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Monday, July 11, 2016

Windows XP Memory Upgrade, Finally Finished.

In April [2016], I posted about the installation of a version of FireFox on an older Windows XP system that would allow HTML5 Video playback.

The system was a little sluggish with the new Firefox browser update so I researched memory upgrade options. Believe it or not the system only had 256 MB of memory installed. I use the system to insure my programs are compatible with an older Desktop Windows XP environment.

It took me an evening, but I found what I needed. My system is a bit odd in that it only has 3 slots and the first two were filled with 128MB memory modules.

In 1997 or so when the system was purchased it came with 128MB and in 2010 or so, I added another 128MB. It had been awhile since I opened up that CPU [to look at memory issues1] and that is why I was a bit surprised by the 3 slot configuration. The system manuals long gone. Purchased from my sister when she moved in 2006.

So in April or May, I ordered a 128MB module from Amazom. For whatever reason the order was never filled. Last week I tried again with another supplier [again via Amazon] and the memory arrived today.

It did not take long to install the module and I am happy to report the FireFox browser is no longer sluggish.

Over the last year and a half I have added the following upgrades to that older Desktop Windows XP System.

  • Upgraded the operating system from Windows 98 2nd Edition to Windows XP.
  • Added color laser printing.
  • Installed RW CD Writer1
  • Added another 128MB of memory.

I do not think there are any other upgrades I can install on that system, and though I do very little [on that platform]- other than a couple of desktop publishing tasks and ensuring my programs work in that [online] environment, I am happy- I still have the system.

1System board memory location on that system is hidden by drive ribbon connectors and power cords. Last year when I installed the internal RW CD Writer I did not notice nor concern myself with the on-board memory configuration.

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