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August 2013

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why I Have Two Twitter Buttons...

I have been adding Social Media links and Share widgets to site areas-- including the blogs and forums. Up until this point, I have paid little or no attention to these areas as related to my sites- though I have profiles with most of the popular social media sites.

Here is a snapshot of the new features to this blog--

Are you confused? The links at the top of the sidebar allow access to my profiles on other sites-- and the Share wigdets at the bottom of the page [courtesy]-- allow you to post to your Facebook or Twitter [more options available] news feed the current article or post you are reviewing.

Illustrations of the share button options at the bottom of the page.

Once you have selected the share target [most often your Facebook or Twitter news feed]-- simply click the "share" button and the link for the current article will be posted.

This is how it works for most sites that use these share button widgets.

Okay you knew this? Well, I am a little slow about integrating new things [because I am often busy doing other things]-- so if this is you too, this explains why there is a Twitter button at the top of the page-- which is different than the Twitter button at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

what are you doing, really?

Entrepreneurs constantly check trends. I do. For instance, within the last year I started asking what the average U.S. female undergrad was doing. I was looking for college age bloggers. Why? I get a lot of stats-- and I simply wanted to know somethings.

I wanted to find a college blogger that blogged like me.. i.e., "I am in a bad mood today and here's why...". I wore this.. I went out and did this..

  • where she shops
  • her study concentration
  • how she parties
  • what she does to maintain health and diet
  • what she wears

That said, who has the time? I agree. I blog as an outlet and to note the things happening. The many details-- for FBI/DOJ consumption. So I should not have been surprised I could not find that many.

Then the other day-- I did another search and found Seventeen's Freshman 15 series. I did not go through all of the posts, however I really like what they [Seventeen] have done there.

It is no secret that print magazines have suffered because of the internet-- so when I find a series like this from an online version of an old standard, I feel they have found the formula. Seventeen has been around since I was 17-- and I am happy to see this.

Missing my youth? No, as I said-- I get a lot of data, and I wanted first hand accounts.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Working sites...

I have been working on different site areas [i.e. graphics on the WiredPages Style & Events page, social media linkage, blogs, Amazon stores, etc...], to include updating lists on the News, Software & Java forum.

Lists include:

The News, Software & Java forum is essentially an area of where I list things. SEO types love forums-- and although I like the idea of a forum, I knew I could not afford to have members update my boards with ongoing threads and posts. A web hosting service once deactivated my account [] because of the forums.

Today, there are about 1000 daily sign ups on the forums. Long ago, I wrote a php procedure to help manage the sign ups for the forums-- in that the underlying database could be overwhelmed.. If I ever move the sites to a dedicated server-- I will make the forums active to others.

That said-- my recent work on the boards led me to the administration page and logging I do not understand. I am the only administrator for the forums. FBI- do you see anything that means anything to you? Note Guests. That said-- hear to many updating what they should not update. IP logging.

News from DOJ/FBI? For some reason CIA still in the mix. I have already said no thanks. Not sure why the recent series of communiqu├ęs-- but I feel DOJ and FBI need to check into why the CIA continues on a path-- I have already said no to. Bad night.. get the tapes. I am not asking you to do what you promised to do-- why continue to do this? I said no.. my affiliates and the source of the funding said no... all agree I am owed and no national security threat. Why do you continue doing this... turn the vibrate off. FBI--- to see what kind of pressure I can endure? CIA needs to get off me. Dr. Beyers [BWMC] please give him your reports.. 18 years.. I am documented... Back off CIA.. not kidding.

In other news-- the Listmania powering the Amazon store in the sidebar of this blog is working again. This means I can again-- add and delete products from the Listmania that will show up in the astore widget in the sidebar. That said, the underlying categories associated with the store are actually populated by individual products I select but not stored in the Listmania. This store shows how to populate a store with both a Listmania and individual products. The only drawback? The category products are not part of the Listmania so those items are not rotated in and out of the astore widget with each request for a blog page. You can click on the Things I Heart link to review all of the categories. The astore on the Business Blog uses only individual products so you are able to see the products rotated in and out from the store's item list.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Social Media Linkage

Finally added social media links to this blog's sidebar.

QiSoftware social media links include:

I downloaded a free set of png icons from MediaLoot. That said-- I must warn the png set was a little hard to work with-- however I was finally able to customize the transparent icons [remember free]-- to use with my sites. Note: The MediaLoot icon set did not come with a Technorati png so that one I created.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Recent Banana Plant Issues

A month ago, I thought the lowest leaf on my banana plant looked a little odd. Daily, I looked for signs the plant was in trouble. Finally, Monday I looked up "yellowing leaves on a Banana plant" and got several hits including this from

The plant has a relatively new leaf [second highest- on the right] and the silk threads were evident on that leaf. I applied water and dishwashing soap for two days--and there is now no evidence of the silk threads. Abstract noise also provides-- it appears I have corrected the problem. X-Ray cameras. I am very pleased.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

updating my old stuff?

I took some ribbing about how dated the suits look- in my entry, two posts ago. [Of course, we all know by now-- I talk about my prior life for reasons other than just my past attention to style]. Did I tell you I also owned a leather mini-skirt I wore out clubbing? Yes, I dressed older early-- but sometimes young too.

That said-- here is another outfit that I liked for the office. A little less dated. I wore this outfit with little blue sling backs from 9West-- and sometimes switched the blazer from green to navy.

I am not sure if the turquoise sweater jacket below can replace the green wool blazer I wear with that dress [it has many shades of blue/green]-- but I can find a number of other things to wear with it. That color-- is one of the few colors that suits me outside of the drab autumns and olives I favor.

I have a detachable collar that may work with the Heather Charcoal sweater jacket-- for a different look.

Other news-- I washed my hair today, was awake early, offered lots of lies and in a pretty good mood anyway. My posts about fashion recently, have really made me envious of my prior life in that I can't just go shopping.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

if i were a size six...

I had a full day yesterday. I was awake very early, and the BGE crew arrived at 8:00 am to install the new air conditioning unit. Both outside and indoors. The electrician left around 5:30 pm and I was in bed and asleep by 6:30 pm.

So this morning I have been up since 1:30 and looking around. What did I find? Things, that if I were a size 6 or less and had a little spare cash-- I would add to my closet.

One- this one piece lace dress, I just love. Why? Well the cons include-- one piece, pull over head and I am really not a lace person. The pros? Ivory-- I cannot wear white, dry clean only [will keep its shape], fully lined, on sale [at least 'til August 26th, 2013], sleeves, and cover for a full stomach.

Two- this semi sheer silk pocket tee shirt.

Three-- this foiled pencil skirt [spandex].

These pieces would add comfortable, mostly social-ware [as opposed to business] items to my closet that are needed.

That said-- a size six or less would be the reason I could add these items to my closet. I went to bed so early yesterday evening [without eating much]-- this morning I felt I might get to that six with little effort.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Career Suits.. First & Last

I started buying suits when I was in high school. The reason? My senior year, I had a couple of internships where I worked in offices. One was a real estate office and the other a bean bag and waterbed factory. I worked as an assistant to one of the sales people.

Here are two of my first career suits.

I also wore these suits to my college campus and my after class part time gig at Circuit City in Beltsville. Back then the store was a warehouse-- and collocated with the Division office. Did my attire get me notice? One summer I worked upstairs for the division office and I also travelled the beltway, mostly during summer months-- to clean up individual store books. I consider this valuable experience in my overall life and skill set. So yes, I do think my attire made a difference.

I have been purchasing career suits for a long time. I wore suits that had the skirt rather than pants. In recent years, my career wear purchasing has been limited to separates for many reasons. The most significant- I no longer go to an office daily and when I do have a meeting, wear mostly separates.

The last suit I purchased, that would not be categorized as a combination of separates is the suit shown below. I purchased it from the Nordstrom in Annapolis, in the Fall of 1995.

I miss buying a little black suit to wear to the office. Yes, I have others-- but as my career advanced-- it was more often black than another color. My skin is caramel in tone-- and black works well for me. I do not think black works for everyone.

See the latest in Career Suits. icon

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Want..

We are searching for a new dinette set for the area just off the kitchen. Not actively, just if we happen to find something. My mother wants sort of a bar setup with stools. Currently it is a round glass table with four cloth chairs similar in styling to those shown in this post.

The view from the sliding glass door in that area is nice-- so I often set up my computers and work. That is the reason- I would prefer to stay with the same type of table and chairs-- but agree it is time to get a new set.

Earlier, I was looking for a caramel leather chair I found at another retailer [thought it would make a great chair for a bedroom] and found these:

They come in light blue too:

I have added new categories to the "Things I Love" link in the sidebar of this blog. Under "Just Want"- I added these chairs- in brown. Last evening I added a new category-- Products I Use. I added a Corel Gallery CD with 65,000 objects, however removed it this morning not realizing it was a Windows 3.1/95 compatible software distribution. If you ordered the disc set- it will work. I use mine on both Windows 98 and Windows XP systems.

Examples of clip art I have used from my disc include the logo on this blog [sans the text], similar logos on other areas of &, and the pen shown in this post. You can customize graphics from the CD with the right editing software.

Those chairs look like a great deal. What do you think?

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Busy Friday..

This morning I was up at 7:50 am. It was a long night.

Anyway-- for some reason when I got up, I wanted to investigate whether or not AppleWorks for my MacBook-- was on the OS-X installation disks. It wasn't, but I found a great site that pointed me to sites that offered the program for my computer [Macbook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo].

Here are the links-- if you are interested.

I have some old Appleworks files from the days when I used my G4 Desktop Mac for graphics work-- and wanted to find the compatible version of AppleWorks for my MacBook. Happy to report-- I did and it is loaded and working.

I then went in search of a font I have been trying to find- a Filmotype font. I was unable to find a non-commerical version but did find this similar free version.

After playing around with my new downloads- I decided to make a Pineapple Upside Down cake.

I used a Betty Crocker- Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe. Recipe was very good.

I also backed up all of the original text files for blog posts for each of my blogs-- i.e., Q's Wire, Remix, and I will get to this blog. This blog is a Thingamablog that is hosted on my Netbook and I have not had my netbook out all day... too busy loading things on my Macbook.

I am told a lot happening in Washington. I have been very busy today-- and not really sure what's going on. Long night last night and I expect to be in bed by 9:00 pm tonight...

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Cashmere Merino Wool Sweater...

I found a Cerise Cashmere Merino Wool Sweater that is not too expensive, I think I will get to pair with my pink and black pencil skirt. The sweater, shown in dark turquoise on the left.

The skirt pattern shown below, is a wool blend and tends to pick up any shade of pink it is paired with-- so I do not think it will be a problem if it is not an exact match.

Here are some of the other color options for the sweater:

I also like the Brown [second], Beige [third], and Dark Turquoise, in this sweater.

Shoes? I used to love black suede pumps with most of my outfits. I have several pair-- however the other day..a style blogger [TFPR] I like, had on a pair of pink suede pumps [photo] something like a pair my mother gave me-- that I may try with this outfit.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Need a Starter System?

I recently received the buyer's survey for the Hannspree 16" Monitor and noticed that others, when purchasing this monitor, also bought this Gateway Desktop System.

This is a bare bones system, i.e., cpu, keyboard, mouse-- that comes without a monitor, however inexpensive and great if you have school kids and need a second system.

I use my Hannspree monitor as an external display with my Macbook-- and the graphics output from a Mac is often a bit sharper than other platforms [and probably this inexpensive Gateway], so I am showing the monitor connected to my Windows powered Acer netbook-- to give you a feel for how sharp the monitor would look connected to the Gateway system.

The photos taken with the flash-- showed a glare so I used the non-flash version and it is a bit dark. Really, the graphics from the monitor are quite clear and crisp. And of course, you can adjust settings via the monitor or the Windows operating system.

This system does not come with:

  • CD-ROM/DVD Drive Burner Comes with a 16xDVD drive
  • A monitor-- the reason I am showing the Hannspree option
  • A printer

I have owned 3 Gateway computers and for the money this is a pretty good buy.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

why am I always asking.. but what do you wear to the office?

When I noticed this skirt--

I was reminded of a similar skirt I own. It looks like it is slightly aline in these photos, however it is a pencil skirt, size 8.

I rarely wore the skirt to work [it is about 25 years old], however when I did, I paired it with a fitted slightly darker pink taffeta blouse similar to the one illustrated in this photo.

I love blouses like the one shown above. I used to have an assortment of colors that paired well with my business suits.

Today, I have a hard time finding similar blouse styles- so I tend to wear cashmere/silk blend button sweaters like those shown below-- with skirts.

Modeling the burgundy sweater. Ignore I look a little lumpy in that sweater.


I have searched high and low for the shade of pink in a cashmere button sweater that will match the pink in my skirt-- however, have yet to find it. Better yet-- another blouse similar to the one that was lost in my move. The blouse shown is from a retailer that is not going to continue selling the line. I called moments before I started writing this post. They call this type of blouse- retro. I loved them because they made my suits look more feminine while enabling me to look as if I was dressed in the same manner as my male coworkers who wore business suits and ties.

Today, I often notice women in shows and movies, who have on sweaters and jeans, e.g., Law and Order Criminal Intent, while their coworkers have on blazers and ties. I love retro for women.. I feel today, girls and guys are not dressed in similar fashion-- while in the early 90s or so-- were.

So today, why would I wear sweaters with a pencil skirt? Because I no longer work with guys in suits and ties. That said-- I prefer to meet with clients in a suit and the style blouse shown.

Today, I read style bloggers--- and wonder what the authors wear to the office. Last night I was watching Internal Affairs with Richard Gere and Andy Garcia. The movie released in 1990. I loved what the women were wearing in that movie.

Okay.. I am in a bad mood and thought I would harp on one of my pet peeves... no the reasons are not in a post over at Q's Wire... The problem-- always promises... and I cannot find a blouse to replace the one I lost. This has cost me a lot. I want to move on.

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

things amassed

This morning we had to have the plumber look at issues with the recent Kohler install in the guest bathroom-- so I was actually upstairs in my office working. I took inventory of my cramped surroundings and thought about some of the style bloggers I have been reading and their furnishings. Two or three-- have recently moved into new homes.

Some of the things in the small bedroom where I have two desktop computers, two printers, and other electronics [known as my office]-- also holds some of the things I amassed when I moved away from home.

For example-- this brass lamp was found on sale at the Tyson's Corner [McLean, VA] Woodward and Lothrop [Woodies] and used in my bedroom for a number of years. For those of you familiar with the department store Woodies, you know how long ago that was.

When I left home, I was into an eclectic assortment of brass, rattan/wicker, bamboo {shades} and Asian accents. I loved Pier One.

In the mid 90s just before I left Rockwell [or just after], I purchased the leather valise on the right from Pier One, with something like the table on the left in mind.


What did I really do with the valise? Used it as a stand for my larger jewelry case. Shown sitting on my bed-- so that I could photograph the valise for illustrations in this post..


I was thinking recently, I want to "age" the leather on that suitcase and put it in the guest bedroom with towels, soaps and other toiletries. I saw a guest bedroom in a model home once, with a similar look- however books instead of towels were used.

Other things in my "office"? Some of my father's old cameras [and one or two of mine], cell phones-- and a really old typewriter.


That Polaroid was one of my Christmas gifts one year, when I lived in England. It was my first, camera ever. Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of things we have merged into this house. It's just my mother and I now-- and we tend to like the same things. An eclectic mix...

Plumber is gone-- moved back to the kitchen dinette and the beautiful view of the backyard.

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Military Office

The last post discussed some of my military casual looks. This post-- some of the faux military office-ware I have accumulated over the years.

I got this dress in the mid 80s and it still works for me. It looks like a trench coat with a full skirt.

I got this suit shortly after I moved to Falls Church, Va. I was with Boeing and the shop was right around the corner from my Falls Church apartment, the reason I know when purchased.

This Ann Taylor is one of my favorite dresses and sort of resembles a Navy officer's uniform.

I got the Ann Taylor, {also} when I lived in Falls Church-- probably from the shop in Georgetown Mall. This is a classic that I can wear forever. Some say I dressed older when I was young. I did. Today, I am thankful-- I liked more classic styles for the office. I still have them.

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