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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Minor Office Updates

Lately, I have been using my office more- mainly because I am not currently working software development projects. I seldom work in my office when developing software- instead preferring to setup my workspace in my bedroom, where I can sleep when I like.

I have several projects I am currently working, including updating my business address and contacting the proper Maryland agencies to ensure the changes are properly recorded.

I also use my office for Zoom meetings and classes. It is also where I maintain my printers and the fax machine. It is simply easier to handle "running the business" issues in the office.

That said, I have been making minor adjustments to the office ever since my real estate course. Why not a more modern look with an electric desk that lifts with the touch of a button? I like my office space, the scene from the window, and I would rather keep the smaller furniture pieces, in that the room is rather small.

Recently, I purchased a new 2K monitor (see link below) for the office, so I would not have to use the smaller 2K monitor used with my software development mini pc. If I had a meeting, I had to unplug the other system (software development platform) to use the monitor. I have a large 24 inch monitor however, it is only a 1080 HD monitor and when Zooming I like ensuring I see what others see. I needed a higher resolution monitor in my office.

I was using the mini PC boxes and a software reference manual to lift the display (shown below), however finally found a monitor stand I thought would work. I am happy with the outcome.

I have a bookshelf stereo system, an older television hooked up to a Verizon FiOs set top box, and an Alexa Echo Input to round out the perfect office environment.

I need more artwork, one of the walls has my diplomas, certificates, and awards and the others are next on my list. The problem, I need a good backdrop for the Zoom meetings. I am still working all of this.

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