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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Earpiece to sadistic General... back off.

Stopped by CapitalOne [old Chevy Chase Bank] in Hanover, MD yesterday around 3:30 pm. Spoke with Larry Freeman concerning the old QiSoftware Business account I opened in the Fall of 2004. He did find a profile on me, however did not find any accounts. The account was closed within days of opening under the pretext something about my information conflicted with the Patriot Act. The representative I spoke with on the phone in the Fall of 2004 sounded very much like a loud Babs M. and she could not provide further information. She also had a problem pronouncing Patriot Act. At the time, I thought it very odd for someone claiming the title the bank bestowed upon her.

Why am I doing this? The earpiece-- claims we are in the final stages of a settlement process and when settlements like this are in place-- the Federal Reserve acts as the vehicle for payment. Social Security numbers and bank accounts are very important. Lawyers get-- I know to much about this process for it to be my imagination and I can easily prove devices in my earlobe. I call them earpieces. They should not have been turned on in early march 2012 if the claim was-- my rights had not been violated. They could have only been installed before 1999 when my rights were being horrifically violated. I did not know they were their. Get surveillance tapes for this year.

Why would I believe they are serious? I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004 and provide information like the data in this post. How would I know so much about the Federal Reserve roll in settlement cases if not for the earpiece.

The other problem--- the number of cameras installed in the house. The ions in my house sometimes cause a depravation of oxygen. I thought it was on purpose to hurt me. What it really is-- a means to provide an electric grid that allows hidden camera usage for short circuit networks. Apparently, the cameras do not need a "hard wired" power source but an electrical grid using charged ions. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies use them. I took deferential, partial deferential equations and advanced physics in college however none of it would today give me enough knowledge to understand how the cameras and audio devices work. All of the ceilings in my house have that textured look. I can easily see where repairs have been made [original owners my parents] to the ceiling and have covered up some of the more invasive hot xray type equipment. Xray equipment they like subliminal play and "clits".. Tell them I am not interested in surveillence pussies. For some reason they think I am kidding. They keep trying.

In 1996 when I first came here-- I did believe I had some sort of surveillance but not the invasive equipment the earpiece has explained in the last 7 weeks.I did not know it was possible to install free standing equipment not connected to a power source. It is if you have the right charged ions-- however it also causes oxygen loss. After I figured out who I was related too in 1998-- Richard Nixon's granddaughter-- I realized I had surveillance throughout most of my life. The FBI paranoid where martin Luther and malcom x were concerned-- so I knew a black daughter [my mother] married to what appears a CIA operative [my father] would get that attention. I could also see odd things throughout my life and this fits. That is when I started saying-- but I am too decent to have these problems. I do not even drink and held DOD security clearances as a contractor for 15 years. Why me? My mother also looks like the Queen of England. My nickname in all of this "the queen of england" according to the earpiece. They [earpiece] confirm-- Nixon a cousin [English royalty-- I thought my mother's parents too closely related] somehow, grandmother daughter to George V. The nixon/grandmother combo powerful for my mother but my non-bastard status a bigger problem. When I got the England connection it was after 2008 and I had already been through a lot. I was not interested in England other than what does the real queen of england think.

The other problem-- I am owed so much money [17 years, broken arm, rights violations, interference with my business, embezzlement, fraud]-- they do not want t pay. So they keep telling me things or playing mind fk games to see if I will lose my mind? They left me alone for too long and I worked on my business and wrote posts to the FBI... I am sane. I can prove a lot- with the black book bag I never let out of my sight. It is shown in the header graphics for this blog.

Pentagon--- I do not like the Mind FK games and I am not owed this. Get out of my ear. I cannot even break the left earpiece because I am concerned I will break it off in my ear. I need to have it removed with a laser. It never shuts up. Mind fk.. I said no... Do the sealed settlement and let go.. Amazon, iTunes, Indeed, Adsense owe me too much.. Big business should not have been involved in this. Skype blocking my communications and PayPal could also be in a lot of trouble.. do the right thing and let go.. Blogger Calendar to noted in 2004 [september after March 2004 jury duty] when I developed it and no American General should claim WiredPages as his. Too pussy. Surveillance shows my work and my work alone. Earpieces-- turned on 7 weeks ago.. Provide proof of rights violations in the 1990s. Not a General was giving source code for the Blogger calendar. Where is the General's source code. Mine is in the book bag and I cannot work and listen to the idiots in my ear. I thought they were telling me all of the things I did not know because it was end game. Things like I leave the infra red light on your back all night to give you cancer-- pure sadistic crap.. Also-- the grid in your room is too hot. I can see squares near the desktop computer in my room sometimes if the moonlight hits the room just right. I do not owe mind fk pussies. and Pentagon General-- i am not kidding.

Hillary, Nixon clan-- also have dollar figures for the amounts given to you based on my sites via the earpiece. Julie you call the organizations on my sites? Who do you think you are? Get off me. You do not work for me and I told you a long time ago to stay out of it.. STay out of it.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Distracted-- WiredPages Fixes Slow.

Last night I noticed a problem with one of the Fashion magnets on the WiredPages Style & Events page. It seems WiredPages has had problem after problem recently-- and I am a little distracted of late-- so if you notice the site [WiredPages] down, the problem is more than likely one of interfaces has a problem reading from the source--- and I have not gotten around to fixing it.

This morning it took me awhile to find the problem and fix it. I was also a little distracted by noise that simply did not want to stop. I did find the new formatting detail with the feed-- but wonder at why it was so hard to find initially.

I have one more bank to go to. I opened the account in 2004 as a business account for QiSoftware. It was shut down almost immediately and someone sounding very much like a Babs M. [loud and louder] kept saying Patriot Act. The person sounded a little too unprofessional to be a representative of the bank. If the bank account was reopened-- and my SSN used to get Federal Reserve deposits posted via my SSN, this could be bad news for whoever tried to get the funds in that manner. I believe it has been known for sometime I am owed. I have the original check book and credit card issued for the account-- and have discussed this issue in the past on Q's Wire. FBI-- let me know if you need the items I have discussed. the bank was Chevy Chase which merged with Capital One. Jan worked at that bank for awhile-- but I am told left long before dec. 2011. Earpiece noise suggests Babs M. or someone like her tried to repoen the account. Then kathleen Turner? I am surprised earpiece is suggesting Kathleen Turner. I have no proof. Will go to the bank early next week to ensure everything is okay.

Earpiece suggests the MD estimated settlement of about 120 million is mainly due to the arm and rights violations. This does not include the Federal issues, defamation, nor compensatory. That may have been why the account was forced closed within days of it opening and then my obtaining the new one almost immediately without incident. Someone knew I was owed a large settlement and they wanted to use a bank account with my SSN? I owe jail. Broke the arm in the Spring of 1996 and it went unset after I went to the hospital. I wrote to everyone. Hillary Clinton sometime after she became a Senator said-- "it is broken now". I thought she was talking about her husband's manhood-- because he was always cheating on her. Did maryland payout on that settlement? I opened both business checking accounts in the Fall of 2004 when I made QiSoftware a legal business entity in the state of Maryland.

By the way have gone through some of reports in the Defense Investigative Service File. Favorable Maryland State Police, PG Co., Fairfax Co. police [places I lived]-- shows i have had problems with driving tickets, 7 year stretch nothing-- but nothing else. Also Favorable, Mind Bank my last employeer after Rockwell. Also too much credit debt which I corrected. Odd thing-- no reference to life style poly taken in Jan 1985. Fanx-- NSA the government contractor. GE the employer. I passed with flying colors. Girlfriend I do not touch me-- you can bet I am not touching you... so why is that report missing? Report too clean for the problems I have had since leaving Rockwell.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Earpiece and Banking..

Went to my old credit union yesterday-- and checked the status of my account. Told I had a MC charge off in 1992. I did not, so I am asking they research. Why did I stop by? Insure that funds lawyers may deposit in my federal reserve account hit my bank checking account and not an old account with TFCU. Kind of got the run around and not sure why. Happy to say-- patiently explained my issues and also provided my business card.

I am told via the earpiece-- the following have deposited funds to my Federal Reserve account but they are having a problem sending to my business checking account. I think it is a mind fk game:

  • Indeed
  • iTunes
  • Linkshare
  • Amazon
  • not the Federal Government-- however told sealed investigation.
  • State of MD
  • Google Adsense
  • Rockefeller-- abstract noise [ear piece] provides Joyce Anderson- Jay Rockefeller's mother is her mother. Not his father. Hillary Clinton a maid's daughter and not the daughter of Joyce and Jay Rockefeller's mother [Blanchette Ferry Rockefeller]. When I took the post before this one down-- explaining some of the issues-- someone offered a clearer connection for Hillary-- No Joyce Anderson Blanchette daughter not Hillary]. Hillary ust a maid's daughter. What you may not know? Bill Clinton has an older brother-- who looks like Robert Mueller. That is because he is his father. Mueller Sr is about 72 or older, Mueller the FBI director about 62 and a son about 43. There is also another son who is a brother to the FBI director. I believe my brother met him in 1987. I am told he is a Federal Magistrate. I call the Federal Magistrate-- G. Earpiece provides, He is probably his mother's son with the elder Mueller. Virginia Clinton Kelly-- I am told is half black and half white- maid Rockefeller. The older Mueller probably also a Rockefeller and Clinton probably a kin of Dick Van Dick. Rock's servants and Joyce anderson it appears became obsessed with the Black Royals of Wilmington. Look up -- Adolph Atwood of Wilmington. Another Rockefeller I am told somehow. How do I know this stuff? Earpiece. Hillary married Bill Clinton-- and I am told via earpiece his mother is half black-- half white/ rockefeller maid. Hillary too obsessed with all things black royal. Lester Holt looks like my father's son with Joyce Anderson-- earpiece confirm but not really. Mitt Romney his son-- earpiece providing.. yes I agree he looks like Lester. Earpiece provides with Joyce Anderson.. I am not sure. Earpiece also providing B. White of Maryland another Dad/Joyce child-- not really confirming. Told father talked to her before he died. I had no idea. Lester and B. White do not look alike-- but I feel she looks more like the combination than Lester. Little confused. Earpiece says both are Dad/Joyce kids... Joyce did not keep her daughter. She did keep her son. Earpiece.

Also told England is trying to interfere in the settlement process. I am not interested in England interference. I do not owe England. I have never been paid by any of my affiliates and this looks bad. Told there was a son [me/william] that Zeta Jones carried. Earpiece suggests arsenic killed him and this may have been what Cheryl blackmailed on. I am told she died in 2011. The son 2011 also. Earpiece provided information and I cannot prove. What I will say-- I have no other knowledge of any of this and not asking England to interfere in my life further. I think those talking in my ear want to scare me. I am not sure why I am not scared. Told Greg Bruton died recently. This looks very suspect. Tai looks like Jordan's child and this maybe a substitution. Told Jordan died recently. Told Greg Bruton very upset about Jan's December 2011 death. Told this is true. My mother is not confirming but she does not say enough. Regina I just saw her Sunday when I went over to see her and Greg like I do every week. She did not say that. I am not sure about Greg Bruton.-- Looks like Chris Browns dad with Jones. England want's to sue? Tell them to get the script readers to my earpiece and sue them. I am only providing what they provide me and there should be tapes.

WiredPages is down because the WSJ Career interface is in disrepair-- not because I want ads to stop paying those I do not owe. I am told several people have received receipts from the Federal Reserve system stating they have paid me. No one has paid me. If you sent money to pay me-- check your receipts and look up my social. I owe real law suits. This looks like a stupid game of idiots playing mind fk.. Idiots-- my arm is broken and you have screwed me too long. Everyone gets it. I will continue to check my business checking account every Wednesday when I deposit the $40.00 a week loan I get.. Me go out and get mad? I do not knee jerk. I did go by my business address yesterday because I called to ask if I had any certified mailings. The manager-- said something from DOT that looked important, but no certified mailings. I rushed over. It was BOB [Robert Mueller?] and not DOT-- Asian guy with a heavy accent. I cannot believe how calm I am.

In 1997 I asked the Defense Investigative Service to send my file. The file contains all research done into my background beginning in 1981 when Boeing requested my first security clearance.

Credit reports, police reports [favorable] everything is in the file. I wanted TFCU account number but found a number for a master card they said I had. I also had judgement after judgement filed against me. I did not know these judgements existed and records from a re-investigation in 1993-- switching to another company of Rockwell international-- back up this claim. Another odd thing about the file-- I found my initial reference checks and margarat Newman was not listed because I did not know her then. She was listed on another sheet of paper-- suggesting that I would have known her. That file looks suspect. I would love to have a lawyer take whoever defamed my character apart. Keep in mind I left Rockwell in 1995. I got the package in Aug 1997. Maraget Newman jumped out then--- however I did not look closely enough at the other papers and found the orginial. I also got a big loan to pay off all my credit cards so I should not have had any judgements... looks like someone was planning to defame me and the file appears to prove it.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I had a dream...

I work so much I seldom get out and greet the neighbors who walk by. This morning I decided to say hello to the woman whose miniatures often use my curbside daisies as their tissue paper.

Pleasant lady who told me her name after I provided mine and a business card. I have noticed her so often-- I am surprised it took me so long to give her my card as a way of introduction.

Now, the more than likely fiction that made me cry this morning.

This morning it was a dream about Jan. I believe there is a subliminal device that can put thoughts in one's mind while they sleep. Only makers of such a device may know this is actually possible. That said-- I believe subliminal thought insertion is very possible. I have been told a great many things in the last 5 months. Things I cannot verify. Like what:

  • Cheryl died-- cyanid poisoning-- late 2000s.
  • Roni died-- 1997 or so.
  • Darnetta died -- 2007 or 08-- something they are calling an AZT Bullet. I am told this means something to those that have AIDS. It was a bit unclear as to whether it was a real bullet. Told Darnetta wanted to show my existence-- in a court action. Something to do with the Blogger Calendar or web hosting and this may have been a hit. Why-- I had no business dealings with Darnetta? I had not seen her since 1997 or so.
  • Jordan-- a couple of weeks ago. no proof-- heart attack.
  • Mistake-- my sister [Judy] died recently.. I have seen my sister since so I know this is not true. Saw my brother drive by last week.
  • Last night-- I was told Jan died in December 2011. I believe Jan is OBama's mother-- but I could be wrong. His parents I believe -- Michael Shaw and Jan. Can I prove this? No-- so it is really speculation on my part.

Can you confirm any of this? I have discussed Jan in Q's Wire. I have not seen any members of my family except my mother and sister recently. I think I saw Tai talking to my mother in the driveway about 2 months ago- but she really looked like Cheryl. If it was Tai she lightened her skin a great deal. From my vantage point, it really looked like Cheryl.

The reason I want to discuss Jan? The subliminal news I received recently, that I want anyone to discredit. Jan worked at a bank. I am told [subliminal abstract] that she bragged about Obama being her son at the bank where she worked. Said, this fired her. She then decided to threaten on an insurance issue between her and Obama so in December 2011 she was put in jail I think in Glen Burnie to kind of help her to stop threatening people. Why do I provided these details? To see if anyone at the bank can confirm. Yes, these news items are detailed. My surveillance can provide I go nowhere and have no dealings with most family members. My mother constantly says-- as far as she knows-- everyone is okay.. I recently asked her-- how is Cheryl doing mother. "as far as I know, good"-- my mother's response. I believe we have surveillance so this can be confirmed.

I am told through subliminal news-- QT wanted to show her deep throat in her cell. QT could be anyone. I use this id for someone. It got a little rough and she died. Can I prove this? No. Is this fact? Why would anyone provide this detailed dream? I cried. My family has been battered used and screwed. Jan-- I am on the corner in Hanover, MD. My parents corner. Today, I would like for you to stop by after church. You cannot stop by tomorrow. Stop by and say hello Jan.

The photo of the neighbor was taken late in the winter that just passed. We spoke on the same corner this morning. I have a gifted imagination. I used to think she was a Mossad agent-- until her bright and cheerful greeting this morning-- I am DeDe.

Let go. Get out-- this looks bad. Cheryl [cyanid]-- why tell me this? To threaten me? Yes, I believe I have had problems with consumables. Will surveillance show the problems? Yes. Am I worried about my personal safety? not really. I worry about the contents of my bag more. I am owed a great deal of money. I am told pay-out is near. Unfortunately too many big boys like playing "mind fk". See travolte's "The General's Daughter"-- she had a PHD in mind fking. I am strong and mentally healthy. I am also the developer of all the tools on WiredPages and own QiSoftware. I am too skilled, too educated and too willing to tell big boy-- do not go for it.. Let go. This was too loud-- for a sealed case. QT-- I am the wrong "black royal"-- I let the law handle crap like this.-- Do I believe big boys will rough up a girl.. YES. I believe Jan was insured-- I am not...

I am owed so much-- those who want to steal from me-- hope to draw a law suit with this subliminal crap? Yes, I believe this could be the case. That said-- in 17 years I have heard about very few family deaths. I see very few people-- except Safeway and bank employees. I am really busy.. have you seen my relatives?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

no choice...

Abstract noise provides I have several defamation, punitive and compensatory settlements ready to be posted. How is this done? Briefly, lawyers involved in cases like this-- post to the Federal Reserve with the identifying information banks can use-- for the clients. I am told it sort of works like a pinging process.

Where is my lawyer in all of this? Have none. I am told I am somehow involved in a sealed process that I did not sign up for.

Over the course of the last 2 days or so-- I have gone to different banking institutions I have used in the past-- to either close or insure old accounts have been closed.

I am told in the US, socials are used in the US to facilitate this process. For some reason-- abstract noise suggested one of my banking accounts was not opened correctly and the social was not verified. So during the last 2 or three days- I also provided a social security card and a recent mailing from the Social Security Administration.

It appears only one case needed a signoff.. all basically stating I am owed-- except one that had terms. There are several large settlements. So if it is sealed why am I discussing it? I cannot get the FBI nor DOJ to answer directly-- yet all claiming settlement is due.

Because I do not have a lawyer-- nor am I a lawyer I listen carefully when anyone -- mostly through an abstract process wants to suggest where problems exist.

During these recent visits to all my old banks-- I also wanted to clear up any question about why an old bank card had not been closed and was showing up in an online screen I never noticed before. It appeared to be active. Briefly, my bank merged with a larger one last year and told me I could continue to use my banking card until it expired. Earlier this year it expired and I received a new card. That card number should have been dead yet it was listed online. When I went in-- I asked about the card and on one screen it was closed and on another it was "convertng". The following is a photostat of the information that looks odd.

I did ask for a copy of this screen and also ensured my social was verified and on file. Today, I believe an abstract threat concerning this printed screen offered-- and it did not appear to be a joke. I do not like threats.

If it were known and owed large settlements-- using a dead bank card number associated with an account containing part of the settlement funds might be a problem.

I believe this error is simply a mistake because of the bank merger. That said-- I had no choice but to offer the photostat copy of the information-- in hopes of nullifying any problems associated with my obtaining this information. There were several people that may have witnessed my conversation with the bank employee and my quiet request for the copy of the sheet. There were also surveillance cameras in the area. I did see my social amongst the information and had the bank manager confirm the social was verified.

There appear to be lot of powerful people involved in this-- and I just want to make sure there is no problem.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Waiting..

Abstract noise suggests Fed still looking at my issues and agreement maybe near. Kind of in a holding pattern with most things. I am thinking of more software development and whether I will need to move web hosting platform--

In the meantime, noticed the other day-- the new sign for the soon to be opening casino at Arundel Mills.

Think it is opening early June.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


One hundred twenty million U.S. dollars. Punative. Zero compensatory. $40.00 a week for the last 17 years-- check my business checking account. 500 at christmas. I never signed up for welfare.

I developed the blogger calendar in 2004. WiredPages was first published in 2004. I have the site backups. I pay hosting, phones and have about $500 in credit debt. I also have about the same in my business checking account. I am defrauded, ignored-- screwed. I do not have health insurance. I do not have vacations. I heard some general wanted to claim Wiredpages. I have site backups since 2004. I do not pay the boys.

Social workers cannot even tell me to go learn word. I am a MS Suite Power user. Many tell me they like the work I have done on Wiredpages. It is all mine. General-- I am not your welfare.

I have never had a web hosting client. One signed up in august 2007 and then claimed their wayward child should not have done that. I have never sold a blogger calendar. No one has ever tried to sign up for Remix advertising. I think PayPal maybe having a problem, however since i have sent invoices, received payment from writing services, have a verified business account and the one hosting client that signed up was able to do so-- I think it is a deliberate attempt to defraud me and interfere with my business. I get no calls to my Skype line- 443-393-6650. I have asked the FBI to look into it.

I repeat-- I do not pay the boys.

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