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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm in the clear, now...

For over a year, I have been using a commercial grade font that I really like. I failed to read the license properly and thought I could use the "personal use" version anywhere I wanted as long as the work in question, belonged to me or was for my personal use, i.e., I was not selling the work. This was a silly error on my part-- in that I often use the font in images I use on this blog, and this site is considered commercial in nature. [wish I had read the license].

There were two reasons I began researching purchase options for the font:

  • Recently, I modified the QiSoftware Remix Blog Template and incorporated the font in some of the new images. Before then, I had not used the font on that blog. Really silly part [my assumption]-- "It's Personal" is not a part of my commercial site. I also used the font on my Tumblr Blog, however my read of the license, indicated that was okay.
  • The free "personal use" version that I obtained awhile back, did not have the full character set.

The other day, I searched Amazon but could not find what I wanted. So today, I searched other offerings and that is when I checked the license for the version I have and found my error.

Happy to report, today I did obtain a fully licensed version of the entire character set for the font.

News? Always. Even some related to the acquisition I describe in this entry. One of my big complaints over the years-- others have broken laws that have hurt me and my ability to conduct business. Me, today I found out someone could have sued me for copyright infringement [because I failed to read the license for the "personal use" version of the font]. Needless to say, I am reading everything from now on. The rest of the news? Nothing I am going to report.

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