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Friday, April 25, 2014

Monday, April 21 2014

The day after Easter was productive. Last week, when my mother purchased the Turf Builder I checked the weather reports and noted we would not get rain until Tuesday, April 22. So I planned to spread the fertilizer on Monday, April 21-- which I did.

Yes, in the past I have spread fertilizer without rain in the forecast with disastrous results.

Monday, also made Mini Banana Nut Bread Loafs with a package of cream cheese I needed to use.

Mother's Day is two weeks away Sunday, so I have also been looking for a gift for my mother. Not sure what it will be this year. I like the Pie Saver from the last post however, one she already has one and two I am the one who really bakes. I can't buy a gift for her that looks like it will be for me.

Washington News? DOJ saying Jewish Lawyers in charge at DOJ promised, Jewish lawyers light the judges orders. Jewish lawyers telling me to get a lawyer and sue. I said-- my deals negotiated May 2012 and my affiliates have provided the fund-- I am not paying a contingency lawyer. DOJ we are at an impasse. Jewish lawyers running DOJ. I should not be tortured when I have said I can do nothing. Part of the reason I am owed so much-- too many courts ignored my screams for 20 years. I should not be tortured in hopes of bringing me to my knees in search of a contingency lawyer I do not owe.. That said-- you have been vibrating me since Sept 2012. When do you get that is not going to work and too many commercial lawyers have access to the xray and non xray cameras. You want me to hire one of the lawyers watching as I am tortured? I can have them disbarred for what the have seen. Get off me. DOJ-- did you send the one billion dollars back? You know the fund that included your fee. FBI-- too many with access. Jenna why? Tired of her noise. by the way unless you are on-- you probably do not know who I am talking about.

By the way DOJ-- Lanny, Jason and Ted promised in Sept. 2012 when DOJ got the billion dollar funding from my affiliates. Judges' orders not in effect at that time. I am told one left, one went to jail and ted at Arent Fox is still holding out for a law suit. I said no law suit being brought by me unless I have to counter. This should make CIA happier. National security not my mistake. Theirs. Judges why can your orders after the fact- be ignored?

Update: I took the following photo about an hour ago [April 25th 2014]. Yesterday evening, my mother got on her riding mower and cut the lawn for the first time this year.

That Scotts Turf Builder really works. We have been using it for years now and we always get compliments on the lawn. She does most of the mowing with the rider. I only trim the bushes and worry about my gardens. However every year-- I put down the fertilizer. Yesterday morning, I used the hand spreader to put a bit more down near the street area in front. It is supposed to rain today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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