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Monday, July 01, 2013

what's going on... 7.1.13?

I was up at 5:30 am this morning-- to wish everyone off for the week.

Around 7:00 a.m., I mowed the larger area of the front lawn with the push mower [as opposed to the riding mower, before it began to rain again], and then watched tennis.

Around 11:00 am-- I had Kung Pao Chicken for lunch [no breakfast] and this for dessert about 2 hours later.

Some of the things I plan to eat-- for the rest of the week.

I skipped breakfast--- and got plenty of exercise with the lawnmower-- so not worried about my diet--- at least for today.

I took these shots last week of the Shasta Daisies in one of the front beds. Photo on the left taken at night-- the one on the right--the next morning.

And finally, last Friday when I went to get my license renewed-- you will recall I set my hair. I liked the way it looked when I left the bathroom at the MVA offices-- however by 6:00 PM that evening-- here is what it looked like.

I did all sorts of things after I got home [left the MVA offices around 11:30 am that morning]- and still had a little curl the next day.. This summer hair solution will work for me-- because I tend to wear my hair a bit messy anyway-- and I love the soft curls I get with the set and comb out.

I am getting ready to go through my bag to start to organize my discs and files. This in an effort to downsize my bag-- which the new hard drives will be used for. It will be a busy week.

By the way-- I have a Cannon PowerShot which I have been playing around with. I have had it since 2008-- and just now looking at its many features. This to explain why I have been testing night shots and lighting settings.

Washington-- still talking. Nothing new to report.. vibrations continue.. last night-- kind of hard. So flushed this morning-- I was pink by the time I walked around the lawn with the lawnmower for half an hour.. A year and a half ago-- I could do 9.6 miles on my elliptical everyday.. I was never flushed. Yes, vibrations affecting me.. Whining about this? Get off me.

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