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November 2014

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving.. 2014.

By Monday before Thanksgiving, I was mostly happy. Jury duty ended without too much fanfare and I could then look forward to Thanksgiving. I hurt my finger the Friday before I was due to start Jury duty-- so that was an issue, however Thanksgiving went off mostly without problems. I explain my finger below-- and why it is important. The finger is feeling a lot better-- however I get those that want to test the nerves with the consoles. They should not.

Anyway-- scenes from Thanksgiving 2014.

  • Started cooking Monday, for Thanksgiving... the cornbread for the stuffing.
  • Started my Christmas shopping Wednesday, November 26, 2014. One gift has already arrived.
  • My brother stopped by on short notice yesterday. I am not a fan of things like this. See tapes from the week of June 18th, 2012, July 24th 2012, etc. An incident I reported in March 2006. Said no thanks.. not kidding.
  • Movie: A Promise

Friday evening, November 14, 2014 I hurt the pinky finger on my right hand. The reason i mention this-- is because for most of the prior month I had tried to get out of jury duty. I did not do this on purpose-- however most with access to my house know the finger was maimed. They also know what happened. I note events like this for legal as well as timestamps. I am not a danger to myself nor others-- however this accident hurt me. It has been a long month and many who have seen the finger are upset-- as am I. I am really not in the mood for continuing issues with those on the consoles-- and I am told many have been picked up. Initially, because of swelling many have stated they did not know it was that bad. It is disfigured slightly. Yet, many continue to try to demoralize and anger. I have asked repeatedly requested that this cease.

How this happened... the lights in my mother's bedroom went out when she plugged in her ceramic heater. She ran to the basement to the power box to flip the switch and requested I look upstairs to see if the lights were on. She left a flashlight on and not a lamp or ceiling light-- so I had to run up stairs to check. In doing so, I grabbed for the door jamb and bent my finger. I was a little irritated she had not left a light on that I could see from the bottom of the stairs-- as i had requested her to do. This was not my mother's fault-- nevertheless, i do not think she understood initially understand how bad I hurt the finger. In my haste to get up stairs because she was screaming from the basement for me to check-- I grabbed the door jamb at the top of the stairs the wrong way.. it hurt. many on the consoles initially thought it funny. There are a lot of VIP kids with access. Also many, just curious. This was not done to get out of jury duty-- and keep in mind i do not have medical insurance. The fact these mostly young females continue to think this is a game amazes me. Judges-- I am not sure why I am continuing to ask that they get off me-- but I am..

Please check the surveillance tapes and get these clowns off me. If I did not know better-- the jury duty, and events like my brother showing up yesterday-- feel like attempts to bug me at the holidays. Attempts to demoralize. He was concerned about my finger? No. My mother seems more concerned that I want to blame her. I do not. I simply want all of this over. I jambed the finger. I wish she had left the light on in her bedroom so I did not have to run upstairs to check if she had flipped the right switch. My finger is hurt-- it was my fault. I simply want them to give me a break. I am working on different projects-- and for the past month-- mainly concerned with getting out of jury duty.. It did not work-- however, as i provided earlier-- went off without a hitch so I am just happy it is over. It was a hard month... I am happy to get my Christmas shopping underway.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Speaking of Gifts... 11/14

Monday night my mother went out and upon returning came in with an armful of Birthday Gifts including this Edible Arrangement.

I have been snacking on this all week. I love toasting up a Hawaiian Sweet Roll, cutting off a hunk of cheese and dishing up a bowl of fruit for a great mid-afternoon snack.

Another idea... Grand Marnier, Whipping Cream and Powered Sugar. Found this recipe when I was looking for a fresh fruit sauce that was not chocolate. Sounds good to me-- however I love Grand Marnier. Let me know if you have tried this.

Speaking of gifts... Wednesday, before I found out I had to report for jury duty on Thursday [November 20th, 2014], I thought more about neat gift ideas for the Holidays.

One year for Christmas, a friend gave me this beautiful [glass] perfume atomizer.

I later found out the friend was actually an acquaintance of one my cousins. The things I have learned over the years, has often surprised me.

In any case, I have always loved the gift so I added a couple of choices to my Amazon Gift Ideas Store.

Other things I have been up to:

  • Jury Duty: November 20, 2014
  • Movie: Anatomy of Murder with James Stewart, Lee Remick
  • Movie: August: Osage County
  • Amazon Store Updates: Brass & Gifts

One of the things I wish I had done? Taken photographs while I was in Annapolis yesterday. I was so tired-- I could only notice how beautiful everything looked first thing in the morning.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mom's Birthday... 2014

Today, is my Mother's Birthday. I think she was happy with her gifts. Later today, She has plans with the rest of the family.

This year, I decided to make her a card using Microsoft Publisher and the color printer she got for Christmas last year. Keep in mind, if you have a Macbook, you can use iPhoto [software that comes with Mac computers] to make cards and calendars, however I went this route because my Netbook is lighter and easier to hookup to the color laser printer located in her bedroom. Microsoft Publisher is a separate software purchase.

Also been tending to a new plant:

It's rainy here today. Normally, the weather never bothers me. Today, I am in a bad mood, but really don't think the weather is the issue. More, upcoming jury duty [which I have yet to see a just kidding notice for], jammed my finger Friday night-- and it is still black and blue, lot of abstract noise.

That said, happy my Mother liked her card and gifts. My Mother makes me laugh. She has all of the latest innovations, i.e., iPhone, desktop and notebook computers, two tablets-- yet when I gave her, her new flashdrive [one of her gifts] she asked what she should do with it. I am not sure if the Ellipsis Tablet can read it-- but everything else can. Me or someone else in the family, insures she is up to date-- insofar as digital technology and computers.

Did you know Amazon allows you to subscribe to books and videos for mobile devices? I wanted to give her a year of free reading for her new Ellipsis tablet. What I did not know was you cannot give the subscription as a gift unless you do it with a gift card. That said, I have been updating my Amazon Stores. Check out the Brass Section and Gift Ideas.

Friday, November 14, 2014

new drive, hair issues, etc..

Last week when I ordered my Mother's Birthday Gift, I also ordered a new Kingston 16GB Flash drive for a new iPhoto Library. The following shows the old drive which I used to duplicate what I had on my MacBook's harddrive, and the new one I received earlier this week.

Also this week, I have been catching up on the Showtime mini series "The Affair". I started watching in the middle of the fourth episode and so after I watched the fifth episode last Sunday evening 10:00 pm EST, I watched via Verizon OnDemand- the ones I missed including the entire fourth episode. I think it is an interesting series.

Also this week, I did my hair to get into practice for the upcoming jury duty. I am not happy about this. Those witnessing the events on my frequencies should probably understand why.

Other things I have watched this week:

  • Tennis: ATP Men's Finals London
  • Movie: "Kill Your Darlings"
  • Movie: "Casting: A Chorus Line: Every Little Step"
  • Football: Giants v. Seattle NFL

Trying to determine if I should use my electric Conair Curling Wand. The curls did not stay long enough. Will have to pull out the big guns...

Last Friday, I spoke with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff's Office [Sgt. Waters] concerning my upcoming jury duty. He indicated I should leave as much as possible at home but thought there would be no problem, when I explained I could not.

Those on the consoles have had a field day with this [jury duty summons]. I am not sure why they are allowed to harass me.

Other interesting things? There have been two crossing guards on the corner every morning and night since Monday. Training does not take that long. Usually a day. No information offered by the earpiece as to the reason for this.

How many promises broken this week? Too many.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Olive Kitteridge

I have had amazing things said to me over the last week-- which have had me blogging. I am also being hammered with the consoles.

That said, when I am not listening to a bunch of amazing issues that are not mine--- or being offended by someone else trying to use me-- I have been watching the HBO mini series, Olive Kitteridge.

I finally saw all four parts yesterday and began my independent research of the author and her life. I am came up with some things I think relevant to what's been going in my life lately-- but do not wish to discuss them right now. I need to call the sheriff's office and begin asking them directly what to expect with my jury duty coming up.

I am getting threats-- and this just feels wrong. Most think they wanted the bag... me to. that said-- it really is too dangerous and I wish they had not done this. Still hoping at the last moment this will change-- but as of right now-- I need to start preparing. so I will be back with issues I think important about life in the US and what the series Olive Kitteridge taught me. If you get a chance-- see it. I think you will find it interesting.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Cause Célèbre

The Cause célèbre Wiki link.

Earpiece noise provided that the Cause Célèbre aspect of this situation should have automatically bounced me from the jury duty service-- I am currently being asked to complete. It was one of the many issues I raised in letters to all authorities I mailed or faxed the information too.

I am also told via the earpiece- when polled, court workers and officers with the sheriffs office all agreed they knew who I am. And not because I had had jury duty in March 2004 at the same courthouse in Annapolis, MD.

I provided any number of links to support my claims of the security risk to both me personally and my company's [Qisoftware] proprietary software. Yet, still I am being taunted via the earpiece about what may happen when I attempt to serve the limited service I was asked to complete, after providing my original letter requesting that I be excused.

One of the reasons, now being offered-- it is really not jury duty service but a meeting with officials [not sure whose] asking me to sign paperwork for the government settlement amount. So why not come to the house? See the template that is set up-- has the three defamation/punitive tabs [i.e., US Government, State of Maryland, Private family et. al.] simply allowing payment to my bank account. The affiliate payment settlement tabs require my signature before they will be allowed to be accepted by my bank. They are shown as compensatory payments that have federal and state tax deductions.

The payment for the three defamation tabs have to have paperwork for the bank showing why no taxes. The Federal Reserve handles this. It was assumed that the 3 tabs and the official payment headers to my bank would act as the settlement papers. I would be given 30 days to lawyer up after the settlement process completed-- and any individual party who wanted to sue could. What this meant-- was if they were government insured types-- they risked CIA ira who wants to disavow-- and I am not insured so it is in open court. I did not purposely libel nor malign anyone. I tried to show my case and because this was the only recourse used bits of the information provided me to ask others to check. I am told most lawyers agree there should be no individual cases filed against me.

But the only way I could sue the Federal Government for what they really owe-- is a counter suit if someone did file against me. so the signature for the defamation tabs-- was really based on my word I would not sue for me-- unless I had to file a counter suit for a nuisance law suit.

This excuse sounds suspect to me too. I repeat-- why not come to the house?

So the one[s] that work:

  • to try to harass me more in person... are you trying to follow me into the bathroom. Should I really have that drink someone just offered me... oh, your smile needs work, etc.
  • Cause a ruckus at check-in over my book bag in which they take the bag and lock me up for causing the ruckus
  • the walk from the ugly little garage the court provides-- is about two blocks away-- if I recall correctly. It is an ugly garage. I told thin air recently, I have been making plans to park next to the booth where the guy takes your ticket-- which is further away from the exit to the garage and hope he does not want to hold my hand again. In March 2004, my jury duty came on the heels of a incident at the Hanes store in Hanover, MD. A black security guard on the scene asked if i wanted to file charges against the female who put her hands on me-- but I believe many blacks in the area-- were upset. And they did things. One, the black guy who took my parking stub-- held my hand and rubbed it. It was kind of disgusting and I could do nothing about it... he looked like a bum. So I discussed this recently, and the sheriffs workers said-- yes you should not have to do this.. Yet, even though many say it is fake.. I have yet to see a letter instructing me not to show up.

Pete, I am told the girl at the Hanes store was related to you.

The other problem-- my personal safety from the garage to the courthouse. We are now dark at 5:30 pm with the "Fall Back" time change-- and it could be dark when I leave. Those who know the garage I am talking about get it. I cannot feed a meter all day. Have to keep running out-- with all my bags. All of this discussed Sunday that just passed.

It was recently given to me the reasons Pete and Chuck Hebron may be angry with me. These guys I knew in jr high or high school but did not know really well. That said, i thought we were friends. It is another Cause Célèbre issue. Maxwell of R&B music is Cheryl's son. I am told one of Chucky's relatives. In 1996, he told me he was angry about something when i saw him out-- but I did not get it.. Plus I had too many other problems and basically told him to stop trying to see me at the local markets I visited. When Maxwell was born [1976 or so], he had no idea Cherly was my cousin from Wilmington. Sometime after my parents moved to hanover, MD he [chucky] found out. This is another story and I will provide details later. The point-- they like saying I thought I was too good back in high school. Cheryl is my cousin? They want to blackmail me. I told chucky off. I did not know Maxwell was her son until 2008 or so. I did not know who the father was until after Feb. 2012. Your [Chucky's] behavior in 1996, when I first moved to Hanover after leaving Rockwell assumed I knew who you were. I had no idea. That said-- I do not owe for what others have done and will have anyone see the FBI if it even looks like a threat. Perry picked Cheryl up from her mother's house on Otis Street in DC. She had had R. Kelly by then- and Perry set her up. Me and my parents did not know. You did not know until much later she was even related to me.. Never threaten me again. That said-- a lot of stars have come out of Odenton and this area.

Some are mad. Some think this is a game. Pete's relative should not have been playing a game at the Hanes store the Friday/Saturday evening before the March 2004 jury duty reporting time. Local police and mall security wanted me to file charges against her. Including the black guard on duty. I am told she knew the girl did not work there. That said--- by the time I reported the following Tuesday--- all blacks in the courthouse-- said one way or another f-you.

Yes, I am known. Here is another example. See this post about the camera guy that stood outside the house. who is the guy? I am told a well known camera man used by locals. In this case, I am told [via earpiece] the Rockefellers asked him to stop by. Is this true? Earpiece surveillance will provide that is what I was told.

I will put up more photos later related to this- but I am also providing more information to the court and FBI via FAX to support my claims this is too dangerous for me. Why the hard time? Not sure. The link I provided shows several issues. I am told that guy is too well known and should not have been out in front of my on May 22, 2013.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Start of November...

Did not do much with the start of the new month. There are subtle changes happening, but I am not sure why. More noise about this being over.

Last week, I did not get to the bank until Friday [normally Wednesdays] and for the past 6 months or so, mostly uneventful insofar as the short drive over. Friday, was a little different in that a black female in a white Lexus wanted to take my "right of way". This used to happen a lot-- and I was a little surprised this started again. If you are trying to help-- in an attempt to show I am too known [in the public] as related to the Jury Summons, all are aware. Yes, there are video cameras at the intersection in question-- but I can assure you there are plenty of people on the consoles that hear and see those threatening me.

At one point yesterday, one sheriff's worker was surprised he was talking to and seeing that pro tennis player. There is plenty of noise online-- without demonstrating issues while I am out.

I am told that most law enforcement personnel, along with US attorneys and their investigators have access to software that enables them to see most public cameras as well as those in my residence. The problem-- some have access to the consoles with gain, volume and vibrate controls that can hurt me.

Examples of the software law enforcement personnel has access to is seen in the movie "Anatomy of Deception".

We did not have any issues with Trick or Treaters on Halloween-- but we tend to keep the lights off and blinds closed until late into the evening.

Weekend activities included:

  • Movie: Snitch
  • Movie: Free Ride
  • Movie: Gone Girl-- hearing good things but have not seen it yet.
  • Movie: Anatomy of Deception [LMN movie]-- showed pc surveillance software usage.
  • Tennis: ATP Masters Finals - Paris
  • Football: A bit of the Maryland v. Nittany Lions [Penn State]
  • Football: A bit of Redskins v. Vikings

This morning, I have been researching and adding things to my Amazon Store [check out the new Anne Klein watch in the Brass section], downloading photos from my camera to my photo flashdrive and trying to come up with a gift idea for my Mother's birthday [later this month].

I have not tried to call the sheriffs department nor anyone else in Annapolis since last Tuesday-- and do not plan to call until closer to the date I need to appear. The topic is heavily discussed online and I am told lots have been calling to say they know of me and that I am right about being to known for this type of summons. Most agree, nevertheless I have not received an official notice that I do not need to appear.

A real problem for those in washington-- why I do not have to insure and they had to.. I continue to ask-- were you given a choice? I was not. I was not even told. Not until Feb. 2012. You had a choice. I think it sounds bad that you continue to scream at me -- when I know most of you had a choice. You are asking that I be given no choice. That is unfair. That said-- who did and who didn't? Disavow is the answer.. that means-- be quiet and move on. It is unfair you are screaming at me..

And US Attorneys-- it is unfair you want me to see a commercial lawyer when my affiliates are not requesting a law suit. Why are you--if you already okayed the settlement? According to US Law Firms, the US Government owes the most and the reason for the situation. My affiliates are not the US Government yet have offered to pay their part of the settlement. The attorney scream-- file a law suit. If this ever ends-- I do plan on hiring attorneys. More than one. All agree I am owed and the funds were made available. Why do you continue to scream at me on this? And US attorneys, I bring up the software for the pc used in the movie-- because most of you were doing a little more than screaming at me last night. I am told most of you-- used to have only the software. You are violating my rights and causing me physical distress. Please stop.

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