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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

diet day 4

Finished off yesterday without eating anything else-- but did have at least 2 more coffees. Whenever I fast or seriously restrict my food intake-- I allow myself whatever beverages I want-- including non-diet soft drinks [I prefer sugar ice tea and kool aid to soft drinks]. In the past-- because I loved coffee and cigarettes [slim Capris, as if to lessen the dependency I had on this habit] so much-- it was normally a sugar coffee with half and half.

Now it is a coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a light whip cream. Often lots of cream. Another trick-- since I hate the combination of toothpaste and food-- I brush my teeth when I feel hungry.

That said- I am really surprised at how easy this is. I go to bed [my stomach growling] hungry-- something I used to do often. No hidden meanings here. I like discipline-- and mind over matter. With food it was always easy-- and is again [surprisingly]. However, because it took me so long to quit smoking-- I cannot preach. [Babs wants to run/interfere in my business? I can preach a whole lot.] Smoking was my greatest dependency. Sugar is another-- but I have cut that out a lot too.

Sometime ago-- I came up with a daily calorie guide-- based on the time of day and calorie consumption. I divided the day into 3 segments-- 6:00 am -10:00 am, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. I allow myself 300 calories per segment. Of course now-- my entire daily consumption [negating drinks] is about 300 calories. I abandoned calorie time guide-- with the many problems I had toward the end of 2011.

Yes, I am already losing weight. I can see it in my face. Keep in mind-- I was in pretty good shape before I started this-- in that I averaged about 9.6 miles on my elliptical daily-- and was also toned. Restricting food intake affects muscle tone and the look of your skin. I know this of course because I used to be a faster-- and did not exercise except an occasional tennis match or leg weights and prancing around my place.

Would I rather spend 1.5 hours on a treadmill daily [walking at a fast clip]? Yes, it is simply healthier. This solution is a lot faster-- however, I am working on getting my treadmill repaired.

It's about 10:20 am here-- and I have had a small apple and 3 coffees so far. I am going to have a 300 calorie frozen entree for lunch-- and that's about all for today. I am a little bit more hyper than usual-- but not sure if it is due to no food, too much coffee or those Amazon stats.

Keep in mind-- I do not recommend this diet for anyone and hope that you will consult your doctor before starting your own high risk diet.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

new diet

This morning, I went to Columbia to pay the annual fees for my business address [8630-M Guilford Rd #276 Columbia, MD 21046]. That address is my most expensive business expenditure.

It was a pleasant outing-- made more so because I also picked up my new Platinum Business Visa-- something I thought I would have to pick up next month.

I also stopped by Ulta for beauty supplies.

I have been eating a lot less these days-- while I try to figure out if I want to have my NordicTrack treadmill repaired and my face is starting to show the signs.

  • Saturday, I had a small potato sauteed with onions, green peppers and an english muffin. I also had a small Thomas' Bagel and half a boiled egg later in the day.
  • Sunday, I had a small potato sauteed with onions, green peppers and an english muffin. This was all I had during the day-- except coffee.
  • Today [so far-- but I think that's all], I had a small potato sauteed with onions, green peppers and an english muffin after I returned from my outing and a banana before I left.

This diet is working for me [I do not recommend it]- but it tends to make me look haggard because I drop weight too quickly. Why am I doing this? Picked up several pounds when my elliptical broke in November and I am not happy about it.

On the left- the outfit I wore this morning-- removing the coat after it became too warm. On the right the pj's I wore all day yesterday [Sunday]. I was thinking the pj's looked better than the slacks and sweater I chose to run errands in this morning.

What else am I doing? Not much really-- concentrating on not eating and minor things for my sites. When I used to fast or eat very little like I am doing now-- I smoked [quit 12/98]-- so it was a little easier back then. I was also one of those career professionals that never kept my pantry nor fridge stocked-- and now it is always stocked.

Exercising works for me to-- I simply cannot keep exercise equipment long enough and I am not a freestyle person. I need the guides of a piece of equipment and not bouncing around the floor to music. That said- I have to eat when I exercise- and when equipment breaks it takes me awhile to adjust my eating habits.

These last three days have been much easier than I thought they would be- and hopefully I can either get something working again or find a healthier diet to maintain once I get the weight off.

Am I screaming about the Amazon stats in the upper right column? Yes, however silently for now.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


CadsDis was a program that I worked on for two or three years when I was with Rockwell. It was a program out of David Taylor [Navy Lab] in Annapolis.

When I first started this program- I had just completed a year-- working with Doug on a program called BAM [for short]. BAM was a sophisticated computer graphics program that dealt with the analysis of radar/transmitter signals insofar as topside ship design. Doug was the lead and we did several things with the program including development of a Rockwell windowing system and an emulator for Template [low level graphics package]. This before we started work with the X-Window platform and C.

When I started the work on CadsDiS it was with Chris Hartman. I am not sure now if a lead was assigned. John-- had us do things on the [requirements] task, so I think John [our boss] was the lead. The initial task-- consisted of laying out requirements for software development-- the reason I think John-- himself was the actual lead.

During the requirements phase-- Chris and I had a meeting with the NAVSEA 05 Computer Graphics point of contact-- and I wrote a contact report about what I and the graphics guy discussed. It was a good contact report and the navy guy [think it was Jim Weingart] discussed several of his concerns that I outlined in the report.

I had learned a great deal insofar as computer graphics while working with Doug on BAM and our in house 3D computer graphics software -P3D. I am not talking Photoshop computer graphics. I am talking about development of software that renders computer graphics.

Anyway-- when we got funding for the software development task-- I indicated Chris was not a programmer-- and referenced his statement about my contact report "oh is that what we did" and asked John to give me a programmer. I knew that I would be working the task-- but not much else.

John assigned me the lead- with support from Doug and Tong Lee worked for Doug. John explained-- "we did not want to offend a young Korean male".

No this did not bother me. Doug and I had some missteps-- and he may have thought my early work on BAM and the Rockwell windowing system had given me a lot of knowledge which I used quickly to prototype a working demo.

At the time-- I did not realize how much this may have annoyed Doug. My demo program looked good and impressed-- however it was only a shell. I am sure that I never took Doug's credit for work-- and even once dared him to say I had [this much later] but what it did-- I believe was kind of made Doug mad.

I am good about listening to what I feel clients' may want and did with Don Fairhead's [Taylor's POC] requests insofar as the user interface. Doug said he wanted to do something else. I always listened to Doug and told him I disagreed with what he wanted to do-- but would not feel offended if he wanted to pitch the idea to Don. Don went with me. That said-- I feel everyone understood-- we wanted Doug on the project.

In retrospect, this may have offended Doug a bit-- and given my early "wow" from the clients' and Rockwell program management-- plus the contact report-- I felt Doug was a little irritated. Maybe this [loud wows] was done on purpose-- maybe not.

What was indisputable I [and I alone] had early on-- put up a working demo of how the program [CadsDis] would look using the Rockwell windowing system-- however I thought it was understood by all-- I had learned how to do this-- because of the support I had given to Doug on BAM. This might be similar to the early Microsoft/Apple problems in that I also knew Microsoft had written the software for a word-processor and drawing program for Apple giving Microsoft working knowledge of their proprietary GUI [windows] operating system.

Anyway, there were problems between Doug and I - and Doug moved on. I worked the program for about 6 months but I needed another programmer. the task had been costed out using at least two programmers. John wanted Dave Boyd to work on the task-- as the lead. Dave had a work ethic I was not fond of. He was our systems guy-- and often I had to find the system command that would tell him exactly what I needed plus give him the reference manual so he could do what I needed done. He was about 15-20 years older and never programmed. Chris was about 10 years older.. On paper-- Doug was 4 months younger than me-- but now I think he was actually 2 years older.

I got to do a lot in my engineering office-- insofar as the same work my coworkers were doing- so issues with me being a girl and younger than most of my coworkers was not an issue for me. I attended meetings, travelled, I did the same things. I did have to write and had more writing tasks than doug-- which often bothered me-- but he was such a great programmer-- why have him do things he did not want to do? So I was not complaining about why Tong could not work for me directly. Really. Things like that really don't bother me.

That said-- I do feel Doug was a little pissed. When John continued with the Dave Boyd thing-- about a 6 months or so-- I was tired. He set up a meeting with his boss-- Chuck Sims to discuss my refusal to work for Dave on the task. During the course of the 6 months-- I had not refused without explanation. I had said-- make Doug the lead-- I don't mind. This task needs another programmer. I have to figure Dave's job so I can ask him to do things at the system level that he won't let me do. I hated Dave's work ethic. So did a lot of people that needed him to do his system job.

During the meeting between Chuck Sims, John and I- John said-- "Regina, cannot deal in the abstract". I was a little angry by this statement and became a little defensive. Then Chuck said-- well Regina-- I think we are going to have to give Dave the lead and put you on something else. He indicated I was incompetent-- I thought it was based on John's "abstract" statement. I was jumping up and down for joy. John's boss said I did not have to work for Dave-- even though he insulted me.

I left the meeting happy. John had not given me this option. Later that day- he came to my office and point blank asked me to support Dave on the program. I again explained I could not. It went against my principles. It was over.

Doug's comment to me-- "you should have done what he asked you to do".

I think Doug and I both wanted to be in John's good graces and the six months had taken their toll on me. I am not sure if I looked at Doug as if he were crazy-- but I knew he got what I got about Dave.. About the only thing Dave would have done-- was given him the blame if the task had failed-- but I did not think it was going to fail. I simply needed another programmer.

The reason I am rehashing these events again, now. Over the years I have had odd things happen. Abstract threats, etc. I have been very clear about the fact QiSoftware is a private business owned entirely by me and I cater to no one.

Has anyone asked me to do anything directly? No. I have had abstract threats. I do not like threats. Threats from washington. I believe they belong in jail. Me and my business are not extensions Washington nor anywhere else.

That said-- no one has asked me to do anything directly. Ever. I am in business for profit. contact me if you want my services. Sorry, I will turn down business I do not feel is the right fit. That said-- I am never contacted. I do believe abstract threats have been offered. I am not laughing nor catering to cowards that think they can have me do things with threats.

John-- "Regina, cannot deal in the the abstract" should tell a lot of idiots that threaten me abstractly-- a lot. I also do not like threats and will not cater to them. I do not care who offers them.

Ask me directly. All I can do is say yes or no.. And if I say no-- it is for a reason-- so I suggest you accept it as such-- and move on.

Today, I think I get John's statement with Chuck Sims. The problem-- the people that should have gotten it-- have wasted a lot of my time and still do not seem to understand it..

More of John's often spoken words to me-- "Regina, I think I will ask you to.." or the statement to Dave Boyd at the Dec. 1994 christmas party. Dave, we got caught with our draws down...

I am of the opinion, a lot of people don't think.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Notes 2.25.12

The web hosting invoice was finally marked as paid through the online billing service -- so I am pleased.

The double billing problem should not happen again-- because I am now using PayPal and paying manually.

The Zip Code interface located on the WiredPages Business & Markets page-- was providing an expired link on the USPS website-- which has now been corrected.

Amazon stats-- have come back for the third day in a row with the exact same number of impressions-- 17. That said-- cumulative totals are being accrued and the date is also updating to the previous day's-- so this just looks suspect.

Thinking about a couple of projects and how I am going to get back on track with my diet.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

went out today..

I went to Costco today to get whip cream and bananas. I also went to the Dollar Store to get new reading glasses:

This is how I looked before I left.

I am using an inexpensive Conair ½" curling iron these days, to do my hair-- because it has no body [humid-less days] and my hotter tools would leave it even more lifeless.

I also wore a new sweat suit I got for Christmas-- but feel the photos I took-- highlight recent weight gain so I am going to pass showing those.

It was such a beautiful day-- I could get used to being out and about again.

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WebHosting Payment Issues 2.21.12

Received notification yesterday, February 21, 2012 from Daily Razor the web hosting service for my that a new bill had been created and $41.85 was due-- and also the PayPal link I could use to pay the bill. I did this immediately. I have a business PayPal account which uses my verified business checking account when I need to make payments via this service.

The following is the email that PayPal sent confirming my payment:

This morning when I checked online my banking records I noticed the payment had already been deducted:

I also received an email from DailyRazor that a payment was in process and a support ticket had been opened.

The problem- the support ticket that Daily Razor opened was based on my PayPal Business email account and not the email address I use for all DailyRazor issues and support tickets. I use a email address with PayPal and another mail service with my hosting service for obvious reasons. {If the site goes down-- DailyRazor cannot contact me- in case that was not so obvious to some.}

Of course it is entirely possible DailyRazor used the PayPal email reference that was given to them when PayPal notified them, to send their notification to me however it just seems odd- and flagged.

Since I have had so many problems with payments when using this web hosting service- I thought I would note all of this-- now. I thought switching to the manual PayPal method from an automated charge to a credit card-- would stop the double billing problems I was having. I did this in December 2011 and is well document on Q's Wire.

To ensure DailyRazor and I are on the same page-- I opened another support ticket using the email address we normally use-- and referenced the support ticket they opened with the PayPal email address. Here is the context of the support ticket:

Hi Support- I received an invoice on Feb. 21, 2012 for the next billing cycle-- 3-1-12 thrugh 6-1-12. I paid the bill on the same day and have an email confirmation from both PayPal, and a support ticket from DailyRazor-- the following link: I am opening this ticket to insure the proper credit is noted in that the support ticket opened by the PayPal process is not the email account used with my account. My bank has already deducted the $41.85 so let me know if you have problems. Regina Thomas QiSoftware 443 393 6650

The other reason this flagged? DailyRazor also known as Vecordia Corporation-- is not showing the invoice as paid yet-- the main reason for this detailed post with illustrations at this time.

The online invoice information as of today for this bill. Note the invoive number is the same as that from both the email from paypal and the in progress Daily Razor email.

Larger images used in this post can be viewed separately using other browser windows or tabs.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Birthday with Date Selection.. about done.

This morning, after an extended giggle over my "Clueless" state-- I completed most of the work on the new Celebrity Birthday Interface, as illustrated below:

Customizable features include colors, fonts and sizes. The underlying database connects to the extensive born on this day database. I will also offer updates to the database as they become available-- for an additional fee.

What you will need if you want a customized version of your own:

  • A server to host the Java Applet jar archive.
  • MySQL Database
  • A means to pay for it-- about $30.00.

In case you are worried about copyright issues- the database itself contains public information in the following form:

  • Celebrity Name
  • MMDD Birthday
  • link

Check out the WiredPages Celebrity Birthday Interface for demonstration of a similar interface-- sans the date selection feature.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who is he?

Last night-- in my continuing research of Robert Mueller I went through several of his old video clips offered on Youtube. I thought a clip with an ABC News President-- interesting along with several others.

If I had watched these videos-- a year ago-- I probably would have passed on researching Robert Mueller as he is "ringing false" in the videos. What do I mean "ringing false". What I am seeing is false-- and I have always walked away from people on the false clause. Almost my entire life. That said, I did not watch the videos before last night. When I have seen him over the years in a congressional hearing-- I have asked over and over [of thin air] "are you looking for me?".

Previous CSPAN image replaced with photo from 3/15/12 hearing on CSPAN. Assoicated link also provided. RDT 3/15/12

Anyone with my data sheet would know that I am Redford fan-- and one of my complaints given I felt the Yolanda Adams song [More than a Melody] playing in the music store in 1995, was not by chance- was I was owed a Redford character like that in his movie Spy Game.

For purposes of this post-- other Redford movies I feel important, include:

  • Spy Game-- Redford Character-- Nathan D. Muir-- why does this character need a middle initial?
  • Legal Eagles
  • Brubaker

Brubaker- in that while watching several clips from old congressional hearings-- I felt Mueller wanted to say to the representatives- "make a mistake and take me for stupid". The thing is-- I have watched him over the last month or so in several hearings- and the congress people in attendance-- were not talking to him the same way -- as in the earlier clips I watched last night. It was a stark contrast-- and I am glad I saw these hearings before I saw the earlier hearings.

Mueller -- mocking me in my naivete as related to who and what washington types are as related to me? I minded last night. Today is a new day. I figured out Nixon was probably my grandfather in 1998 and also maybe a son of Edward [the one that resigned] making me a non-bastard and a big problem in that my grandmother looks like a daughter of King George V? Not the current Queen's Father. Her grandfather. I stopped listening to congress early in this process-- and I can provide video after video to suggest I have no reason to feel stupid if they think me an idiot. Mueller? I don't think he is-- so yes.. it might piss me off. that said-- none of this I care about-- but also explains why my family and the Rockefellers might have known one another.

Legal Eagles-- Watch him in his clips.. see the movie you will get it. He is also a lawyer.. I believe this is fact. Why? I believe he is also a Rockefeller. That said-- why would my military/cia types have given me a Rockefeller as my exit-- "dinner out"? Why the act in the earlier sessions? One-- part of it may not be an act. I do not like briefing. I like having a meeting. Lester also had a slight speech issue that seems to be clearning. Both I feel may have been influenced by the same things as kids in that both may have the same mother. The other thing-- Mueller reminded me of a military Marine General in his recent hearings. Clipped, to the point. His resume also confirms this.

Why had I not listened to hearings in the past when I noticed him on? I put enough paperwork in Washington day one, called the FBI on a regular basis whenever I felt I had a problem with local police, and have filed several complaints related to internet fraud- that causally asking the live broadcast via thin air-- if he was looking for me-- seemed to be all I could do. I did the right things day one.. I went to the FBI and DOJ.

So back to the question of why him and why would cia/military types lay a plan-- and then ask someone belonging to what they may have felt had to much say in washington government/politics in the first place, to be my runner-- Redford's role in Spy Game.

My theory? It is not only big family names like Rockefeller but maybe England as well? I want to remind everyone-- I have no issues with England and continue to pass on any angles insofar as my own lineage. I went to legal types in the US. I am a US citizen and expect my issues to be resolved in the US.

Other things I have looked at in the last 24 hours:

Why am I so loud with my theories? First of all-- I discuss everything with thin air-- and if I have surveillance they know what I know when I know it because I do research via the internet. Two-- I do not think Mueller is insured nor can he be blackmailed. If he is-- it is by birth. Third-- I think he is smart, very. The last reason-- I want my use in this over. a knee jerk? No actually, i think over the last 2 years or so-- some "cleaning" has taken place. I also believe I have been used to draw people off sides. I want my use over with. Abstract noise suggests-- soon through the quiet legal door I want-- but still other suggestions include things that do not accommodate my value system. And I want this understood loudly. I said no. One of Redford's movies I was not a fan of-- "Indecent Proposal".

So if I was being used for something by the military/cia-- what was the real goal? I am not sure. WAshington has too much gridlock and too many "family" types that are of no use to government. It may have been to clean house-- or send in armed guards. I believe the FBI got the nod.

Me-- how can I hurt Washington or anyone else now? I have speculated on what I know. My lineage still a problem? Why? The moment I start hiding my theories-- is the moment I have a problem. I always provide my theories and want a quiet legal door without indecent proposals I will not tolerate. I was my father's daughter. Your father made you his whore? I am sorry. Your daddy does not make me a whore. I spent a lot of time learning the skills I have to have to worry about being a whore-- in this day and age. Slap your father. not me.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Early Work on New Celeb BDay Tool

I have been working on a new Celebrity Birthday Interface-- using my local mostly complete version of the database.

Illustrated, the new applet connecting directly to the [local] database without using a servlet.

I will add-- month/date pulls to allow users to get birthdays for any day of the year. When packaging this tool, MySQL connection drivers in the form of binaries will also be included in the jar archive insuring no problems with connectivity.

As I have provided in the past-- this tool will not replace the Celebrity Birthday Interface I maintain on WiredPages-- because I never keep a complete database of all the birthdays online. My servers to accessible to those I gave no authorization too.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

the last piece of the puzzle? read like a pelican brief.

I remember the first time I remember seeing Robert Mueller-- I said, he reminds me of John Kerry. My speculative guess-- John Kerry is his older brother.

Over the years I looked up Robert Mueller's images on Google, especially when I was going through yet another set of unexplained issues that appeared to violate my rights. I often request images of those I have felt should step in-- like Mueller, John Roberts, etc.

Over the last month or so-- I have researched Robert Mueller a bit more extensively. I believe he is "dinner out". Dinner out is a term used by Redford in Spy Game. Redford rescues Brad Pitt in the movie. I believe I should be rescued from this situation.

Paula Zahn, I long ago noticed reminded me a great deal of Joyce Anderson. Ben Affleck another. He reminds me of Robert Mitchum too. Just now while looking up from my tented work area-- I noticed Paula on a muted TV and thought-- she has a jaw line just like Robert Mueller's. Then pieces came back to me in my travels to this point.

I still believe Robert Mueller and the FBI are my door and I will continue to bang on that door. I also believe he is not black mailable, an important aspect of all of this. I too am not black mailable-- though more than a few have attempted to use rights violations they may have heard about-- to test whether I am. Bad idea. I keep saying "bring it" and your proof and give it to Robert Mueller. You see, I think what I have been through cannot be proved in its entirety. Another problem-- washington is too "dirty"-- and I believe the FBI wants it cleaned up- at least some. So why Mueller? too clean with ties-- would be my guess and if he is Zahn's biological father-- way too young at the time of her birth. Zahn is several years older than me. I believe some want to link my misaligned eye to a rich white woman-- if an incident in England when I was child is any indication-- however I would be her best defense. Why? Too many try to set me up-- believing I either have money or can provide them with money. That is why Mueller may have been chosen for this exit strategy. Some may believe we have a common issue.

To my knowledge Joyce Anderson had 5 kids-- all black. It was not odd to me that this white looking woman who was a family friend, that I assumed was like my mother and aunt judy-- a very light black person. I never met Lester as one of her kids-- but today I do believe he is my half brother and Joyce Anderson his mother. This is speculation on my part. I also believe Brian Williams, if not her son-- then a Rockefeller also. Lester and Paula both older than me- and I do not owe Joyce Anderson nor her kids..

I never met Zahn, however do believe I ran into Affleck at a health club in Crystal City, early in my why me quest.

I am not worried about Mueller's tie to Mrs. Anderson if I am right-- but am worried if I hold what I just asked aloud of thin air- it would give the appearance of a problem.

John Kerry-- I noticed with a shiner several weeks ago. Today, I want to ask Paula why? I did not pay much attention to Paula when she was on CNN-- like most women in media today-- but I did think her out of place. Not in a bad way-- a good way. Today-- I would like to say to Joyce Anderson-- I am sorry it appears my father and I hurt you. That said-- I am going to pass on you and your kin.

Can I be wrong? Yes, however too many of you have tried to engage me without help from me-- why? Why me?

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iTunes-- business is business.. my business.

I was notified via email this morning-- that I have been temporarily removed from the iTunes affiliate program under Linkshare. This affects the interface I maintain on the WiredPages Arts & Entertainment page.

I am a little confused about the temporary status-- and have decided to leave the interface in place for the time being. It does return results-- as illustrated below-- however the links are invalid.

I have been with iTunes for about 5 or 6 years-- and never had any problems other than I have never made any money-- so I am not screaming about the loss of income nor anything else for that matter. These days, I weigh things carefully and ask why? I am not sure how long I will keep the interface in place with its current limitations-- and provide this notification to explain why you see what you see.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

breakfast menu these days...

Almost every morning, for a couple of months now-- I have peeled a medium to small potato, diced up onions and green peppers, added a little salt and pepper, toasted an English muffin, added butter and apple jelly so I can devour this breakfast:

Why? Because I like homemade hash browns-- and I am trying to eat more vegetables while I am in an non-exercise mode. Other things I am eating?

  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Caramels

I don't think I am gaining weight-- may have even lost a pound or two.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

out and about

I went out today to get new reading glasses. What do you think?

It is gorgeous here and I had absolutely no problems. The streets seemed more quiet than usual-- but honestly it is so seldom that I go out-- that changes in traffic patterns during the day over an extended period would be noticeable to me.

Started working or thinking about new projects, including:

  • Celebrity Birthday interface similar to that on the WiredPages Style & Event page-- however any date can be selected. This interface will not replace the current interface on WiredPages-- but will be available to others wanting something similar. I only keep a partial birthday database online at any given time- [my servers to accessible to those I did not authorize access too- the reason for this].
  • WorldCat API interface.

I am in such a great mood today. Probably because after getting up at 3:00 am this morning, I went back to bed around 6:30 and didn't get up until after 9:00 am. Think I was tired. Also-- I did not come home complaining about problems I had while out.. you cannot imagine how happy this makes me.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012


About 11 or 12 years ago-- Kay Bailey Hutchinson was an important factor in my decision to mute live sessions of congress. I have done this almost without exception during these last 12 years and few congressional members lift that mute. I am often surprised by dialects when I do hear a face I have looked upon for years.

That is why, for the last two weeks some maybe surprised to learn I have been watching congressional hearings with the sound. It is not important why, I chose to do this at this time-- however I will say it was not to humor congress.

Over the years, why have I watched live congressional hearings muted on occasion, anyway? Early in my "why Me" search-- in an effort to figure out what was going on-- I began to watch a lot of live news and congressional sessions. So it is habit. That said-- I work a lot and the television is really on to kind of keep me company without distracting me. That is, watch market tickers march across the screen or note who is having a congressional session when I look up.

Who might get me to lift the mute on a C/Span session? In the past, Generals, Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, the Supremes-- or their predecessors. I normally ask of the judicial or legal types-- "are you looking for me"-- in that I want to believe I have interactive communications with some elements of live programming. It would be very easy in this day and age to do this.

In early January 2012, I had reason to believe DOJ and FBI maybe more involved than I originally thought-- so I have been paying attention more.

That said, this past week once again reaffirmed why I mute most congressional hearings. On, a female who claimed a technology background that seemed exceptional given her toastmasters skills [albeit she was seated] and non-teaching credentials. Also at the witness table several males claiming mostly the same credentials. What I found interesting about the female-- was at one point she said something similar to quote I provided in a Q's Wire blog post years ago.. In my blog post-- I wrote an older co-worker at Rockwell once said-- the IBM 386 PC sitting in my office was more powerful than the computer onboard the spacecraft that went to the moon. I took physics, deferential and partial deferential equations in college-- so when I thought about it-- I did say-- oh yes, I get ohms burn. Is this why I am in this situation?

The female-- looked into the camera-- in what appeared to be an arrogant and condescending manner-- and said her smart phone was more powerful than the computer that went to the moon. She was condescending to me? I initially thought she had no idea I write/wrote Q's Wire. Then I thought she may have only read the part where I repeated what the co-worker had said and not my summary conclusions based on coursework and solar power limitations. However, I did this re-analysis in the why me time frame [trying to understand what I felt the many Naval Academy Grads and Pentagon Pilots I had known in the workplace as a young computer programer, really not a call girl -- wanted me to tell] and did not question NASA's early claims when I did the coursework in college.

Another theory I came up with for her attitude? She was about 30-35 and one of her friends told her about my blog post and she had no idea who I was? Like most females of her generation sitting next to a lot of men with the same credentials she claimed-- they tend to try to prove more and in doing so- come off less smart. I worked with a lot of smart men. I never mind being the least knowledgeable in the meeting. If I have a question-- it is normally a sound question. I do not over report my resume-- and my resume is impressive. I have 14 years of corporate experience, c, x-windows, rebuilt pcs, etc. I have a lot of experience. I also wear stockings and suits-- with skirts. I have briefed tasks, proposed tasks, documented, written code, a lot of things. I do not like standing in a full house and pretending I have toastmaster skills. I do not. That said-- you would want me at the meeting. Should you read this as defensive on my part? NO. You should heed my warning. Why? I would not allow this type of braggart to waste my time nor my client's time. I call it being female in a man's world. I never mind being the girl in the room and I never feel I am competing with men. Girls-- save it for someone other than me.

Dude I would prefer not to have to humor in this arena again. I took notes [post tile] and tried to listen in the second voice. All voices sounded more arrogant than they should.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow Day 02.11.12

Overnight it snowed just enough to leave this beautiful scene:

Went to bed and awoke feeling slightly under the weather however feel lots better now. Right now, I have my netbook connected to the small speakers I keep handy and I am listening to Yanni's Reflections of Passion CD which I imported to iTunes.

Thinking about a couple of projects I need to complete and new ones I should start.

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Friday, February 10, 2012 domain renewal

I registered on June 28, 2002 for ten years and it was due to expire in June of this year. I just extended the domain registration for another 2 years.

I note it because I like noting things like this..

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

it's been awhile...

This morning, I have been reviewing my current balances and the bills I expect to pay in the coming months. Happy, I anticipate no problems. Domain renewal fees are due this year on and I am debating whether I want to transfer to the cheaper service I use for client domain registration.

I worked so much between August 2011 and early January 2012- and at the same time dealt with serious Macbook display and elliptical problems, that this last month or so, wherein I have been doing nothing business related [minor things], is relatively guiltless.

For some reason I was looking at the well stocked bar in the den-- and thankful I really cannot stand the taste nor after effects of alcohol:

I have not solved my exercise dilemma which is a concern-- 9.6 miles a day to nothing-- leaves a big part of my day unoccupied. No seriously, I am not considering alcohol but wish I could stop eating like I still do that much exercise in a day.

Worried about weight gain? Wish I could say yes. I think I am more worried about finding the open door I need-- so I never have to worry about another broken piece of exercise equipment [or anything else]. These days- I go through exercise equipment at a rate of a piece a year. Getting a new elliptical? No. I think treadmill results [fast paced walk] are more the look I want. I am thinking of getting the motor repaired on the expensive NordicTrak.

Back to long posts? No. I have been distracted lately with other types of research-- and have decided to take a break. Indefinitely. Just thought I would provide more info about what I have been up to. Why don't I blog more often now? Distracted this last month-- and this new blog is not as easy to update as the Q's Wire WordPress blog I used to update. Will I be going back to Q's Wire? No.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

watching television...

Again this week, I have been watching congressional hearings. This morning, I went to the bank and put $50.25 worth of gas in my car. I have a 16 gallon tank and have not put gas in my car since November 17th 2011 when I spent $35.00 on gas, for my car.

Next week I think I will get back to work related projects and maybe some changes for WiredPages.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday- 12

I have been nowhere lately.. the bank several days ago but that is about it. Mostly I have been watching congressional hearings-- with the volume up. I seldom watch television with the volume on-- unless a movie, and certainly not congressional hearings.

I continue to search Youtube for old music. I knew of Nina Simone because of the movie Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda.

When I found this song, Let It Be Me by Nina Simone on Youtube-- I wondered why she was not amongst my father's old records. I love his music. Things like this I wish I could ask my father.

What does this have to do with the post title? I am distracted and could not think of something else.

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Strange Crossing Guard Behavior

Recently, local police have been all over the place. This really does not bother me as much now- because I believe Washington is more involved.

That said several odd things happened today:

  • This morning, the crossing guard was talking with a cop in a cruiser on the corner for almost the entire time she was there. When she was about to leave she rang the bell and knocked several times. I know-- because I looked out the peep hole and returned to what I was doing. It should be noted that in the morning she normally stations herself on the corner opposite my house and this is where the police cruiser was also parked.
  • Also this morning, around the time the cruiser was parked there, a strange wifi location was listed amongst those available [along with my house wifi access]. The strange location Looked like a phone number starting with a 4.
  • This afternoon when the guard returned-- she again stopped by the house and rang the door. My mother was here-- so she answered the door. The guard not realizing I was home- claimed a cop was stationed on the corner this morning because he wanted to catch speeders. She also claimed someone came out of the house and took a photo of the police cruiser and she wanted to explain why he was there. I never said anything-- and quite frankly did not hear her say someone came out to take a photo. Since I am the only one here that does that-- when my mother told me-- I was a little angry. I did not answer the door. I assumed she thought no one was home-- so who did she see? That said-- I was home and no one else was here.
  • When she left-- I went out side and asked her what she was doing? I gave her my business card sometime ago.. and she has been stationed on that corner for about 3 to 4 years. She comes to the house twice in one day ringing and ringing-- because she wanted to explain a police cruiser was trying to catch speeders on the corner. I asked her to stop coming to this house and ringing the door bell. she said okay.

This bothers me a bit-- because along with the neighbors down both streets- [I live on a corner], I also gave this crossing guard my card. As I said-- this about a year or two ago. Today, for some reason she told me she was a reserve police officer. I explained I did not care who she was-- to stop coming to the house. She seemed to get quiet when I asked why would she be coming to the house and ringing the bell both in the morning and evening. To explain why a cop is sitting on the corner?

Her behavior very odd. What I see? People may want to start things for the wrong reasons.. or Fed types knew I gave her my card. She does not get what I get. I do not mind if Fed types want her gone. I mind this person running her own-- game on my time when I am minding my own business.

She also lied. I have not been out of the house to snap photos of the many police cruisers parked, riding nor anything else-- since early January 2012.. Earlier in January 2012-- I felt a subtle change and do not feel as concerned about cops sitting on the corner anymore. That said-- maybe they should be concerned. I live in a quiet residential area. I am seeing way too many cruisers parked on the corners. No this no longer angers me-- but I feel they should stop wasting their time-- if only to annoy me. I am not. I am when people come to the door I do not expect. I do not answer the door unless I expect company or a package. The people I know call first. She has my business card. She should have called first. Now she should do neither.

The odd wifi access location? not sure-- is this a police wifi access location? If so, happy it appears they have not yet copied my hard-drive. I turned off the wifi when I noticed this. Yes, had reason to believe my password was cracked-- but the abstract noise on this should be trusted. That said-- I changed it.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

mortgage rates fixed..

Woke this morning to find the mortgage rates interface on WiredPages inoperable, so I updated it this afternoon.

What else have I been up too?

  • Looking for things I may have missed-- as related to why I am still in this situation.
  • Checking Amazon Associates stats daily-- and posting them to both this blog and the Remix Business Blog. This looks bad-- really bad.

Wondering about sealed Federal investigations and how they work. No-- not the reason I have not blogged much. Just wondering how I would know if I were part of one.

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