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Friday, May 25, 2012

Distracted-- WiredPages Fixes Slow.

Last night I noticed a problem with one of the Fashion magnets on the WiredPages Style & Events page. It seems WiredPages has had problem after problem recently-- and I am a little distracted of late-- so if you notice the site [WiredPages] down, the problem is more than likely one of interfaces has a problem reading from the source--- and I have not gotten around to fixing it.

This morning it took me awhile to find the problem and fix it. I was also a little distracted by noise that simply did not want to stop. I did find the new formatting detail with the feed-- but wonder at why it was so hard to find initially.

I have one more bank to go to. I opened the account in 2004 as a business account for QiSoftware. It was shut down almost immediately and someone sounding very much like a Babs M. [loud and louder] kept saying Patriot Act. The person sounded a little too unprofessional to be a representative of the bank. If the bank account was reopened-- and my SSN used to get Federal Reserve deposits posted via my SSN, this could be bad news for whoever tried to get the funds in that manner. I believe it has been known for sometime I am owed. I have the original check book and credit card issued for the account-- and have discussed this issue in the past on Q's Wire. FBI-- let me know if you need the items I have discussed. the bank was Chevy Chase which merged with Capital One. Jan worked at that bank for awhile-- but I am told left long before dec. 2011. Earpiece noise suggests Babs M. or someone like her tried to repoen the account. Then kathleen Turner? I am surprised earpiece is suggesting Kathleen Turner. I have no proof. Will go to the bank early next week to ensure everything is okay.

Earpiece suggests the MD estimated settlement of about 120 million is mainly due to the arm and rights violations. This does not include the Federal issues, defamation, nor compensatory. That may have been why the account was forced closed within days of it opening and then my obtaining the new one almost immediately without incident. Someone knew I was owed a large settlement and they wanted to use a bank account with my SSN? I owe jail. Broke the arm in the Spring of 1996 and it went unset after I went to the hospital. I wrote to everyone. Hillary Clinton sometime after she became a Senator said-- "it is broken now". I thought she was talking about her husband's manhood-- because he was always cheating on her. Did maryland payout on that settlement? I opened both business checking accounts in the Fall of 2004 when I made QiSoftware a legal business entity in the state of Maryland.

By the way have gone through some of reports in the Defense Investigative Service File. Favorable Maryland State Police, PG Co., Fairfax Co. police [places I lived]-- shows i have had problems with driving tickets, 7 year stretch nothing-- but nothing else. Also Favorable, Mind Bank my last employeer after Rockwell. Also too much credit debt which I corrected. Odd thing-- no reference to life style poly taken in Jan 1985. Fanx-- NSA the government contractor. GE the employer. I passed with flying colors. Girlfriend I do not touch me-- you can bet I am not touching you... so why is that report missing? Report too clean for the problems I have had since leaving Rockwell.

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