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Saturday, July 06, 2013

trying to have a life...

I love ice cream sandwiches. I tend to get the Klondike brand. This week I made them. I have to say they were delicious.

Interesting issues offered [via earpiece] when I was editing the photos for the above graphic. The guy said-- it concerns me that you know how to do that. He indicated he worked for Lamar. I have no idea why Lamar is still all over me DOJ. He is with congress. I do not work for the Federal Government... Please get Lamar off me.

That said-- I explained to the guy-- that graphic artists worldwide used Adobe Photoshop [I use ImageComposer by Microsoft] to do similar things-- i.e., erasing background pixels from photographs to make them background-less-- and Federal Government employees should catch up with the times.

For some reason-- doing things like this-- makes government personnel upset-- in that they seem to think I might teach someone how to do things-- others get paid to do.

How many people have consoles? Not sure.. but its okay if government personnel learn to do something other than play with knobs on consoles and not pretend everything I do is a national security issue.

Talk to commercial business.. A lot of colorful people can do what I did.. Government-- maybe you should do more in the real world.. and get off me. Have you reviewed some of the videos uploaded to Youtube? Do you play with your Mac software? QuickTime? Get with the times and stop wasting mine.

Lamar-- told you and your son-- fake general @NSA all over me right now... Twice mentioned.. DOJ/FBI-- real Pentagon needs to show an national security issue.. Lamar and his fake general [son] need to get off me.

More on food-- I had a T-Bone Steak and Baked Potato on the 4th. Ice cream sandwiches yesterday..

I was in a good mood-- playing around with ImageComposer for the first graphic, above. Even though, this morning I broke the push lawnmower blade on a utility case in disrepair in the yard.

The lawnmower lost. It started once. Then shut down. When I tried again- it was smoking. Mother happy it was not the riding mower. I hate when things break while I am using them. Especially if I cannot afford to replace them. Thought about yelling at the cable company whose equipment it was that broke the blade but decided against it. Then, way too much Lamar in my ear. I passed a long time ago.. DOJ-- what am I not getting? get his crap off me.

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