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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st...

Today is the hearing in Annapolis. I am here in my room. I have updated and faxed resumes, called lawyers, even emailed my resume to Manpower. I also emailed the statement I wanted my sister to read to the court. She indicated she received it and would have them insert it into the file.

It is also my niece's birthday. Happy Birthday, Little Girl.

Last night, I misplaced my prescription glasses and I went to bed concerned. This morning when I found them-- you would have thought I had no more worries. I was that happy.

Yesterday morning, I only walked a half an hour because it was raining when I started out at 6:00 am. It was around 9:00 am when I finally got out there-- and lots of people. I walked to the 7 Eleven around 6:00 pm, so I made up for a little of it.

This morning, I did not get up until 8:00 am and did not walk at all-- but I hope to make up for it later this evening. This photo taken today. I have just gotten out of the shower and dressed but have not done my hair nor makeup-- hence the reason I have cropped the top of the photo.

The outcome of all of this? I am not sure. I need to find a more permanent solution and I am still hoping the deal I worked out [Fed/Business related]-- is still viable. That is why I am contacting Washington Lawyers. I am not sure why I am not crying. I am hopeful in a lot of areas.

Someone I went to Jr High with on Fort Meade-- contacted me to tell me he was sorry to hear of my problems. Alexa ranks has dropped from 16,000,000 to 6,000,000. I am still asking why my affiliate stats look off... I am doing this for the notice? Those that have read Q's Wire and know me-- get I do not like notice. I have no choice.... maryland is violating my rights and I want the FED to know it. In addition, the numbers simply are not adding up-- nor the fact I never get calls nor emails other than via third party services like Facebook. I have asked over and over that the FBI and DOJ explain. Why haven't they? I have no choice but to blog my issues.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29th-- morning

I have kind of established a routine. Every morning between 6:00 am and 7:00 am I walk for an hour at an adjacent parking lot. I then come back to the room, shower, breakfast and work. I am normally asleep by 8:00 pm and back up by 5:00 am the next morning.

Yesterday, after my sister left [I needed some suits-- not for court-- I am not going], she bought me lunch at Wendy's, I took some of the gray out of my hair and washed it. It looks better. This photo, right after I finished drying and styling it.

This morning, after my walk, I showered, had a boiled egg and washed a load of clothes. Yes, I am worried but I am working on some things.

Things that do nothing for my ego-- guys, early in the morning as I am about to start walking, asking if I have a boyfriend. In this case a much younger black guy. Does this mean something other than do you want my phone number these days? I am not sure. I said, "yes, thanks".

The area-- has a lot of high tech firms and not much more. Several hotels. Not even sure what some of these people are doing here early on a Sunday morning.I saw someone that looked like an general jogging this morning. Might there be generals in the area? Yes. Was I friendly? No. I need DOJ. Not the Pentagon. I like it because it is quiet, however the people in my hotel friendly. Also this morning-- a loud black couple having a big fight within earshot of my track. It all said go home, Regina. I need to do somethings. When I called the FBI Friday, to inquire if the received my fax-- they indicated they had. I want to send more faxes to others. I have always felt my communications have been tampered with--- and this gives me an opportunity to check some things.

I can go just about anywhere now-- with the things I have in my closet-- the only problem-- it is so hot and humid. I am hoping the weather changes tomorrow.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27th, Morning

Awoke 5:00 am, out the door by 6:10-- morning walk until 7:15 or so. The parking lot more crowded than yesterday morning. For some reason I have always loved quiet mornings. Not really a loud morning-- just a lot more people than yesterday. Dressed and showered, boiled egg and sweet tea for breakfast.

Sympathy is never something I want to inspire in others. I went to the right doors from the very beginning and the FBI and DOJ owe me explanations. That said-- the photos I posted yesterday seemed to make my situation more dire than I wanted-- so I wanted to post more-- in case you wanted to feel sad.

No, I am not beautiful-- its just I am told when I post photos of me with my hair curled and makeup on-- people tend to not feel sorry for me. Another one? Yes, that is all my hair. I do not want sympathy. I want outrage and the FBI.

I am losing weight. Right now, I am trying to get paperwork together for court hearing that I will be unable to attend.

I am trying to reach the judge holding the hearing next week-- so that I can provide details that he can check without my being there. The problem-- my car has historic tags and I cannot take it to Annapolis, Tuesday. Yesterday, my sister offered to pick me up and when I asked about my mother-- she said Andre would take her. There is something about this whole situation that just contradicts itself. The other problem-- the bag. I called the courthouse to find out what I could take in and they said there was no problem. I explained I was a software consultant and I carried computers and software in a book bag. No problem?

When DB Long took me to BWMC-- I decided it would have been better that this happened at the house and Judy was there-- and not away from the house where the police may have stopped to ask why I was driving a car with historic tags. The problem-- I actually do not go anywhere. This has made me a little crazy? No. I love working. This has probably made others trying to steal from me a little crazy. QiSoftware too well known. I did ask Judy, if she took my bags from the house on June 18th, 2012 and she said no.... Other noise said she did.

Why this crap now? Still looks like the bag. Why FBI, why?

I called Jan this morning at the only number I have for her. The Severn Address. I heard people in the back ground and asked if that was Tai and London. She said it was. I have never met London-- Tai's daughter. I think she is about 7. Gave Jan my Skype number. Told her I wanted someone who knew me to care that I was alive. Feeling sorry for myself? No not really.. just really do not understand how this can be happening-- so I keep trying to find what I knew. I have been working too much over the years and not staying in contact. That said-- my family looks too hemmed up also. Did I really talk to Jan this morning? It did not sound like her-- but she said it was her. The thing is-- my abstract information says she left that house years ago, she and greg bruton are no longer together and she has a place in Laurel. I am not sure what the truth is-- but when i went by the Severn house about 4 years ago-- it looked empty. There was a latter in the living room and no curtains up. They were painting the one time i went by? Okay, that's possible.

I tried to call Cheryl and the Atwoods in Wilmington. I continued to get a fast busy signal. Anyway-- just noticed its 9:00 am at last and Annapolis court phone lines are open so I will see you later.

Faxed 20 pages to the FBI providing the Temporary Protection Order, Judy's Handwritten information, my resume, how to find me online, and a 6 page response to the allegations. I also provided a copy of the letter I faxed the FBI on April 6th, 2012 asking that they look into the fraud issues surrounding QiSoftware. This of course one of many over the years. I even have certified mailings-- to DOJ for the early [1995-1998] harassment in Maryland.

Will fax the same package to the court. judy has agreed to read my letter of response to the court on Tuesday. I have not completed this yet. Cannot seem to get through to the court right now. Here is a photo of me taken just a moment ago.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Münchausen syndrome by proxy or just scared?

In November 2011, a Burgundy Sedan was left in the driveway at 7684 Ridge Chapel Rd., Hanover, MD 21076. I was told it belonged to Eric Blasé a stepson of my brother, Andre D. Thomas [of Odenton, MD]. Eric Blasé's residence is unknown to me.

The car had no tags, a flat tire and a car cover. When I first heard that it belonged to Eric- I was a little concerned in that I was told Eric Blasé has a criminal record and into drugs. I thought it may have been stolen and was very concerned we were in receipt of a stolen vehicle.

Eric is in his twenties and quite frankly the car did not look like something he would own. It looked like a state government car.

Within a week of the car being left on the property where I reside, I called the FBI in Washington, to ask if they could run a check on the vehicle to insure it was okay. Why not local police [Anne Arundel Co, Maryland]? See this blog- and the events that occurred when I eventually [Monday, June 18th, 2012] did call the local jurisdiction to run a Vehicle Identification Number check.

Officially, the FBI never got back with me.

Around 6:00 pm on Monday, June 18th, 2012, I called 411 [or 911-cannot now remember] and asked for the non-emergency line for Anne Arundel County Police. The reason? To ask, if the could send a car around to check the VIN on the abandoned car. I explained it was supposed to have belonged to an Eric Blasé, a stepson of my brother and he had a criminal record. I was concerned. My mother was on the upstairs extension-very upset. I did not understand why. I asked her to hang up more than once. When the girl who took the call said a car would be around to check the vehicle in several minutes, I hung up to go out and greet them. I did notice my mother was still on the line [upstairs extension] however did not check to see what she was discussing. I thought she was trying to tell them not to send a car to check the VIN.

If the call tape is replayed you will find my mother confirmed what I said about my brother's stepson [Eric Blasé] owning the car, it had no tags and that he had been in trouble with the law. I am not sure why she was so upset.

Based on something my mother said-on the phone, a mobile crisis team was sent out-however they did not arrive with the police officers checking the VIN. It was my call to the police-so when I was told the two females who pulled up in a van were a "mobile crisis team"-for some reason I thought they were a police tow team for the car. I went inside. They were not. Why would I assume a call I made to the police to have a VIN number checked, would result in sending a mobile crisis team for a domestic issue? I did not. I went back inside, put some newly purchased cokes in a coke caddy and sat down to begin watching the news or something. Was it determined I was delusional because I misunderstood what mobile crisis unit was? That is when the two officers and the two females with the mobile crisis unit knocked on the door and I asked them to come in. My mother and sister [who arrived during the incident and does not live at 7684 Ridge Chapel Rd, Hanover, MD] remained outside. A brief interview with a member of a mobile crisis team [the only question: what is the date-I work from home I originally said Tuesday, but then corrected it to Monday, June 18th, 2012.], the police handcuffed me and took me to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center for evaluation. I was never sure what was said- but the report I saw from the officer of the peace DB Long [who handcuffed me and took me to the medical center]-claiming I was delusional, hyper, verbal aggressive behavior, poor hygiene, etc. I never heard anything about domestic violence as related to me and my mother, that is not until several days into the 2.5 weeks I spent at the medical center. I heard about a choking incident. I asked my mother, my sister, anyone to tell me about this incident. I also asked why is this the first time I am hearing about any abuse incident. My mother goes out regularly with friends, family and sees her doctors often [military dependent, aging] for REDACTED, REDACTED, and though I have no confirmation I believe REDACTED. Have any of these people noticed the results of abuse from me. She goes to the hospital so much-- I often think her doctors may think her a hypochondriac. I am thinking more Münchausen syndrome by proxy.

I admit I work a lot-and spend long hours with my I am a software consultant-who on the surface looks like a failure--- but the problem is--- WiredPages [] and the Blogger Calendar-often given loud accolades. I should not be a failure. In that I have had some pretty large affiliates - Apple, Amazon, I have asked the FBI to investigate fraud and whether my business communications have been interfered with. I see my sister when she comes over but not many others. In March 2006, my brother-Andre Thomas assaulted me and I called the Anne Arundel Co Police. This the only domestic violence issue I know about concerning me. At the time, I did not press charges and the police claim they have no record of the incident. I blogged about the incident in my blog and have the original posts.

Are there any police reports suggesting I have abused my mother. My mother started behaving oddly in May 2012. I am not sure why. She is hyper on the call. I am calm and professional. I am told-police officers say they saw movement within the house when they were outside completing the call. I was moving from the garage area to the kitchen filling the coke caddy in the refrigerator-however had completed that task by the time they knocked on the door. I was calm and pleasant when they knocked on the door.

On June 18th, 2012, when I asked the officer claiming to be DB Long, for an attorney, he said for what- you are not under arrest. This while I was sitting in his cruiser, handcuffed. If my mother said anything about physical abuse to the officers or crisis team I never heard it nor did DB Long who did not put it in his report. My brother is 6'4" about 230 lbs. and my sister 5'9"-about 300 lbs. If I were abusing my mother why would they not have called the police or said something to me if they suspected that? Why use the call I made to the police to ask them to check a VIN NUMBER-to suggest I have a mental disorder? Can she provide doctors' support for any claims of abuse? She goes to see her doctors quite often. Either at Bethesda Naval Center or Fort Meade [Kimbrough]. In an emergency she has also been taken to BWMC [Vertigo and she bit her tongue once while having Kentucky Fried Chicken with my sister and I]. She often lunches with friends, and sees family and friends. Can any of them support claims I abuse her? Why have they not said anything to me? As a result of the police engagement on Monday, June 18th, 2012, that I originally requested because of the abandoned vehicle, I was observed by Dr. Beyer and his team of medical professionals from June 19th, 2012 through July 5th, 2012 at BWMC. I am still unsure why this happened. On June 29th, 2012 a medical review panel determined that I could not be forced to take medications because I was no threat to myself nor others. The prescription I was given when I left [discharged from] the medical center was for 3mg of Invega per day for 15 days with no refills. A standard Advil capsule is 200 mg. I am not sure the makers of that drug even offer it in that dosage amount-but they may. That said-it was my option to take it.

On Monday, July 24th, 2012 when my sister, Judy Thomas called Anne Arundel Co police based on a phone call she had with my mother-they [Anne Arundel Co Police] again determined I was not a threat to myself nor anyone else. This time they left as did everyone else.

Later that day-an Anne Arundel Co sheriff provided me with a copy of a temporary protective order that had been issued that day. The order listed incidents my mother claims occurred in May 2012 concerning pushing and choking. I have never pushed nor choked my mother. But why are these incidents even listed in that they are supposed to have occurred before June 18th, 2012.

There is nothing to substantiate I am abusive to my mother. The thing I noticed about both incidents-I was in the middle of trying to contact the FBI or the police to have them check or investigate issues. In the case of the July 24th, 2012 - I was on the phone asking the Baltimore FBI field office if they could investigate whether Anne Arundel Co Police exceeded their authority on June 18th, 2012.

My mother [Madeline D. Thomas] knew I was on the phone [in this case my Skype line] which has no extension. My mother has always said-do not call the FBI nor the police. They cannot help. That is what I was doing when I asked my mother to stop vacuuming while I was on the phone [Skype Line]. And I had been working in the area long before she decided to vacuum. When she would not I unplugged the vacuum and put it in the basement. I did not snatch it away from her. I did not touch her. I simply said-mother I need the FBI to investigate.

On at least 2 occasions while my brother was there on July 24th, 2012-he stated the FBI is not your friend. I was on the phone with the FBI while the police were there on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012. I have not seen Andre in the house since about 2 years prior when he delivered a treadmill. I have not spoken to Andre since March 2006 when he assaulted me and I called Anne Arundel Co Police. I did not press charges.

If I had assaulted my mother at any time-why didn't she press charges. I promise I have not assaulted my mother. I often ask my mother to leave me alone-I am working. Even my mother agreed I had not touched her that morning. What she did say was I had in may 2012. I did not push nor choke my mother. Not ever-which is what she said I did. I have never tried to physically harm my mother. What started this? The only thing, I can come up with---- I keep asking law enforcement authorities to check things. I rarely ask AA Co police for anything-check this I ask the FBI to look into any number of issues.

Why does this upset my family?

This temporary protection order is a great hard ship for me however, I do believe there is an ongoing investigation concerning allegations I have made where my business is concerned-and I expect relief.

I drive a car so old it has historic tags and I cannot use it everyday. I did not need to, because I worked from home.

I do not have medical coverage because I did not want my mother to have that burden. I stopped my medical insurance in 2005 or so. My mother was paying it.

Her conditions for my return-the 3mg of Invega for 15 days prescribed by the doctor? Counseling? Neither was required for my release. That said-I have no health insurance.

The other issue- on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 my mother claimed I fooled the people over at BWMC. She provided this to the police. Why are her conditions for my return to the house-the almost joke prescription and the recommended counseling? She seems to negate them [BWMC] and then use them on the same day. She negated them with the police - claiming I fooled them, however the Temporary Protection Order lists both of these conditions for me to be allowed to return to the house.

I cannot afford the prescription [okay 3mg daily for 15 days with no refills-if they have that dosage available I might be able to afford that] nor counseling, that said-no one but my mother claims I abused her. I do not. No-I am often busy and love working so I am not the best person to live with-nor socialize with. I am a nerd. I have a degree in mathematics and love computers. I also have a good head for business. What works what doesn't. I am a software consultant. Not many women I know are. My mother likes going to West Va to the casino. Now she likes Arundel mills. I do not. She has a life. I have a business. I encourage her to have fun-and I do not mind if it is without me. Just be careful. My 72 year old mother goes out to socialize more than I did when I was 32. A lot bores me. I do not mind if others have a good time. But why are none of her friends saying I abuse her? Has my sister or brother ever seen me abuse her? No I am not abusive to my mother. If surveillance from the house were possible - I would love it shown. The June 18th, 2012 call I believe is important. The police should have a recording... mother Please hang up-I just want to make sure that it is not a stolen vehicle. You, yourself told me Eric had a record.... Part of the call.

July 26th-- Morning..

Had a good night's sleep. Fell asleep before 7:00 pm, woke about 10:30 pm and then slept until about 5:00 am this morning. I think I was mentally exhausted.

There is a court date on the 31st of July 2012, which I will be unable to attend-- however I did want to offer a response in the form of a pleading. To that end, I tried to use Microsoft Word's Legal Pleading Wizard-- however found a problem [could not open the project] so searched the internet for a MS Word template-- and found one.

Worked on that paperwork and had a little breakfast [2 boiled eggs, coffee] until about 7:30 when I decided I wanted to get some exercise. I decided to use the almost always empty parking lot next to the complex as a track and walked [at a fast pace] for an hour -- 7:42 am until 8:42 am. Here is a photo of the parking lot [my car, white see header photo, in the background].

This is me-- after I arrived back to my room and took the clip out of my hair. My hair is like a sponge-- and it was very humid out-- though overcast so it wasn't too hot. Tomorrow I will have to get up earlier to stay ahead of the sun.

I do not look like such a witch in these photos.

Honestly, yesterday I cried more than once. I am rarely depressed, however yesterday was hard. It started right after my sister left around 1:00 pm- she seemed sad and I felt sad. Normally, I get sad about something-- think about it then do something else. Yesterday, I was unsure where to start. I had food, clothes, shelter but felt sad. For people who suffer with long periods of sadness-- i am sure my sadness between 1-5 yesterday afternoon-- seems like nothing-- but for me it is unusual. I am good at humoring myself. I learned about depression at BWMC, most of the people there were either suffering from depression or substance abuse. I never understood long term depression. I would be one of the idiots that would say-- snap out of it and get a life. I now know it is more complicated. That said-- I wasn't sad at the medical center. I think the money this is costing me is bothering me. and why do I have money problems anyway-- QiSoftware is well known. I never stay sad that long. I just do not get why all of this is happening. That the FBI will not respond after many years-- okay. My family? I am baffled. My sister said nothing about any of the legal things. She wanted to know how I was doing-- but for some reason her standing there looking at me sadly, made me sad. I even looked kind of cute yesterday in that I did my hair, had my cute sunglasses on-- yet she seemed so sad. I asked about my mother- she said she is doing okay. I did tell her- I could not take any more of her antics-- and I was safer alone. I am not sure if that is why she seemed sad-- or something else. I am out of my sad mood now and back to work. And boy, am I working.

I need to do more work on the legal paperwork-- and have no plans to do anything today, other than that. I will post more about this later.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Humble Abode

Yesterday evening after I left the house-- I went to the Anne Arundel Co Library in Laurel to do some research on temporary living situations. I thought about going to a hotel-- but felt a 30 day situation a better option for me. I searched for Extended Stay options in the Washington metro area-- thinking I wanted to go to Washington but then decided I may need things and Judy had already agreed to help out-- so I decided to stay closer to Hanover.

When I realized I left the power cord for my netbook at the house-- I called Judy's cell and she was still there-- so she offered to bring it to the Starbucks right off the Parkway in Hanover. I then put a little gas in my car-- and went to the Provinces Branch of the AA Co Lib. There I made a reservation for 30 days at a local extended stay establishment. It was a good choice in that my mother and sister went out shopping for me and picked up some needed staples. I did not see my mother, but did see my sister today. If I am contesting anything about the temporary order, this assistance with staples would appear to be something in her favor. I am honest. I am not contesting her right to ask me to leave. It is a big hardship for me and I am not sure what I am going to do. It is the reason I have to leave that I feel she should rethink... I have lived with her for 17 years-- mostly asking the FBI why I am in the situation i am in-- in a very public manner. I am a business owner. All of a sudden my mother is trying domestic violence. I just don't think she should go that route.. there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. It is I who is not seen out a lot-- though I often take photos photos for my blog. my mother is always out and about. I keep thinking there must be something else.

Anyway-- after I settled in yesterday evening, I went to the local 7-Eleven. Here are several photos of my new humble abode.

My sleep is like clock work. I get up around 5:30 am every morning and I am usually asleep by 10:00 pm. Without the aid of sleeping pills. BWMC can confirm. Last night I was up until after midnight. I want to blame it on a loud air conditioner but I was a little upset. Not that I wanted to be at home. I simply do not feel safe there.. I am just worried about how I will be able to afford this. No -- I cannot ask my sister if i can stay with her-- and my brother is totally out. But the thing is-- my business should be successful and why can't i afford more? FBI?

Anyway-- I got up this morning walked around the complex-- [kind of looking for a pool], talked to my sister several times about things I needed [she told me she took off especially for me], wrote a blog post about the Temporary Protection order- then showered and dressed to meet her. I also went by my bank. They got me a lot of things. This is so odd. When my sister left, I noticed an AA co cop sitting directly in my line of view from the window, in an adjacent parking lot.

Earpiece on? Yes. Has been since I arrived yesterday.. one voice claiming to be Ben is upset with me. Yes, I believe it was him. The Monk still on. Then this morning the idiot that sounds like QT. For some reason when my sister left I wanted to cry-- something about her leaving seemed so final [but I decided when I left yesterday it was simply safer for me to leave. To many things that are not making sense-- so I was not crying because i wanted to go home-- more how did we get here]. Then I noticed the police car and I became incensed. It was directly in my line of sight as if to say- do you see me. When I called the FBI to inform of my temporary address change I also asked if there was anything that could be done about this. The car moved. Yes, i can still see it. The issue-- the area I am in is a business park and quite nice. That said-- several years ago-- when I started to notice things at a local mall and market-- I looked up on the Internet Prostitution in Maryland. The area I am in had one or two arrests for prostitution. Is it a prostitution area? I do not think so. I have seen no evidence and quite frankly I picked the establishment because it had the best monthly rates.

Police car over there as vice for prostitution? I am not paranoid. Looked to be too in my face-- but it could have been. I asked the FBI what they thought.

Most of the guys who have talked to me-- get you mistake me for a call girl-- I mistake you for an idiot. I believe this is well known amongst all surveillance types. I work too hard to be a software consultant to pretend I am going to service a guy. And I only date men [well I used to-- now no one]. I do not like the cop element saying boo to me... I am the wrong boo. Amazon owes me FBI-- and you, for allowing the diversion of my communications, not a john. No one makes that mistake but smart ass locals and the Monk... they shouldn't.

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this looks bad...

Just had a chance to read the temporary protective order my mother and sister took out for my mother. I say my mother and sister because it is in Judy's hand writting. I heard about a choking incident at BWMC but this is the first time I have seen anything in writing. The statement claims-- in May 2012 I pushed my mother down and "putting hands around neck". I need my mother to swear under oath this happened. And if it did-- why did she not call the police then? It did not happen.

Each time the police have been out-- June 18th, 2012 and July 24, 2012 they have not arrested me for anything. When they came out on June 18th, 2012 it was to check the vin number on a car.

The case number for the action in the Circuit Court is C-12171364. Yesterday, the police said they could find no evidence I was a threat to myself nor others, the hospital could not ask me to take medications because I was not a threat to myself nor others-- I was not arrested on the 18th of june because there was no physical threat, nor yesterday-- yet my mother got a temporary protective order?

Most people think my mother looks great for her age. She has lunch with her friends every other Wednesday--told Golden Coral in Hanover and she and Judy are always going someplace. I am not jealous and always encourage her to do whatever she wants. Has Judy seen any abuse I have done to my mother-- either in person or bumps and buises? No. Do I ask my mother to allow me to work quietly, often? Yes. Do I ask her not to interrupt my phone calls? Yes. Do i put my hands on her? no. why, these lies-- that are unsubstantiated?

Things she wants me to do to come back to the house? Take 3mg of invega for 15 days and see a counselor? I have discussed the Invega. My mother should not want me to talk to a counselor. most think i am calm and ask the right questions. In a recent hearing-- my sister even said I was smart and articulate. Am I conniving? No-- I am much to busy to waste time with that. I am direct. many say too direct. and if I am not direct -- I pass. and i pass on a lot.. BWMC probably gets that. I do not waste my time being conniving. My mother told the police yesterday-- I fooled the people at the hospital. Even always says I am calm and direct. My mother? I gave up a long time ago.. mother please leave me alone. That's about all..

No I cannot go back. I am hoping the FBI can look at the issues. I am told there are surveillance cameras all over the place and I would love for those cameras to be used to show I have ever attempted to choke her or push her down. i have not. That said-- I spent a quiet night relieved.

The Earpiece claimed they wanted the bag. I am told Andre, my mother and Jan are really anger with Judy for not letting them have it. They want to sell my software? Who would buy it from them?

I have an expensive place to stay for the next 30 days. Respond to the protective order? To many things in maryland simply not done by the books where I am concerned and the FBI will not respond.

I have lots of things at the property, however have my car, some clothes, luggage and computers, and the bag. Quite frankly, I am tired of my mother's lies and I am the one who needs the protective order. the problem is-- it is my sister's handwriting... why?

I left without incident yesterday when given the order by the sheriff. I went to the library to research and then had my sister bring me the cord for one of my computers. she gave me some money and asked if I was okay. i told her I would be alright. I am.

Andre and the police officer wanted me to scream yesterday. they tried hard. Why can no one do anything about this. I would have left long ago-- if others were not stealing from me... why won't the FBI respond. I have tried for 17 years. I am owed so much-- insure me through legal actions and that I am insane? How when I am told the house is filled with surveillance cameras. i have told my mother on any number of occassions to leave me alone because I am not going to jail for her. I have never been arrested. And I have never been charged with abusing my mother. How can they get away with this?

I was okay until i read through the order. Now i am in tears. FBI-- what are you doing? Have my mother swear under oath or get the video. That said-- I really do not want to return. I cannot afford my mother's crap and she will not leave me alone. Not sure who she is doing this for-- but Rock-- this is not good. surveillance going to make a liar out of many? I am to clean and police do not have a record of abuse. FBI has a record of call after call, letter after letter.

Sister bringing me more things-- but I told her she did not have too if she did not want to... Sherrif thanked me for being so cooperative. But most people think I am calm. Thin air.. I tell thin air off a lot. My mother-- Mother please leave me alone. Touch her? No-- often tell my mother I would not touch her. I tell her she is conniving and I do not like conniving women. I do not have a choice and I work too much. Who is using my mother.. get the tapes. You will see what I am talking about. I have never put my hands around my mother's neck for any reason.

It is simply safer for me to leave and stay gone. I am worried about how to do this-- but I would be more worried in the situtation at the house. She is being used by someone and I am not sure who. I wish the FBI would engage. Amazon-- I need you to do the right thing.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Left Today.

I left the home I have known for 17 years today. I am safe and comfortable. There are no tears. What will I do next? Not sure. I have my bags and all I need for a month or so. Also have free wifi. I need my affiliates to starthonoring our agreements. I have provided the right account information. The deal with Washington? It was via the earpiece and for some reason I never got that excited about it-- though I did insure my bank accounts were in order. Should I be paid? yes. Will I be paid-- does not look that way. I am just happy to be safe and on another leg of this journey. Can I afford this? no. FBI-- you owe me explanations.

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Anne Arundel County Police were here again this morning. Why? My sister, Judy Thomas called them. Why? I heard my mother tell her I was misbehaving again. Who else came by:

  • Andre Thomas-- supposed to work for ValPak, earpiece claims Bill Cosby sends his son about a million a year. Camille [MD LT Gov?], Cheryl [Ben Harper?] or Jan [x-ravens Mike McCrary?]-- told Georgette Queen of Odenton/Provinces was told by jan, Ravens was her son. Problem-- earpiece tried to tell me it was my mother's. But my mother behaves like she has something to hide. Ravens looks just like Andre.
  • AJ Bruton, Jan Bruton [other name via earpiece Althalia Janet Edwards, AJ Edwards-- Jan Edwards]-- no longer with Chevy Chase earpiece said she told everyone her relationship to O'Bama the reason she left. Did not ask her why she left.
  • Judy Thomas-- Homeland Security

It was determined I was not a threat to me nor anyone else. They left. So why did they come? Judy Thomas called. Why is she not in DC working at her Homeland Security position? I have no idea.

How did the morning start? My mother and I got up and weighed ourselves on my new Wii-- the Fitness Plus program-- I had a coffee. I played tennis on the Wii to get my morning exercise. I started to make calls to the Anne Arundel Co Police Central records division and the FBI. My mother was upset. I told her I was on the phone with the FBI when she decided to vacuum right next to me. I unplugged the vacuum and put it in the basement where it belongs. I have to admit I as not graceful about it but it is not broken. I was on my QiSoftware Skype line so my mother could not pick up the extension. That said-- why is she always trying to interrupt a call I am making to the Police or the FBI?

Here are the list of calls I made this morning.

The calls are listed in the order made-- with the last on top. Calling the numbers will show I was talking with the FBI and Anne Arundel Co-- records-- to get a transcript of the June 18th, 2012 incident and call. Why? I want to give it to the FBI so they can investigate whether or not AA Co Police exceeded their authority on June 18th, 2012. While Anne Arundel Co Police were here and older white guy came in. He looked like FBI but claimed he was with the Mobile Crisis Unit. I was on the phone with the FBI when the AA Co police guy was here. It was a circus. The FBI promised to investigate.

My brother and the bald AA Police cop seemed to be concerned with how much money I had. Amazon-- has either called you recently to see if they can steal from me? What does this have to do with whether they should have been called. My sister does not live here and she continues to involve herself. I have seen her several times since July 5th, 2012-- never a word. Then she calls the police and they respond because my mother says I am misbehaving? My mother agreed I did not touch her. Then she started saying that once I pulled her hair. I said I did not... they I asked-- today? I have not pulled her hair. When she would not get away from me with the vacuum-- I told her to leave me alone-- I was on the phone. I put down the pepsi can I had in my hand with some force on the counter... My right arm is broken and I am right handed. It was not enough force to do damage. I asked her to leave me alone, I was on the phone with the FBI. All agreed I was no danger-- but I feel if the Co Police could have taken me in-- he would have.. Andre arrived first, then Jan. When they told me Jan was coming over I was very happy. I have not seen her since reporting the earpiece claimed she was dead. I had been told she was alive-- but could not update the post until I saw her. I saw her today..

The police and the older crisis center guy left first, then everyone else. The odd thing about all of this? I said to all - if my mother thinks I am a threat I can leave. I have a little money. Andre and the bald police office seemed to want to suggest I was a loser and how could I afford that? Amazing. I think they wanted to try for the bag again.

my income-- Amazon, FBI, Skype, PayPal-- shame on you... Suggest Andre and loser cop try loser in the mirror. How can I afford to leave? Amazing. What happened to violating my rights trying to steal from me? FBI promised to investigate... Everyone left but me.. Everyone said they wanted me to stay in the house. Amazing...

Andre-- said I had 30 days to leave. I told my mother I could leave today.. She did not want me to... Get the video... this looks like filth and family trying to steal from me... FBI-- said no.

and fbi-- you have a big problem in that idiots from Anne Arundel Co Police keep showing up on my door. QT-- Jan looked great.. Check with earpiece as to why he said you kicked her in her face. I can confirm-- she looked great. I have not seen Jan in years. Think the last time was at Church about 4 years ago... That is her in the pink-- in the photo. Judy kind of hidden by the porch post and Andre standing next to his car. Photo taken after the police left. Crazy looking bald headed guy I have seen before. Seemed to like telling me to sit down-- as Andre walked around checking things, get cokes, and threatening me. I told idiot cop Andre had assaulted me and he kept telling me to sit down... tired of pussies. cop said no record of call I made to the police in March 2006 on Andre-- yet they come out because I am misbehaving-- by calling the FBI to look into the June 18th incident. I do not owe pussies. FBI-- they are making a mistake.

While Jan was here, she told me she does not work for Chevy Chase anymore. That said-- why are Judy, Andre and Jan available to come over here within an hour on a weekday, if all are employed. Andre seemed to want to ask how many tax returns I had filed. What does this have to do with Anne Arundel Co Police on the door again...

The other thing- Andre said Eric Blase does not have a criminal record-- so I was misinformed. So why did my mother lie? Also asked Andre why mother's house had to be a storage lot for Eric's car? No response.

Also heard my mother tell officer-- I was so mean her family could not even come over. I asked her what she was talking about. I was very happy to see Jan. I told her I had a nightmare something bad had happened to her-- but earpiece later corrected. My emotion was one of pure joy to see her at long last. Mother what are you talking about? In my 1997 or so-- Jan told me her house was not big enough for me and Greg. I never go to her house. That said-- I leave within a football field of an Elementary School. I am worried that a lot of my family can not come over. Greg? I agree-- do not like him do not wish to know him. Told Jan to come over whenever she liked. My mother-- told me she wanted me to get some help-- but did not want me to leave. This after police said they were leaving... does she want the bag? Yes. Why? Not sure.. is she being blackmailed-- not sure. Would love to see Jan more often... Told Jan cannot come by whenever she likes. Why does my mother keep saying her family cannot come over here because of me? I would love to seem them-- not greg. School looks to be more of the problem. Yet my mother behaves as if she has a problem too. Why does all of this seem bad...

Also asked Jan about family. She said everyone was fine. Asked about Marvin? Fine. Asked about Roni [Rhonda L. Freeman Holmes]. She said fine. Not sure what the truth is. Told Roni died in 2005-- via earpiece. Jan did blink when I asked about Roni.

FBI-- my family too insured.. get idiot cops off me. Told police Judy Thomas upsetting my mother, not me. And Judy Thomas-- see if Homeland Security can figure out why she keeps egging my mother on. She should be at work. Get help? I am asking the FBI for help-- why is this hard mother?

Asked if this is mother's issue? Someone claiming to be QT likes saying dead in 4. Dead in 5. they often tell me I am dead. Do they say it to my mother? Not sure. I have asked that QT not be allowed to get in my ear anymore. Uneducated thug. Is my mother worried about my safety?

What else was I working on before the police came? This post. Was I surprised an officer was at the door? Oh you bet. I am on the phone with the FBI, Anne Arundel Co Records department and posting about a issue on WiredPages. Oh you bet I was surprised. Looks like desparation. FBI-- what are you doing? I am working, why aren't Jan, Andre and Judy?

I don't like Obama and want him out of office? I do not care who is in office. Told via earpiece Romney-- Lester Holt's son with Sharon Rockefeller. Lester Holt not Joyce anderson son. Brenda White of Maryland looks like my father and Joyce Anderson. Not lester. Lester looks like my father. Someone else's. Ben Affleck her [Joyce anderson along with Brain Williams] son-- in case some of you have seen him around and about. Lester not Sharon's either. Either my nephew is president or a cousin. I don't care about who is in the white house. I want the FBI to investigate why my rights are being violated. Why does earpiece tell me this crap? Not sure. To tell me where my problem is? Rock? That looks right. Ben told me his mother confessed to him. Hurt my father left. I cannot point a finger. My eyes. Darryl Anderson-- Joyce anderson's son. Much older than Brenda and black. Ben said mad black man left her. Darryl older. The voice claiming to be Ben Affleck said Joyce Anderson known to him as Joyce Prescott. Said he was raised by Channel 7 weatherman man with Brian [Brian's dad]. If true how do I know this? Ben claims-- Robert Mitchum his dad. Paula Zahn his sister. yes, Paula Zahn looks just like Joyce Anderson. Who is Ben's brother? He told me-- the problem-- I will not insure.. Earpiece-- even Paula had to insure. I am being persecuted -- because of this.. Stop. Did my mother? Not sure.

And fBI--- when Andre was here this morning-- he repeated at least 3 times the fBI was not my friend. I told the Anne Arundel Co Police officer and the crisis worker-- I had just gotten a promise from them to investigate the June 18th, 2012 event while the officer was there. When I called earlier-- I was told to call back after 8:45 am because the duty officer was not there yet. That's why several calls to the FBI Baltimore office. When I repeated this with pure happiness -- Andre told me the FBI was not my friend. Why FBI? That said-- I do not need a friend. I need you to do your jobs. Get the tape from the house... why did he say that?

The call and what happened.. more details.

In November 2011, a Burgundy Sedan was left in the driveway at 7684 Ridge Chapel Rd., Hanover, MD 21076. I was told it belonged to Eric Blasé a stepson of my brother, Andre D. Thomas [of Odenton, MD]. Eric Blasé’s residence is unknown to me.

The car had no tags, a flat tire and a car cover. When I first heard that it belonged to Eric— I was a little concerned in that I was told Eric Blasé has a criminal record and into drugs. I thought it may have been stolen and was very concerned we were in receipt of a stolen vehicle. Eric is in his twenties and quite frankly the car did not look like something he would own. It looked like a state government car.

Within a week of the car being left on the property where I reside, I called the FBI in Washington, to ask if they could run a check on the vehicle to insure it was okay. Why not local police [Anne Arundel Co, Maryland]? See this blog— and the events that occurred when I eventually [Monday, June 18th, 2012] did call the local jurisdiction to run a Vehicle Identification Number check.

Officially, the FBI never got back with me.

Around 6:00 pm on Monday, June 18th, 2012, I called 411 [or 911—cannot now remember] and asked for the non-emergency line for Anne Arundel County Police. The reason? To ask, if the could send a car around to check the VIN on the abandoned car. I explained it was supposed to have belonged to an Eric Blasé, a stepson of my brother and he had a criminal record. I was concerned. My mother was on the upstairs extension—very upset. I did not understand why. I asked her to hang up more than once. When the girl who took the call said a car would be around to check the vehicle in several minutes, I hung up to go out and greet them. I did notice my mother was still on the line however did not check to see what she was discussing. I thought she was trying to tell them not to send a car to check the VIN.

If the call tape is replayed you will find my mother confirmed what I said about my brother’s stepson [Eric Blasé] owning the car, it had no tags and that he had been in trouble with the law. I am not sure why she was so upset.

The other problem outside of Rock? In the beginning of my why me search-- I will meet someone by the name of Possey, Tommy [George], and a pretty petite girl named Judy. Judy reminds me of Dana of the Bush White House. I have speculated as to whether Dana is actually the daughter of someone I played on the Boeing Tennis league with between 1982-1984. there was a Margarat Hayhurst [looks like Nicole O'Brien of WUSA Traffic--x] and a M. Connerly. M. Connery the one I speculated that was related to dana. She was kind of hippy [wide hips] and engaged to someone I never met. I have speculated as to whether Dana was her daughter with a Sam Brownback-- before the earpiece activated. After the earpiece was activated I was given so much data on AIDS-- I was in shock. That is why-- muptilpying the scalar through has been a little slow. The other day-- I remembered something about Judy the petite blonde. There as a scare she had AIDS. I never knew the outcome. Possy and TOM - ME [George] the reason I wondered about the Aids question and what they were trying to tell me starting in late Feb. 2012. They kept going on and on about monkey spitum [they defined as monkey sperm]. Then I remembered Possy and wrote about it but then deleted the post. I just learned of the Aids issues. I used to call George Clooney, Bruce Leshan and Sam Brownback the boys. I believe Bruce is Don Evan's son with Camille, Clooney-- Nancy Reagan's son with Cary Grant and Sam-- I thought he was a Reagan son with my Aunt Judy. Earpiece is saying no. His hair to nappy. But I feel Reagan knew my Aunt Judy and her family well. Clive Owens, etc. But what if fooling around with a monkey caused a mistake. Possey -- Looked like half ape, half human. The problem-- insurance had the boys being used to insure people like Kennedy's? Caroline [Natalie Morallas?], etc. I think I met JFK JR early in my why me search. Rights violations... He wanted to give me breakfast. What if the boys started a problem they did not know about [because of insurance] and because I do not have Aids-- resentment insued? Is this possible? Kennedy's look angry early in my why me search.. I thought they were trying to tell me who my link was-- Richard Nixon. What if the problem is-- the boys-- caused a lot of problems with a lot of people? Rock+ insurance-- aids babies-- caused a lot of resentment and I did nto even know I had ties to Washington, England.. do you see where I am going? Possey and the pretty petit 1995.. why tell me this? and why then?

My best Ben-- -- Diane.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012


How much is 3 mg?

I arrived at BWMC at 8:52 pm on June 18th, 2012. I stayed in the ER area until about 11:00 pm, Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, more than 24 hours. I no longer have the paperwork with DB Long's name [AA Co Police Officer's name used on the original documents that put me at the center], but do have my ER bracelet and the States' Lawyer [Mike Flannery] who handled my case- who should have a copy. No I do not believe DB Long was his real name.

Earpiece is claiming DB Long was fired, as was the idiot that used that false name. Idiots in Maryland have been violating my rights for many years why single him out? The problem for him.. too many procedural violations including the use of a false name. Too many people at the hospital knew who he was... A show boat that should not have done what he did. I still have his photo on the disk inside my camera. He makes one more mistake as a police officer and the state is going to owe big money. Can the state afford him. Yes, the earpiece has asked my opinion-- and that was my opinion. Two many mistakes-- can the state afford him? Also told he hired a lawyer even before I left the hospital, hoping to get money out of it. Said this pissed off a lot. For violating my rights? FBI owes him jail. The other problem? Feds have the video and it is said he lied too much. I owe him? The hospital bill is $38,000. DB Long and the state are going to be paying it.

The camera was inside the bag- and I was told DB Long was upset the bag was not touched. He found out when I posted the photos. He knew I took photos-- but thought the bag would be cleaned. I am told it was not touched-- and this tends to suggest it was not- along with other things. Too many shocked at what happened and how it happened. I am a little irritated the original document using the DB Long name was taken from my folder-- but do not see a problem insofar as the FBI/DOJ and State's Attorney finding the original document.

Anyway- when I was moved to a different area of the hospital on Tuesday, June 19, 2012-- I was half asleep and tired. I had not spoken with any doctors and other than going to the bathroom every 15 minutes had caused no problems. Surveillance should be able to confirm. When I moved to the new area-- I was very tired and a black nurse wanted to give me a sleeping pill and something called invega. I was so tired-- that I started to complain I had not spoken with a doctor and I did not need a sleeping pill nor a mood stabilizer. And who ordered it anyway? I took the two tablets and put them under my tongue, swallowed water and when she left [I was in bed]-- put them in a paper towel and flushed them down the toilet.

I later told everyone I did this, one-- because they kept taking urine and blood samples the next day and I knew they would not find any drugs in my system, and two a doctor should have told me he ordered something for me and I had not spoken to a doctor yet. The Invega tablet I was given that night [June 19th, 2012] looked like it was about 30 mg.

Here are the two documents showing the non refillable prescription I was given the day I left [July 5th, 2012] of 3 mg daily for 15 days. Why is this important? The 3 mg for 15 days [with no refills] is not a typo. Two documents providing the same prescription. A prescription the doctor knew I would never fill.

Here are examples of an Advil tablet of 200 mg and a Tylenol for 500 mg. 3 mg would be about 1/10 of the tablet they gave me that first night.

Invega prescription looks like a joke.

There was also a hearing as to whether the doctor could force me to take a variety of medications to try to stabilize my mood. Told doctors do this and then watch patients to get readings as to the best way to cure mental illness. Never been under a doctor's care for mental illness and nothing I did in June-- nor ever --shows mental defect. Looks like hearing to buy time. Getting the bag back to me -- looks like the problem. It was postponed the first time [26th but held the 29th]-- I was prepared for the first- they postponed it. The hearing determined I was not a danger to myself nor others. I even told the doctor-- you should be asking if I am crazy because I am so calm about all of this. I was prepared for the hearing in that I had the nurse provide documentation about a myriad of medications they listed. The EKG done because Invega was not recommended for patients with a heart condition. I believe I have a slight heart murmur. EKG come back normal. The Invega and an antibiotic the only thing ever prescribed. Most asked why I was still there. Did I behave as if I was talking to myself? No... That said-- the earpiece did provide information during my stay. What type? Who's who. AIDS/HePTITIS status of most I came in contact with. Nurses often asked me did I hear voices. I responded no-- using the excuse not at the moment you asked. that said-- I did explain the earpiece as I have done in this blog. Does it exist? Yes. The frequency a big problem. Old technology. PUt in around 1995 or so. Frequency so rare it is a flag-- told even the hospital security folks [Bob] can tap in. Does he believe me-- about the earpiece? Probably. In 1995 maybe a hard sell. Today, network huge.

I also explained to about 10 doctors and nurses very carefully--that because my eyes where slightly misaligned I had spent a lifetime staying away from drugs and alcohol. About the only thing I take is Advil and anti-biotics. I also explained my travel sickness. Surveillance cameras at the hospital would show a very calm patient and ask what abnormal behavior? They came back almost immediately to say they would not force me to try anything after i left the hearing-- and the 15 or so medications listed-- never offered to see if I would take any combination.. The whole time I was there-- I took an antibiotic for a bladder infection that may have been because a dirutic was added to a drink I had before arriving at the hospital. Surveillance key to all of this-- both here and at the hosptial.

Said a State's Attorney [female] was on with the "Monk-- earlier description used to describe for hospital staff." guy the other night. Still not sure who the Monk guy is. First he said Rock's attorney. Then Mossad. Then Special Prosecutor. I am not sure what he is-- but he has been in my ear a lot. Hospital folks-- might know. The state's attorney, angry and condescending with me. Told me to leave AA Co because I would have no emergency services. I asked her-- if we could get a tape of the conversation to make sure that when emergency personal failed to respond we could use it as evidence. Sometimes I cannot believe the idiots that are hired as government lawyers-- or given guns to protect citizens. I do not like threats-- especially when it was your idiot that violated my rights. The other thing that amazes me? She is on with me-- and I am told DB Long pissed he is caught on tape lying. The number of AA cops on the corner-- and he never read blog posts explaining this house is wired-- and then he lies... amazing-- and she is talking via the huge network.. Maybe technology to advanced for the law and lawyers.. Think they should catch up.

And what's really interesting about events surrounding this-- from the Monk-- DB Long thought he was doing the white man a favor--- and then he said he took the order from Andre. I asked the Monk if he knew what he just said. My brother is black. Then I thought about it some more and asked about the Lt Gov. He looks like the son of Camille Cosby and my brother. Do not go look up the ages-- in case it is true. DB Long had a direct order from the Lt Gov to violate my rights? Five naval Academny grads [go look up my Linkedin account-- in/Qisoftware] that I worked with at Rockwell all white. DB long an idiot? Of course the monk always lies to me-- so I am only repeating his script. Was he being funny? Kate O'Malley... looks like Sam Brownback's ex. Sam my Aunt Judy's son--- I think. Told he is not a Reagan son. Not a fan of Kate. She should stay out of my ear. And no-- the state's attorney was not kate. I do not believe kate has a law degree.. but you can check... neither does qt. FBI-- my brother's bastard-- if that is who he is-- should not be in my business violating my rights. Not sure what the monk was talking about. Israel interest.. why is he trying to instigate? Annapolis no where near me-- FBI. Sam Brownback looks like a black boy-- and kate has an idiot doing things to help the white man according to DB Long? Get that idiot away from me. Said no. I told earpiece a joke. Told them-- DB Long should go see if Germany wanted an idiot. Earpiece responded to my stupid joke-- Brinks and Germany said no thanks.

And kate-- earpiece explaining to me-- you like getting in my ear. Told you today-- I do not like you and to stay out... also explained to me-- she told you she is a lawyer and she [Regina] took my head off... do not get back in her ear with your crap... And Kate-- I mean really. Sam-- you cannot handle this x-- I will have the FBI look into it. That is her in my Rockwell office? I said get your bitches' off me.. Cous-- I mean get your bitches off me. Kate and QT look too insured. I do not owe my brother's bastards-- nor my brother. No more monk.. Mind Fking over... DB should be jobless and I am not kidding. I say I do not want to discuss. yOU let it go.

Pentagon-- the white man does not need to steal from me in broad daylight. Seventeen years-- too long... I do not owe stupid idiots. You need to get Babs, and Annapolis off me.. I said no...

by the way-- earpiece says it can see slight imperfection with my heart beat-- explained before June visit to BWMC. Also can see numbness in upper right leg and spot on chest. I did not think it odd BWMC requested a chest x-ray the first night with some lame excuse about my white cell count.. What I did find odd-- they wanted to give me the 30mg invega without an ekg or doctor discussing it with me.... help the white man... I have known white men all my life. Intelligent white men. I am tired of idiots.. get them off me. CIA owes me a clean shot-- not a bunch of idiots that look like keystone cops-- Why? I am too decent-- and I do not like paying cowards and their bimbos. Get these idiots off me. I am insulted. I said no Pentagon.. FBI you owe me.

Update 07/23/12: monk- earpiece voice today-- again-- still wants to discuss DB. There should be outrage by law abiding citizens. Monk wants me to garner sympathy for him? Why doesn't this person leave me alone. I never wish to see DB again in life. The state owes me a lot of money for other issues and I have indicated this should be used as part of the amount already agreed too. He wants to go to court.. it would be my pleasure. Tell him to hire a real lawyer and not someone claiming to have a law degree. It will be my pleasure to had him his overweight idiot ass. pentagon 17 years and that idiot needs sympathy? I do not. I do not owe pussies. Monk -- you said goodbye yesterday--- what happened. Said my deal is still in hold pattern. I said not crying about that. I am mad because you will not get out of my ear... I said leave. Leave. And marriage? I do not find you attractive nor someone I want to know. kate has a hard time with no... go see her. She is not owed what I am owed? I like men. Not male whores. get off me.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

bday '12

Today is my birthday and I finally got a Wii. I got the console with the Super Mario Bundle but I will need to get the Sports CD. I also got the Wii Fit Plus Bundle. I started using the Wii Sports CD at BWMC and decided I really liked it. Here is a photo.

You will notice a 200 ml bottle of Grand Marnier Liqueur in the photo. Yes, this was a birthday gift also. I have a large open bottle in the bar and a smaller [50 ml] unopened bottle.

Why so many? This year my mother asked me if I wanted her to make me a cake for my birthday. In an off hand manner, I started telling her about the ingredients that would be needed to make the Lemon cake-- I love. I thought when she heard how difficult it was, she would tell me to make it myself-- normally I do.

Not realizing we had the liqueur she went out and purchased the 200 ml bottle. The icing for the cake uses the Grand Marnier Liqueur. We did not have the cake flour and I am actually allergic to citric acid-- so I decided to have a spice cake with cream cheese icing rather than the lemon.

What else am I doing today? Honestly? BWMC-- do you remember the guy with the gray hair that was sort of combed in a monk style without the bald area in the back? He wore a hospital gown without undies for a day or so. Starting the week I left. He has claimed several titles-- the last being a special/federal prosecutor. He had sort of this irritating way of talking as if he was the idiot and asking others to make his day when they assumed he was a stupid idiot? Anyway-- he has identified himself as being one of those in my ear lately and he promised to leave me alone today because it is my birthday... He lied. He has already been in my ear. Do I believe he is a Federal Prosecutor? For some reason, I think because I have known lots of real attorneys [both privately and professionally], I am not buying he is a lawyer-- but I do believe he might be a special prosecutor. How can he be this without being a lawyer? You would be surprised at the number of politicians who claim to be lawyers who are not. No college- whatsoever and it shows. That said-- that same voice [at BWMC] has been in my ear almost from the day I left. He likes pretending if I cater to him he will release the funds in my Federal Reserve account, then tells me he actually has nothing to do with that part. I keep wondering why he thinks I am a stupid idiot. He also told me the Pentagon owed me 1.5 billion the other night. US Navy- why do I want to ask about Jim Webb? He looks like my Aunt Judy's son, Howard Freeman? If he is-- I only guessed this several months ago. The voice [earpiece voice claiming to be a federal special prosecutor] is focusing on Mike Mullen. Why? What am I not getting? Someone in the Federal Government will not let go.. my deal was actually set before I left. Yes, it is a lot of money. Looks like the Navy is too mad with me-- and I have no idea why. I thought part of the reason it happened was to run psychological tests on me. But they have been running these tests for years. They know who I am. I am sane, decent, hardworking and owed. The other problem-- BWMC-- "just too catch something". Why? this is too loud. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004. It was noted at the time. I am too known on the internet.. why keep doing this? What am I missing?

Jim Webb, earpiece claims he lightens skin. I speculate about who he is-- earpiece confirming my guess. My Aunt Judy about 5'3" my uncle Howard about 5'5" or 5'6". How tall is Jim Webb? Used to be Secretary of the Navy. Looks just like my Uncle Howard except lighter? US Navy- why is the special prosecutor all over Mike Mullen? At BWMC, the girl that had the cyst removed-- reminded me of my Aunt Judy. I pointed her out to my mother when she came to visit. Earpiece provides she is a relative from Aunt Judy's side of the family.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bag

Many of you may know-- I carry a leather book bag and Classic Coach purse wherever I go. The book bag shown in the header illustration of this blog. In the book bag:

  • Macbook
  • Netbook
  • Canon Camera
  • Backups
  • Master copies of sites
  • My Software
  • Information related to issues I have experienced. For example, car emissions problems in Maryland.

Until, June 18th 2012, I was never separated from the bag for an extended period of time. What did I do on June 18th, 2012 as I sat in the police car? I mentally let go. I had too. I never yelled. I never screamed. I did ask DB Long to loosen the handcuffs. I explained my right arm was broken and the cuffs were too tight. He wanted me to scream, I did not. When I got to the hospital-- I explained the middle finger on my right hand was numb. I sat in the hospital corridor between 8:52 pm till after 11:00 handcuff. I never cried about my bag-- nor the proof it contained as to who owned and developed software for qisoftware nor the myriad of other documents I had to back up my claims. I quietly asked on several occasions if he would loosen the handcuffs because they were too tight. He needed an excuse for what he had done and I never provided one. Another Anne Arundel Co Police person relieved DB Long for a moment and I asked him to look at the handcuffs. He did not loosen them-- but he knew and I knew they were too tight. Within minutes I was taken to a room after he checked them.

In the hospital room I was assigned for the night, when DB Long finally took them off -- my arms felt like dead weights. there should be surveillance camera tapes for all of this. Boy did he want me to scream. And anyone who knows about my bag-- which most who followed Q's Wire over the years-- get-- I should have been screaming about the separation from that bag. I did not. Even now I marvel at how calm I was about the bag.

I continued to feel numbness in my right hand-- on top but thought it would end after a bit. And it did. That said-- about 3 days later-- after getting out of the shower I hit my hand on top and I felt the numbness again. I was surprised. Honestly, I had not noticed it again after the first night. Now, if I hit it on top-- it is numb. I thought it might be because of AZT in some of my consumables. The earpiece, long before June 18th, 2012-- went into some detail about AZT and what it was. I wrote a post about it. Long ago-- because I do not like tap water nor ice from the automatic ice maker-- I started to freeze bottled water in the freezer. In a half frozen state-- I often noticed a slushy consistency to the water. Some of you may remember the post earlier this year. In a half frozen state-- I expect icicles on the edges and not a slushy state. When the earpiece was activated-- a lot of information about AZT, Speed, and some of the problems AIDs patients experienced was given to me-- including the common practice of putting AZT in common products because AIDS was more prevalent than reported. When I started freezing the water years ago-- that is what I found. Also years ago-- I noticed that my skin and my mother's skin was darker consuming bottled water. I also noticed I did not like the way breath smelled after drinking the water. At the time, I believed the use of Iodine was causing the skin discoloration and issues with the breath. For some reason I also thought the slushy half frozen water was due to the iodine. When the earpiece told me about AZT [claiming it is really fine wood pellets to help flush dead blood cells from AIDS patients]-- I said-- oh, that is the slushy stuff?

Over the years I have experienced numbness in my right upper leg when I sleep. When I was told about the AZT-- I asked if this could be causing my problem numbness. My body is not flushing blood cells-- nor the AZT that is bursting the cell [told it kills dead cells by bursting the cell and then flushing through urine]. I also asked this question at BWMC when I was there recently. No definite response. Nerve damage from the handcuffs or a problem with AZT in common products these days? I was not having a problem with my hand before the handcuffs. The day after I noticed nothing but three days later I did. Should be surveillance tapes to confirm. Earpiece is claiming they can see the nerve damage in the hand-- at the house. No confirmation at the hospital but here. I do not like this confirmation-- because I was told I had covered most of the x-ray type cameras in the house. How can you see it-- my question?

Anyway-- the first night-- I was told [earpiece] my sister took the bag, the Macbook which was not in the bag, and the purse and took them home. Told my mother was very upset. The next day-- told my sister my have given a federal guy copies of a directory on a flash drive but basically left everything else in tact. Then some mind games. In the end-- told my sister held on to the 3 bags-- until Wednesday of the following week. Told she purchased a trunk and lock when she had to do things. I do have a new trunk which can be fitted with a lock. So this checks out. On Tuesday, my sister was at the hospital and met with me, an attorney [Mike Flannery-- supposed to be representing me] and others. I did not ask where the bag was. Later I was told it was given to a Federal Judge that Monday. Said this was a lie. Given to a Federal Judge on Wednesday. Also told this was why it took so long to release me. Trying to get the bags returned to me without going through my sister.

It was not known on June 18th 2012 I would call AA co police to ask them to run a vin check on the car. So all that transpired-- was a surprise. Also told many including my sister, initially just did not like the way I was separated from the bag-- so there was a great deal of disgust. Yes, the bag was wanted-- but not like that. After I got the bags back-- I was told that Judy started to behave a little oddly and the surveillance and Federal judge watching the issue-- decided to get the bags from her-- she had not had an opportunity to copy. No flash drives nor drives with space. She needed to go out and buy some. Told my mother was also very upset and she had her hands full with the bags and my mother. Told the first night-- what really happened was a Federal guy had her look at some things over her shoulder. Yes, all of our homes have built in cameras according to earpiece. Because many know of my issues with the Macbook- told her not to boot that and to be careful when looking at things.

On Tuesday, July 3 when I was told I would be leaving on the 5th I did not understand why the wanted to release me when my mother and sister were supposed to be in Wilmington. Told they were really not there-- but this is the lie they tell every 4th. going to Wilmington for the 4th. Told most of the family moved to the DC area long ago. Not sure. Anyway-- after bags returned to me-- told Federal Judge thought my sister may have lost her good intentions and tried to copy files. She came to the hospital that Wednesday night and she was in a horrible mood. The judge told her he would return them to her when she came to pick me up-- but that was never really the plan. A lot of people asked me when I was leaving daily. Staff, other patients. No, most knew I was not taking medications and had no problems with alcohol, depression nor other substance abuse. This in part to explain-- why it took so long. I took a cab and I was told an insured, bonded company/agents delivered the bags [only had the book bag and macbook in separate bag]. They put it in the new trunk and told my mother and sister to stay away.. the excuse in Wilmington. Judy thought she would get the bags back. Never planned. Would she have copied? not sure... Why so long, explained.

I did take an antibiotic for a Urinary Track Infection. Something called Ciprofloxein [or something like that]. The first night I was there I had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so.. Surveillance can confirm. They took urine and blood samples. I was directly under an air vent and wondered if this could be causing the problem. I asked the staff. Later told I had a Urinary track infection and they were giving me an antibiotic. Sometimes at home-- I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Asked earpiece if someone was putting a Diuretic in my drinks-- when I remembered other problems over the years. Had not asked about this of the earpiece since activation in late Feb early March 2012, however they have said on more than one occasion you have been fed so much crap over the years, we are surprised you don't have something. Also asked thin air before I knew about earpiece-- about the use of Diuretics. Told via the earpiece the hospital also thought it was a Diuretic with further testing but gave me the 10 day antibiotic as a precaution. I had a soft drink just before the police arrived that monday. It was a new case my mother had just purchased. That said-- during college because of my constant on the go state-- work, school, home again-- I had a bladder infection. I learned-- going as soon as I needed too and not standing [I hate foreign toilet seats] could help to prevent this condition. I also go as soon as I need to- and maybe could have gone every 30 minutes rather than ever 15. Years of conditioning.... all can be confirmed with the hospital surveillance cameras I saw all over the place.

Earpiece told me things about the bag-- daily [while at BWMC]... not all of the truth at the time. But things to suggest-- this was not the way to get the bag and many did not like what happened. I prefer to believe this. I watch the bag now... I do not cry about what I cannot change. I agree-- I should not have been separated from my bag in that manner. It was bad all the way around... I never cried nor screamed about it... when I got the bag on Thursday, July 5th and I was home alone.. I cried. Not a lot.. but I did cry.

If the bag is not important to anyone but me-- why do I have a new trunk that locks? I never discussed the bags with my mother and sister. I let the earpiece tell me things. Sister said once-- your bags are safe--- I said "I don't want to discuss it.". I did not tell her to buy a trunk. Told when she needed flash drives-- this caused a flag.

I was there from Monday, June 18th, 2012 until July 5th, 2012. I took the antiboetic between June 20th 2012 through June 29th, 2012. It looked really odd to the other patients that I did not go to get meds after Friday, the 29th. This started more questions. Most knew [including staff]-- because of groups I was only on an antibiotic the whole time I was there.

Details about odd things-- not really part of the main topic [in this case-- my bag]-- can often lead investigators to the truth. Why would I go on about medications I took? To explain why the length of time i was there looked odd to staff and others and why the length of time may have been important to returning my bags to me without further compromise. Why was I there almost a whole week not taking anything? I was told on Friday, the 29th I was not a danger to me nor others and did not have to take anything. A week later I was released? Why? There is a method to my madness-- I will tell thin air when laying out a post like this. I write for FBI and DOJ types.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

July '12 Gardens..

Lately, I have been doing minor things with code- including a fix to the Youtube Music Video Search Widget. Also had a problem with the InStyle News Magnet.

Also doing a little gardening-- trimming the Azalea and English Boxwood bushes. Here are photos of one of the front garden areas and a side area where the Irises and Hydrangea are planted.

That Hydrangea bush is so large now. It is fighting for space with the Shasta Daisies planted on either side. I might have to cut that back. The Irises also want to take over.

I have been sneezing since just before I left BWMC-- as if my allergies are bothering me-- however it was extremely hot in the area and the growing season in respite. That said, I waited and waited for the white garage siding [northern exposure] to get its annual pollen coating and it never arrived. I am wondering if the seasons are just off-- because of the mild winter or if I have a summer cold. The other odd thing? I was in a controlled environment [no windows could be opened] and I felt it really odd I was sneezing as if my garden was inside with me. Why note this? Just wondering if others have noticed this or if it is just me?

Recent issues with the State and Rights Violations? I am still working on the documentation and will post more later. Just spoke with the ACLU of Washington-DC and they provided the Baltimore address for the ACLU. DOJ- Washington, FBI, Local Maryland authorities and the Baltimore office of the ACLU will get copies of the documentation.

By the way, earpiece still trying to mindfk with settlement payments on the way. Too easy to prove I have an inner ear device in my ear. Wonder if Amazon, Indeed, Apple itunes-- impressed with the idiot in my ear? I am owed.. sorry Amazon-- those stats in the corner should worry you a lot. I told almost every employee I spoke to at BWMC who I was and how to find me. My file had a copy of the home page of this blog-- along with the photo on the page. 14 impressions for yesterday? Everyone promised to look me up including a lot of the non-staff I spoke with. Mike Flannery did you get my notes? One of the lawyers I spoke with while I was there. My sister, Judy Thomas also met him. Not my mother. Why this is important-- in the official reports.

Because I had already discussed the earpiece in several blog posts after March 2012 when I discovered it was activated, I had to confirm to BWMC staff I did believe I had a hearing device in my ear. The first night [June 18, 2012] I was there-- I asked the x-ray tech to take a shot of my head too. The earpiece said he did not take a shot but did see if he could see it with the camera. I do not know if this is possible and it maybe a setup for me-- but the tech claimed he saw it. So did the guy who used the ear device to check my ears. The thing I asked the staff? I can tell you a lot about AIDS. I learned of all of this stuff after the earpiece was activated in March 2012. I do not have Aids and I am HIV negative. You all have taken blood, urine several times and can confirm this. There is very little about AIDS in the news today. I thought it was erraticated. Why do I know speed is a supplement that AIDS patients want to use to open up their airways. why do I know so much about AZT.. AIDS patients urinate blood because of AZT. what is it supposed to do? Sort of flush dead cells via urine. How? fine wood pellets. This according to the earpiece. When I asked the staff to confirm some of this stuff-- they seemed interested in what I knew. I also told them I knew the ingredients of SPEED. Surveillance thinks I sell speed? I don't. They did not disagree. why do I know this. The other thing that is a big problem for AIDS patients is hepatitis. the only person I ever knew to discuss Hepatitis was Sharon Kendricks when I was high school. I am not sure why. But the earpiece said Hepatitis and AIDS a big problem. Several of the people I came into contact appeared to have the yellow nails of hepatitis. I wondered why the staff members were not taking more precautions.

One time, one of the people providing data via the earpiece-- explained his lover because she did not have hepatitis had to wear white gloves during part of their sex play. I kept wondering why the staff was not more worried about this. I asked. I know too much about Aids and hepatits given I don't have either. I asked the staff why. This seemed to resonate. I also told them the inner ear device does exist. Why am I happy about it? Because until march 2012 I could not prove early rights violations in maryland. this before 1999. Had jury duty in march 2004 so pretty sure I would find nothing. I did not know the devices existed but told they are like hearing aids except internal. X-ray would prove it exists in my ear.

I was released because i was not a danger to myself nor anyone else and do not have to take the 3mg of invega prescribed. Typo? Have two pieces of paper that say 3mg. In comparison-- one Advil is 200 mg. 15 tablets-- earpiece claims they do not even dispense in 3mg and no refills. Do you see where I am going?

Why did I discuss the earpiece in posts starting after march 2012 when I discovered it was activated? To ensure government filth was not trying to take credit for my business ideas. It proves possible rights violations because I had no idea it was there.

Another important concept. I have had no lovers since 1994 or so. I do not go out. I live with my mother. Why this information. I never look at urine color. I am told AZT makes AIDS patients' urine red. Blood cells flushing. AZT in a lot of common things these days. Told it is fine wood pellets. My urine is almost white and told common products like bottled water have AZT these days-- so I consume AZT too. Told it should be more yellow. Also told I tinkle and this irrirates those with AIDS listening.. If I have no lovers, dO not have aids and not on any medications-- how do I know about the urine? Can find nothing on the internet.. did look up how AZT works. saw nothing about red urine. Did ask if because I am not flushing -- if the pellets might be causing some of the numbness I am experiencing in my right upper leg.

I am told a young relative was born with Aids. I am also told-- unprotected sex causes t-cells to rise. They can go to zero with protected sex. Earpiece confirming more more [sex] higher tcell counts. No sex-- drops tcell counts. Why do I know this? Learned all of this after march 2012. I blogged a lot before March 2012. I have been told a lot. A lot I cannot repeat. This I can repeat. Why did I not tell you about the Stuff I know about Aids before now? the answer-- I did not know. The problem-- some of the solutions are dangerous and I want you to see a doctor so I have been careful in how I tell it. More more-- higher tcell counts. less protected.. counts go to zero. why do I know this? Intestine wall too thin. Why on earth would I know this.. my bottom-- virgin...

How about this? About a week before DB Long violated my rights, someone on the earpiece wanted me to prick myself with a pin or needle. I had a pin cushion in a buffet draw and I took out a needle. I used a fireplace lighter to serialize the needle and then tried to prick my finger. I could not get it to draw blood but I did puncture the skin. The person talking said-- this meant I was HIV negative. No blood. I was building a model train or something at BWMC and when I opened the plastic container I stuck myself with the staple that was holding it closed. I bled-- after squeezing the finger to see how far I had gone down. It was a thick consistency. I believe I am diabetic. Earpiece says yes. BWMC offered no confirmation. How do I know how to do the HIV Test without a doctor?

I keep the bathroom lights off when I use the bathroom. I am told my house has lots of surveillance cameras. I resent those in the bathrooms-- so I rarely use more than a night light when in the bathroom. Sometimes the earpiece person will ask me to turn on the light so he can see my urine. I once asked him what I had done to get Aids. He said I was being a smart ass or something to that affect. Aids can only live outside the body for about 2 minutes. I let most of my food sit for more than 2 minutes before eating it.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eric's Car, AA Co Police, BWMC-- Part I.

Currently, I am preparing an indepth report for a local Maryland Attorney, the FBI and this blog-- detailing the events that led up a series of recent rights violations.

Details like names and addresses have been redacted for this public online account, however are provided in the actual report. Part of the report details why I called the Anne Arundel County Police on Monday, June 18th, 2012. What the offical report does not do-- is discuss the earpiece information I was given concerning the car nor what may be going on behind the scenes now.

Here are the details about the car and why I was concerned.

In November 2011, a Burgundy Sedan was left in the driveway at 7684 Hanover, MD 21076. I was told it belonged to Eric B. a stepson of my brother, Andre [of somewhere]. Eric B's. residence is unknown to me. The car had no tags, a flat tire and a car cover. When I first heard that it belonged to Eric— I was a little concerned in that I was told Eric B. has a criminal record and into drugs. I thought it may have been stolen and was very concerned we were in receipt of a stolen vehicle. Eric is in his twenties and quite frankly the car did not look like something he would own. It looked like a state government car. Within a week of the car being left on the property where I reside, I called the FBI in Washington, to ask if they could run a check on the vehicle to insure it was okay. Why not local police [Anne Arundel Co, Maryland]? See this blog- and the events that occurred when I eventually [Monday, June 18th, 2012] did call the local jurisdiction to run a Vehicle Identification Number check. Officially, the FBI never got back with me.

Unofficially, after the earpiece was activated in early March 2012-- I was told it was the car Jan was picked up in [Baltimore] when she suffered a kick to her head. Told QT kicked Jan in the head after this incident. Also told it is a state car reported stolen and that illegal drugs were in the trunk. What kind of illegal drugs? Speed for AIDS patients. I never touched the car. I do not have AIDS, would have no way of acquiring Speed and have too much surveillance. That said-- that surveillance allowd DB Long to violate my rights on June 18th, 2012, and separate me from my property. {Computers, bag, software}. I feel violated. The earpiece also claimed the car was left there to set me up. Also said idiots in Annapolis thought they could use it somehow to contain me. Contain me? All I do is stay in the house and work. Steal from me and further violate my rights... FBI -- I do not owe Annapolis Thugs. Did I say any of this to local polocal police on June 18th, 2012? No. Simply provided Eric's name-- asked them to check his criminal record and stop by to run a check on the VIN.

Screen shots of Mircosoft Word files I am using to prepare reports for FBI-- Maryland State's Attorny, Local attorney. I have Fax numbers and addresses all lined up. Am I angry? I am tired of my rights being violated. I am very calm in my resolve to get this filth off me, the car removed from the driveway and action from Washington via the Department of Justice and the FBI. My rights should not have been violated in this manner.

This will be a series of posts.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Like Nothing Happened

My mother arrived home late Friday evening about 10:00 pm. Said they went to Wilmington, NC for the Fourth. I have not been to Wilmington, NC since late 1992, however my abstract noise suggests most of the family is no longer in Wilmington so I thought this a bit odd. I caught a cab home from BWMC on Thursday. Phone logs from hospital-- will show my mother expected me home and since friday we have had no problems. Almost as if nothing happened. I did not have keys nor cash with me-- so she had to give me access codes for garage doors that I never use. I use remotes-- however I did not have a remote with me either. Point-- my mother expected me home.

Have we discussed it? No. She does know I am working on something. A report. My family is too hemmed up and I can do nothing about it. The real problem-- I am too known, and not insured. The police are making a mistake-- by staying in my face. I am going to start asking the proper authorities if idiots like DB Long should carry a gun if they do not know the rules or proper police procedure. My sister was a DOJ Federal Officer for a number of years. She got a gun shortly after my father died. I never liked Judy with a gun and told her so. When she transfered to Homeland Security her gun was taken away from her. I was relieved. Proper authorities in Maryland need to seriously look at whether DB Long [ betting not his real name] should carry a gun. He does not understand the law he is supposed to uphold. Did he live with his parents for the first 44 years of his life and have delusions of grandeur. What is it about an officer with a gun that thinks I want to stop and know it? Judy, I appreciate what you did with my bag. That said-- you nor that DB Long idiot should carry a gun-- sorry.

  • Mother left $40 and another $80 in a hidden place. I was not sure if the cab driver would want cash. I only had debit and credit cards in my purse. Told my mother. She told me how to get in and where to find cash if I needed it. Did not need it. When she arrived home she gave me another $80 in loan installments [the 2+1 Wednesdays I missed]. Like nothing happened.
  • Saturday, Mother went out and purchased ingredients for a fruit salad.
  • She went out again and purchased ant traps which we laid in the kitchen.
  • I hung a curtain rod
  • Spoke with a lawyer concerning recent events [Friday].
  • Mother went to a BBQ at my sister's last night. Arrived home around 10:00 pm. When she arrived home she told me Marvin was in the hospital.
  • I am told every week she takes my brother to Fort Meade to buy groceries [Sunday's]. I am assuming that is where she went this morning. She is not home.
  • Judy came in Friday night to use the ladies room and never said a word.
  • Judy came by when my mother was out Saturday-- never said a word.
  • Heard the BBQ was nice.

Why am I providing these details? Today, Anne Arundel Co Police on corner-- looking for traffic violators? It's a quiet Sunday--- why? I called the Washington Field Office of the FBI. Anne Arundel Co Police left. I called the police on Monday, June 18th, 2012 to check a VIN number. No one here except me.. Why are they on the corner today? I have not seen one police car since Thursday, when I arrived home. All of a sudden they want to sit on the corner.. someone tell them I did not call them and ask them to do a damn thing for me... FBI-- I do not think these idiots are smart and I am tired of my rights being violated-- by idiots with guns.

FBI- I am tired of you ignoring serious rights violations. I Pick up a phone to call you-- and they leave... when do you do something about this crap? Photos later.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday, July 6th

I got up about an hour ago-- had a coffee, reenforced a seam on a pair of summer slacks and paid a bill. I washed my hair yesterday afternoon when I got home-- and this is what it looked like this morning-- because I only blew it dry. On the right-- after a little press and curl.

The car is still in the driveway, and I have not called the ACLU nor the myriad of other calls I plan to make in the coming days. That Anne Arundel County simply walked in and violated my rights still amazes me. I have too much proof this is corruption.

The integrity of my bag. I always said I could prove a lot with the contents of my bag. Who developed the software, other important documents, everything associated with my business, car emissions irregularities, etc. I never let the bag out of my sight. When DB Long put me in his police cruiser on Monday, June 18th 2012--- I mentality let go of the bag. I believe the hope was I would scream and scream. I did not. Not once during the entire 16 day ordeal.

Part of the reason why? The earpiece provided my sister, Judy came over to get the bag and Macbook-- and for the first 8 days she never let it out of her sight. For some reason this gave me peace of mind-- because too many times in the past-- I have noticed things missing and only my mother has been around. Also via the earpiece-- told the bag was placed into Federal custody after 8 days and when I arrived home yesterday-- moments before, the bag was placed here. My mother was not home. This seems far fetched I know-- but too many odd things have happened since I left Rockwell.

The earpiece provided that Judy should be commended for not voiding the integrity of the bag. I want to believe this-- but my thoughts in those early days of this experience-- "now I can go in to the Arundel Mills Casino and see what it looks like". The bag would have stopped me at the door unless I provided I was a blogger. I never tried to get in.

The pysch staff tried hard to get me to scream over the 16 or 17 days I was there. I never did. I think someone like that gives instructions to my mother. I often tell her-- to go find that Jewish psychiatrist and irritate her. Is my mother insured-- the whole thing throws a really bad light on my mother.

I am good about not arguing with individuals who are not part of the equation. I also do not argue with my mother. I stopped asking her questions long ago.. A brick wall. Anne Arundel co police-- an argument I will have. Idiots with guns that should not be allowed anywhere near me.

The only thing the staff at the hospital can say-- I was a model patient. My fight was not with them. Anne arundel co police and government owe me. FBI-- I am not kidding. My mood so stable at the hospital-- the only time I felt a since of sadness was Wednesday night. On Tuesday, I was told I would be discharged on Thursday, July 5th, 2012. I was happy but not overly so. Wednesday night-- while doing a little exercise [walking a long hallway] I felt a since of sadness that this leg of my journey was about to end-- and I still had no idea how to end all of this. I am never depressed. I can find too many things that interest me to feel sadness for an extended period of time. But Wednesday night-- I felt sadness and a bit of apprehension. Not because of further police harassment-- god I do not even drink-- but more because I hate the idiot/coward element in all of this. DB long that overweight idiot in the photo of the last post-- could not have walked in my shoes these last 17 years-- yet he can violate my rights and it seems I can do nothing about it... If it is the last thing I do-- that overweight idiot will pay [ with his job and/or a jail cell] for violating my rights.

I have a lot of things to do today. I am calm and set in my resolve. I am owed. And I am not owed idiots from Anne Arundel Co.

My bag? Even I am surprised I am not crying. Software, two computers, drives, disks, external hard drives, documents that provide proof. I have not gone through everything but for some reason-- the earpiece information that my sister and a Federal judge protected the bag-- has given me a little peace of mind. That said- I let go-- when I sat in the police car that Monday. I knew it was the only way I would survive and I did.

Someone at the hospital asked me what the first thing I was going to do when I returned home. I cannot remember what I said. What did I do? I cried.

I have a whole post on anti-psychotic medications. As I said I have never used any nor have I been diagnosed with the need to use them. Yesterday, I was given a prescription. Here it is-- note the no-refills. Is 3mg a lot? I can destroy this in a court of law.

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Please run the VIN, Eric has a Criminal Record...

On Monday, June 18th, 2012 the Anne Arundel Co Police took me to the pysch ward at Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Why? In November 2011 I asked the FBI to check a vehicle that was left on my mother's property. It had no tags, a flat tire, and a car cover. The FBI never got back with me.

On Monday, June 18th 2012 I called the AA Co Police and asked them to run the Vehicle Identification Number [VIN]. I also explained the car was said to have belonged to my brother's stepson who had a criminal record dealing with drugs. n I was concerned about the vehilce. I never touched it nor opened it and once or twice asked my mother why it was sitting abandoned on the property.

The car does not look like a car Eric [brother's stepson] would own and it was unclear to me why it was parked on my mother's property. My mother was very upset I wanted the police to check the VIN number and got on the upstairs extenstion. The non-emergency dispatcher said the police were on the way to check the VIN and I hung up. My mother was crying on the phone--- please don't check. Why? I am still unsure. I was trying to protect her.

Is my mother insured? I am not sure. Is she scared of something? Again, I am not sure. What I do know-- the police should not have handcuffed me and taken me to the hospital. When I said I wanted a lawyer-- DB Long of the AA Co. Police said--" for what you are not under arrest". I have never taken anti-pyschotic drugs nor do I plan to.

Why did this happen? Possible reasons given:

  • Separate me from my bag. Yes this happened.
  • Run tests---- It is amazing to me how calm I was throughout the last 2.5 weeks.
  • Try to loose me in the system-- "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". Told anyone and everyone to look me up-- QiSoftware and check the blog qisoftware-support.blogspot for possible reasons Anne Arundel Co Police violated my rights.

I contacted the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI while I was at the Medical center, and Public Lawyers. I even admitted I had a device in my ear that was probably installed between 1995-1998. No choice, discussed in this blog.

The first night--- the hospital claimed my white cell count was off so the wanted a chest x-ray. Earpiece had stated on occassion my lungs did not look good. Mind fk. When I asked the x-ray lab technication if he could x-ray my head to see if there was a hearing device -- he said he could not --- but earpiece claimed he did see the device along with the guy who checked my ears when I first arrived. I also asked if the removal of the device was something the hospital did. The person I asked indicated I should check with my private physican. This was on the first night. I did ask the Doctor if he would order the head x-ray and he said no. Am I a danger to myself or others-- the doctor said no. I said no. Why did DB Long violate my rights?

the doctor claimed my mother said I had been diagnosed with Schizphrenia in the late 90's. I asked him to go find a record of that-- plus any medications I had taken to combat the illness. I have never been dianosed with that illness. Maryland has harrassed me for the last time. My software and computers compromised? Yes, if only in my own mind. this hurt... FBI you owe. I have more to say. The first night, before I even saw a doctor-- I was given a presciption for something called Invega. I did not take it. The medication is not good for someone with even a slight heart condition which I believe I have. When I asked Dr. Davis why he prescribed something he said he did it based on outside reports and nothing he observed in the hospital. I was given the same prescription for Invega and sent home today. My mode was always even. I was stunned. They said my sister or mother claimed I tried to choke my mother-- not that Monday but in the last several weeks. My sister has been over lots to pick my mother up bfor excursions. I asked why she never confronted me about abuse my mother has been subjected to by me. I asked why my mother used my phone call to the police and not her own. I asked why my sister showed up at the house that Monday. I have told my mother over and over again-- to leave me alone-- because I am not going to jail for her. What does she do? Little things to aggraviate but nothing I would reacte to other than leave me alone. Do the women she lunches with every other week know of abuse I have subjected her to. I believe the house is bugged. Get the tapes... This should not have happened. I am tired of AA Co Police and the idiots. I said no.

It is said my bag was not compromised. I owe DB LOng unemployment and a jail cell. FBI-- those idiots should never come near me again... My arm went unset at BWMC... they should have let go sooner.. Ask the staff. I said no.

I photograph everything. These photos taken the evening of Monday, June 18th, 2012. Shows one officer checking VIN. It is still unclear what my mother said to the police after I hung up to go out and meet the police. Earpiece says she is too insured and can be used. I am not sure what the truth is. Just know I should not have been taken to the hospital because I asked idiots to run a VIN.

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