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Friday, May 30, 2014

High Tension...

Since Sunday, I have been watching the French Open. This morning after my own tennis match with my Wii Sports CD, I decided to hit some with my real racquet.

I noticed the identification card [hidden inside a pocket of the racquet cover] I filled out years ago, indicated I had the racquet strung at 72 lbs.

And no, though I loved playing doubles also, I did not have my racquet strung as if I had a serve & volley game. The lower the tension the better for a serve and volley game.

I miss playing real tennis, but my Wii Sports CD gives me a good workout.

News from Washington? Color commentary on French Open matches. Other news? Not sure what it means.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Should have done this last fall...

A month ago, I cut back the Hydrangea bush I planted years ago. I thought I killed it.

When passing the house on the right, there is a huge gap in the garden next to the garage where the extremely large bush used to be. I actually know better than to do things like this, but that bush grows so quickly, I thought I could get away with it.

News from Washington? Sounds like things are happening there. Statements made indicate "moving forward", however I have yet to see evidence of that.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Morning, May 25th...

It was a nice morning to get up and do a little gardening.


  • Watching early rounds of the French Open on the Tennis Channel.
  • Morning exercise included 6 best of 5 Wii tennis matches.
  • Hacked at some of the underbrush in the backyard.
  • Washing clothes.
  • Added railing planters to my Amazon store.

It's just after 1:00 pm now-- and I feel I have already done a lot of work-- so I am going to just rest for the remainder of the day.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Netbook White Screen Problems

Have you ever booted your Acer Netbook to a white screen? If this happens, plug in an external monitor [should be a standard 15 pin serial port on you device], ensure Windows has booted and use the following "hot keys" to toggle between the Netbook display and external monitor.

Keep in mind, attempting to use the hot key for an external monitor that is not connected will not work. I thought I could trick it and tried. Did not work. The monitor most be connected.

If you boot to a "white screen", you will not be able to see the options illustrated in the above image- however after correcting the problem-- simply click anywhere on your Windows Desktop with the right mouse button and select "Graphics Properties" from the popup menu.

I found, that when you toggle to the external monitor and then back to the Netbook-- the "white screen" error is corrected.

I have also noted ambient light problems associated with the built in video cameras on my mobile computers, so I think using an external USB video camera can extend the life of the display on your mobile computer [i.e., Netbook, MacBook].

I have provided buying options here-- for a Mac or Windows compatible video camera and an inexpensive external monitor.

News from Washington? Unsure what it means-- promises offered, promises broken-- trying to stay positive.

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