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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

New Garage Door Sconces

Yesterday, I installed new scones on the garage. Originally, I was a little concerned because I was unsure whether I would get on a ladder to do this.

In late April when I installed the new sconce on the front porch to house the security camera, I was not concerned because I only needed a stepladder. I have a slight fear of heights.

My brother offered to install the new garage door sconces, however, recently while watching a Youtube video- I noticed the guy (Ox in the Shop) taking his father-in-law's advice on how to handle construction on a high ceiling and thought it might work for me.

I placed a painter's ladder behind me so that I could stay on the first rung, use my back to lean on one side of the "V" of the ladder, and reach what I needed to reach. It worked.

If I only needed the first rung, why was it so scary?

Several years ago, I tried to replace the LED bulb in one of the old garage scones. The lantern had to be unscrewed from the top- which was quite high. I had problems getting one of the screws out so I tried to get off the ladder, which was on the incline of the driveway. I lost my balance and hyper extended my knee. It unnerved me so I never changed the bulb.

The following photos show my handy work from yesterday's efforts.

I had several problems, however pretty happy that project is complete. How do I know how to install electrical things like this? Years ago when I bought my first place, my father showed me how to ground a wire and put black with black wires using a twisty and then the white wires. I wanted a dimmer switch in my dining area.

I was so pleased with how all of this turned out that I decided to trim back the boxwoods and azalea bushes in the front of the house. While doing this, I tripped on the arched bricks that edge the garden and skinned up my legs and hit my head. I am okay.

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