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Friday, August 31, 2012

Okay, Bye.

You gave me the insight I needed-- that I would use later. Our innocent conversations cannot be replaced-- thank you. The boys have said goodbye. It is probably not going to be nice. You always make me smile. Thank you.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I do not like big birds.

It was a week of the same-- except told an attorney I noticed in February 2012 or so is actually the US Attorney I want. I have several reasons to believe he is the right US Attorney however it is not important to discuss those reasons here. I am pleased.

My deal is actually private, however since federal and state governments are noted in the agreement-- so later I cannot sue-- the deal has in part, oversight from DOJ. Will it go through? Told, the US Government, Maryland and the powerful family involved, and the many businesses I have associations with-- want it to go through and it is still on track.

The hold up? Someone [via] earpiece explained that brute force tactics used when the powerful feel they want something-- continue after a settlement has been enforced. In this case-- it appears there are many hard heads and told DOJ is working to suggest "they are not kidding". That said-- I am told a friend with a large congregation ran into problems when he tried to get in touch with me several years ago-- and he won. That said, he is still having problems with the powerful. Another example- a well respected white political commentator opted out of the insurance business-- and lost almost everything until she sued. She won-- however her agent blocked calls claiming the powerful ordered it so. Why wouldn't this generate another law suit? This info provided this morning. Felt it maybe an attempt to libel or defame the powerful-- so that is why I am not providing more detail. That said--- all earpiece provided information.

Too many big names involved so this [private deal] was best for those big names. I could have gone to a non-sealed process and it still amazes me-- the many who feel this is my favor also.. I repeat-- I am not insured and a private business owner... [insured? I cannot be blackmailed].

This week, also prompts to see how much I know. Why they are not replaying the tapes [told some of the narrators used a sequester session]- however, when I repeat things in my well bugged environment-- the information is passed to almost anyone who wants it. Told my house has lots of bugs.

Yes, I do know a lot-- but I assume the information is probably a setup to draw a libel suit. I have always been concerned about libel suits-- and so wrote blog posts about what I have experienced-- and speculate as to who is who... Since February 2012- [well maybe a month or two later when I started writing about what I was hearing] I have credited the earpiece with anything I write.

Why write about it? Too many tried to claim they owned QiSoftware and WiredPages. Think they misunderstood a copyright issue as a big part of the money offer. I had to prove when the earpiece was activated. I have written about everything over the years-- check Q's Wire. If the earpiece had been on over the years-- you would have known it. It wasn't because it could prove rights violations the state of maryland has no record of. How did the earpiece get there?

The other thing? I was in shock when the earpiece was first turned on. I had speculated over the years and I thought the reason I was being harassed was to tell everyone who everyone was. I think I am Richard Nixon's granddaughter. My grandmother looks like George V's daughter. Richard Nixon-- Edwards. all speculation. Then the earpiece came on-- and most of my speculation was confirmed. What I did not know- someone gave birth to my child?, Most I know have aids?

Then another problem--[a rumor] me and my father started an AIDS epidemic in Maryland. I am HIV negative and I am told Walter Reed-- confirms my father did not have AIDS when he died. That's when I had to go through the details I had been given about AIDs and also discuss something they showed me in 1995 just as my "why me" search was beginning. Those suggestions seem to confirm what too many were told. A well known person was playing around with a monkey and its sperm became a factor. The earpiece kept saying spitum-- monkey spitum. I am told-- the person told too many about the monkey long ago-- hence the reason I was given clues in 1995-- however later-- the game was to see if we could blame her and her father... that's odd to me. I had a HIV test in 2001 or so and then recently at BWMC. Said they ran so many tests on my blood and urine to see if there was anyway to make a positive. Said they confirmed she is HIV negative.

That said-- the surveillance over the years-- sees my bathroom visits and they often tell me they feed me so much AZT via water and other consumables to see if I have AIDS. I do not... I tinkle. I can hardly draw blood with a pin prick. They showed me how to do this. Why do I know this stuff? This the reason I discussed what I knew about AIDS. Surveillance who have I talked to about AIDS. How do I know this? I know you know- but others -- should ask this question. I tell things as I get them. Not things that look malicious. Just things [as related to false issues] that concern me.

Told many are angry I was given their information. Yes, I get now I did not know a lot-- but often asked thin air and the Q's Wire audience what I forgot to tell because I was still being harassed. Earpiece says I did not know a lot. But if I told I thought my aunts had kids with the boys in Q's wire.. why would what I was told now, be a reason to get angry? I never called anyone to say I want to black mail you. I thought I was supposed to tell until the earpiece started telling me other things. I cannot speculate on earpiece noise. Only if it clears up something related to me directly. I thought others wanted it told. Even now some speaking taunt with are you going to write a post about it. They beg. In a real court, nothing in q's wire should have been considered libel. No-- I am not posting about earpiece news not related to questions about me. sorry. Nor will I contact others about what I am told... I am good about minding my own business and staying out of others. Earpiece folks are not.

This bird has been hanging around the house lately. It is scary. Told it is an expensive bird and it belongs to someone. In this photo it is sitting on the shed's roof.

I am told-- a billion dollar deal was put on the table in Nov. 2011 from a private source. I knew nothing about it and no-- my deal is not worth a billion dollars. That is the same time the car was parked in front of the house. Now there are more cars in the driveway. Told threats are a problem. The car was put there to make it harder to hit the house? possible. That said-- that is not what the earpiece claimed earlier. I have seen large empty car trailers parked in front of the drive way late at night. Yes, I do think there are threats. Sometimes I can barely take my car to the bank the once a week the car is driven. Told powerful mad. They misunderstood "copyright" and PayPal, et al. too concerned.

Paid web hosting [] for the period 09/01/12 thru 11/30/12. on August 23, 2012. Bill sent on August 23rd, 2012. I paid the same day. Check cleared on Friday, August 24, 2012. The site should remain up however if it does not-- you can check for updates on the Hosting-Q WordPress blog -- or I have screen grabs of my online bank statement, emails confirming payment and my account info from my web host-- however strange things happen to me all the time. I get proof of almost everything.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Trying to find a Law Suit-- Earpiece Claim

Okay, so where are we? Last week- I spent a lot of time playing tennis on my Wii. Dropped a large tin of Planter's Peanuts on my foot so had a slight problem with that.

Noticing problems with WiredPages-- however have decided to hold off updating anything right now.

Earpiece is still going with any day now. Looks like full tilt mind fking.

Companies like PayPal and Skype who have blocked my business communications want the combined deal I have been hearing about since late May 2012 to go through-- sooner rather than later. Have you tried to reach me on my Skype line- 443-393-6650. I have a phone which is on most days and I keep my netbook's Skype's application on during normal business hours. Never any calls.

PayPal handles my Web Hosting Billing and some of my advertising payments. Never any hits to my PayPal account but told [via earpiece] this is of great concern to FBI/DOJ and PayPal lawyers-- as it should be.

Also lately, earpiece trying to rehash some of the things I was told over the last six months via the earpiece. Like what?

Bad episode I had with food contamination confirmed as intentional. Claim was a local business franchise owned by a retired Navy officer was responsible for a horrific episode I had with food poisoning. This was confirmed several months ago [via earpiece]-- however since the episode was bad-- and I knew what caused most of it-- I was kind of positive it was related to the old retired looking guy I ignored at a local establishment. Could I have been wrong when I discussed this 2 or 3 years ago when it happened? Well if I was-- it was confirmed. Two months ago-- I was told it was just the one guy. Last week I was told it was because of a problem they were having with my software. Also told-- Jan's reference to a arsenic episode -- Andre has a console and I am told Jan lives with Andre-- the week I was told she was dead was really related to this event. Was it really Jan? I am told she knew the retired navy guy and he told her. Do I believe this? FBI-- I discussed the incident. Should be easy to confirm who owns the franchise and other details. Jan's reference to an arsenic incident had to do with England and kids.

The thing that was highlighted last week? Why would the Navy want to claim WiredPages if they are trying to kill me. Told they said it was a renegade attempt and not theirs-- however-- why are they trying to own WiredPages? Said no.

So why am I bringing this up? Well also recently-- told member of powerful family that owes a great deal in the deframitory category-- blackmailed the Military into interfering in this process. How? The old retired guy and the food incident and this.

When the earpiece was first activated in late February 2012 or early March 2012-- I was at first shocked. I called that first episode narrator "chirpy"-- because he just kept talking and talking. I was in shock and silent as narrator after narrator started telling me Washington secrets. A lot of things I did not know about my family. A lot of details confirmed about my speculation as to who was who. My speculation as to who Salma Hayek was? Earpiece confirmed Bruce Leshan+ Darnetta Bondon. Don Evans his father. I was not surprised. What I was surprised about was the amount of data I was given about Aids and who had it.

but another story I was given-- and this was one of the first.. A naval academy graduate I had worked with at Rockwell had taken an egg harvested from me and had someone else carry the child. Last night I was told it was someone I met recently at BWMC by the name of Lindey. I told my mother she reminded me of my Aunt Judy-- and pointed her out. I am told Lindey knows Jan. I do not think this is her real name. What I was told in late February? That the child had died when it was 5 because of strangulation. Did I believe this could have been true? Back then [early 2012 when earpiece first came on] I just listened to these stories. I was in shock about a lot. I thought maybe they wanted me to post the name and this was a way to have me libel someone. This even before I knew about the fraud that had occurred because government level personnel changed the speculative nature of my posts to positive. I am told sealed court sessions allowed apportions of money to pay this libel-- a big problem for those supplying discretionary budgets.

The guy who was supposed to have done this-- was a surprise for me. Eric on Bloomberg looks just like Chris Hartman. I would later ask if he wanted a black prince and had a child with one of my cousins. I speculated about this on Q's Wire- I will provide the post later. So the fact that someone wanted my child had occurred to me-- but that it really happened was still unbelievable to me. Then it was killed? Last night- the fact the child was born with AIDS seemed to make it unloved. But I decided to put this story on the back burner and listened to a great many more over the intervening months. Why did they tell me all of this? I am told Julie knew of the child. I am also told Jan knew of the child but did not know it was mine. All of this last night.

Did the powerful family member blackmail the navy on this? I do not know what is true and what is false.

Told congressional members could talk to others like me [and me] because they had access to the consoles. No longer. I heard lots of stories. Looks like a hail mary. Told console was in Rock's office and everyone allowed to tell stories over the months. Why?

I could not figure out why the Pentagon/Navy seemed to be all over this. Problem with the retired navy business owner and food poisoning or the child I did not know existed? Why is Julie not the problem-- if she knew? All I can say is the earpiece told me this incredible story about a girl child I did not know existed. Several months later they told me a child in England existed that Zeta jones gave birth too. William and mine. Why would these kids exist if they did... What makes me believe this-- not the William story but the other? Eric on Bloomberg. He looks black and like Chris.. US Navy-- is he [powerful family guy] blackmailing you?

The deal I was told about 2 months ago-- is a private business deal-- that I am told the government wants and the other businesses. Told greedy people want a piece-- a lot of the problem now. Hoping I will libel someone. that said- FBI/DOJ should be all over the fraud and misappropriations problem-- associated with the case. Another reason-- the other businesses may want it handled quietly. Why would the US Military involve itself in a private business matter-- if they did as the earpiece is claiming? Told they recently left the process.

AIDS reference in this post-- I am HIV Negative and do not have AIDS. Different stories last night as to why, when and how the girl child became HIV Positive. Told-- insurance the reason the child died. Again-- powerful family insistence. At first told it was a son that killed the child. Bald army guy I have noticed on CSPan a lot over the last 10 years. I was negative on the guy when I first saw him. wondered if this had something to do with the story I heard in Feb. 2012. Yes he does look like the father I knew at Rockwell. I tell live CSPAN TV A LOT-- OR i USED TO. Did not notice the resemblance to the father until earpiece said notice. Why was I told this story-- and why tell me it was the army guy I did not like?

Update: Saturday, 18th August, 2012. I have always had too much interest in my book bag. In March 2004, I had jury duty. I believe software for tools I had developed like the first World Weather Tool, History Calendar and the simple calculator were taken from a safe I purchased because I could not get out of jury duty. I developed the Blogger Calendar in August/September 2004 after the jury duty. In 2006, the incident with my brother and Greg at the house. Then a change purse where I stored flash drives was taken while out-- however I had removed the drives. I had dropped the change purse in the same store sometime earlier and the only flash drive at the time spilled onto the floor. That change purse went missing after a visit to the same store. Why this update?

Why this update? Earpiece has basically confirmed the child issue. I believe bragging from Reagan-- Zeta Jones [princess crap] led generals to believe they should have a child with a black princess. Problem-- I grew up in England and France with a toilet and my relatives for the most part did not. Too educated, too dressed, to conservative. Get your hands off me. No I did not know. Erik on Bloomberg key for why I believe. The other issue discussed in this post-- not to kill me--- earpiece is saying, but to send me to the hospital to get access to the bag. I have always felt NSA personnel too all over me. I am too documented for them to claim its their work-- however they probably know about phone call requests and emails i never get. This update-- not to kill me-- earpiece wants this post gone. The other thing-- I am told the child born before I left Rockwell-- I worked in Crystal City near Navsea and most knew what happened. Told the coworker got into trouble. Too many knew. I had no idea but do get this need to brag about crap like this [the birth of their prince/princess]. Threatening to not renew web hosting at the end of the month. I said okay-- but they seem to think it unwise. Too many people want to know what's going on. I will renew. Not sure if they will allow it. This morning-- I said-- hospital looks right so I will update. This update.

DOJ/FBI you owe me. I do not owe Pentagon/NSA filth.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

August 3rd...

Had dinner with Judy and my mother last night and they took some of my things back to the house. I arrived about an hour ago and I am still unpacking. I am at the Hanover address. That was an expensive vacation.

Earpiece still claiming deal is viable however some want it dead. Why? Its complicated-- but it is not a taxpayer paid bill-- as of today--- however I am told, maryland's debt may bounce back to them. I had too many big name affiliates and it is many deals combined as one-- including the big name powerful family. Too many mad I have no insurance and not ill. Big business names cannot use these excuses and Washington [sealed team] is making a mistake. That said-- DOJ and FBI also aware of the deal and should also be adding pressure. I said no-- Dude, Pentagon [told they recently-- stepped aside claiming they had not understood how the taxpayer had been swindled over the last 3 years because of Q's Wire blog posts that had been tampered with.] Why is this important? Technically, the United States is not solvent. Who is? Countries like UAE, China, Japan. Discretionary budgets are sourced by foreign countries. I am told this is also true for most of Europe with the exception of Germany. Big name companies wanted to have washington and others stop using me as a reason to steal money, money supplied by a foreign source. You would be surprised at how much this theft was-- and this under my umbrella. The problem-- Washington too insured.. I am not. I am related [blood tie] to a lot of well known people... They should have left me alone.

Washington Big names? Oh you would be surprised. Ask Amazon who has the nerve to call them about my Amazon ads. I am told a lot of the money misappropriated because of this crap was put back into treasury over the last several months.

Washington owes me explanations-- and I want them. This was supposed to be sealed because too many big names involved. I have nothing to hide. Washington, keeps pretending it's doing me a favor. You are doing yourself a favor. Protecting my life by not paying? Tell someone else that lie. I am a sitting duck.

How did big name companies find themselves in this situation? Told several years ago-- Washington VIPs said give me her ad revenue and we will make sure she is paid. Of course I kept blogging-- i am not being paid. Blogger Calendar and WiredPages too notable. Why would big names from washington lie? Then those big names blacked mailed saying you should have paid her.. and I won't tell if you give me more money... Like who? Google Earpiece claims my adsense went to Laura Bush? Why on earth would I owe Laure Bush? I am not a fan. Some of the reasons-- everyone in Washington has aids. Told she does not.. That said-- neither do I and I am told my handsome cadet called me a stupid idiot because I provided no oral. You did? Why is that my fault? He said he was celibate. Most of the guys I had known-- not many intimately, wanted plain sex. I am the stupid idiot, I do not have Aids and I owe because you knew or had to insure with the boys? Let's find a cure. Blame me.. Me nor my father have/had aids.

Why the Powerful Big Name Family? Long story-- but that's why the companies probably made the mistake in the first place. My family and theirs too intertwined. Bad blood I did not know of until earpiece activated in late Feb, early March 2012. What's odd about all of this? I had no idea about Aids nor powerful family issues until earpiece was activated. Why tell me? That said-- after I decided Lester Holt was probably my father's son-- I did ask if this was an issue. This about a year ago. But I do not think he is a son of the powerful family. Only raised by them. Think a mistake was made at adoption. Should have been the girl. Girl explained to me after earpiece activation. I did say oh-- about a year ago.. where powerful family was concerned but I did not understand how angry until-- earpiece activation.

The other thing about the deal? For those of you who have had attorneys setup settlement payments through the Federal Reserve-- you know that social numbers are used to insure payment is sent to the right party via bank accounts. The deal was set up using only my social. This locked it in.. Many did not understand this. What the large companies wanted to show? That because other parties indicated untrue things-- they made payments incorrectly. That is why there are large punitive/deframatory settlements. That said-- the large companies were picking up the tab. That is why it was such a good deal for the large family and state and federal governments. A lot of crocks in washington-- wanted a piece of the action.. That is probably why I have felt a lot of pressure in the last 2 months or so.. violation of my rights. They did not understand the terms. For some reason they thought they could sue the Federal reserve account or threaten me.

The deal can only be paid to me... according to the earpiece. So it does no good to harass me before payment is made. The big name family controlled the payment... it was important and sort of cleared the companies. Big family dragging their feet then I am told Pentagon-- wanted a say... they were lied too.. It is really a private deal-- but state and local government agreeing they owe.... I believe the Pentagon should not have interfered. Last year, a sealed judge ordered the powerful family to pay-- another key. The money is not being appropiated through congress. That said-- fed and state admitted they owed.

Other news? Found a solution for the Horoscopes problem but will not get to it until later today or next week. I have other things to do today...

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 1st...

Court case dismissed. Temporary Protection Order also dismissed. Confirmation from both the court and family [Judy and my Mother came by last night]. I will probably be leaving my current living arrangements within a week.

Working on somethings. Tired of being blindsided. Need Washington-- responding.

FBI-- AA Co Police all over me this morning-- at my current lodgings. Is there a reason why? Photo later.

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