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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arundel Mills Casino

Yesterday after my weekly trip to the bank, I drove by to see how the Arundel Mills Casino development project is going.

The Casino/Entertainment center is scheduled to open in June 2012.

WiredPages is currently offline so I am not updating the Amazon stats in the upper right corner of the sidebar. This blog has an Amazon interface on the home page-- however stats showing about one impression per day. I request the home page at least twice a day--- so this stat looks off.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

wiredpages-- why now?

A couple of weeks ago- part of the congress interface I maintain on the WiredPages Government & Education page stopped working. Because of several things I noticed when testing why this may have occurred-- I felt it was deliberate.

Over the last 3 years or so-- I have had several interfaces go into disrepair in a similar fashion. I have found work-arounds but I feel at the expense of my web host or my own sense of neatness [those that know me think this is funny].

There is another issue in that I use security features that make it hard to use my interfaces on sites or pages I do not want them to work on.

Because of all of this-- I have decided to temporarily take down WiredPages. There are other mitigating reasons for this action at this time-- however I hope to make it operational in the not too distant future.

WiredPages means a great deal to me. It keeps my idea juices flowing. It makes me happy when things work. It makes me stomp when things don't work. Things like the audio on the dictionary that I finally had to take down-- because I felt if I did not- the whole thing would have gone into disrepair-- saddened me. I worked several months on that audio feature and was quite pleased with it.

WiredPages is my brainchild. It has kept me company a lot. QiSoftware, WiredPages nor Hosting-Q are for sale. I also do not like pressure or threats. I have had too much in the way of threats and pressure to sell-- change security features within the interfaces or other things. Quite frankly- the site stats do not substantiate the "threat level". I do not like threats. The site is down-- mostly because of the wrong threats. The site is down because the moves I have to make are not efficient and good insofar as good software management nor a good move for my business. I often feel as if I am dealing with John Travolte's military mind fking girl-- who does not seem to understand-- I run a business and not her idiot thoughts on how to irritate "Regina" next. The real cause-- I am probably more on target than most in washington want to give credit for.

I run a business. I am owed by the federal government. I am giving us a break. I want to say-- get off me, but I have said that a lot over the years. I found another way.

My sites run on private hosts according to whois data. Letters from my web hosts confirm-- yet abstract noise wants to suggest I am owed a law suit because it is actually on a server I did not move the site to. I do not like threats. I also do not like the General's Daughter [the movie with John Travolte]. I said no.

WiredPags nor Qisoftware should not be mirrored, redirected nor have copy right infringements ignored. Nor should it be up and running. A litte break was needed. The main pages for WiredPages currently show a message stating the site is down for repairs.

Regina Thomas

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Friday, March 23, 2012

slushy water?

I drink bottled water. Quite frankly, if I drink the water in the area I live in I break out into a rash. I live close to Fort Meade, MD and I first noticed this problem when I was in junior high-- when I first moved to the area from Tucson, AZ.

The rash back then was on my forearms. Today it is mainly contained to my ring finger on my left hand. The problem now-- I never drink tap water nor use it to cook with. I am also allergic to citric acid-- oranges, lemons, limes so this may have also caused the problem. A citric drink popular on Fort Meade when I first moved here -- was called Teem. It was mainly a fountain drink I that I ordered when I ate at Fort Meade eateries. So it may not have been the water back then. Is citric acid used to purify water? According to a Google search-- yes. So if the Fort meade area used some sort of citric acid in their water purification process that would explain it.

When I first moved to Hanover in 1996-- I started having the problem again. I went to the doctor and they gave me a cream that did not help. What was I consuming back then? Skittles -- in great quantity. What have I been eating a lot of lately? Mike & Ikes. Both containing citric acid. So it may not be the water.

That said-- I never had the rash when we moved to Odenton. I never had the rash when I lived anywhere else. I did not consume a lot of Teem back then-- because we did not go out to eat a lot on Fort Meade. Yes, I did like the Orange KoolAid like drink from McDonalds - however here again-- I worked at McDonalds when I was in the 11th grade and had that drink all the time with no problems. So why only Hanover and Fort Meade?

Another problem I have now? Sometimes when I drink bottled water, my face tends to swell and I get a headache. I started freezing pint sized water bottles because I wanted to make ice cold KoolAid and Iced Tea. This is when I [several years ago now] noticed something really odd. The water when I opened it had a sludgy texture like a slushy from Seven 11. If you ever make candy with a candy thermometer it was almost like a softball texture. I knew the water should not have been like this so I threw it out. I now believe that is what was causing my headaches... For some reason-- I am thinking a fine mesh of wood pellets. So why would this be in my bottled drinking water?

So why do I think Wood Pellets or something like that? Not sure-- a dream really. It may have been felt it was a cleansing tool for the water-- or it may have been something more. I do not have aids nor the virus associated with AIDS-- HIV. But if my symptoms are only a swollen face and headache-- what else might happen? Well if I did have AIDS, might these tiny splinters [if they are indeed splinters] cause problems for AIDS patients-- especially if they cause internal bleeding?

The water with this trait-- in my opinion tastes chalky. Sometimes I see photos of people whose heads sometimes seem larger and then smaller [or normal] in other photos.

With or without AIDs this looks bad for anyone consuming this water. No I am not going back to tap water-- but I am very cautious with bottled water. My face also swells because of monthly issues-- however I do not often get headaches. I do after drinking water sometimes-- and after eating some of my favorite candies. Have you noticed this? Slightly freeze your water.. does it seem like a slushy? Did your face swell after drinking it? Why?

Abstract noise provides that insurance issues in Washington may have caused an AIDs problem. I believe many feel that because I have ties to Washington they are now wondering how I escaped. I know of 3 of my boyfriends over the years who have died. I do not have health insurance [rarely used before I cancelled it in 2008 or so] and if I did have Aids it would be evident. I was also tested and it came back negative. I was also never into oral sex and only once when I was in love in the early 80s. I was pregnant [once] in late 1990 but lost the baby within 2 weeks. Miscarried-- but someone may have given me something without my knowledge. So i am offering this post-- because I am wondering about boyfriends who have died too young. i have not seen Cheryl, Roni, Jan nor many of my family members. Abstract noise provided something may have happened to one of them because of AiDS and a drink. The dream associated the problem with AZT. Not sure why I wanted to post-- just did. the other problem- I like men and two of the guys that died were long term lovers. All too young to die. I simply did not have too many more and do not know of bad news only because I do not know how to reach them. The real problem-- 3 is too many for the total number of lover I had.

my small Business [qisoftware] and "why me" have bascially kept me out of the social scene-- and I was never into oral. Also I tried marijuana in high school but nothing else-- no needles. So why is washington ignorning my rights violations and allowing others to steal from me-- either they want to blame me for my clean life style and not partaking in the dc orgy or they are just idiot... take your pick. I do not owe the crap in Washington and expect legal types to correct the horrific injustice I have suffered for too long-- in short order. I gave no one aids. I have never had it. I do not think there is a cure [yet]-- but I do believe many are living with aids.

wood pellets might be a means to control aids vips in washington. I just gave them a clue. i am tired of washington blaming me-- because they wanted to be important and they had to insure-- ala-- Nineth Gate, DaVinci Code, Eyes Wide Shut... I developed the Blogger Calendar and the technorati ranking tool. Idiots it put me on the map... clean this shit up.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Oct. 09 Server Migrations

I signed up with my current hosting outfit for on 07/26/07. Here is part of email I was sent when I signed showing IP numbers and other information:

On October 6th, 2009 I was sent another email informing that the server would be moving-- here is part of the email sent:

Here is a part of the email sent on October 9, 2009-- providing new IPs and nameservers after the move.

The reason I went in search of these emails was because I wanted to research whether or not the web host for had moved the servers. This was based on the following whois information request from a tool I maintain in the QiSoftware Catalog here.

They had. You will note the 2009 date for the IP and I knew that was after I originally signed with DailyRazor in July 2007. I did not request nor authorize server moves for either nor You will recall, I discussed the move of servers in early Jan. 2009-- in this post.

Abstract noise suggests these moves were a little more involved than I may have known about- however all whois requests I have made since-- appear to show the two original web hosting platforms I started with.

This a legal notice in case someone feels I authorized a move I did not authorize. My sites are hosted with Vecor DailyRazor [] and LunarPages []. This is what should show up for the relevant whois request for each domain.

Regina Thomas

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Interrupted Calls

This morning, I called the Department of Justice and FBI main offices/headquarters in Washington. Each call was interrupted. No I did not try again. Maybe there is an ongoing investigation and my calls were interfered with? Yes, I am hoping there is an ongoing investigation-- which might explain why I got fast busy signals as I was talking to representatives from each government entity.

I believe the calls were registered. Why is this important? Over the years I have asked DOJ/FBI to investigate ongoing issues and I am trying to find the status. I have not called the FBI main headquarters in awhile-- at least 10 years. I have called the Washington Field Office in Washington. Most recently, a car my brother left in the driveway in November 2011 that was never removed.

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Friday, March 16, 2012


This morning, I sat straight up in bed when I thought about this photo. I used this photo in a post on Q's Wire on November 5, 2011. I remember laughing at the hands and explaning the FBI director was not going to get away with something like this. Yes, close inspection seems to show-- pixel/image manipulation. most notable the hands. I have studied material online for Director Mueller over the last 3 months-- hoping to understand what might be taking so long.

In addition to the size of each hand, there seems to be a problem with the eyes in this photo.

many of you who followed Q's Wire-- know that i think the FBI owes me a lot of explantions. I am still waiting. I'll call you.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

aways waiting

I have been waiting 15 years for either the FBI or Department of Justice to contact me about horrible rights violations.

Sometimes I get idiot mail. The following email in particular, highlights what I consider to be cruel about this whole situation.

I have been waiting-- my communications are mostly blocked [i believe some sort of U.S. Government agency]-- so they can allow this type of commique in? Here is what the header of the attachment of the email looked like.

Everyone knows I have been waiting. Robert Mueller-- maybe you should not allow crap in my in box that offers your name. It might be considered cruel and unusal.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Found It?

I would like for you to read this post on Q's Wire. The post is a bit lengthy and goes into a lot of detail about why I was a little upset at the time.

In the post-- I reference a "marine general". Search the post and you will see it. I am talking about a news briefing with a general and hillary clinton. Of course, I speculate on a lot as to why I am in the situation I am in-- and the fact the 11 year old that was in the White House had a throat and my own experiences-- did not make me pro-Hillary. I had searched for years during her husband's administration- for anything about my life as related to sex, drugs, etc-- that might explain horrific rights violations. thinking there was a horrific misunderstanding as to the reason for all of the rights violations and an arm that went unset, I initially thought it was a whistler blower issue with the major Defense Contractor I had worked for-- for ten years. And then with the Obama adminstration-- there is an 11 year with a throat that looks like she has been swallowing bananas whole? I stopped telling Hillary [thin air] to go get a job-- but to go home.

I started telling thin air that it appeared Hillary Clinton wanted to interfere in my issues as related to rights violation in 1997. I politely explained to what I thought was articulate woman [briefing I watched in 93 or so about a Chicago Mercantile issue she was having with stocks ]-- that I had written to Reno, her husband [Bill Clinton], 7 Senators, FBI Director Freeh, and any number of other departments in both Maryland and Washington trying to get relief. Told hillary to go get a job-- when she was the first lady. I have written to the right people.

I loved the idea of Jeff Bridges in "The Contender". If there was going to be a female president some day.. based on my brief look at her-- I thought she might be it. Someone that lets me go to bed at night and leave the worrying to her. The idea of Jeff Bridges did that for me.

Then I saw-- the 11 year old's throat and remembered my long explanations to thin air about anything about my sex life [in total] that looked even remotely odd. I did not learn of deep throat until well into my 40s. I had not seen a male gender part in person until I was much older than 11. A Tucson girlfriend's parents had a nudist colony magazine and I remembered seeing an overweight guy with white skin, dark hair all over and a white thing hanging from just below his stomach.

I also remembered one evening when Hillary was on the Senate floor- and she was talking about something being broken now. At the time-- I thought she was talking about her husband's thing-- because of Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica, etc.. I broke my arm in 1996 and it went unset. Hillary was referencing that in 2005 or so? After I see the child's throat-- I tell Hillary via my blog and thin air-- to go home. I no longer see Jeff Bridges.

Lately, I have been researching Robert Mueller, the current FBI director. I am hoping to find at long last-- an open door out of this situation.

I keep thinking I like this photo of the director.

I have had a lot less problems with local police clowning around on the corner and an easy time when out since my extended search into Robert Mueller began in early Jan 2012.

Yesterday, I noticed the marine general I referenced in the post in civilian clothes in some sort of program on C/span. Noticed the segment several times through out the day. Did not know he had retired and went in search of his name based on CSPAN programming for yesterday. It is Gen. James "Hoss" Cartwright [ret.]. Here is a photo- that reminds me of the director's photo.

Reading the article associated with the image link, you will find he retired last summer. My article written April 2011. Abstracly-- At the time I felt, the message was the wrong one from the marine general and stated as much to thin air. Hillary? I am not another country, so I do not expect to hear from her.

That [ret] marine general was on a lot yesterday. Today, I wondered why. I provided thin air with some thoughts-- which I am not going to offer here. I was a little surprised by how much the two photos reminded me of one other.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

2009 Server Move

On December 30, 2008, I received notification from LunarPages that servers would be moving on Jan. 2nd, 2009. LunarPages handles both the hosting for as well as QiSoftware web hosting retail services.

Here is a copy of the top half of the email:

This was notable because I had to change several interfaces in order that they would work with the new servers. A security precaution. I add new security trips to my interfaces often in hopes of deterring others from using them on different servers.

I believe this move may have happened because of one or two security features integrated into the interfaces at the time. I have added more since then.

I am providing this legal notice-- in case it was felt I authorized some sort of move. I had no choice and was a little angry about it at the time. Abstract noise suggests ["she shouldn't have moved that"?]-- things were okayed as related to QiSoftware and its properties including web sites and service. I have not authorized anything for my business other than what I have set up myself... If Washington legal types have information to suggest otherwise-- determine the source and take appropriate action..

As I have stated over and over again-- I am here alone and no one has authorization to move or change anything on my sites-- other than me-- Regina Thomas.

Regina Thomas

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I am not from Venus-- Part I

Sometimes I think other women misunderstand me. I would like to see if I can once again try to explain why it is unlikely I will deal with a lot of them.

In 1981 after completing my undergraduate work, in Math, I signed with Boeing in Tyson's Corner, VA . I rarely socialized on campus, but did with my coworkers at my part time job-- Circuit City. I was at the Beltsville location which was co-located with the division headquarters. Lots of men and other college students.

So even before I started my professional career, I was used to working with men. For the most part they treated me with kid gloves, and today I get why. Back then I thought everyone was treated the same-- but since I knew few women in the workplace could not have said for sure.

I also had a lot of style-- even in high school. I used television, movies and my mother and family friends as guides. My own friends were not into style as much as my family and our family friends.

Early I learned what works for me and what doesn't. I started wearing business attire in high school-- because of part time jobs in offices. Suits. I would say my style is more television attorney than nerd.

Here is a video clip of Faye Dunaway. Her style in this movie something I would have noticed and copied. Also that of her costars-- Lara Flyn Boyle. I also think this style works today and at the release of the film- Dunaway my age now.

I bring up stye-- because I think it very important - to who is taken seriously and who is not. In my business clothes I have shopped in high end department stores around the Washington Metro area and always treated very well. I looked like I spent money on clothes and sales clerks accommodated me... I go to Walmart today in jeans--- cashiers want to ask why I have a book bag and purse.. I point out the purse is a Coach-- and explain I do not like leaving my computers in the car... There is a difference. I also note-- stores like Walmart-- have the best in surveillance and I consider surveillance to be my best friend so I discourage cashiers from getting to carried away with questions of this nature.

At Boeing, Rockwell, and General Electric-- I supported and led tasks. [Boeing as I was leaving]. I met with clients, lunched, all the things a young nerd would do.. The clients- a special division attached to the Joint Chiefs of STaff at the Pentagon [Boeing]. Rockwell [NAVSEA-- Crystal City VA]. My corporate offices. Nice. All the amenities of working for Fortune 100 corporations. Secretaries, credit cards, business cards, etc.

And I really worked. I was not there as a whore. I really worked. I had no idea whores existed except in movies. Once after 1984 or so-- [I know this because I know where I discussed it with my grandmother-- my grandmother and the aunts were in town visiting my parents. I lived in Northern VA at the time-- and as I was coming through Washington -- noted the Gay Pride parade going on and guys holding hands. I had never seen this before in person. When I arrived at my parents' i told my grandmother what I had just seen-- and also told her that one time I got a little lost in Washington- and found myself at Thomas Circle and saw what appeared to be real prostitutes.

Given what I know today-- I would love to play the tape of the scene from my conversations with my grandmother and see who was listening to me go on and on about the parade and Thomas Circle.

I explain this to try to have you understand-- how sheltered my life really was-- and to explain how I operated in my corporate worlds.

This is going to be at least two posts-- and I have said most of it before in one way or another. A lot of women are not going to like it-- and quite frankly I am tired of telling them the same thing.

I will discuss more of what I want to say next time-- but I want you to keep two things in mind. The German President recently resigned. When he did- his wife was at his side as he made the announcement. I was impressed with this couple.

I am not often impressed. I thought they exuded power. a power couple.

I worked with men. I get men. I get what I cannot do-- and what I can do. I never needed more attention.. I had a lot. I worked- doing neat things with computers. Women-- I am for real and worked. I was not a corporate whore. I am tired of telling you this.. I did not put up with crap of my intelligent coworkers a pompous bitch who has no idea what I have been through-- that came up through the whore ranks? You are making a big mistake.. I do not care who you are. I do not have a throat and I never over-talked my bosses-- and I never had a throat nor ass. Nor was I doing my bosses. You are with a important person and you want to over-talk the guy with his maleness down your throat to get to me or my business? I offer services-- I would love to help with your needs. You want to run my business or play with me? Sweetie-- I do not owe your guy's whore. He should talk to me and never you-- as related to the operation of my business. Do not keep making this mistake.

In my opinion- Government workers do not care abut style, discipline nor anything else. they are too busy trying to govern others. I am a business person. I like suits and minding my own business. I said no.. I mean get your pompous bitch out of my business. Maybe I will not need another post. I am going out for a second in a bit-- and I will probably come back and edit this.

Boys, I repeat-- I put up with very little off my guys-- but did keep in mind-- what I could and could not do working with guys. Your female has no idea-- and I am tired of telling her.. and then she looks like a cheap slut? I really mean no.

Dunaway's, dialog in the scene would not exactly be mine. She uses the word whore. In person-- i am very formal. in this blog-- i search for ways to have others get on the same page [understand me]. i have used whore in this blog post. I mean literally. Dunaway was talking in a business sense. i would never use whore in that sense.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

AP News & iTunes, What's up?

The composer of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious has died.

Normally I do not provide headlines like this in blog posts. The reason I have now? The AP headline interfaces I maintain on both the WiredPages front page and the Arts & Entertainment page are not working. This is because the applets cannot handle the long word that has no spaces or dashes.

I could have repaired the underlying servlets quickly, however chose not to..

I recently asked iTunes to explain why my affiliate relationship was temporarily removed and they provided some reasons.. none of which applied to me nor WiredPages. A broken interface on the page-- as of today-- the day after I asked for more explanation? The terms also provide a broken link can cause a problem.

The email with the brief explanation points after I reapplied:

  • Your site name contains Apple Trademarks.
  • The URL on your application is incorrect or your site is temporarily down.
  • You are applying for the U.S. program but reside outside the country.

They also provided other reasons which went to offensive issues, etc. WiredPages offensive? Sometime ago they removed Q's Wire affiliate links.. I did not argue.

I do not like cheap games. I was an affiliate for over 5 years.. no money generated... legal types disagree and I am paying again? I offered the right deal US government.. You need to get Martha [and other idiots like her] out of it.. they are only wasting everyone's time. Who is martha-- an idiot lawyer that thinks everyone is as stupid as she is-- that i was watching on television. I know more about her-- because i looked her up.. I would not hire an idiot like her. tell her i have no opps for her.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Diet Day 9

Been eating a bit more over the last two days. Why? Thinking about some things-- and I am blaming it on that distraction. It takes a bit of focus to restrict food intake when I have been eating unabated [with exercise] for as long as I have. Can I get back on track? Yes.

Thinking about what? I have paperwork all over Washington. Anyone from DOJ/FBI could contact me without needing an excuse. Yet, I am having a different form of communication. Abstract but kind of public. Why?

Hopefully next week I can show progress as related to my diet.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

FBI-- How do you spell fraud

The following illustration shows quarterly stats through yesterday [03.02.12] for the Amazon interface I maintain on this blog [right sidebar] and several WiredPages.

The really surprising thing about these stats? Each time a page that has the interface is requested-- a hit should be recorded by Amazon. It is harder for me to show fraud as related to orders or clicks-- but since I know I requested one of the pages with the interface more that 15 times and my hosting stats also indicated I had other visitors-- someone is lying. In this case the lie looks like fraud.

FBI-- not sure how you are spelling fraud these days.. but I know how to spell it.

Another spelling error? Rick Santorum.. Does that equal Bill Clinton in 1997-- but I slept through it again? His nephew wants to point out exactly what he is? Why?

Dude, I don't owe the clintons. If they were behind the horrific rights violations I was subjected to between 1996 through 1998-- I owe them jail.

The AIDS question? People are living with AIDS? I am not. I have no health care. If I had Aids it would be easy to see. I was never in a high risk category and exams I had in early 2000s also back up my assertions. Public figures do look ill to me. Abstract noise suggested one public figure in particular is angry with me-- because while violating my rights he did something while I was sleeping. I never had AIDS nor HIV. If abstract noise is correct-- tell him to check out who else he did. I did not wake up? Someone probably gave me a sleeping draft-- that said-- I can place someone that looks like the public figure in question, in the environment and if he did have AIDS-- he should stop pointing a finger at me.. he should have only done me-- and he would not have AIDS. That said-- he violates my rights and I owe him? Dude, I do not owe that trailer park idiot-- have his nephew explain. By the way-- I also do not owe your child's mother. I said no dude.

I started looking at the AIDs question last summer because I read a Rockwell coworker's wife died. Early in my why me search, 1996-- there was a question about AIDS. I was never into oral nor anal [no experience], I do not lead, nor too many partners [passing on a lot-- including Amaury Bannister someone I was seen with a lot in and around Washington-- but we never did anything.. just hung out]. Sorry-- I do not have it. Also- I have not had sex in over 17 years.. Rick Santorum [name-- asked if he was Dude's son a month ago-- just examined his name last night] would like to suggest otherwise? I would love to have a judge looking at any tapes from 1995 through 1998 [or anytime for that matter].... Why? Not because I am worried someone can call me a liar about no sex-- but more because the idiot who shot the tape is going to have to explain what I am doing there.. Goes to horrific rights violations.

Had Blue Cross Blue Shield and something else until about 2006 or so... Had blood tests.. If I had a problem those health insurance providers should know about it. Why did I cancel it? I only used it for routine things-- and could pay out of pocket rather than the large premiums being paid.. it was also being used as leverage.. I do not like threats. My broken arm-- a major reason I wanted health care insurance until it was to threaten me.. I do not like threats.. from anyone.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

diet day 7

I did not put curls in my hair, nor the eyeliner and mascara I normally don-- because I wanted you to see my face is getting thiner. You can see it especially in my cheeks.

Maybe the hair and extra makeup would have made it easier to compare? Okay, I did not feel like it.

Why no body shots? Quite frankly, because this is a restricted food diet with no exercise-- I never put on gym clothes and stay in oversized sweats or pjs all day-- so it would be hard to see anyway. I can tell.

How is the diet going? Great. I normally have one meal a day, around lunch and that sustains me-- however I was so hungry this morning-- I had a mini bagel around 8:00 am.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dude, I got this..

I have been playing around with different looks lately-- rather than working on business related issues. Here are recent photos:

Intelligent Glasses with Puffy Hair?

Messy Hair Combs-- Market Yesterday

why am I doing nothing- but playing around with different looks?

  • Preoccupied with what the FBI is doing,
  • Work intensity level between August 2011 through Christmas could not be sustained with the number of issues that also presented themselves during that time.. mind burnout.
  • Hopeful my part in whatever is going on-- is coming to an end.
  • Extreme diet.

Who do I believe Robert Mueller is today? The younger brother of Bill Clinton, his mother Virginia Clinton Kelly, his daughter Paula Zahn [her mother Joyce Anderson], his father-- if not Jay Rockefeller then another Rockefeller. I believe Jay Rockefeller.

The following photo is interesting to me. It was taken in 2009 or so.

  • I have always maintained Kathleen S-- reminded me of my first homeroom teacher at MacArthor Jr. High when we first moved to Ft Meade.
  • Eric-- Reminds me of Perry King.
  • If Robert Mueller is Paula Zahn's father-- and she looks very much like Joyce Anderson-- who I believe is Jay Rockefeller's sister-- then these three point to somethings as related to me.

What-- I know-- Perry King is my first intimate boyfriend. Fall of 1975. I have looked at abstract noise that seems to suggest something happened while I was at MacArthur Jr. High. I remember passing out in the lunch room once-- but nothing else after that. Did something happen while I was sleeping?

Lester Holt reminds me a great deal of my father. He sounds just like Darryl Anderson to me-- one of the reasons I was drawn to him-- when I first noticed him on MSNBC years ago. In 2010, I said-- oh my god he looks like my father's son. Mrs. Anderson and my father? That would explain her mean attitude toward me-- as my why me search was starting in 1996 or so.

Did something happen to me when I was young while in the care of the Andersons? I have no idea. An incident in England seems to want to suggest it did, but it appears a bigger problem for Joyce Anderson, if true-- Robert Mueller's age when he fathered Paula Zahn.. These three abstract figures [in the last photo]-- may mean something to me. Is Robert Mueller pointing this out in 2009?

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