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Friday, April 08, 2022

New Zestimate API Demonstration Interface (First Look)

Working a number of projects this week. In mid-March, I began implementing the new interface for the Zillow Zestimate API Demonstration. In mid 2021, Zillow decided to retire the older Zestimate API, and I was a little slow in deciding whether to replace the tool.

At the time, my indecisiveness had more to do with obtaining my real estate license than anything else. Research provided, many agents do not provide on the spot property valuations via their sites, and I wondered about this.

In the end, I made the decision to use the newer API and replace the interface because I like demonstrating API development and uses on the product pages of QiSoftware.

I will probably install the new interface over the weekend, however I am providing this first look- at the new tool, in the form of an illustration.

The old interface provided a chart of the prior year's valuation data and the new interface provides the Zestimate.

This week, I meant to take new photos for my new real estate site, however I noticed an issue when I tried to connect a newly sourced product for my shop.

I was a little distracted with trying to figure out the problem with my drop shippers' API. Here again, old APIs are being retired and I have to find work-arounds. Happy to report, found the problem and I am now back on track with the many projects I have planned.

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