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August 2015

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

US Open 2015

Well its finally US Open time. I plan to catch most of the action live- on The Tennis Channel, ESPN and WatchESPN [via my tablet].

In case you don't know, this year is a little special in that Serena Williams is going for her fourth Grand Slam tournament win of the year, having already won the Australian, French and Wimbledon. This is called a "Grand Slam" of Tennis, because all 4 Grand Slam tournaments are won in the same calendar year. This has not been achieved since Steffi Graf did it in 1988.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Business Technology I Want...

While I wait for a resolution to some of the many issues I face, I keep myself busy with a myriad of mostly non-business related tasks. That said, on occasion I do research issues related to business. My latest research has provided solutions for future acquisitions related to technology and computing, I think will solve my current security and innovation issues.

Some of you may be aware, in Feb. 2015 I purchased my first tablet. Though I have found many uses for this device, I actually do very little productive business work with the tablet. Uses include:

  • Bill paying.
  • Statistical checks, i.e., Adsense, Web Site Analytics, Bank Accounts
  • Sports, specifically professional tennis matches. My tablet's resolution is 1920x1200 so the video is great, a big factor in my choice given I planned to watch a lot of tennis matches. The iPad is one of the few tablet like devices that has more in the way of display resolution. I used to watch via my netbook. The resolution was not that good. Did I explain, this was the reason I wanted a tablet, after noting how well my mother's worked with streaming video?
  • Maintenance of my Amazon Stores [this is in part more of a business task, but one of the few I can do from my tablet].
  • Games
  • Membership maintenance and posting to Facebook groups and pages. Artwork for pages/groups is done on other, more robust platforms.

So what do I think I will need in the future, for business productivity as related to computing and technology?

  • Mac Mini-- I can unplug it and take it with me.
  • Huge Thunderbolt Display Monitor like this Samsung offering which is also compatible with the high resolution [Thunderbolt] output of the Mac Mini.
  • Portable display monitor but not for travel, only in case I want to work outside with the Mac Mini or some other area of the house.
  • The new 12" Macbook, in gold? A full Macbook, but smaller so that I can "fix" or login from anywhere. The Mac Mini and this smaller 12" Macbook would replace my current 13.3" Macbook which is very heavy and 7.5 years old. The new 12" Macbook is only 2 lbs.
  • Smallest Windows notebook I can find-- my netbook is still useful, however uses Windows XP. I need to upgrade to insure my programs are compatible with the latest Windows releases.
  • Microsoft Office Suite [currently own the Professional Suite for Windows] for both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Adobe Illustrator

What are you using for business? Check out some of my other business computing finds-- here and here.

Monday, August 24, 2015

she seemed pleased...

Yesterday, I gave my sister her birthday gift, the arrangement of plants. She liked it. Saturday, I paid my cell phone bill. This morning, I paid the quarterly web hosting bill for and balanced my checking account. I am happy all of my financial obligations for August have been paid or purchased and I have a little left over.

Just finished a pork chop and macaroni and cheese for lunch. It was very good.

Other things I have been up too:

  • Movie: "The Giver", Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges
  • Last week watched the Western & Southern Tennis Open
  • Waiting for the US Open-- starts next Monday. The US Open has one of the largest prize offerings of any of the major tennis tournaments. See graphic below.
  • Updated my Amazon Stores.

I am pretty happy with my first online order of plants, however as you can see in one of the photos below, there is a little mold on one of the plants. It should be easy to remove that leaf. All in all, the plants were healthy, ready to bloom and beautiful.

News from Washington? Not sure what they are doing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

and, I think I saved the plant...

I have two groups and several pages on Facebook [FB]. They include:

Though I always have minor tasks as related to the Alumni Group, i.e., handling new member requests or deleting posts that other members dislike, I seldom work on my other FB pages or groups-- that is until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, a Hanover business owner "liked" the Hanover Businesses page so I decided to update the graphics. I also added a graphical link to the sidebar of this blog.

In other news, as I explained in a recent post- I am giving my sister a plant arrangement for her birthday- which she will get over the weekend. Unfortunately, I over watered the "spider" type plant a bit and the roots became soggy. I think I saved it, however I did have a backup plan if I needed it.

In any case, along with a photo of the plant as it looked about an hour ago, I have included other recent photos.. breakfast yesterday, etc.

The first photo [top left], is of a bloom on a tree my mother and I planted years ago. I no longer know the name of the tree-- so if you do, please drop me a line.

I also ordered Farberware baking sheets for the convection oven that I am pretty pleased with [photo lower left].

Other things I have been up to?

News Washington? Nothing to report.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

writing away my bad mood [mostly nonsense]...

In December 2014, I paid off the only credit card I have other than my debit card. For years, I paid $50 per month on the total bill with the high balance never over $1500. I mainly used the card to purchase necessities for my business, i.e.,

  • Macbook purchased from Apple in 2008
  • Canon PowerShot A530 Camera ~ 2008
  • Western Digital External Hard-Drive
  • Car Accident-- new bumper and battery [non-business]
  • Hotel stay July/August 2012 [non-business]

Now, because I do not carry a balance I use it more often, as I prefer the security features of the MasterCard as compared to my debit card [which also looks like a major credit card]. The MasterCard has a lot of fraud protection whereas my debit card is tied to my checking account. The debit card also has a credit limit--- but I never use more than I have in the bank.

Paid off? What this means? Since High School, I have worked [part time, fast food, internships in offices through school, etc]. Then it was work [part time] and college [full time]. Then corporate America as a Defense Contractor. Since, High School, whenever I walked out the door no matter where I was going-- I did my hair and makeup.

When all of this began, I stopped wearing makeup unless I was going out. I also stopped doing my hair-- just a ponytail [unless going out]. The reason? I really could not afford the makeup I used and I had to save it for when I was going out. I used to also work out quite a bit-- so hair and makeup were wasted.

Earlier this year, I started setting my hair every night. Because I paid off my credit card in December, I also decided I could once again afford makeup. Even if I never go anyplace. I have worn makeup since high school and quite frankly-- look better with it. These days, if my hair and makeup are not done-- I think I forgot to get dressed. I have only left the rollers in [all day] once and will never do it again.

Today, I did my hair and makeup, watched some of the Rogers Cup Tournament after my mother left for her luncheon and made lunch. I also thought about sending the RSVP for the Wedding. No, I am not going.

This morning, I awoke in a bad mood. [Bren-- I said no. I mean no.] I have been in a bad mood for most of the day. When my mother returned home-- she had the BabyBell Cheese I wanted to try [Costco had a good deal and I think its wonderful], a watermelon and Land-o-Lakes Whip Cream for my morning espresso. I am in a better mood now. That said, writing helps me. I wanted to scream a lot today. There is so much I want to say. Time to move on.... and really. Please let go. I said no-- and I am really not kidding. FBI-- serious conflict of interests and rights violations continue. I said no.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Budget Friendly...

I have been working several projects since I last posted, including what to do about my sister's birthday. Of course, as many of you are aware- I have limited funds. When will this end? Not sure, but I continue to do the things I have always done.

For various reasons, I do not see most of my extended family, but do see my mother and sister. My brother was over Sunday, helping my mother with one of her yard projects- but I do not see him often.

So every year this time-- I wonder what to get my sister for her birthday. This year it is an assortment of plants. Typically plant gifts range from $50 to $100 depending on the arrangement, and that is a little too steep for my budget. So, I found an assortment online, along with a planter and decided to make it myself.

About 12 years ago, my niece [she was about 3 or 4] and I put together the arrangement shown in the first photo below [sitting on the mini bar]. We also gave her [my sister] an arrangement for her office which I am told she no longer has. So I am not sure how long she will keep this one.

I keep potting mix and decorative stones on hand. I may add clippings from one of my many pothos plants, I am not sure yet. Warning, this project could become expensive quickly, if you are not already a natural plant lover. What else have I been up to?

  • All last week, watched the Citi Open Tennis Tournament in Washington.
  • This week, started watching Canada's Major Tournament The Rogers Cup.
  • Researching Vernon, CA as my research provided it was the basis for this season's True Detective series. The finale for this season was Sunday night.
  • The finale for STARZ's Power series is this coming Saturday night.
  • Researching and photographing Hanover, MD Businesses.
  • Updating my Amazon Stores.

Insofar as professional tennis is concerned, August is a big month. The Rogers Cup, and Cincinnati's Western & Southern Open are majors [men's champion for each, over $650,000] which proceed the US Open [one of the four Grand Slams-- men's champion $3,300,000] in New York starting on the 31st.

What else? A relative is getting married later this year. The wedding and reception will be at a Washington area military installation. I have a lot of well known relatives. Last November [2014], I had jury duty, and I was very concerned about my bag, my software and other evidence that provides proof of my claims.

When my mother asked recently, if I had sent my RSVP- I explained I had not, however- would not be attending. The same issues I was concerned with last November and whether or not authorities would want to search or keep the bag until my service was complete. My bag now looks like a lawyers case- however, I still cannot risk that I may not be able to keep it with me all times. I am told the US Government agrees it owes me. A lot of proof never leaves my sight.

Initially, abstract noise provided many of my family members [I have not seen over the years], wanted to see me and the wedding would have been a good opportunity. It was also felt this would be over. For whatever reason, I do think the US government would like to obtain my bag-- however law enforcement groups may have also expanded their investigation. Many in Washington, I am told are unhappy. I am still hoping for a resolution to my situation before the wedding, however in any event- I will not be attending the wedding.

Very recently, a "sting" was offered as a possible reason for the location selection... Who do they want? FBI is all over me. They know how to find me. On a daily basis, I ask if they want me to come in for a discussion. I am owed many explanations. I was told I could be a draw, however I never considered going. I tell anyone that asks-- if you are worried go to the FBI. I continue to wait for the FBI to call me. I can only go out a legal door. I am still waiting.

I get a lot of information on a daily basis. I do not report any of it. FBI is listening. Any of it of a national security nature? No. Mostly, how to get me to trip up and give them a libel suit. I am sorry the US Government is allowing this.. too many hear this idiocy. Please stop. I long ago divested on anything provided that appeared to be more serious. I told what I was given-- with the "fiction Question" label. I said no...

Monday, August 03, 2015

I have a Columbia business address, but I work from home...

Last Thursday, I went by the bank so while out- I snapped several photos for a project I have been thinking about.

Awhile back [2010], I started a Facebook Page for Hanover, MD Businesses [sort of an unofficial Chamber of Commerce]. I really did not do much with the page over the years and just recently, thought I would start updating again.

Background: Arundel Mills the mega outlet mall opened November 2000 and since then many new businesses or franchises have opened.

In June 2012, the Maryland Live Casino opened.

The area [also where I reside, i.e., Hanover, MD], has experienced exponential growth, so in 2010 when I started the Facebook Page, I thought I would ask local businesses to "Like" the page and post their events or sites. Of course, there exists an official Chamber of Commerce [for a larger area], however I thought Hanover MD [with the many new businesses to the area] could justify an unofficial Facebook Page. That said, I simply did not do anything else with the page. Then a couple of weeks ago, a local business "Liked" the page.. I and I thought.. "goody" something new to work on....

I snapped more photos on Friday and incorporated them into the cover illustration I have been working on. Here is how the page looks as of this morning.

Okay, so what else have I been up to?

  • Sent off for a Press Pass [in case I need one-- someday].
  • Watched a myriad of Tennis Tournaments including the ATP Atlanta and Hamburg Opens.
  • Watched: STARZ's Power Series and HBO's True Detective.
  • Updating my Amazon Stores. Have you noticed the trend in retro dresses? I really like this style. I am also going to start watching my diet.

I thought this arena looked so inviting:

The Citi Tennis Open [Washington] and Bank of the West Open [Stanford, CA] begin today, so later I will be catching live action on WatchESPN and the Tennis Channel.

Are you from the area? Are you going to the Citi Tennis Open?

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