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Friday, June 15, 2012

Still Waiting... 6.15.12

Still waiting on word from Washington. Every day it is the same thing-- quick- check financial center. Posted, posted. Quick check, check. Earpiece.

I set up emails to provide information about my banking accounts and it works. I made my normal deposit to my business checking account on Wednesday and Thursday I had an email providing the information.

For some reason they want me to login to my bank and check the account balance every morning. About 3 or 4 weeks ago-- I learned [via the earpiece] that the FBI has a device that can access my WiFi and gain access to user names and passwords I provide via browsers. They have indicated that Safari is much safer on my MacBook-- however they can also call the bank to get the information. I changed the password to my banking account and they kept telling me they had it. And they were right. This pissed me off [and how would I know about the FBI device, if the earpiece did not tell me this?]-- so each morning they tell me my Federal Reserve account is ready to roll with schedule of payments and the first deposit was made at 1:45 am earlier in the morning. Federal Reserve posts at 1:45 am if it is Monday through Friday [except holidays]-- matching search criteria and SSNs. This is why I do not login to my account unless I am on a connected ethernet line or in the mode to do some security things.

I can inform my banks to ping the Federal Reserve to see if an account with my SSN is there-- and earpiece claims-- Katherine at Tower Federal Credit Union noticed a 5 million dollar payment [iou type place holder]. Because I want to use my bank for Federal Reserve payments I did not set up a new Tower account but she was able to see based on other information and the fact I used to have an account there. She did not tell me-- earpiece did. I am also told- banks all over have been "pinging" not their term my term--- using my SSN. Over the years I had bank accounts with several large institutions and I have gone around insuring all of the old accounts are closed. This may explain why earpiece is claiming too many banks are pinging the Federal Reserve. I did not ask any of these banks to ping-- only my current bank. Only the bank I see every Wednesday should be pinging the Federal Reserve with an active account using my Social.

I am told -- via the earpiece there are settlement funds with a break down similar to this:


  • State
  • Federal
  • Powerful Private Interest-- combination


  • Amazon
  • Google Adsense
  • Indeed
  • CJ
  • Linkshare
  • PayPal
  • Skype
  • ....

They keep saying I am too calm to get settlement- or they just want to see something. I think they want me angry but I am not... This looks bad for the big name affiliates I have used over the years that never paid me anything, or the those who have interfered with my business communictions, payments-- as well as the banks they have seen what I see and hear. Too many people know I developed the Blogger Calendar and the clowns should stop this crap.. I call it mind fking. They said-- login-- it posted. I say- the bank should not have done something with email informing of account changes so why play the same game each morning? I am calm, and sleep well at night. I have a photo from my woodland garden of the day lilies I planted about 13 years ago. Maybe it is a little odd at my calm given the amount of money they say is in my Federal Reserve account. I ask-- do you have the surveillance tapes from my place in Bowie, MD. I waited on the FedEx truck every day for news from Rockwell about settlement. it never came. This about 17 years ago.. Over the years I have worked, laughed, cried, worked-- built up WiredPages, QiSoftware and Hosting-Q-- and worked some more. I do not like the earpiece-- and I do not know why it continues to say things that are not true. What it cannot do-- is make me upset. I will continue to wait-- calmly... Everyone says-- this looks bad. This looks bad.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green Thumb..

Recently, given the ever present earpiece noise-- I have noticed it more difficult to concentrate on new business projects-- and have found my love of plants both indoors and out, a brief intermission from some of the more alarming topics offered by those constantly chatting in my ear.

A deadline is approaching, however since I have been hoping for more than 17 years-- I am not overly excited and this seems to bother those in my ear more than me.

I have gotten this far-- by maintaining low excitement and depression levels. I do yell at thin air on occasion. I think what has kept me sane? The "Why" factor. I think I have most of those now.

When I am sad-- it is more because I am sad or disappointed with others. Happiness-- I love business and coming up with new ideas. This has kept me excited and busy over the years-- see WiredPages. How dare those who have taken credit for my work.

I have not been doing much in the way of new business ideas/projects lately-- because I am distracted with what appears to be a sealed DOJ and FBI investagation. That said, since the earpiece was activated about 7 weeks ago, I have tried to keep up with bug fixes on WiredPages and other areas of my sites and my green thumb has helped to distract. I cannot tell you how much I want this process over so I can have those devices removed from my ears.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Live!, Open

The new casino, Live! at Arundel Mills opened [June 6, 2012] Wednesday evening. News reports indicated a success. I went by just a moment ago to see if it was busy-- and it was. Here are photos:

Looks like a fun thing to do on a hot summer day when you want to play hooky. Also noticed they opened a Cheesecake Factory right next door. What else am I doing? Fixed a bug with an interface on WiredPages and waiting for more news from Washington.

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Surveillance Issues

In the last 2 weeks I have covered several areas of the ceilings in the house with spackling paste in hopes of ending some of the more intrusive privacy issues I have with all of this. I was first informed of surveillance in 1996, but not until about 7 weeks ago when the earpiece was activated, did I actually understand how much.

Because of ties to Washington [Richard Nixon] and English Royalty, I believe a national security clause has been used to allow for the surveillance. I do not mind-- in that when I realized who I was related to-- I said go get the surveillance and tell me why you are violating my rights. I held US DOD security clearances for 15 years and that combined with surveillance should leave little doubt as to who I am-- yet I found myself with horrific issues I could not explain. That is what began my "why me?" journey.

I mainly wanted some of the x-ray type cameras removed in that they were being used to inform of spots on my lungs and other issues I felt should not be used in the mind fk game. I also wanted the cameras in bathrooms removed. Too much feedback on my voluptuous top. That said-- I do not want them all down because they also tell me when people who should not be here-- come here. I have nothing to hide. I have always said this.

I am told via the earpiece the FBI is not to pleased with some of the cameras I covered-- however I am told it is very easy to install them. That said- I left plenty of areas near doors that looked as if the ceiling had been tampered with-- alone. I also said-- show me a court order.

Okay, now who the earpiece says has equipment that can see and/or hear the goings on in this house:

  • senator John Cornyn
  • senator John D. Rockefeller
  • white house in back of this house-- said at times to have state, federal and interested family members. I thought I have heard voices like Clooney, Cheryl, Afleck, Leshan at times throughout the years back there. Told now it is mainly FBI. I could hear voices with my bare ear in the past. Earpiece has provided a lot of information in these last 7 weeks.
  • White House in Washington
  • Muellers Home
  • Rockefeller Home
  • FBI Agents Home
  • Supreme Court Access
  • Bruce Leshan in his Hanover residence-- earpiece confirmation -- never been there.

A big problem-- earpiece says Jay Rockefeller's Senate office left open and anyone can go in and use the equipment. The chatter never stopped until this morning. A little chatter this morning, but not much... I cannot take the noise and often beg it to leave me alone. Ask congress people under lie detector if they have used his equipment in his office. I bet you will find I am telling the truth. Someone they claim is Hillary threatens a lot. I do not have eyes-- only hearing via the earpiece..

Told this morning -- Rockefeller's console removed last night from senate office and Leshan's Hanover home last week. It has been a pleasant morning so I believe the Rockefeller office equipment the biggest problem. Too many with access. Anyone allowed to say anything-- but cannot blame anyone. I believe this was on purpose. I have tried to end this noise. I do not want to know the details of everyone's life.

Updated 5.04.12 Latest from the earpiece-- stick an icepick in it to see if you can kill it [talking about the remaining earpiece that still works-- so large told they went in through my nose-- I really had no idea-- rubber hard to break]. FBI/DOJ/Pentagon-- get the sadistic idiots out of my ear. Do they know I do not even have health insurance... dude-- I do not pay for chelsea's facelifts.. you should not even joke about that... see if hillary wants to get the arm x-ray from 1996-- hillary pays for that crap. And if that is not chelsea clinton in my ear that I have requested over and over to stay out-- have the stupid idiot not id herself as chelsea. Chelsea's employer we may need you to confirm she is at her desk and not in my ear. As I explained to someone claiming to be that person--- I will never hire her.. go back to school for law-- then tell your parents. My info [earpiece] says mom does not.. too busy at arundel looking for a black prince? tell hard up to get off me.

I guessed Ben Afleck was Joyce Anderson's son several years ago. I thought Gene may have been the father. Then guessed Robert Mitchum. Earpiece confirming. That said-- I did ask if Paula Zahn who looks just like Mrs. Anderson was his mother. Response no from earpiece-- Joyce Anderson. Ben-- I have requested the same of you... I have asked why you are angry... I do not like darkies from your mouth.. find your brothers and sisters and play with them. not me... Not you--- have earpiece stop lying on you.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Earpiece confirming crap with Kates... not on my time.

There is nothing going on. Yesterday, my mother decided there was a leak and a plumbing service came in to put in a new faucet. I never saw a leak. Earpiece provided [and yes/there are hearing aid devices in my ear-- inserted without my permission sometime before 1999 and turned on in early march 2012.] -- mother went to someone else's house and did something she was not supposed to do and that's why the neat Moen was replaced with a lesser Moen. Why am I providing this information? To show the crap that is going on. She called around 9:00 am said they would be here between 10:00 and 2:00 Monday came in yesterday about 11:00. Whole thing looks like crap.

What other crap? I am told that several nodes are used to maintain my site- qisoftware. On Thursday night-- I noticed the interfaces were a little slow so I blocked access for a range of IPs under the APNic region to prevent from going down.

In 2006-2008 or so-- I noticed that on the weekends WiredPages often had denial of service issues. The site so busy-- it prevented many from accessing including me. I believe sometime after that the Apache command:

"allow from all"

I had in the .htaccess file was removed enabling Apache system level commands to redirect my traffic. Here are some of the areas the earpiece is claiming the traffic was redirected to:

  • Earpiece claims Kate Midland is actually daughter of Sam Brownback and Jane Seymour. I have no idea. I passed on Kate midland.. Long before earpiece claim of what appears to be cousin's daughter. Sam Brownback appears to be the son of Ronald Reagan and my Aunt Judy however i have no confirmation. Also told via earpiece Large portion of traffic redirected to Kate's house [one of the nodes] and then redirected to WiredPages. What this does? Enables Alexa and other statistical organizations to ignore traffic for Wiredpages.
  • Kate Annapolis-- I am unsure if this is the Navy lab or Kate O'malley. Again earpiece provided information. Kate O'malley looks like a temp that came into my Rockwell office in the early 90's to work for one of my coworkers. Data entry clerk. Coworker a Larry Frick. Told she is actually a Bruce Leshan, George Clooney, Sam Brownback girlfriend. A little unclear but also thought earpiece provided she was also married to Sam Brownback. Not interested in the loud mouth temp that argured too much with the support staff [Mary Buffalow]. Why would Kate get my traffic?
  • to be continued...

This past Thursday, when I reinserted "allow from all" to top level .htaccess file and most of the sub-domains on the day following Alexa ranks dropped from 19 million to 14 million. I have screen grabs. On WiredPages I also denied access to most of Asia IPs. Asia -- japan, India-- not China to ensure did not drop. I did have a heads up.. They may have thoought I would put up the "repair site" for WiredPages-- something I started doing in recent months. About 5 weeks ago-- they started saying was overloaded because of the interfaces and they may drop it. Earpiece they. That is what I am trying to protect. On Thursday, they said Kelly was taking system interference off Who is Kelly? A female senator. At first she was a mossad agent. They are now telling me she is-- the 15 year old lover of the New Jersey governor who looks like my sister, Judy Thomas. who is his daddy [Gov.]? The suggestion a rockefeller. never said which one-- however I asked about Nelson. Not Jay Rockefeller. All of this earpiece provided. Judy has a granddaughter that tried to sue indeed. I was not consulted and hearing from earpiece. I do not owe judy's granddaughter nor New Jersey governor's little girlfriend they later gave a job. Said he was 10 or so and she was 15. Also a Lester Holt x-girlfriend. all earpiece. The Key 19,000,000 alexa ranking. Should not nave been that low. And yes.. site was slow-- from I believe is actually running on 4 nodes [very fast] government nodes and it should not be. is on a virtual server also something I did not authorize but not as fast. I can prove I pay hosting to the organizations who claim to be my hosting companies. is the problem. individual nodes were supposed to have been changed/cleared to prepare for ending this crap. the thing is-- settlement payment from the federal reserve was supposed to start June 1, 2012 according to earpiece and the unblocking from the government side in preparation. No starter payment. I was not upset-- because I am used to this lie. i was happy that appeared to be slower than normal telling me government blocks and redirects were taken out. This morning-- everything is running fast.. why?

Why is the Apache .htaccess command:

"allow from all"

important? On Thursday when I initially setup the top-level .htaccess file for and subdomain .htaccess file for I did not have that command in after all the denies to the APNic IPs. Permission was denied when I tried to access wiredpages-- but not When I added the command to the wiredpages sub-domain .htaccess file it enabled the requests. Why would denying the Asia Pacific IPs I inserted deny me access to WiredPages. I put the command in after the denies and now it works. It should not redirect even if the system commands are reinserted. Why is this tampering allowed in the first place-- FBI?

The leak problem.. listening as mom being taken advantage of by pushy guy that wanted to see if I would step in. I did. He wanted to redo the whole house. I gave him my business card and explained no thank you. Why these tests? Am I frightened of ugly pushy boys? No... I am too incompetent to run my business and have that much money owed me? I have been here 17 years. maryland keeps telling me I am competent. Maybe washington should stop.. Looks bad.. really bad. STop. Tired of you using my aging mother to push around === stop.

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