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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Instagram & Me...

Yesterday afternoon I installed an Instagram feed in the sidebar of this blog using the resource and my Instagram account.

Of course, Instagram provides an API for developers, however for reasons previously discussed [summarized below], at this time I am not writing new widgets nor updating the old ones [mostly used on WiredPages].

Note: A couple of years ago, the QiSoftware owned domain where I host most of the servlets and tools I write for use on was moved to a new IP. At the time, I chose not to update the security triggers I put in my code for most of my tools-- so now, visitors mostly see "Not Authorized" where the widgets used to be. When I move the site, I will update all of my tools.

The new Instagram feed installed on this blog, is the only widget anywhere on that is powered by someone else's software. Yes, I love the resource [], however it did not work with all of my old browsers, so I spent most of the afternoon writing JavaScript to work around the problems.

I started my Instagram account in February 2015 after I purchased my tablet. Before that, I did not have a device that could access an Instagram account and my visits to bloggers' blogs who use Instagram feeds- often caused issues with my older systems and browsers.

This afternoon, I added the Instagram Widget to my blog, not to be confused with Q's Wire which is also a WordPress blog, however maintained on Note: my WordPress blog on is only to maintain a presence and provide "Howtos" if the need arises. I rarely update it.

This was a little tricky in that initially- I could not connect to my Instagram account to authorize to access the account. This, even though I had logged in. I found, if I simply went to the Widgets tab rather than the "Customize" button next to the Theme menu item, I could get it to work. I think the "Authorize" pop-up dialog has a bad target when used from the "Customize" button. The Widgets menu works better when adding the Instagram Widget to your WordPress blog.

About two weeks ago, I also added an Instagram App to the QiSoftware business page I maintain on Facebook. I have not done much with the QiSoftware Business page on Facebook. I wanted to understand how to integrate Instagram to a Facebook page, the reason it is installed on that page. You will note of course, my Instagram photos are more personal in nature and not really related to business, the reason I provide this explanation.

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