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Friday, September 28, 2012

dear chet..

Who is chet? According to the earpiece Chet is supposed to be one of Tony Cordesman's [Anthony H. Cordesman] sons and the real director of the CIA. Also-- according to the earpiece he is equivalent to the commander and chief.

Mike Mullen-- I like your brag.. does your son? Julie-- I do not owe because you do. I don't.

Dear Chet. I said no to government employment. I cannot even contact a lawyer because I am directed to government idiots that think this is a game. It is not. I said no. Please play the tapes from the Regina Mind FK series and go hire intelligent professionals. These are idiots.

Example of the government I talk to-- see this post or this link

Said no thanks chet. Ask Mike Mullen if he is more pissed I knew more Naval Academy Grads than he does-- or insuring with his son and not getting aids is better than the military brass that found stars more attractive-- but got aids.... I passed on the stars. And Mike, I am not counting Karen Kendricks' son. Her mother-- Classie mae used to tell me every time I saw her in the Fort Meade commissary-- her grandson was at the naval academy. Karen asked to friend me on Facebook. Noticed photos with her and the boy in academy whites on her profile photo. Check. I do not owe because of the aids issues and insurance. All of this according to the earpiece... Me-- I was never going to know Mike Mullen so I do not care what his problem is.. I said no. Mike see the Blue Max.. the one with the kid- was Naval Academy. Are you their Hitler or is it just you do not have aids... Told Air Force Generals don't either. Why? Pilots do not have to insure... They need to be strong in a combat plane... edgy. Why does any general have to insure? My guys... you closed ranks on the wrong thing. Julie knew-- I did not... get off me.

Rock, someone claiming to be you claimed I could go into more fine homes than you... Mike-- I knew more grads? STOP and let go.. I said no.

I saw the Blue Max in England when I was very young.. Again recently. Study this movie... I said no. And Mike-- they said that was you bragging. I do not have a console... Was it? Either way-- the earpiece said no aids because your son was clean... get off me. Defamation Mike? Earpiece explaining the problems... I have real life issues... I am the poster child for defamation issues. Make my day.

What's really amazing to me-- Bob from my office- I am told [via earpiece] went to jail as related to the child's death.

I was rushed to the hospital 2 times when I lived in Northern Va. Once when i was at the Tyson's Corner mall-- Fairfax co and once when I lived on Walter Reed Dr in Arlington. Shirlington. I am told via earpiece --this new as of last night that they took [6] eggs when i was at Shirlington without my knowlegde. 1987 or so. Fairfax was Thanksgiving 1984 or 1985. I have a problem with my period and fasting. I become very ill. I noticed this the first time coming from Tuscon to Fort Meade. I get travel sickness and had my first period 9/72-- I remeber because I was at school and my dress was messed up. We travelled cross country that october. I would have eaten less because of the trip... I was really ill by the time I got to fort meade. Over the years I have been rushed to the hospital twice.. both times fasting and my period the problem. Please check.. and get off me.. I said no.

But all I have to do is be quiet? No that is not the answer. and really. Ask why I am told these things. Who wants change but cannot do it alone? I do not want power in washington. Who does?

Providing information about Mike Mullen because earpiece claims that he was given a "clean up" job in 1993 or so. Promoted through the ranks at that time. Earpiece claims he decided to go with "negative" for me without looking at 14 years as a cleared defense contractor. Probably local family and insurance key. That said--- why did he insure? Earpiece claiming I should provide the other thing. Karen Kendricks son at the Naval Academy because of him. Earlier told Babs-- but Mike may have used her. Told mike too wannabe and mad.

Told FBI, most Police and Military academies check for aids upon entry. Cannot have aids. This also a question... earpiece raised. Too the boys all over odenton. By the way on this subject-- the AA police guy that was here on July 24th, 2012 also said to have aids... take her in and f her... my earpiece noise...He is bald-- I have seen him drive by once. Cameras on exterior say he has been by more than the time "we" watched him drive by. Told FBI warned him.. I repeat neil-- this is not a game.

Software problems with WiredPages explained on the Business Blog.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hard Week

It has been a hard week. The biggest problem- outside of the constant chatter from the earpiece? The new things many are learning to do with their consoles that affect my hearing device. Like pulsating all night long, or high pitched noise that actually hurts. Many are angry-- and apparently, the Pentagon and selected others can show their displeasure.

DOJ-- if you are affecting them-- they are affecting me-- and I did not sign up for this. This is inhumane and should cease at once. I am told even my brother has a high end console with all of the bells and whistles. Why? To blame him? Consoles must be registered so they can isolate trouble makers. Told the Pentagon ran tests on high pitched noise. Not impressed DOJ/fbi/aclu. Why am I told they are gone if they are not gone? National security not an issue. Told calls to the FBI suggest others perplexed about the Pentagon in this and wonder about the story of the child. Is this possible? Anyway tell them to stop with the crap in my ear.

Good news-- Saturday it was cool enough to make these cookies which I finished off by Monday. That said-- I am a little surprised I am not gaining more weight. I still play wii tennis but have not yet repaired my treadmill.

Neil, [someone from NAVSEA I once knew], told that was you on the phone yesterday. No thanks. I barely knew you and I did not find that funny. Earpiece said LiquidWeb looking into the issue [said they did not get a call from me]. If you need further information you can request the surveillance tapes for yesterday around 11:48 AM ET from my place of residence in Hanover, MD. Skype call.

tired of this crap. I said no. doj/fbi you owe me explanations.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LiquidWeb Contact

Spoke with Shawn over at LiquidWeb about estimates for colocating servers for and A little surprised by the conversation and wondered if I had interference from the government?

Earpiece claimed someone called LiquidWeb [noted research I was doing] either pretending to be me or claiming to work for me and asked about colocating services. Earpiece also told me it was a candian non-white firm. Not sure why. Told me I could purchase servers separately and ship to them. Liquidweb did claim I could do this, however I would need to configure them myself.

This is not what bothered me about the call. The guys I spoke with did not seem to be sales personnel. Just not professional enough for an ecommerce operation. Did the government interfer in this call? I do not mind if you have heard of me. I mind if you waste my time. You can tell me you don't want my business. Government/DOJ you need to get government personnel out of my business and phone calls.

I recently called a law firm. Again I felt the call was interfered with by government personnel... DOJ/FBI-- sorry you need to get these people out of my communications.

Also told almost every morning-- May 2012 deal is no longer available and every night-- it will start ach payments overnight. This morning when I went to the bank-- I asked the teller if she could check for ach payments. She said okay but never reported anything. [she did not say-- I found nothing.] Earpiece keeps saying insure, or say something bad in a post about me so I can sue [I explained that looked like conspirancy to defraud the government-- no tax in that they were asking me to do this], leave QiSoftware and WiredPages or we have got to pay her and the deal is still there. doj-- I gave the options-- told my affiliate settlements could not be paid for fear i would sue-- before may 2012 deal took place. Yes, I will sue the US government. Yes, I will sue others. thought we all agreed it was the right deal for the situation. what I will not do is allow government people to continue in my ear day and night. I said no.

If big deal is no longer in place-- why are government idiots still in my ear? I keep asking them this question. They need to find an answer or get out of my ear. Richard-- too many threats? Thought you may have been trying to clear up somethings. To many threats [this is a statement]. I need lawyers and the ability to move my sites. I also need my communications cleared and the earpieces removed. I said no.

Earpiece now saying affiliates upset earpiece claiming May 2012 deal is off the table. Richard do you remember the call i made to the fBI that I video recorded? Government employees should not be playing around on my phones nor in my ear.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

literaly begged.

Dear ACLU,

Again last night I suffered through another endless night of chatter from the earpiece in the left ear [older device]. For those who do not believe such a device could exist, I have done a bit of research based on information given to me by those who never cease talking in my ear-- about the devices and equipment used to monitor me and my environment.

Here are some devices and a website I think you should research.

  • Video Transmitter with Heat Sink - 10 Watt [told we have several of those in the house.
  • Video Microwave Receiver Kits
  • Inner ear hearing devices [research]

How are the devices powered? I am told that the reason the house felt as if it had little oxygen was because ions are charged to allow these hidden wireless devices-- to use the power generated. How are they charged? Electrical mis-grounding with the power outlets.

Those chatting in my ear-- claim they can see within my eye with some of these hidden cameras. When I see power grids they too see them-- and tell me I really should not be able to see this-- in that they are probably to intense.

The reason they do not see the code I am writing [which they have told me in recent weeks how much they want over and over]-- is because I always tent my work area and the x-ray cameras cannot see through my big head [bones]. They can grab memory swap files [copy/cut/paste] if I have the internet connected and forget to clear the buffers-- however I mostly code with the internet option off-- and put crap in the buffers [cntl copy] before going on line. Told I made a mistake with the new History Calendar on the WiredPages Style page- but they did not get a working version.

How are the devices in my ear charged? I am not sure. Only turned on recently-- I am hoping a hearing aid battery that should die soon?

Legal types have recently provided why the hidden cameras and transmitters are allowed in my environment. My mother is an x-president's daughter-- however there seems to be some question [at least on my part] as to why the military is also allowed access. And they have a lot of access. The secret service or FBI? Okay. Military? This discussion last evening before I went to bed.

It should be very illegal that these devices are in my ears and put there years ago when my rights were routinely being violated.

Again told that today, Monday was the day. Last night they seemed to be stuck on why some general thinks I am ugly. He does not understand why I do not want to be owned by him. Most girls he knows [apparently better looking than me] would do him. I keep wondering aloud why he does not check with Boeing and Rockwell as to whether any of the military types I knew then tried this crap. They did not. Ten years Rockwell and 3.2 years Boeing [at the Pentagon about 3 days a week working with Air Force pilots and navigators]. But for some reason-- the money I am owed, my business and whether I want to do him are all topics he wishes to discuss over and over. Well you are not going to get that settlement without hooking up with a military officer is often what I am told. Then-- I need protection. Really? Pentagon-- I said no. I am saying no loudly. I do not owe you my business, what's owed me and I am tired of you violating my rights in this manner. I ask over and over that you allow me to sleep. You will not. See a lawyer.

By the way-- they call this mind fking [see the General's Daughter with John Travolte] for recruitment. They would like it if I would get the money [which will only be released to my social] and let the CIA pay me- after I give it to them or hook up with a military officer who can help me run the business and my money. The money-- I am told at the Federal Reserve ready to roll. Can I ask my bank to check the ACH for payments to my social? Yes, however told it should be automatic and they have because of testing. DOJ/FBI are saying pay her and get out. CIA and Pentagon are saying no. Why? Not sure but they are claiming not national security. I do not like bullies. DOJ/FBI/ACLU- I am owed by you. You want Pentagon Cia to see this for themselves. They are screwing me and screwing me badly. I said no.

There is a pulsate option on some of the consoles [see portable version in reference link above]. Last night -- told a brother [have several I did not know about], ben and others decided to see if they could pulsate all together. I am not sure how-- since priorities and only one at a time- were how it was supposed to work. That said-- if felt like they were all pulsating in my ear at 9:30 pm when I went to bed. I literally begged them to turn the pulsate off. I finally fell asleep. at 2:00 am general was on. when I got up-- bank balance still the same. Was I polite? Yes. Was he? No. DOJ -- said no. Mean no.

By the way explained to the general that it was a conflict of interest to want to own me and my business while he is violating my rights--and providing reasons for why I am owed so much. Not sure he got it. Can you add anything [doj/fbi/aclu]? Government issued devices being used for personal gain? Does Amazon want to pay you general? Told they did not like one of my aunties calling. You? really?

Another test to see if I am fit for justice? 17 years and I thought you wanted the insurance issues and Nasa told? I want to run my business and be left alone. I want to hire big law firms to insure the US gov. cannot do this to me again. I am fit for justice. I am not fit for non-gentlemen officers that think I want to do them. By the way-- monitors claim he does not get no. Why would he be allowed to continue to test me?

Am I asking that the money post? No. they try to use it as leverage. PayPal-- bet you are really pissed. Told many have tried to use advertising or get hosting. Never got a notice paypal. Anyone can look at the pages and see I hooked up paypal correctly. Class action law suit? General get off me. Go read a lawbook, business 101 manual and keep in mind I do not want ot play chess with you. A game. No idiot-- this is not a game. Get off me. Does the Pentagon and government get big business. No-- general I do not want you running my business. You don't get it.

Told Generals control my servers. Recent problems with Amazon, Sports interface caused by changes that generals ordered. Told they want to have me fixing things again. That said-- day after day-- settlement ready to roll. I explained the problems. After the Amazon thing-- judges keep telling pentagon generals they cannot tamper with the site-- yet they like testing. Told general was arrested. so after the amazon incident-- the general that ordered it dead then back up because of the judge told me not to go on any military installation. I would be shot. I said okay. Same general wants to have a mind fk session last night. I was kind. He said last week he did not mean it. Me-- I said Pentagon get off me and take general with you.

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Noticed a problem with the Sports Scores interface on WiredPages. Reloaded the class file and tested locally. Was about to provide a post on the business blog with a screen grab showing my test showed it was working and it looked as if someone was tampering with where that interface file is hosted-- when the lights went out. Been sitting in the dark ever since. That was about nine this morning it is now about 1:40.

According to the network [earpiece] this was supposed to be over this morning. Not sure now what the status is. Not that they have not said almost every other day for awhile that everything is complete and the finances are ready to roll. Was I upset-- when my bank showed the same balance? No. Did I call to check? No. Have tried to explain over and over-- I have no tears left. I am prepaid if settlement is forthcoming. Only my bank would now-- but told Federal Reserve has been practicing sending the ach payments. Can they confirm?

The bag still a big deal-- apparently the ACLU was upset with what happened in June 2012-- and instrumental in insuring the bag was locked away.

I am using a dialup connection to post them from my netbook. The business blog is on my Macbook and I cannot post from there. I never purchased a new battery. Lights just came on 1:42 pm. I will be using Verizon FiOS to post now. While I was waiting for the lights to come on-- I went to my mother's rose bush and cut these:

Earpiece is claiming it did post the first payment. That is why I am unsure as to why my online statement shows no payment-- neither pending or otherwise. Why was this morning a big deal? It was according to several. I awoke late-- noticed a AA county police cruiser on the corner sitting -- something that has not happened since well before June 2012-- and then the broken interface. I am wondering if over 17 years i have not screamed, ripped the house apart nor harmed anyone-- why they would go through the hassle of playing a Sonia King tape and having many others tell me ugly things-- if they were not going to follow through. Again my life? Holding back payment from my affiliates and blocking my communications helps to save my life. Stupid idiot rationale. Told government too upset they did not get the bag-- and think it unfair the settlement. FBI-- 17 years? Most large law firms who have the facts say 1.5 to 2 billion. Well under a billion. I never cry-- payment did not start-- and I never ask. You tell me. I scream at the noise I cannot get out of my ears. Can't walk away. Cannot afford to have devices taken out. One in each ear. Idiots with idiot crap... Mind fk over. I have aged a bit since Feb. 2012 when first one and then the other was activated. The newer earpiece I can change the channel on. The older one i cannot. Too many that want to scream at me. Who? Old insured friends and government that thinks I owe their aids pity party. I am told 300 million acquired fby criminals because of associations with me or my business-- QiSoftware-- since 2004 or so. I have repeated over and over-- you did not get part of the 300 million scammed then you need to find those that did. I do not owe-- your threats. The other problem--- companies like Amazon, PayPal, Linkshare, iTunes have already paid -- but the settlement is one and includes everything. Still hearing it is the Pentagon that is the hold up. Not sure why. They agree I am not a national security issue.. The recruitment angle. Why would I work with people who do not seem to understand my name is not the "n" word? The bag? I do not owe it. Did you check with the judge and the ACLU. Not the pentagon... why are so many claiming it is?

Private deal that included all of my affiliates-- PayPal, Skype [told they did not pay-- English co-- Royal family asked them to hold off, earpiece claim-- originally told happy to pay the low settlement amount for blocking my calls 443-3936650. Why lie on the English?], and local and feds here. Also powerful family payment made with this settlement. The government and md okay'd the deal, as did the powerful family in that they were contacted-- however it is said the Pentagon is somehow using the Feds had to sign to hold up payment. Payment was not made by the federal government but agreed to by dOJ and FBI. Why would the Pentagon interfere if it is not national security? I was never a military person. I was a military brat. Strong words by those claiming to be from the Pentagon... too angry. Why Richard? They said good bye. Why are they still here? Is it the Pentagon-- or someone else playing around? Tapes would show... Why can't there be anything done. This morning-- if I had not been so sleepy from three nights of endless chatter by idiots on a mind fk mission I might have glared longer at the police cruiser. Instead made coffee and wondered if it was finally over. No-- not according to my bank. Then the Sports interface? Why? Leave my sites alone. Right now-- claiming-- CIA and not the Pentagon.

Why do I discuss so much if I want it to hurry up and end? You would not believe the amount of idiot crap provided me. I believe I have negated the insuring me with the insurance of others-- but I also want the constant chatter to end. It never stops... I repeat what they say in hopes of getting them to be quiet. Noise they want me to post about. Stories about others. They litterly beg me to post so they can sue in regular court.

I recently got out my Arundel Sr. High School year book and pointed to a photo of L. Benita. Also photos of K. Eldride and S Heavling. Told DOJ was worried about law suits from "stars". Not tryin to hurt stars but when me and my father get blamed for things and neither of us had AIDS nor are/were HIV positive, I address the issues. I am told, pointing out L. Benita helped DOJ a lot... When I met Ben Chinitz in 1998, I also met someone that reminded me of my classmate. I had no idea at the time why. Now looks like the star is key. When I noticed photos after 2008-- I thought the photos showed his insurance. Now believe the AIDS factor is key. Please don't... If I wanted to blackmail-- I could have done it before when I speculated who was who. I thought I was supposed to tell. When the earpiece was activated I learned shocking things. I have either tried to un-insure by telling-- since I was being threatened-- or explain why me nor my father gave anyone aids. We never had it. I am sorry for the pain this has caused. You do not sue me for crap I did not do... I will force issues into real court rooms and not sealed courts that are not using real judges and lawyers. I do not mind being sued. I mind the other crap.

The girls I mention, I did not know well. That said--- L. Benita's face reminded me of a celebrity. Don't. The link and I went out-- 1982. Told the celebrity was born late 70's with aids. Danielle Hopson-- now dead, it is said may be confused with me in this case. I am hiv negative. Let go. Ysida's sister.... they claimed you were gay. Stop.

Did I mention earpiece explained AIDS patients should not have a lot of surgery. Lung cancer cannot be treated with surgery because of the tissue. Too much bleeding. My father had two surgeries one in 1976 or so and the other in 1982. Large portion of his lung removed in 1982. He died in 1989. I am told if he had AIDS he would have died on the operating table given that much tissue removed. My father insured me? No. I am not insured. My father would not have touched any of us. Earpiece claim that it was said P. King got AIDS from my father when he found out Perry took my virginity. Again earpiece claim. Earpiece claiming different times as to when Perry got aids-- and I have no proof. That said-- told Perry had to do something in 1975. My father had lung cancer surgery in 1982. No aids. he did not give perry aids-- if the earpiece claim is right. Why do I have aids? Still not sure. Most would say I am too conservative. Handsome cadet in 1982 claimed he was celibate. I did not try to change his mind.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Where are we?

So, where are we?

Another interface on WiredPages has gone into disrepair. The CIA interface. I noticed the problem on Friday of last week-- however did not run debug to isolate the problem. Why?

Almost every other day-- I am told a settlement deal that was negotiated in May 2012 will be executed. If the deal is ever executed, I will have a myriad of things to do-- including move my sites. The problem? I develop my software so that it runs only on the servers associated with my sites. Because of this, I do not want to update anything right now. It is more an internal security issue-- and there are too many, still interested in my bag.

Earlier this year, when WiredPages interfaces went into disrepair-- I felt it was done in hopes I would move the interface to the domain. Currently, most of the WiredPages interfaces are hosted on my domain. If I am moving [which I am told is really running on Pentagon servers]-- then updating my interfaces right now-- would mean I corrected software for a server address that I am planning to abandon. Many have noticed the "Unauthorized Access" message which is a security trigger I build into my interfaces. You may have even noticed them on my sites. This is because someone has tried to put the interface on an unauthorized site. I normally reinstall the interface to clear the problem. I do not like my software running anywhere but my sites.

So why did you notice things like the Technorati Rank or original World Weather interface running on someone else's site? That software was either taken from my safe when I had jury duty in March 2004 or in the case of the Technorati interface [the original], a copy was taken from my desktop Mac. I did not know I left a copy on the hard drive. Because both interfaces used my keys-- those that stole the interfaces highlighted their mistake. Technorati no longer offers an API. In November 2011-- the weather channel disabled my key.

Blocking others from using my interfaces prevents others from using my keys and software on their sites-- unless they somehow get the code. At this time-- I am not repairing any problems on WiredPages-- but am planning things for the future. What things?

  • Adding the sound back to the Dictionary interface. [need money $$]
  • Fixing the problem with the Horoscopes interface [major rewrite].
  • Building a new iTunes interface.
  • Fixing the CIA interface.
  • Re-add state reps to the congress interface. [$45.00 per year]
  • Add the 5 Day forecast again to the World Weather tool [$69.00 per month]

Most of these things worked but stopped after it was determined I used too much in resources and they wanted me to pay. No money to repair when they went into disrepair and now waiting to move sites. These fixes will not happen until after I move the site. So why if the interfaces run on and is the main site you will be moving-- why not fix them now? Because the interface triggers key off of both site IP addresses.

I provide the costs because too many do not understand the costs to maintain Family and government personnel want the site. Claim I will have lots of money why not give the sites and WiredPages to them. I said no. The other cost factor-- my skills. $200,000 per year for a programmer on call. I have worked late nights making sure my interfaces do not break. A programmer on call is going to cost. Stop asking me if you can have my software and/or sites. I said no. By the way DOJ/FBI-- getting threats from those claiming to be CIA/PENTAGON-- via earpiece about the interfaces. Get tapes. Not repairing, not moving to and I do not like threats. Why are they threatening if I am getting the deal and you agree I do not owe washington/pentagon thugs my company? I said no....

And the $200,000 is just for the programmer and program maintenance. I developed custom databases that may need to be updated. Ideas, graphics, blog posting -- not included in that $200,000 per year cost.

I am told it will take about $80,000 a year to host I am not sure if that takes into account the interfaces-- java servlets. Currently, I have blocked access to Asia Pacific IPs to help offset some of the load. In 2008 or so-- my Alexa rankings were six hundred thousand. Today about five million. This a high from June 2012 of about 19,000,000. I am told my log files are no longer being cleared out by Pentagon personnel by order of a judge and redirection to avoid logging also stopped. Same order. that is why I had to block a wide range of IP addresses. I used to do the same in the 2007-2008. I have $40.00 a week in loans. Easy check of my finances will prove this. Never paid. the deal covered all those that owed. Paypal and Skype should have been punitive but are compensatory. I am owed a lot. I cannot move the sites until I get funds. I tell most people that want my sites--- get your $40.00 a week in loans and good luck. My current web hosting cost for $41.85 per quarter. Yes, the US government has interfered in my business one reason they owe. I have no employees and do all the work... Pentagon should not have claimed my work and FBI/DOJ should not have allowed others to defraud me over the years.

Is the tax payer paying? No. Private deals with some of my affiliates and a copyright issue will cover the deal. Am I under seal? No. Big names involved here the reason it is quiet. That said-- too many in government still believe they are doing me the favor. I have nothing to hide. Get the idiots out of my ear.

In other news-- I had a jar full of cuttings for a new plant. The top photo. The bottom photo is how those cuttings look planted. I potted the cuttings about a month ago.

I normally update my business blog-- with what's going on with my software issues.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Clean Your Own House

I am switching back and forth between CSPAN and City Confidential. On CSPAN right now-- this guy.

Also in my ear--- those claiming to be Rock and his nephew Ben [I believe Mrs. Anderson's son.]. Normally when I talk to Ben-- the FBI/ACLU/DOJ types from the house above-- constantly say "lawyer". Ben is always saying things he should not say. Today, nothing [and when I asked if it was Ben-- he said yes. he uses a filter but his voice has a strong pattern and I often hear-- I am told so do others.] I asked why they were not saying "lawyer, lawyer" and he said "cleaning crew". Did you see "point of no return"?

Lately, I have been complaining a lot that those in my ear are using the network for their personal gain and not just mind fking. What was the attempt? I am told CIA recruitment-- something I have said no too often. But others want things from my bag or site. Government personnel should not be trying to harass me for things from my bag or different sites [i.e., WiredPages].

Last night I was told CIA finally getting "no". They are going to leave me alone. Also told ACH payments would start at 1:45 am this morning. They did not. This is an ongoing promise to see if I will become frustrated. yes, I do believe Paypal, Amazon, and Skype want this behind them. Government types do not get business, especially big business. They know this looks bad. Government--- hard heads.

Earpiece uses--- the word "Chet" to identify the real head of the CIA. I am told few in public view are the real heads of government. Told [via earpiece] CIA is also the real "white house". Do I believe this? It doesn't matter what i think. I want the US government to allow the deal that was put in place in early may 2012-- to go through and put this behind them. I asked if the guy above was chet. Earpiece said no-- but close. Chet wannabe-- I said no. You should be smarter than a lot of folks claiming to be CIA folks. A cleaner? I did not kill anyone. I said no thank you to government. Let go.

Threat-- was offered about photo. I do not like threats. Just want all to be sure-- when i say no-- I mean no. Clean your own house. I see idiots, thugs and filth. Richard-- has anyone filed suit. I speculated. You will have to ask earpiece who "carolyn is". I have worked with carolyns, have relatives named carolyn and know carolyn's. I am not sure what was meant by the carolyn statement-- but threats like that are provided often via the earpiece. The point was to highlight the threat. I am told a carolyn wanted to file suit and freeze my accounts even before the first ach payment. go ahead. You need to file suits in open court. I have nothing to hide. I said no to government and cia recruitment. I mean no. Told the CIA/DOJ US attorney is trying to protect from law suits the hold up with the payments. What lawsuits, richard? Then told-- I m getting too many threats to my life. Why.. they have stopped saying i am a national security threat. Photo? Not sure if he simply came out to say bye.

Catherine at TFCU used a term like rhrs payments i thought. My bank this morning said it was ach payments. I also asked what the limits were on my bank accounts. They said enough to handle large acp payment [daily accumlation] if i moved them to CDs after a bit. I was told the limit was raised and my bank agreed it was. Other than that-- and the fact payments are supposed to start every other day---except for one reason or another-- nothing. Told my bank notified recently. Write a post? Will this do?

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

National Security... II

In late February 2012-- an earpiece I did not know was installed sometime berore 1999, was activated. I was a little surprised at first as narrator after narrator began telling me things. At first I listened hour after hour to these narrations. Shocking things. Often the person telling me things would ask why aren't you reacting. Shock, what do I do with this, are you lying, huh... mostly I think shock. I am natually calm believe it or not.

In those first days [late feb 2012] they told me things that I forgot about [or decided was a lie], until reiterated. Things like-- three eggs were taken from me and one child died-- a girl. Details about the child's death were given right up front but not who. I put it down to false until it was talked to again about 3 weeks ago. In early April 2012-- or so-- I will hear something that bothered me-- we tried everything to insure you. We are insuring you with information. The thing that bothered me about this-- was general was claiming my site. These two things presented around the same time. I went after-- General does not own my work. But I did not forget about the concept of insuring me with secrets and the insurance of others- important others.

I would often say-- why are you telling me this. I am not going to write a post about this. That said-- when General decided he owned QiSoftware [according to the earpiece] I did put out things that could be checked and asked how would i know this. Jan's death-- a lie. I have seen a Michael Jordan ad. Olympics. Earpiece still claiming he died.

Why-- I felt they wanted to say the earpiece over the years, gave me ideas for my sites or helped me write code. No. I have spent a lot of time working on my sites and business-- all alone. Earpiece activated in late February 2012. So this may have appeared as the first national security issue-- but I couched everything in I am not sure--- and this is earpiece provided information. Take it in that light. Told they have tapes of all sessions including sequestered sessions.

Then in June 2012 I went to BWMC for 2.5 weeks. The first day, I noticed a long haired gray woman who reminded me of my mother. Her name was Francis. I later thought the Queen of England was a better fit. She glared at me often. I looked back. Another person at the center-- a guy named Stephan [pronouced] Stef- fon. He looked part Indian and part European. Earpiece claimed he was a lawyer for England. Yes, he could have been a lawyer for a large law firm. Anyway he oftened stayed in his room-- lying down. I was told he was listening to tapes of what I had heard since February 2012. This bothered me and I wrote in notes "why are they worried about me and not him" and insured one of the many cameras could see what I was writing.

This also made me think they wanted to threaten me on what I knew. Early on-- they provided issues with generals. After I came home-- military seemed to threaten on this. So there were threats-- but at first I simply did not like the Pentagon claiming my work. National Security-- one reason given the Pentagon blocked settlement payments. She knows too much. but I did not know before Feb. 2012. And my information is earpiece provided and I am telling it is earpiece provided. They have lied sometimes.

Told judges have asked Pentagon, CIA if they really consider me a national security threat. Told they respond no. We don't like her? Yes, that is often provided. Judge-- we cannot keep violating her rights in this manner because you don't like her. Recruitment by CIA? No. I am business not government. I already know-- I cannot do that. Washington to mad. Pity party also an issue. For some reason they wanted some of this told. Why? Why does Washington get a say in settlement. All agree washington owes. Tags will say Federal Government payment made-- by outside resources. Needs a non-congressional sign off that has been made-- actually but pentagon still testing, DOJ trying to insure technical issues cleared off and told outside funding sees flags it does not like. I get that. Too washington wants funds to pay for their pity party.

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National Security...

I held Top Secret clearances at Boeing and General Electric. I was at Boeing Tysons Corner, VA from September 81 through Dec. 84. I was with GE from Dec. 84 through June 85. I only held a Secret clearance at Rockwell.

I look at this now-- and wonder if the many details I provided to the polygraph person at FANX [associated with NSA] in Linthicum, MD-- in Jan. 85, caused the downgrade of my Top Secret status to only Secret status when Rockwell requested the clearance transfer. Rockwell's Crystal City Offices were cleared only Secret so that may have been it too. The reason FBI would have briefed us each year.

The other reason the "top secret" may have been downgraded? A joke because after hours one evening, I showed a GE male coworker the beauty mark on my right breast near the nipple. You can still see this mark today. Why tell you this? Surveillance would have shown over the years-- though men "oralled me" on occassion-- I never really enjoyed it. I like hard. Mouth not hard enough for me to feel comfortable. Tested with a guy I told I did not like-- and still could not enjoy. I am too nice.

The reason I provide this-- again? Early in the process of why me-- I thought someone was trying to say I had a problem with an underage child. I get that now. The problem-- when I moved to my first place in Falls Church there was an elementary school less than a parking lot away and the house I reside in now [last 17 years] has an elementary school nearby. If Maryland could evict me because of a "pervert reason" even prositution they would. They can't.

I asked what child-- and provided grown men offered me a lot. I like adult men that do not want me to oral them and my behind has never been touched. Adult male is the only thing I have ever known intimately-- [while awake, anyway]. Then once-- Leslie T. a neighbor told me her son came over for some milk. So I looked at whether someone thought my boobs are an errogenous zone? Mine are not. Over the years few men have touched them-- and I am told that when sucked on a lot-- the nipples turn brown [something I believe Cheryl called a hairy chest]. Mine are not-- and you can still see the mole.

Showing off? No.. I have been through too much and I am trying to show why you can believe me. This post-- I am careless with National Security? No. I had no choice. More later.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

FBI-- are you getting calls?

Yesterday, I sat down and wrote a long post. Please leave me alone. Please get out of my ear. I have said these words over and over again for a while now. But the CIA wants to recruit you. CIA I have explained over and over-- your people sound like stupid idiots and I want to run my business. Response-- Well Regina, the private deal that you are aware of, is real-- PayPal, Amazon, Indeed and a host of others want to pay you and close this issue, and yes we agree the Federal Government, Maryland, that powerful family do owe you-- and there was a copyright adjustment made between two large corporations that you probably had a hand in--- however it is just too much money and we would like to have you come to the CIA bring your money and business and let us pay you. But, I said no.

And since I am not crying about the fact every other day you are saying the Federal Reserve will start paying out in daily deposits installments of the tag amounts [a special procedure had to be set up with my Federal Reserve account because the funds were being sent to the wrong account] so the bank where the funds are being held have requested the Federal Reserve ping daily for the nightly deposits-- 1:45 am each morning leaving the balance in the overseas bank-- I am not sure why you keep doing the same thing over and over. Never starts the deposits. Told they were trying to trick the overseas bank. Not sure why they tell me this crap. For some reason, the powerful family that agreed it had defamed me to the tune of a large sum-- thereby causing others [and businesses] to either assume they were paying me directly or in the case of the Federal and State governments ignore my many requests for relief. When everyone finally got-- the payment though covered federal, state and the many affiliate agreements I had over the years that it could only be made to me-- this caused them irritations. They then began saying write a post about me. My response if I wanted to give you money I would--but why don't you get they said they were only paying my social number. Plus anything I write is done in the speculative mode in hopes the FBI is investing horrible rights violations I have incurred. I do not owe because Washington, kept giving itself AIDS. I do not owe because to be a part of Washington you have to insure-- a practice I am told that started with the large powerful family. Known of this I knew. Known of this I owe for. No the Federal Reserve Tags have not executed meaning no deposits have been made to my bank other than those I make weekly [a weekly loan installment of $40.00]. Too easy to confirm this with a private eye or the fBI.

I am a business person and a serial entrepreneur. I work hard. Earpiece has explained over and over-- yes several large law firms have been contacted and all agree-- the true facts and what she has been through, including interference with her business, broken arm, no income, 17 years of harassment, a question about why her eyes, could get a 1.5 to 2 billion settlement. The 1 billion put on the table last fall by an outside concern was meant to help. But we are a greed lot here in washington and though you are not taking the offered amount-- we still want to own you. This is what the earpiece is saying.

But if the money put on the table was to help washington understand-- the world does not want to pay for its aids pity party and to stop behaving like thugs-- why would REgina thomas a non-thug want you to run her business and manage her money?

I have asked nicely over and over-- get the idiots out of my ear. BWMC, Bonnie-- you had a long talk with flower lady.... she has been in my ear for about a month now. I have asked over and over that she not talk to me. When I id her yesterday- she had to stop getting in my ear. A post to libel her? I owe the CIA/Federal Government a law suit and ask them to listen to her. She does not come off very bright in my ear and I talked to her only briefly at the center. There, she seemed angry about something. I had no clue as to who she was then. Told she only recently found out who her dad was and she let it go to her head. I have seen this behavior before. I am not impressed. She wants to own WiredPages. I asked if she was a programmer. She is not. Many tell me the same thing, they want to own WiredPages. You cannot take what belongs to someone else. The response, well if you libel me in a blog post I can.

DOJ-- get crazy government employees out of my ear. The other one-- you get all that money- give me the site?

17 years of pure hell. A broken arm. DOJ/FBI-- start listening. Told Pentagon and CIA idiots. Get those idiots out of my ear. Did they stop? No this morning same idiot crap.. get them out of my ear and really.

Earpiece is providing information about AIDS. In washington, because insurance went awry it is about 50/50 insofar as who has it. I am told this number is probably conservative with more having AIDS. The country is about 70/30 with most not having AIDS. This has caused a thug mentality where insurance issues already existed. Michael Moore-- who are you? You look just like Babs of Maryland... do you see where I am going?

Another problem-- the military leaders, also had to insure and they are mostly local. You just wouldn't think this person had aids and then when it was discovered it was too late. I did not know.

The movie Three Days of the Condor suggest issues of the day are discussed in movies and books. Here are some movies that I believe discuss the real issues of today:

  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Contagion
  • I Am Legend
  • Children of Men

I wanted to help-- but kind of quietly. I have business savvy and technical know-how. I also love my country and am a military brat. Confirming why the Navy went after me-- a combination-- you don't have aids-- [caroline does], the child I never knew existed died, and resentment lead to a lot of lies. The problem-- I am too clean and really had no idea what was going on. Washington has a hard time with no. I cannot help. they will not let go.

One lie they [earpiece] told me about.. I killed someone when I was in high school because I was drinking and driving. what happened? I had a white Javalin that I loved. I do not drink and could never drive while under the influence of marijuana which I tried in high school. My sense of direction is somehow disabled when I use marijuana. I reported this over and over to defense investigators when getting clearances-- the fact I tried marijuana. The thing is- as I explained recently, to a panel of doctors, nurses and aides- I never use drugs, rarely drink alcohol, and use only advil. I do not like my head to feel tinny. My eyes and migranes the problem. So the fact I am told the Navy lied and said this surprised me especially since I was a defense contract providing support to them for 10 years.

One night, Sonia King, Lynee Matthews [I think-- not sure who the third person was but I think it was Lynee] and I were coming from Queenstown or somewhere over there and going toward Odenton. I was driving on 170 and they were passengers. All of a sudden a mid sized dog darted in my path. There was no chance to get out of the way. It was night-- but I was not under the influence of drugs nor alcohol. Most would say I have never seen her use either. Perry, Cheryl and Perry's clique--yes, however no more than 5 times. I really hated the look of a marijuana high and I did not think it worth it. I dressed up a lot-- and not to look high. I was so terrified by the experience [hitting the dog] that when we got to the car wash in Odenton [right off of 175]-- hand spray type, Sonia and the other person got out and washed down the car. I couldn't look. We all saw the dog when it ran into my path. We all did not see what was left at the car wash. Sonia said nothing. I couldn't look.

Why would this lie be out there? I killed someone while driving drunk in high school? Are you kidding? DOJ/FBI-- washington looks bad. Get me out of here. They offered the deal.. let it go..I do not owe the Pentagon, CIA nor the idiots in Washington. sorry.

Washington is the nation's seat of power. I am too decent. this looks bad and I think you should clean it up-- and I am the decent person that should tell you. I started WiredPages in 2004. I am known. get those crazy thugs off me. Idiots in Washington need to stop interfering with me and my business. This looks bad.. FBI-- are you getting calls?

Nancy Reagan said-- Just say no. Washington-- I did. Why didn't others? I do not pay because I said no and they didn't. And the fact this is a nancy reagan known statement is telling. I said no.... Julie. Mike Mullen-- surely you are not offended on that. She knew about my biological child and I didn't. That makes more since. She cannot blackmail me. She can no longer blackmail you. I did not tell her to insure.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Insuring With Insurance...

When the earpiece was first activated in late February or early March 2012- I was at a place where I thought the reason I had been through the ordeals I had gone through over the years- was because the Pentagon wanted to clean up Washington. Discuss issues like moon landings, how washington really worked [insurance] and who was who. I am too clean, too educated, and have no issues that would insure me. Insurance? I think in the old days-- a white woman having sex with a black man and producing a child or incest would insure her. Today, it appears more and more-- Pedophilia is an acceptable form of insurance-- for Washington types, and the media that cover it.

US Generals? According to the earpiece-- see Kevin Spacey's neighbors in American Beauty. But also said via the earpiece-- MI6 the reason. More on this later.

So if my speculation is correct-- after all I was a cleared defense contractor with just under 14 years and I do not even drink-- why would I have the problems I have with no explanation? Why Me? That's when I thought this was a mission [again I was a defense contractor] and I was supposed to help explain things like moon landings where there was no explanation for the fuel in the undertaking-- and even if there was fuel-- where were the tanks? Ohms burn-- and a partial differential equations course I took in college helped me to re-evaluate how did we get to the moon.

What did I come up with? The United States probably had to pay war reparations to Korea and Vietnam and the Apollo missions might have been used as the cover? The problem? Overseas-- it made us look like stupid jokes. How do I know? I used to read a lot of novels by foreign authors-- and the loud, crass cowboy type with too much money and no manners always resonated. See movies like Four Weddings and Funereal. One of Hugh Grant's friends found a cowboy in that movie-- though he was not so loud. And then the internet was coming on line which would make the world more open. [WWW] Internet started in 1969 by a US Government agency known as DARPA. Did we need something to help prepare americans-- is my guess.

That said-- in a speculative tone as I guessed at relationship after relationship over the years-- I blogged about who was who. See Q's Wire.

I remember after the first two years of 911, not really believing that someone could blatantly attack the United States-- I remembered that some years earlier in an FBI briefing at my offices [Rockwell, cleared facility that had FBI public relations specialists in the offices about once a year or so]-- the FBI guy told us-- they did not like the twin towers in New York. So I asked whether this could have been a "controlled burn" to level the security issues associated with the buildings.

I am going someplace with this-- but wish to break here... Yes, I am being mind fked...

By the way-- do not molest your child or sleep with a close family member to be important in washington. I live within a football field of an elementary school. Most of my kin cannot. Cannot visit, cannot do a lot. This post not to give permission to you to hurt your kids. I get blamed for a lot.. do not do this.

I am told 91,000 calls to the FBI number based on this blog? FBI are they asking if I am crazy? Told the calls are not asking if I am crazy.

I started business blogging in June 2004. I started a personal blog in Novermber 2004 but did not start blogging about why me until March 2005. For some reason after watching some of the surviors from 911 I wondered if after I finished telling about who was who-- if ad revenue from my sites was supposed to pay for this "outting" process. Thing is--- I ask if Nancy Reagan was Camille Cosby's mother early on-- but would not get many more until I asked if George Clooney was my handsome cadet from 1982 in February 2008. So I did not get most of the insured people until long after this process began but had started blogging about body language issues and what they meant long before. I do not get deep throat and the throat pouches until December 2006-- pouches or lack there of with long necks summer 2007. So why would my revenue have been held over the years? Before the earpiece activation I thought it was in an escrow account. I also said I had no law suits and I wrote in the speculative mode trying to understand why this might have been happening to me. When the earpiece came on-- I was told congress had provided money to people like Julie and Pat Nixon, Liz Wiel of Fox who the earpiece claimed is both a girlfriend of John Ashcoft [hidden attorney general] and daughter of Pat Nixon and her husband. Earpiece also confirming black guy-- Steve Perry of CNN Liz's son.. Her insurance with Perry king. why mention this-- I guessed. Earpiece confirmed... No I do not owe more... Ask the tax payer if it wants its money back. My deal-- large overseas corporation. Told the insured filth of washington wants a law suit so they can claim some of my funds. Earpiece claims taxpayer already paid Liz because I asked if Steve Perry was her son with Perry King. A libel suit in which I am asked nothing? this according to earpiece.

The earpiece provided that the reason fran Townsend who looks like a daughter of John Winston [my rockwell boss] was given money in 2004 was to keep Julie and Trish quiet about a child of mine [I knew nothing about] that died in the early 90s. BWMC-- told Lindy carried the child. An ex director at Rockwell and Naval adcademy grad the guy.. I had the song wrong Robert Mueller. Yolanda Adams. The Rockwell guy was not a director when I knew him. Told he lost his position when he started dating the secretary. What about the children... I knew nothing. I think earpiece was turned on-- by Rock -- so he could explain somethings. Why? Billion dollar deal for me put on the table in Oct/Nov 2011. Why? A copyright issue. Doug Masterson probably gets it. Yes, it is legit-- however most of the people in Washinton did nto get it. Only how to steal it. Rock-- I think had his people tell me about the child. I kept saying the FBI director is finally here. The song said director. the other bob-- was a director--but before I arrived at rockwell... 1995 the song. Told the child died in 1993 or so... I do not owe washington filth nor the greedy. bob erhlich looks like the son of Trish Nixon and John Winston the link to who may have known about the child. Navy to cover its tracks maligned me... defense investigative file says wrong person. Julie knew. Fran Townsend collected and then gave money to Julie... why continue to harass me if you do not want me to ask why?

why are they so mad with me? why use me without regard to laws, etc. Insurance insured a lot of folks. Someone said to me [via the earpiece] I did not mean to give Caroline Aids. I do mean to give you Aids. Told via earpiece Rachel Ray is Julie's with Bruce Leshan. jeff Napsin another Nixon child with a Nixon. The problem? The boys appeared to have had aids according to the earpiece. I did not know anyone had aids. How did I miss out... my navy cadet told me he was celibate. I did not try to change his mind. He liked me at first-- early date. Not on later dates. I passed on the other boys. Too many kids born aids kids. gave aids to their mothers. Generals--- told made a mistake. took aids home to their families. Children of God, I am Legend... Research.. washington having a pity party they think I want to pay for... I said no.

BWMC the 53 year old female with the glasses, blondish hair-- said to be a bastard of john D. Rockefeller via earpiece. At first indicated my Aunt Judy's. Now saying no. Sent flowers to the nurses when she left. The young guy that looked like David Esinhower. Yes, said to be a relative. Yes they told me he is David's son... The problem the mother. Told Julie pissed I met him before her. Why am I telling you this? Think they want me to insure with all of this information... the way to null and void insurance is to say you cannot blackmail me with it. I have talked to everything even the least bit embarrassing to me. Rock said this too. Tell it so you cannot be blackmailed. thing is rock.. why does NJ governor look like Judy Thomas? did you tell or can this be used as blackmail? I have no secrets. Why put all of these people in my life. Rock said via earpiece-- I have no console so cannot see who is talking-- to insure with information making others nervous.

England-- said you are BP oil spill and 911. Why? Their response-- salma gave Andrew aids. Again tied to the boys. Why tell me... Earpiece says Charles early.. same problem as washington-- the boys. why does earpiece tell me? Sorry england-- saying earthquakes and 911, etc. why are they telling me this crap? to insure me? Point to George Bush and his megaphone. Earpiece saying Mossad providing strategic hits on english properties. Cruise ships. Why? Queen Elizabeth part jewish-- mother's side. Why not Pentagon? well i do not know if it is Englad but the Pentagon keeps telling me it wants to own my software company. Stopped protecting our borders to own my company. I do not owe a thug pentagon. Get off me. Wrong copyright-- but why don't you get Missy's village idiot and have it graduate from the naval academy so you have an excuse. So I can pay filth. I owe no ones' filth. Pentagon-- get off my site and leave it alone. the recent problem with the Amazon interface.. should not be happening. check business blog. Get off me.. and get CIA idiots out of my ear. Night and day. Why?

In Q's Wire.. I have asked "what did I forget to tell?" when experiencing another round of harrassment. This before the earpiece activation. Stopped posting to Q's Wire in Dec. 2011-- because too much tampering. Earpiece activated late feb. 2012 probably because I thought Robert Mueller was the director. I have been told a lot. I speculated on a lot in Q's Wire. I never called anyone to say i was blackmailing. Told [via earpiece] Julie said I aborted a child and she wanted me to pay her. I did not. I misscarried according to Kaiser and they provided a D and C. Julie blackmail me? Tell to her to bring it. Are you blackmailing David? I thought i was supposed to tell these things or why keep bothering me. I like working not writing posts about harrassment. I have also told about me. I have no secrets. You do not insure me with the secrets of others. I said no. The other concern earpiece is explaining? I know too many secrets-- why let her out of here. I am not blackmailing anyone and I discussed a lot of the relationships in Q's Wire before they were confirmed starting in Feb 2012. I work for a living and do not need to be a thug and leech. i thought I was supposed to tell. I did not know about Aids. Yes, I know a lot-- but I am not blackmailing you. You are trying to continue violating and stealing from me-- it appears mostly because of Aids. I am sorry. i do not owe you... You cannot hold someone because they keep telling their secrets. My father said he could not tell me anything because I was Walter Winchell. Stop telling me. I do not owe you.

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