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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I had a dream...

I work so much I seldom get out and greet the neighbors who walk by. This morning I decided to say hello to the woman whose miniatures often use my curbside daisies as their tissue paper.

Pleasant lady who told me her name after I provided mine and a business card. I have noticed her so often-- I am surprised it took me so long to give her my card as a way of introduction.

Now, the more than likely fiction that made me cry this morning.

This morning it was a dream about Jan. I believe there is a subliminal device that can put thoughts in one's mind while they sleep. Only makers of such a device may know this is actually possible. That said-- I believe subliminal thought insertion is very possible. I have been told a great many things in the last 5 months. Things I cannot verify. Like what:

  • Cheryl died-- cyanid poisoning-- late 2000s.
  • Roni died-- 1997 or so.
  • Darnetta died -- 2007 or 08-- something they are calling an AZT Bullet. I am told this means something to those that have AIDS. It was a bit unclear as to whether it was a real bullet. Told Darnetta wanted to show my existence-- in a court action. Something to do with the Blogger Calendar or web hosting and this may have been a hit. Why-- I had no business dealings with Darnetta? I had not seen her since 1997 or so.
  • Jordan-- a couple of weeks ago. no proof-- heart attack.
  • Mistake-- my sister [Judy] died recently.. I have seen my sister since so I know this is not true. Saw my brother drive by last week.
  • Last night-- I was told Jan died in December 2011. I believe Jan is OBama's mother-- but I could be wrong. His parents I believe -- Michael Shaw and Jan. Can I prove this? No-- so it is really speculation on my part.

Can you confirm any of this? I have discussed Jan in Q's Wire. I have not seen any members of my family except my mother and sister recently. I think I saw Tai talking to my mother in the driveway about 2 months ago- but she really looked like Cheryl. If it was Tai she lightened her skin a great deal. From my vantage point, it really looked like Cheryl.

The reason I want to discuss Jan? The subliminal news I received recently, that I want anyone to discredit. Jan worked at a bank. I am told [subliminal abstract] that she bragged about Obama being her son at the bank where she worked. Said, this fired her. She then decided to threaten on an insurance issue between her and Obama so in December 2011 she was put in jail I think in Glen Burnie to kind of help her to stop threatening people. Why do I provided these details? To see if anyone at the bank can confirm. Yes, these news items are detailed. My surveillance can provide I go nowhere and have no dealings with most family members. My mother constantly says-- as far as she knows-- everyone is okay.. I recently asked her-- how is Cheryl doing mother. "as far as I know, good"-- my mother's response. I believe we have surveillance so this can be confirmed.

I am told through subliminal news-- QT wanted to show her deep throat in her cell. QT could be anyone. I use this id for someone. It got a little rough and she died. Can I prove this? No. Is this fact? Why would anyone provide this detailed dream? I cried. My family has been battered used and screwed. Jan-- I am on the corner in Hanover, MD. My parents corner. Today, I would like for you to stop by after church. You cannot stop by tomorrow. Stop by and say hello Jan.

The photo of the neighbor was taken late in the winter that just passed. We spoke on the same corner this morning. I have a gifted imagination. I used to think she was a Mossad agent-- until her bright and cheerful greeting this morning-- I am DeDe.

Let go. Get out-- this looks bad. Cheryl [cyanid]-- why tell me this? To threaten me? Yes, I believe I have had problems with consumables. Will surveillance show the problems? Yes. Am I worried about my personal safety? not really. I worry about the contents of my bag more. I am owed a great deal of money. I am told pay-out is near. Unfortunately too many big boys like playing "mind fk". See travolte's "The General's Daughter"-- she had a PHD in mind fking. I am strong and mentally healthy. I am also the developer of all the tools on WiredPages and own QiSoftware. I am too skilled, too educated and too willing to tell big boy-- do not go for it.. Let go. This was too loud-- for a sealed case. QT-- I am the wrong "black royal"-- I let the law handle crap like this.-- Do I believe big boys will rough up a girl.. YES. I believe Jan was insured-- I am not...

I am owed so much-- those who want to steal from me-- hope to draw a law suit with this subliminal crap? Yes, I believe this could be the case. That said-- in 17 years I have heard about very few family deaths. I see very few people-- except Safeway and bank employees. I am really busy.. have you seen my relatives?

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