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Friday, May 18, 2012

no choice...

Abstract noise provides I have several defamation, punitive and compensatory settlements ready to be posted. How is this done? Briefly, lawyers involved in cases like this-- post to the Federal Reserve with the identifying information banks can use-- for the clients. I am told it sort of works like a pinging process.

Where is my lawyer in all of this? Have none. I am told I am somehow involved in a sealed process that I did not sign up for.

Over the course of the last 2 days or so-- I have gone to different banking institutions I have used in the past-- to either close or insure old accounts have been closed.

I am told in the US, socials are used in the US to facilitate this process. For some reason-- abstract noise suggested one of my banking accounts was not opened correctly and the social was not verified. So during the last 2 or three days- I also provided a social security card and a recent mailing from the Social Security Administration.

It appears only one case needed a signoff.. all basically stating I am owed-- except one that had terms. There are several large settlements. So if it is sealed why am I discussing it? I cannot get the FBI nor DOJ to answer directly-- yet all claiming settlement is due.

Because I do not have a lawyer-- nor am I a lawyer I listen carefully when anyone -- mostly through an abstract process wants to suggest where problems exist.

During these recent visits to all my old banks-- I also wanted to clear up any question about why an old bank card had not been closed and was showing up in an online screen I never noticed before. It appeared to be active. Briefly, my bank merged with a larger one last year and told me I could continue to use my banking card until it expired. Earlier this year it expired and I received a new card. That card number should have been dead yet it was listed online. When I went in-- I asked about the card and on one screen it was closed and on another it was "convertng". The following is a photostat of the information that looks odd.

I did ask for a copy of this screen and also ensured my social was verified and on file. Today, I believe an abstract threat concerning this printed screen offered-- and it did not appear to be a joke. I do not like threats.

If it were known and owed large settlements-- using a dead bank card number associated with an account containing part of the settlement funds might be a problem.

I believe this error is simply a mistake because of the bank merger. That said-- I had no choice but to offer the photostat copy of the information-- in hopes of nullifying any problems associated with my obtaining this information. There were several people that may have witnessed my conversation with the bank employee and my quiet request for the copy of the sheet. There were also surveillance cameras in the area. I did see my social amongst the information and had the bank manager confirm the social was verified.

There appear to be lot of powerful people involved in this-- and I just want to make sure there is no problem.

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