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Monday, April 23, 2012

Settlement Numbers

Two years ago-- I offered the Federal Government an abstract-- twenty million dollar number to settle. Today, abstract noise suggests Maryland alone owes about 120 million US dollars. Why?

  • Broken arm not set
  • Horrific rights violations
  • issues with car
  • harassment
  • 1996 car accident

This does not include the fact DOJ and FBI allowed these rights violations to occur because I went to them day one. Virginia a stupid incident involving them.

The number being bandied about today-- 60 million with a public 120 million number coming out of washington. Where does the other 60 million go-- "pay the boys".. what is pay the boys you ask?

  • Clear up any misdeeds in Maryland concerning Regina Thomas. That was done when I had to have the 2004 jury duty and my safe was broken into for all the software I had in it at the time.
  • filthy cops on the take? they have harassed and harassed and I do not owe the boys.
  • A lawyer? Q's Wire makes the case. This goes to court-- the US does not want this to go to court-- promise.
  • I may owe because of Q's Wire's posts? No serving papers were ever served because I used speculation.. that said-- blog too tampered with and I have the originals. QiSoftware and Q's Wire never been sued and I do not owe the boys because I tried to explain what really may have been happening.
  • I do not owe the boys.

Sixety million is a lot of money, but figure these issues:

  • This should be a billion dollar deal. Time, business and broken arm biggest reasons.
  • In 2011 Google CEO made 101 million dollars. 60 Million for the 17 years of pure hell I have been through-- great deal for the US.
  • Fraud
  • interfering with my business
  • well known developments like the Blogger Calendar, WiredPages, etc.

What I find most amazing about this-- they want to suggest it is really not enough for what I have been through so why not take the 120. I repeat I do not owe the boys.. Public-- 60 million is a good deal. tell the filth in washington-- the US taxpayer does not owe the boys-- nor a high profile lawyer. I am sorry-- I am owed. And I am owed a lot more than the 60 million that is being bandied about. They can get me cheap.. Adsense, CJ other things-- settled with this deal. what they will not do-- is rape me as I walk out the door.

Abstract noise provides someone or another business sued because of the Blogger Calendar. I have never had a web hosting client via [believe business is somehow being diverted-- calendar the incentative]. I am not sure about this. I was not sued-- and I have never sold any version of my calendar.

My calendar works well. No lawsuits filed against QiSoftware, Hosting-q nor Regina Thomas over this issue. I do not owe Blogger Calendar lawsuits. I owe copyright infringement and interference with my business. I am alone and have no partners. US government owes.

Abstract noise trying to suggest WiredPages, or QiSoftware should be on the table as part of the deal. They are not on the table. Legal business entity [QiSoftware] has been interfered with and I do not owe because others stole my business and could not deliver what I offer.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogger Calendar Feasibility Check

The other day, I added a Blogger Calendar Feasibility check to this blog’s sidebar just below the calendar. The check form for Q's Wire did not offer the Thingamablog option and the new check does.

I have not been blogging much-- instead looking into future business areas, silently asking the FBI "what it is I am not understanding", and looking at Amazon Associates stats that seem off. That said-- Alexa at 19,000,000 for also seems off-- but nothing I can do about it. How might this happen? A redirect then a redirect back to the site? This would have to be at the system level-- and I am not sure why Alexa would not get it-- but this is one theory.

Business initiatives? Too early to discuss-- however I can get excited about somethings.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

out and about yesterday...

I ran errands yesterday. I decided to wear the new espadrilles I got last year. They are a little too big-- but I liked them with this look.

The suede jacket I had on with the outfit:

I normally get reading glasses from the dollar store- however I asked my mother to pick up a pair with oval lenses at strength 1.75. This is what she found:

They are not oval, however I like them. My diet... I am upset with the weight gain-- but I have other things I am more worried about- why the FBI has not called, why the Amazon stats.. etc.. so diet will just have to wait.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Skype Business Line

I have a Skype Belkin Phone that I use with my landline business number [443-393-6650]. The thing is- it is almost always connected to one of four dedicated ethernet lines available on the Verizon Internet router I use for broadband support. The phone is physically located on a night table in my bedroom. [The router is located in an upstairs office-- which is also where I have a desktop Mac and Windows 98 platform.] I ran a long ethernet cable through the wall between the office and my bedroom.

Before I ordered, first the headset and then the Speaker/Mic connector cable from Amazon-- I played around with using the Belkin Skype phone with my wireless netbook and the ethernet port. I got the phone in the Spring of 2010 I think. I wanted to use the phone downstairs during the day-- and still do not have an ethernet line available from the router to any of the lower floors. The netbook, sort of a router for the phone.

Shown below, the PC Skype application in a window, the headset and the connector to use with the netbook.

Actually when I use the setup [shown above], I connect the output sound to hidden pc speakers so I can hear the phone when it rings when I am away from my pc. But it took awhile to get the right equipment because I thought the headset was PC ready [double connectors]-- so I played around with using the phone with my wireless netbook-- downstairs where I often work. I was able to get it to work-- but it was kind of intermittent and I used a bridge connection.

This was before October 2010 when a virus caused me to install a new version of the operating system [obtained from the Microsoft site]. It took me awhile to get it to work and as I said-- it was not always consistent. I think this is because my PCs are shipped to me-- and they may have things they should not have on them.

Anyway in October 2010 I overwrote the original operating system so last night when I was playing around with the phone again-- I was able to get it setup without much effort. Here is a photo of the phone connected to the ethernet port on the netbook.

This time, rather than a bridge connection I simply set the Wireless Internet Connection to allow for sharing-- as shown in the following illustration:

Under Network Connections double-click on your Wireless Network Connection icon. It setup quickly.

I can also use the headset with my Macbook-- but since I keep so much of my software on my Macbook-- I seldom leave the Internet Connection active when I am not using it and therefore do not use Skype with that platform. Yes-- I do block directories and do not keep important things at the system level-- also blocking all sharing options under System Preferences-- however I am very cautious about my Macbook. It simply has too much on it. I also keep backups offline. But I provide this to explain why I seldom use Skype with my Macbook and for whatever reason-- I have not had much luck using the Belkin phone with the ethernet port on the Macbook.

I can use Skype wherever I am that also has access to broadband using the headset, however I seldom use broadband away from my home network. Last week, I posted a blog post to this blog from the Hanover location of Panera Bread-- but before that I cannot remember the last time I was on external broadband system. Probably last summer when I was checking something-- [how my sites looked using someone else's IPs].

Post a blog post away from my home network? I was feeling a little daring last week-- but it was done with the Netbook. I do not keep anything I cannot afford to lose on the netbook.. the Macbook is an entirely different story-- however I have setup software development platforms on the netbook-- in case something goes wrong with the Macbook.

This post, I simply wanted to show how to connect a VOIP phone to an ethernet port on a Netbook platform using Windows-- and explain somethings about my Skype access. It is with me 24 hours a day.. I seldom get calls to 443-393-6650. FBI- I think this business number is being blocked. It should not be blocked.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

FBI Baltimore Field Office FAX

This morning, sent via fax the requested material to the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI.

Included as part of the fax package:

  • Email from FBI concerning internet fraud.
  • Most recent letter from the Department of Justice
  • My explanation letter and cover sheet

Just spoke to the field office and they claim they did not receive it. I am resending. If it does not work this time I will video tape.

Resent and confirmed FBI Baltimore Field Office did receive fax. Before calling again I printed the transmittal report from the FAX machine-- just to make sure FBI and Regina are on the same page. Here is a photo of the transmittal report from the fax machine:

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

FBI Baltimore Office-- phone call today

Just got off the phone from a lengthy interview with an intake officer at the FBI Baltimore Field office. Notable about this call:

  • She could not bring up nor sound as if she had ever heard of QiSoftware.
  • When I asked if the number appeared-- called from my Business line 443.3936650-- she agreed she could see the number. I told her she could search on the number and she would find it was associated with my business.
  • gave home and business addresses
  • discussed the fact the FBI claimed they were investigating internet fraud issues. agreed to fax information showing this.
  • explained any number of issues.
  • Discussed blogging tools that put QiSoftware on the map.
  • Discussed the fact I am the Facebook owner of Arundel Sr. High school alumni group.
  • Discussed fact I am known in the area.
  • Discussed harrassement by local police for years.

I want explanation from FBI. Went to them in 1996 when I had so many rights violations and thought a Qui Tam issue was at fault. Notable-- said number 4433936650 came up on her screen.. no site. confirmed several times spelling,.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

FBI-- FOP have wrong number

FBI-- local FOP have called the house about 3 times in as many weeks. Check logs for exact counts. Apparently in need of donations. Why do we keep having the same problems. I do not owe the FOP.

FBI you have my number. FOP especially local maryland-- should lose it. Not kidding.

I posted this post from Panera Bread in Hanover, MD this morning. I was up at 4:00 am, decided to get dressed and use a Christmas gift card I still had-- so I showered and was on their doorstep by 5:38 am. I know this because a worker came to the door and told me it was only 5:38 and they would be open in 20 minutes or so. I sat at the outdoor table and posted from my netbook. A young lady also waited at an adjacent table. She was texting. I was posting via Thingablog to this blog. Here is what I had on-- except my hair was caught in a lose ponytail with a thin black headband. Baggy sweats, big sweater, Bass sandals. Lots of people getting coffee and sweets from the Starbucks next door and Panera when it opened. I stayed for about an half an hour after it opened tweaked the post. Added photo after I arrived home.

Used Conair curler to add some curls.. Going to the bank in a minute-- about 9:37 am now.

Several military types from Fort Meade also out early in the morning. Nice morning to tell the FBI-- I should not be getting calls from FOP when they have not yet called. Diet, I am too in how do I get DOJ/FBI involved to worry about a diet. I had a carrot cupcake along with two cups of cream laden coffee.

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