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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wanted a Closeup of a Jet Coming In...

I finished reading Grisham's "Rogue Lawyer" last night and today- decided to get out and take in the local scenes. I love Spring so I wanted to see how beautiful the onset of this season, in our area. I found myself over by BWI Airport.

I shot footage of a jet coming in from the vantage point of the Sheraton/Westin Hotel parking lots. I really wanted to test how well this video would play using HTML5 and the different browsers I am using. Some of my systems are old-- so this enables me to check for problems I may have with newer technology.

video tag html5 by v3.9.1


  • Tracking results from the MiamiOpen [pro tennis]
  • Noticing Bei Bei and Mei went to the beauty shop-- she got her fur trimmed his was combed...
  • Researching how to obtain press credentials
  • Updating my Amazon Stores

P.S. You may have noticed, I had the Grisham novel checked out for a long time. It was a good read and fast paced. When I used to read actual books as opposed to via my Android-- I would finish a novel in a day or two. For some reason with my Android-- I only like reading at night-- and these days, by the time I go upstairs, I am to tired to read. This- why it took so long to finish this novel.

P.S.S. Jets coming in are very close at the observation park-- however today they were not coming in when I was over there. Searched around for the Sheraton parking lot vantage point, near the airport to get the video... It is not supposed to be good. Just a test.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Macro Lens Option For Mobile Devices

I use the Canon PowerShot A590 8MP camera to take photos- for use online. The camera has a lot of features and when purchased [2008], it was rated one of the best in its category.

For online use, i.e., blogging and web site development, I maintain the photos on my domain's [] servers, as opposed to a service like Flickr. In that there are limits to the amount of storage I can use on my domain, the 8 mega pixel resolution offered by the camera- is more than enough for my needs.

My Android has two cameras...

  • 1.2MP Front Camera [often called FaceTime]
  • 5MP Rear Camera

I rarely use the cameras on the Android because, [1] I keep it "plugged in" to save the battery which tends to make the device not as mobile as my Canon, [2] lighting is better with the Canon and [3] there is no macro option with either of the cameras on the Android.

Note the two photos below, one taken with the Rear Camera on my Android and the other with my Canon PowerShot.

I even use my Canon PowerShot to take photos that I upload to my Instagram account.

That said, recently I noticed an advertisement for clip-on lens for use with mobile phones, iPads and Androids. Shown an example of a best seller in this category:

I liked the reviews for these types of accessories so I have been adding them to my Amazon Stores. Also check out some of the photos the reviewers have provided. If I used my Android or mobile phone to take more photos, I would invest in something like this. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Had Two of Those Strawberry Shortcakes...

It is going to be a quiet Easter weekend. Wished everyone a safe trip around six this morning. Large espresso for breakfast. Mini bagel and two slices of bacon for lunch and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Currently enjoying...

  • Last night, watched "The Forger" with John Travolta and Christopher Plummer.
  • The MiamiOpen.
  • The "Rogue Lawyer" by John Grisham, about halfway through.

Also updating my Amazon Stores.. more details later.

On Monday, I had to mail a package so I went by the Hanover post office and then Arundel Mills Mall. I seldom get out these days, so when I do-- I try to provide details about my outings.

I also post outing photos to my Instagram account.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sleep Makes Me Happy

It was mostly an uneventful week. A lot of tennis [watching], more sleep than in recent weeks and several items I ordered arrived - including the watch shown in the second set of photos for this post. I originally purchased the watch as a gift-- but decided to keep it for myself. I am almost ashamed of the great deal I got on the watch and think I can pair it with a lot of things in my closet.

Sometimes I just take photos of things I am eating. Lunch one day last week and snacks over the course of the week.

Last week, I was really pleased to find a new setting for my Canon PowerShot A590 [I've only had it since 2008] which allows me to record video using vivid color. After a video I shot and loaded to my Facebook account in February showing the effects of a recent wind/snow storm- I looked into getting a new video camera.

The short video I posted was almost black and white. I used the wrong setting. I have decided I do not need a new video camera just yet.

I am so pleased with how sharp the video- produced by my camera, I have been playing around with AVI video conversions to MP4 and WEBM formats for use with HTML5. AVI the format my camera uses to record video.

In recent weeks, including the week before last, I appear so tired in the photos, I was a little worried. Last week I did get more sleep. Photos taken over the week showing a less tired me. Why post? Documentation. I no longer post the seemingly endless news about why this happened-- only the effects it is still having on me.

Normally, I do my hair and makeup everyday. For some reason, I got busy doing something else and stayed in my PJs with my hair up all day. I'll get back to normal tomorrow.

Some family going out of town for Easter so it will be a quiet holiday here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Social Media Sharing- Where are My Images?

I use NetworkedBlogs to syndicate posts from my Thingamablog blog posts to my social media accounts, i.e., Twitter and Facebook.

The fact I use Thingamablog is important, in that today, most services like WordPress and Tumblr provide automatic syndication as specified by the user. Thingamablog does not provide this automation.

Over the last year, Networkedblogs has incorporated new features which for the most part- continues to make the service a great value especially for someone like me who uses Thingamablog.

That said, one area I have found to be problematic? Syndication of blog images and thumbnails. My Facebook timeline often looks similar to the following illustration:

Over the past several days, I have researched hoping to find a solution for this error. If there is a solution [this is a free service], I did not find it.

Instead- I am going to use a solution I integrated in January 2014 on several blogs and forums I maintain. These include:

  • Tumblr Blog.
  • Business Blog Remix
  • Q's Wire-- I used an automatic script to update the WordPress software on my server and did not update the "red & white" template most of you are familiar with. The "black & pink" template was a backup for which I did not integrate the share script. I do not post often enough to Q's Wire, to warrant incorporating the share buttons on the template I am now using.
  • NS&J Forums
  • This blog, [It's Personal].

Initially, I integrated the share buttons to allow visitors an easy means to share a post from one of my site areas.

Today, I used the Facebook share button to update the syndication of a recent post from this blog- to my Facebook timeline.

Note, I currently allow Tumblr to syndicate blog posts to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and this will not change. I will also continue to use Networkedblogs to syndicate blog posts from my domain, to my Twitter account, in that images and thumbnails will continue to be, not a factor.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring is on the way....

Did you set your clocks an hour later before going to bed last night? This task was mine this morning. This included the Grandfather clock that has to be set counter-clockwise, i.e., move the big hand back eleven hours.

This week provided a preview of Spring-like weather which I was very pleased about. So was Bei Bei, the Panda Cub at the National Zoo. Of course, this would be his first experience to climb a tree in Spring. And boy did he climb.

Spring emerging around here...

Issues that came up last week?

In 2012, because I felt there was an ongoing full investigation into my affairs, including my business- I removed instructions that blocked a lot of IPs from accessing Why would anyone do anything malicious while the FBI and DOJ were on the case?

The IPs that were being blocked through early 2012, according to my domain stats- were initiating a lot of bots that caused too much "false traffic".

Yesterday [Saturday], I discovered that one of my cgi programs was being exploited, so I installed the instructions that blocked the set of IPs causing the new problem along with the earlier instructions for IPs I was blocking through early 2012.

This should not cause a problem for most, however if you are experiencing issues accessing from different locations-- this is offered in explanation.

How malicious was this? Unbeknownst to me-- the problem started in late February 2016 and used up over a 100MB of disc space. Internal emails to the domain account, which are not sent--explaining a quota problem. FBI-- you are there right? Yes, this problem was mine-- however this was too malicious and in "your" face, too. And, I solved this problem long ago... What are we investigating, now?

In other news, we are having a spring shower today.

This week I also watched "Babel" via FiOS' onDemand and several tennis matches.

You may have noticed, I post more infrequently now, so I tend to discuss often unrelated topics in my weekly posts. I have always blogged as if I were writing an online diary so this is really no different, just less often.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Still Hanging In There

Last week was kind of odd. Little things that were out of the ordinary, however nothing I am going to discuss here.

Things I will discuss?

Thursday morning, I woke up to a beautiful snowy day, that was made even more so, in that all of the snow had melted by noon. This is not odd in our area for this time of the year.

Friday night, I was home alone so I decided to try on sweaters and coats I have not had a chance to wear this winter. Yes, in the photo I purposely poofed up my hair to create a look similar to something I saw earlier in the day, while perusing fashion sites.

The series of photos [above], taken through the weekend and today.

In late February [2016], a regularly scheduled business expense was due, which for the first two months of the year sidelined other purchases I wanted to make. The remittance of the payment last week, to my credit card company, enabled me to feel comfortable about replacing somethings I needed.

I ordered 8 items on Saturday, and much to my surprise the first package arrived today. Shown in the group of photos above, the package that arrived today.

Plans for the rest of the week? Two Masters Tennis Tournaments are upcoming. Indian Wells starts Wednesday and runs through Sunday after next. The Miami Tournament starts the Wednesday after the end of Indian Wells.

I am not sure why these two tournaments are scheduled so closely together, however I plan on catching a lot of the action. WatchESPN and The TennisChannel are providing a lot of the live coverage.

Also tomorrow evening, I want to catch the 2006 movie "Babel" with Brad Pitt. It is airing on Showtime.

I am not getting out as much as I would like, so I provide details of what I am doing... and how it's hanging. This week, I thought I was going to cut back insofar as eating, however my Mother went to the market today, and purchased a lot of my favorites.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Last Five Days...

Recently, I have been working various projects including a site monetization project I will post about on my Remix Business Blog later today.

I have also been having fun watching the Giant Pandas and Bei Bei via the Smithsonian's Zoo Cam. See this post.

While I work, I snack a lot- in that I mostly work right off the kitchen in the informal dining area. Over the last 5 days, here is what I have been munching on...

I have also been getting more sleep. These photos were taken yesterday and I am happy that even I see, a lot of the strain from a lack of sleep, has left my face. I feel a lot better.

I snapped this photo of my Mother as she was about to leave for church Sunday.

Is she cool, or what? She has her Michael Kors bag [Christmas gift from my sister] and iPhone packed and ready to go for her excursion...

Me, I did not go to church. These days, I rarely go to church. As I explained, I have been working different projects, including several social media issues, intermittently catching a few tennis matches and looking forward to next week. More details later.

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