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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring is on the way....

Did you set your clocks an hour later before going to bed last night? This task was mine this morning. This included the Grandfather clock that has to be set counter-clockwise, i.e., move the big hand back eleven hours.

This week provided a preview of Spring-like weather which I was very pleased about. So was Bei Bei, the Panda Cub at the National Zoo. Of course, this would be his first experience to climb a tree in Spring. And boy did he climb.

Spring emerging around here...

Issues that came up last week?

In 2012, because I felt there was an ongoing full investigation into my affairs, including my business- I removed instructions that blocked a lot of IPs from accessing Why would anyone do anything malicious while the FBI and DOJ were on the case?

The IPs that were being blocked through early 2012, according to my domain stats- were initiating a lot of bots that caused too much "false traffic".

Yesterday [Saturday], I discovered that one of my cgi programs was being exploited, so I installed the instructions that blocked the set of IPs causing the new problem along with the earlier instructions for IPs I was blocking through early 2012.

This should not cause a problem for most, however if you are experiencing issues accessing from different locations-- this is offered in explanation.

How malicious was this? Unbeknownst to me-- the problem started in late February 2016 and used up over a 100MB of disc space. Internal emails to the domain account, which are not sent--explaining a quota problem. FBI-- you are there right? Yes, this problem was mine-- however this was too malicious and in "your" face, too. And, I solved this problem long ago... What are we investigating, now?

In other news, we are having a spring shower today.

This week I also watched "Babel" via FiOS' onDemand and several tennis matches.

You may have noticed, I post more infrequently now, so I tend to discuss often unrelated topics in my weekly posts. I have always blogged as if I were writing an online diary so this is really no different, just less often.

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