

The other big player in this and the one named as lending to the defamation aspect of this-- insofar as what washington thought [one angle the Navy and Mike Mullen went after me and the other-- the powerful guy with family ties of sorts]. The Powerful non military guy-- is upset that Mike wanted to run things insofar as my business. I thought this since April 2012 or so. I said no. Then recently-- about 2 or 3 weeks ago- heard about his resume and I said "what?" This was sort of like the Hillary moment when they told me-- Hillary went to Arundel Sr. High for a moment to meet my brother as his guidance counselor. She was supposed to have been a secretary for the powerful guy at the time.

My thoughts? Why is the earpiece telling me these people who are all over us even before they are known?

I asked the powerful guy if he set up the guy in my office? No direct response. But was told he blackmailed him into the pedophile thing to insure. Went horribly wrong- I am told but have no proof of any of this.

The other night I asked him [or who I thought was the powerful guy-- no console, no eyes] how did insurance start. He said-- back then when someone was owed money they would only pay if the person owed did something to insure he did not keep coming back for more money. Also told that getting it in the ass-- meant you were paid when you should not have been. I think cultural differences caused errors as to what was good or bad-- especially on my part. I did not have locker room chats with girlfriends growing up... Did not have a lot of lovers.. too sheltered over my lifetime... I would prefer my ass to my mouth. My ass never touched so I really have no firsthand knowledge as related to that. Others apparently see this [ass/mouth] differently... I am not owed either.. I am owed-- washington's goodbye.

I am owed-- and I have no plans to sue after the fact-- therefore I do not need to insure. Told about the deal in May 2012 and also told everyone signed off. Then the Generals said they did not get their share.. one problem.... and here we are today. Told they tried to start the rumor I had aids and this is how it all started. I saw a horrible accident in 1971 [Tucson Accident-- search Q's Wire] or so when the black girl I was with was supposed to have died. A shiela Naley. I do not have AIDS. I am HIV negative. I have seen lots of accidents over my lifetime that look suspect today.. If I had AIDS I would not be one of the first patients to get the dose that eradicates. I would have been the last. The reason I am told? I am not a bastard. I am too connected. And my great grandfather was King George V and my grandfather was Richard Nixon-- [might be edwards son--they are not clear in the earpiece]. Just too high on that totem pole not to be a bastard like everyone else. I abdicate... Not interested.. I suspected something like this before Feb. 2012 which I document in Q's Wire. The Earpiece has confirmed somethings-- but unless you get the tapes, I cannot prove. I am asking those in the know to get the tapes and stop this crap. I said no.

Am interested in getting washington filth off me.. told deal was supposed to start today... I have not checked. I need a call from Richard... tired of losing sleep because I can do nothing about the noise from the earpiece.

Always thought Fox reminded me of Mullen. Incident one day several years ago when I was arriving home and he was out jogging... Don't even bother to say hi anymore.

I was at the stop sign on Harmans. The driveway to my residence is on the adjacent street even though it looks like the house is on Harmans. It straddles the corner. Told that where you pull into your driveway from-- is the street the house is on. Anyway-- I needed to make two quick lefts to pull into the driveway. Roger has always been like this self appointed community security person with ties to the local police. I used to talk to him when I moved here in 1996-- but only if he was jogging by and I was outside. Anyway-- when I stop at the sign I also hit the garage door opener and wait for all traffic to clear. It is a four way stop. The car behind me kept hitting its horn telling me to hurry up. I pointed at the garage door lifting and signaled he had to wait for the opposite traffic on Harmans as well as the traffic on my street. He kept blowing.. Just then Roger is jogging by and stops on the side of my driveway as if to wait for me to get in. Too much traffic so he waits.. Someone has left a bag of glass beer bottles in a brown paper bag on the curb. In my community-- they do not want you to leave trash on the curb more than 24 hours before the trash collection is due. It was not our trash. Neither my mother nor I drink. I never drank-- however I have never seen either of us drink beer. For whatever reason-- I thought Roger was giving me a silent admonishment about the bag full of empty beer bottles. They were staying on the curb because I was not moving someone else's trash to our collection bin. He did not say anything-- it was just the loudness of the horn behind me and him standing there as if he was waiting on something that made me decide this guy should leave me alone. Over the years-- after Mike Mullen got his appointment-- I would tell thin air-- no thanks if I thought the Pentagon was asking for something in an abstract manner-- with Roger. I did nto like Bob Gates.. Mullen? I looked at him figuratively and always told Roger no thanks. I did not like Roger after the incident... Too noisy, too I am in charge and I want you to do something about those bottles.

This weekend when I told earpiece listeners about Roger Fox and how I met him in 1996 or so, they said they asked local authorities to look him up... Yes, local police know him. Asked them to look up his real name.. Came back with a real name. Told he is not related to Mullen-- but yes all agree he does look like him... I met him in the late 90s. Mullen 2007. This tends to suggest mullen has been on me since 1993 as the earpiece claims. Told I misunderstood the bag of empty beer bottles. Told he was supposed to have noticed the bag as if they belonged to me..Does anyone-- my surveillance, friends, co-workers, anyone, etc. think I drink? Idiot I do not drink... Check with BWMC for the reason. I am not worried that fox wants to suggest I drink... My rights violated for 17 years because I drink... who is that stupid-- especially in that I do not drink? I am told-- [this weekend] that even the local authorities know I do not drink and told him, [Fox-- tried to press it with them once] so. why would he press this?

Julie-- i am providing the details the earpiece is providing..Sue them.. I want Washington off me. Tired of their filth-- tired of the noise in my ears. I said no. I have no proof of anything-- however if you did get a large sum of money in 2004 or so-- its going to look bad. Granddad died in 1990s. The claim is-- Julie talks to me via earpiece. I am not mad with Julie-- just want her to understand-- I said no. Get out of my business and told Mullen using you... why would he think he has a say in my business? He does not.

By the way-- earpiece went on and on about boys' asses this weekend... Neighbors noticed. Yes, Powerful guy looks mad you are trying to compete with him.. Yes, he has screwed me... You--- a child I knew nothing about? Are you sure your problem is not the Academy [talking to Mullen]. Why do I have to clean up their mess.. [Mullen]. I did not know about a child. Did Julie? She should have problems not me.

Powerful family referenced in all of this-- key as to reasons me, my grandmother and the rest of her family is even noticed by England. We should not be. It appears the King had sex here on a visit... Looks like my grandmother was not his only child. The problem? A powerful rich family knew about her. the same one i talk to in several posts in this blog... not q's wire. This blog after the earpiece was activated. The problem-- I speculate based on things I know. Does key powerful family player want it told? Yes... I would prefer not to discuss my speculation. I used to speculate in Q's Wire all the time. I could not explain why the things that were happening were happening. Now I do not like to speculate. I like for earpiece to tell me things.... [so why do I want them out of my ear?] Most are not providing information and are too angry. Users I do not owe. Powerful users-- and quite frankly not very smart. I like smart. Washington players are not that smart.

Probably Edward key as to why Powerful family knew grandmother. What came first-- my mother. Then a son. Whose? That's key.

The other issue offered a lot over the last week-- too many in Washington mad I am letting WiredPages interfaces remain un-repaired... Want to move the site... Too Pentagon all over it and I said no. WiredPages not your concern. Move on.

Updates-- evening October 1, 2012. Endgame and you wanted to see something else? Don't.

FBI-- the Pentagon has decided to leave the pulsating feature on day and night. You owe jail and all their little toys taken away... Idiot said something about the Queen said.... Obama-- are you a queen? How about the General... wrong game boy. I am told I spoke with the Queen on several occasions last spring. We had some differences of opinion however, I am told we were okay... Told I could not visit again... I said okay-- general. She had another message? You aren't worried about our buildings and are now an envoy? And Pentagon-- why am I told you said goodbye already. I said no. Richard-- no. Richard US Attorney. And Chet-- if she doesn't want to fan at me-- why does Susan?

someone is correcting-- I am told the queen did not say anything. Boys-- maybe you should use your own words. I am here alone. Have been for a long time. I do not like idiots and boys. been through too much... make sure you apologise for speaking for her. i have asked about this liberty you keep taking. By the way-- I will speak for myself. Do not call anyone pretending to be me.

No one ever stops by... Ree Ricks a friend from England is here... The last time she came to visit-- about 13 years ago-- she said she saw me at my Bowie home. this never happened. I am a little concerned. It was the way she insisted. Mrs. Anderson? Yes. Mrs. Ricks? No. I wrote about the visit from 13 years ago-- in Q's Wire-- I think. Why? She called once and did not want to speak to my mother. She was an English teacher. I had the impression she had just read a blog post I had not edited-- and wanted to say something. I wondered if she read the contents of the post and not my grammatical mistakes? She is outside with my mother... I feel I must document things.

I asked general. Take the pulsate off.

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